Anthony likely to stay a Knick, Mirotic looks set to come to Chicago

There's been lots of hype about Carmelo or Kevin Love coming to Chicago. When people asked me the odds of this happening, I would always respond about a 25% chance we'd get one or the other. I never believed Carmelo would give up all that money for the Bulls given the Bulls still need Rose to be healthy to be an attractive destination. Yes, Carmelo could help lead us to the ECF, but you don't give up 40 million dollars for an ECF appearance.

With Melo, the Bulls are a legit championship contender assuming they can keep enough core players, but even that assumption is dicey as the Bulls will either lose a bunch of assets in a S&T or lose a bunch of assets just trying to free up cap room to make an offer close enough for Melo. At this point, I think Melo either has two choices.

He tells the Knicks he's leaving and tries to leverage a sign and trade and waits to see if NY/Chicago can work something out, or he resigns with the Knicks. If he says he's leaving and the Knicks say "prove it", then I think it will become an interesting battle to see if he's really willing to give up all that money.

I know plenty of people will talk about greed and what not, but the players already gave back a crapload of money in the CBA, Melo is a max caliber player, it's silly to call him out for wanting to get paid like one. Beyond that, no player has ever given up as much as he's being asked to give up (at least none I can think of) to switch teams and come to Chicago.

Those calling him out for not being willing to give up an unprecedented amount of money aren't really being fair. If you are asking an individual to do something no one else has ever done, then it doesn't mean it's impossible, but it should be viewed as unlikely. Same theory applies for Derrick Rose coming back and playing like a superstar after consecutive knee surgeries.

Could happen, but no one else has ever done it, so don't bet the farm on it.

That said, I think the Knicks would be willing to play ball if Melo pressures him. Presumably Jackson got in the room with him and made it clear he wasn't ambivalent about Melo staying but really wanted him. That's an important step for the Knicks if they want to keep Melo, but it's also a good step for them in S&T negotiations as well. If they can pretend they'll play hard ball (even if they won't) then they might extract more from Chicago.

So what's the deal with Derrick Rose in his recruiting or not recruiting stance?

Chris Broussard put out a character assassination piece on Derrick Rose proclaiming Rose didn't know Anthony was coming to the Berto center that day and was surprised to see him in the locker room and was upset the Bulls didn't discuss his role in recruiting Melo before hand.

This piece feels like it's completely full of shit. First, there's no way Rose didn't know Melo would be there that day. Every Bulls fan in the world knew Melo would be there that day. It's ridiculous to think Derrick didn't know. Second, it was reported that Joakim Noah specifically talked to Rose and asked him to be part of the pitch a couple days earlier.

This seems like Broussard being paid off by the Knicks or someone else to completely make up a story in attempt to play the media against the Bulls.

That said, Rose's involvement in the recruitment of Anthony still seems a little half assed. He didn't join them for dinner, and he didn't spend too much time with Melo. You'd think of Rose was really gung ho about it that he would have done more. That said, he did at least talk to Anthony for 20 minutes and let him watch his private workout, so that at least passes the minimum bar.

The whole thing is just strange, and I think that strangeness can't really appeal to free agents. I don't know where Derrick Rose is getting his advice, but he shows all the signs of a completely spoiled, self-centered, egotistical athlete in the way he's approached things the past couple years. Most people would be dying to do anything to help the team after missing the past two full seasons while being paid superstar money.

Especially while taking longer than the prescribed time to return twice. Rose may be a slow healer. His body may be betraying him. He may be overly cautious if he feels his ACL was caused by a cumulative build up of other injuries he didn't rest through. I'm not really going to rip him for that, but after being extra cautious while making a shit ton of money the past two years wouldn't you naturally do anything you could to help the organization?

Isn't that just human nature? Rose seems locked in just doing whatever he feels is best for him though even when the cost for him to make a couple phone calls and go to a dinner is so minimal. I got a tweet asking for how long it takes for Chicago to turn on Derrick Rose, and my answer is I don't know, but they probably should have turned on him already if they haven't.

The Bulls need Rose, and if he comes back and plays like a superstar then all this will be forgotten by the masses, but just like when Kobe refused to shoot or Pippen refused to enter the game, this last couple years is a bit of a stain on Rose's legacy. If he comes back healthy it will be a very small one. If not, then it will just be the beginning.

In the end, on court performance will mask everything. If it's good we ignore all the bad stuff. If it's lousy we overemphasize all the bad stuff.

Nikola Mirotic on the outs with Spain

He's agreed to pay his three million dollar buy out, so he's coming. The only way he's not coming is if the Bulls somehow land Anthony via cap space [if they get him via S&T they'll bring Mirotic over for the MLE]. I suspect the odds of the Bulls landing Anthony via cap room are virtually nil, so I think it's safe to say we'll see Mirotic next season.

He didn't end his season very well playing very poorly in the finals as Real Madrid lost. I'm somewhat luke warm on Mirotic. It's hard to get real excited about a guy before you see him, but I think he has reasonably high bust potential. I think the Bulls still bring him over for a reasonable three year deal though. We'll see what happens.

If they get Mirotic, it really doesn't make any sense to also pursue Gasol unless they really don't think Mirotic is ready to do much in year one. I suppose it also depends how high they are on Greg Smith and Cameron Bairstow. I'd personally put both guys in the "might not play at all" category in which case there's room for one more low minute big man.

Maybe Gasol, Noah, and Gibson could be the big minute guys with Mirotic being a limited minute guy in year one and Smith/Bairstow being DNPs every night, but I'd think Mirotic is set for a bigger role than that. We'll have to see how it shakes out.

Paul Pierce is the guy I want

He's old, he's not great, but he likely comes reasonably cheaply and adds an element the Bulls desperately need.

Paul Pierce, even at 37, can create his own shot off the dribble, make clutch plays, and hit the three. I don't trust his defense. I know he can be shut down these days as well, however, he gives the Bulls a lot of what they're missing and won't break the bank either.

Any plan that doesn't include Anthony would really benefit by including Paul Pierce, so I hope the Bulls remain in talks wit him. There aren't that many shot creators available, and the Bulls desperately need more of that on the roster. Maybe Doug McDermott will provide some, but I'm not that confident in McDermott to bet on it yet.

What the heck is going on in Miami?

There's a big debate about whether the Heat are really potentially falling apart or whether it's all a smoke screen. I don't know what it's a smoke screen for though. There's nothing illegal about free agents colluding with each other to resign with their own team at discounted rates. They're not fooling any other organizations here.

No one expects them to leave.

However, it seems like there might be some legitimate strife inside the Heat organization. So far, none of the bit three have resigned. The theory was that they'd structure their deals in a way to open up 12 million in cap room, but after missing on Lowry and Gortat it doesn't look like the Heat really have a lot of great targets to bring in.

Their team right now is set to come back as a shell of what it was last year let alone much better. Riley still has time to pull it together, and my expectation is that the big three still stay in Miami together, but it's getting harder and harder to see them making the type of upgrades they need to be better than the previous year unless Shabazz Napier is just a complete bad ass.

I would have been shocked if Miami didn't stay together this offseason a month ago, I'll downgrade that to I'd be surprised now. However, I could see it happening. Chris Bosh going to Houston is the one thing that I think could blow it all up. Houston can offer him more money and a pair of star players to play with that need a guy with his game at his position, plus Bosh is from Texas and previously stated he'd like to play in Texas.

I still find it unlikely anything goes wrong, but I think whatever happens, we've seen the beginning of the end of Miami. They'll be a threat this year if they bring back the band, but they won't be the dominant favorite they were the past few seasons. They'll now just be a team in the hunt which makes the NBA that much more exciting.

If the Bulls land Melo and Rose proves himself healthy, but mid season you'd likely see the Bulls as favorites to come out of the East over Miami regardless of what Miami puts together. Granted, I'm not really high on either of those things happening let alone both, but a man can dream.

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  • Really surprised nobody has mentioned Trevor Ariza as a target for the Bulls. Seems like a pretty decent Melo back-up plan to me, one I would much prefer over signing Gasol or Pierce. The guy can light up the scoreboard any given night, hit three's at career .347 rate (.364 and .407 last two seasons), and is a pretty good perimeter defender in his own right. Seems like the type of guy who could flourish in this Bull's system.

  • In reply to Motoman:

    I imagine that the vast majority of Bulls fans would prefer Ariza or Parsons to either Gasol or Pierce, Don't if any of them are legitimately gettable for the Bulls if we use cap space on Mirotic.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    For what it is worth, I think that I would prefer Jordan Hill and DJ or Ramon Sessions over either of those guys at this point.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    It sounds like Ariza, Stephenson, Deng, and Parsons are all wings that will get contracts somewhere in the $8-$11million per year range. Personally I would prefer the Bulls go after Ariza, Stephenson (as much as it pains me to say that), Parsons, then Deng in that order. Depending on the contract details of Mirotic if he is signed, I believe the Bulls should still have enough cap room to sign one of the aforementioned players.

    I am not understanding the infatuation some Bulls fans are having over Gasol at the moment. He looked old and slow last year and has only played in more than 80 games in a season 5 out of his 13 seasons in the NBA. Jordan Hill has always looked promising to me too, although it seems if Mirotic is signed that our frontcourt will be a fight for minutes even without Hill or Gasol.

  • Hey Doug, why doesn't anyone talk about Eric Gordon as an option for our never ending gaping hole at SG? I know Gordon isn't the perfect solution based on his injury history, but there simply aren't any other options at SG, and I have no doubt New Orleans would jump at the opportunity to trade Gordon for Boozer straight up. I could see New Orleans asking for Dunleavy as they have a hole at SF, and I'd be willing to include him if they also send Austin Rivers, who's readily available.

    Gordon, if healthy, is the shooter and creator we need. His value is down, which is why we could probably get him for Boozer - thus keeping us above the cap and allowing us to use the MLE on Mirotic. If the Bulls went this route (Boozer and Dunleavy for Gordon and Rivers) they'd go 10 deep with all 10 players under the age of 30 with Rose, Gordon, Butler, Gibson and Noah with Rivers, Snell, McDermott, Mirotic and Smith coming off the bench.

    Eric Gordon only has two years left on his deal - if he plays well next year, he might opt out (ETO next summer) and we'd have his bird rights. If he gets hurt again Chicago would only have him on the books for one more season.

  • In reply to Dajody1:

    Once Melo officially bails, that seems like a decent move for both teams. However, New Orleans has virtually no use for boozer(which makes them a perfect match for his skill set, useless). Maybe they don't think he would be worth the bother and seek another place to dump Gordon's 2 years.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    Not sure they could dump Gordon on anyone else, and Boozer allows them to remove next years $15M owed to Gordon. And remember, we could include Dunleavy, who New Orleans would use a starter, if they also send us Austin Rivers, who is readily available.

  • That deal with Melo doesn't surprise me in the least. It's the same as always; Big name free agents go into free agency, Chicago is one of several teams being entertained with the idea, all fans agree they should go to Chicago because we are 1 star away from competing and would also be good for the NBA. In the end the superstar either stays with his current team for the max, or goes to LA, New York, Texas, or Florida, or teams up with some of their buddies in LA, NewYork, Texas, or Florida. Chicago is left with no other options and the front office goes into desperation mode and overpays for some loser. This has been the story for the Bulls for over a decade now.

    I know a lot of people are down on Derrick Rose but I really don't blame him for refusing to recruit these guys. Why get on your knees and beg someone to play for your team that doesn't want to be here and has no real plans on coming anyway? All these free agents are doing is just playing the game and going through the motions. The truth is they already know where they are going. They just like to give the illusion that they're still deciding all for the sake of hype, that's how you play the market.

    Paul Pierce would be a nice fit but I'm willing to bet he signs with either LA, Miami, NewYork, or Dallas unless the Bulls are willing to overpay. Like said these stars are all the same. We're better off just rolling with McDermott and Mirotic and cross our fingers that Rose is healthy. I would still look to trade Boozer or Amnesty because he adds nothing to the team and is only dead weight.

  • In reply to ajaychitown:

    It is difficult to understand, but all the other locations have at least one of the following: good winter weather, no state income tax and "glamor". Chicago has none of those attributes. Maybe it is as simple as that.

  • Or maybe we play the other end of the spectrum and help Cleveland create max cap space by taking Jack and Waiters into our $11M of cap space after we amnesty Boozer?

  • Rose is nothing more than an immature, sheltered Momma's boy, who never developed a/his personality. He is basically nothing more than a $300 million infant. Which is why even if he were to come back 100%, I don't see him having the intestinal fortitude to lead a team to a championship. Not saying that a Rose team can't win one, he just won't be the leader of that team.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to BigWay:

    As someone who has known Rose is since grade school up through college this is beyond accurate.

    His brothers were so obsessed with making sure he stayed away from the Chicago influence while also making him their investment for a big payday the guy never developed a personality whatsoever. That's why everything he says sounds like a worker drone because that's basically what he is at this point. Sad really.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    If you don't enjoy watching spoiled brats then you probably should stop watching sports altogether because these athletes have been treated differently since grade school.

  • More from the NBA world on the Ben Gordon signing.

    "And even with a non-guaranteed second season, the reported two-year, $9 million deal the Orlando Magic gave Gordon is preposterous given that Gordon has rated better than replacement level just once in the past four seasons. Paying Gordon anything more than the minimum is basically lighting money on fire".

    Could not have said it better myself. Maybe we should call Orlando about Gordon's big brother the bozohole himself.

  • I don't think Mirotic will be a bust so much as he will be a disappointment to all of us Bulls fans who have been looking for someone to lead us to the promised land. Anyone who can shoot like him has a place in the league. But those fans who think of him as a "Dirk" type scorer will be proven wrong. I expect Mirotic to have an impact like Ilyasova. Perhaps a Ryan Anderson less the rebounding skills.

    Having said that I still don't get why Pau is plan B after Melo. Yes, he would be a good "get" on a discounted contract but Mirotic will want his minutes. One of his beefs with his coach in Spain was his limited time on the court.

    IMO Plan B should be getting a secondary ball handler who can score to complement Rose as well as guard twos or threes. The best FA who fits that description seems to be Lance. I understand the reluctance to bring on an alleged cancer to the team, but I would take that gamble if I were the Bulls. From a pure skills standpoint he is a good fit. I think his PER would increase with the Bulls because he will be playing with Rose and not George Hill.

    At the end of the day, I expect the major new additions to the team to be Doug M., Mirotic, and Shawn Marion. I hope there will be enough cap space for DJ Augustin. Along with a healthier Rose I expect the Bulls to be in the top half of the East.

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    In reply to hgarbell:

    Completely agree with your assessment on Mirotic. Have watched quite a few Real Madrid games in the last couple years and his comps are Ilyasova and Anderson. He's nowhere near the rebounder those two are though. He's a stretch four with bust potential to be that of Steve Novak.
    I'm not down on the team not getting another star if that turns out to be the case. Would love to see the team finally have an array of outside shooting that appears to be assembled. Dunleavy, McDermott and Mirotic bombing away off Derrick drives is appealing to me.

    Two consideration the team should be looking at is spending Boozer money on a combo guard and an athletic big. Would Boozer amnesty allow them to add players like Stuckey and Humphries? Both in my opinion would be wonderful depth additions as well as much needed insurance for Rose and Gibson/Noah.
    Another idea to consider would be turning Boozer, Snell, and future 1st into Mayo and Ilyasova. The money matches almost perfectly. The Bulls still need to add shooting and depth. The longstanding SG position issue is addressed and Jimmy goes to his natural spot at SF. Mayo gets a do-over in CHI with Thibs as his teacher. Ilyasova's shooting and rebounding off the bench would be immense. For MLW they wouldn't be locked into Mayo or Ilyasova contracts anymore and gain a 1st for dumping guys they tried to move last season.

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    In reply to Gy80:

    Great idea. I love the scenery change for OJ Mayo.

    I just wish the bulls FO is as forward thinking as you.

  • Nice article. While reading about Melo's options a question occurred to me. OK, so Salary wonks ahoy! Anyone please feel free to explain why the following situation is preposterous(as I'm sure it is) as in impossible or simply would not happen.

    1) In comparison to the current situation with Carmelo Anthony, when LeBron left Cleveland, blowhard complaining owner in Cav's Dan Gilbert gave James the sign and trade he wanted yes? And in return? Cleveland got 5 draft picks and a player exception. Let me repeat, Miami aka Riley got the game's greatest player in LeBron James and put himself in a position to give up ZERO players to get him.

    2) Carmelo Anthony has no such similar situation to demand a sign and trade to except... your Miami Heat. Riley gutted his roster then, and the only player that stands in the way right now is Norris Cole. So why couldn't he just do the same thing all over again? Give Phil and the Knicks table scraps i.e picks and a player exception for Melo? Then bring back James, Wade, and a bunch of newly invigorated ring chasers? Would Ray Allen buy in? Gasol?

    3) I'm sure there are several reasons why this scenario is impossible or preposterous. Right?? Though no other suitors are in such a flexible position. If Anthony demands a sign and trade is Phil going to be the next level bad ass who says, "Go f-ck yourself," and let's the star/franchise player walk for nothing? Highly doubt it. If Melo wanted a sign and trade I doubt ANYBODY would not accommodate him. The problem is, you(The Bulls, Rockets etc.) have to deplete your roster(trading away a Taj Gibson etc.) which is the reason he's coming in the first place.

    4) So again tell me there would be no money left after signing LeBron and Melo both to Max deals. Even with Wade taking peanuts in say $10 Mil per year to start. Please tell me this is not possible. Though even with those three the way Wade is falling apart and Allen is getting old etc. even if possible it may still obviously fail in winning a championship.

  • In reply to RoadWarrior:

    If Miami were to max LeBron and Melo under your scenario they are still forced to operate under the cap. They would only have a total remaining space of less than $15 mil. and aren't getting Bosh and Wade back for that, let alone a new PG to boot. I originally thought the big dinner after LeBron opted out was to sell his buddies on all taking less to rebuild with. If he now truly wants a max deal, and assuming he didn't lie through his teeth to his "friends" about it, I can't see why Bosh and Wade opted out, as it seems like they get screwed whether LeBron stays or goes. As an aside the word was the maximum space Miami could to and sign the 3 amigos was $12 million, with Lowry the target. So that shows that no deal for Melo was never possible. And I doubt they really could have that much room , because if you were Lowry and settled on taking $12 mil. per, are you taking it from Toronto or Miami? So Miami can't have ever offered Lowry $12 million.

  • Side note: In clearing the decks for a run at Melo, it seems we passed on an easily had answer at SG in Aaron Afflalo. Suppose we had acquired Afflalo for say Jimmy Butler, salary filler and a second rounder. Then you add Mirotic and McDermott. While some had other preferred picks suppose Dougie turns out to be a good player as in legit NBA scorer. And Mirotic say Ryan Anderson at his best.

    Wouldn't a nice offensive add in these players along with a healthy Rose return have been something to look forward to as in an actual offensively entertaining team to watch next fall? I get that you "have to try" when a Melo is available. Still, unless I get the feeling Melo is really, really heart set on coming to Chicago via sign and trade, I'd probably prefer being in the other boat called plan B right now. Still, I guess Mirotic and McDermott could both be good offensive players. Though without a SG and adding two defensive major question marks I'm not real happy with the way things are looking like they're going to turn out. Of course knowing your future rests on the inept machinations of Gar/Pax, you can't really call things "disappointing" now can you?

  • In reply to RoadWarrior:

    Blame Orlando's FO not ours for that fiasco. There was no reason on earth for them to do that trade with Denver before the draft if the #11 pick was not going to be included. They had to have a jones on for Evan freakin' Fournier for some reason, and god knows we didn't have any PG's left to offer. They have some talented young players at SG/SF, so Butler wasn't likely to turn their crank - and if he did they could have waited for our situation to clear rather than rush to take Denver's offer.

  • In reply to Huskerpowerforward:

    Trading Butler for Afflalo only made sense after you have Melo, otherwise you are creating one hole(SF) to plug another(SG). That is unless you consider Butler to be a hole, if not quite a bozohole.

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    In reply to RoadWarrior:

    I think people are forgetting how good a Bulls team consisting of Rose, Noah, and Thibs can be. The trio is the only legitimate contender to the HEAT in the EAST. Chicago Bulls fans as well as fans of the league as a whole have been cheated the last two regular seasons and three playoffs.
    The Bulls/HEAT rivalry only had one showing. In it we saw that the Bulls didn't have enough shooting to combat the HEAT. Don't you wonder how that may have changed had Chicago continually upgraded their team with a healthy Rose leading? It may have taken 2 or 3 more cracks at the HEAT to dethrone them. I would have loved to see a team with Korver, Dunleavy, and Belinelli taking aim at the HEAT in a 7 game series.
    Just remember that the Bulls key trio when available will win 75% of the games every year. There's always a chance but it starts with Thibs coaching, continues with Noahs drive, and ends with Derrick's knees. Now they appear to have added the shooting of McDermott and Mirotic. I'm excited to see what that will lead to after watching Thibs squeeze 45+ wins out of a squad without elite outside shooting and Derrick for the last two years.

  • I agree Anthony is going to NY and Gasol is no longer the answer as he was back before Memphis gave him away to LA. I believe an appropriate deal for Mirotic is 4 years and $16 mil., with a $2.4 mil. bonus an initial base of roughly $3.2 mil. and a cap hit of about $3.8 mil.(and yes I'm a salary cap wonk). The bonus plus the $600k the Bulls can contribute outside his cap hit totally cover the $3 mil. buyout from Real Madrid and Mirotic doesn't really have the leverage to demand more now that he's burned his bridges with RM. After dropping Boozer and Randolph's contracts this deal would leave about $8.3 mil. available for one FA or if they move Dunleavy's deal as well get them to $11.1 mil. to spend on one guy or $11.6 mil. to spend on two. The latter gives them a shot to try for a combo of Pierce and Morrow , or Ariza and Rush. The former lets them write a 4 year $47.6 mil. offer sheet for Parsons, though that risks tying up there money while those other options go elsewhere. Either way we have a $2.7 mil. room exception for a #2 PG, and several vet minimums to add. All of those sound pretty good to me.

  • OK, so assume that the FO is not willing to offer Melo a max contract (and i certainly hope they are not!). So, assume Melo is not coming to Chi.

    Look, M & M can be the players of the future, right? Plus they both can score a ton. These two need to see a LOT of court time this season. The Bulls may just have 2 future All-Stars here, but they need to develop them.

    I really do not want to see Pierce or, even worse, Gasol, eating up the time M & M need to develop D skills and adapt to the NBA. P & G could be the next Hamilton/Wallace! Even if P & G would make the team slightly better this season, it's still a loss if they slow down M & M's progress. Plus, no one has been able to get Thibs to show balance in this. If Thibs does not have them, he cannot play them. Duh.

    The team as now constructed, minus Boozer, plus Mirotic, should challenge for the ECF this year - #1 or #2 seed in the East.

    If the Bulls can pick up a very good player with the last of their cap space, fine. If not, sit on it and see what develops at next year's trade deadline. If the team is close, maybe the FO could then land Afflalo from Denver for a Snell or Smith or Bairstow plus next year's #1 pick.

    Patience, development, and money ball!

  • fb_avatar

    Just to put it out there:

    A way to challenge fan bases and management in both cities.

    How much does Melo mean to each franchise? Would you gut your team for him? Trade your future? Would you accept your fate and look to the future if he wanted out?

    Trade proposal:
    CHI sends
    Boozer, Dunleavy, Snell, Bairstow, 3 unguaranteed players (James, Amundson, Brewer) 3 future 1st and 3 future 2nds
    CHI receives
    Anthony and Prigioni

    Trade is inline with what Toronto and Cleveland received for their stars in 2010. In fact it's far better. The Bulls are owed picks from CLE which could still be in lottery range or just slightly outside the lottery. The 3 2nds are commodities that teams who are salary strapped or lacking picks always want to purchase.

    This type of deal if brought forward would answer a lot of questions about each franchises outlook on the future.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to Gy80:

    If the Knicks would take that deal w just 2 firsts and 2 seconds, I don't see why gar/pax don't get it done.

    We get our scorer and a decent back up pg.....double win

    Triple win if your Reinsdorf, your not paying boozer to play elsewhere.

    Unfortunately w the sixers looking to get Jeremy Lin, the bulls are running low on potential teams to take boozers contract. ( assuming Melo signs w Knicks )

  • In reply to Gy80:

    You do realize that is 5 first round picks and 5 second round picks.
    Since there is no way that any deal happens unless Melo forces it on the Knicks we shouldn't have to give up anywhere near that many picks/players, 2 & 2 should do the trick. Any players involved are just for salary cap gymnastics. Since he only has this year and next at roughly $6 million per left, it is probably better to take back JR Smith than to give up more assets.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to BigWay:

    The deal is for a total of 6 picks. Three (1st) and three (2nd). Ideally the 1sts would be taken every other year, 2015, 2017, 2019. The 2nds would be taken in the even years, 2016, 2018, 2020. That's the ideal situation. Seeing as the Bulls have multiple picks owed to them in the upcoming years the 6 picks could be conveyed sooner.
    Snell and Bairstow would be throw-ins along with the unguaranteed players to make the money match. The deal is designed for both parties to get what they want. Bulls receive Melo without losing current roster depth. Knicks receive multiple picks they have lost over the recent years because of silly trades and impatience from ownership. As stated before, the return for Melo is far greater than what either the Cavs and Raptors received (maybe a bit too much).

    If Melo wanted to force a S/T to Chicago this is the kind of deal that should be presented. Variables can be worked out but this is the way to go. Put Phil and Dolan in a situation were they can't say no.

  • In reply to Gy80:

    The 4 players that you call throw ins represent 2 first round picks and 2 second round picks Which when added to the 3 future firsts and 3 future seconds total to 5 first round picks and 5 second round picks.

    The only trades that I can think of that involved that many picks/bodies involved Herschel Walker and Ricky Williams, and in both of those cases the teams getting the named player were losers.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to BigWay:

    Agreed, when that many bodies are moved for one player it usually ends in regret.

    The point though is to get the guy you want if he's willing to join your team. You are trying to maintain the team you have and then add the offensive star you've been lacking. I don't think giving up picks which will be in the low 20s and low 50s are that unbearable.

    Once again it's 6 total picks. If you want to count Snell (#20 in 2013) and Bairstow (#49 this year) that's a total of (4) 1st and (4) 2nd picks, so 8 literal picks. The unguaranteed contracts of James, Amundson, and Brewer don't equate to picks.

    Would rather make a deal that included the picks rather than having to give up Butler, Gibson, and Mirotic.

  • If Mirotic is better then people think, which is possible, that's a nice add. McDermott if he can score and hit threes in volume from the get go will also be a nice add. If Derrick is healthy and gets confidence back in his mid range J then Bulls could be a very good team, but that's a lot of IF's.

    Unlike many posters latest comments, I agree with Doug that Pierce and or Gasol would be nice adds. That is if you're in win now mode. Problem is SG if it's Klank and Jimmy offensively is gonna suck. We need a SG if the win now plan is for real. Who's out there now that Afflalo is gone?

  • Melo is staying in NY.....what a shocker........Not.
    Are these wine & dine F/A conference a tax write off?
    We will still win 50 plus games, and be in the East Finals with or without any of these big time F/A's
    what will come first, a Bulls NBA Championship game or a Cubs Playoff series?

  • I don't know why everybody (not just this blog) keeps comparing the 5 year knick offer to the 4 year offers melo can get elsewhere. He's not giving up $30 million dollars unless he retires in 4 years. He's still going to play that 5th year and presumably he will get paid too.

    If I make $50k a year the lady in the next cubicle making 30k a year doesn't make more than me just because she has a 2 year contract.

    Plus with the new tv deal coming and the salary cap expected to rise considerably it's conceivable he could sign another "big contract" if he ages well. Isn't he more likely to have a team offer him a longer/bigger deal in 4 years instead of 5? Won't he be able to command a higher salary when his bulls/rockets/etc deal runs out in 4 years than after his Knicks deal expires in 5 years?

  • In reply to senrad:

    Yea, it is annoyingly obvious, kind of like height argument, you know humans vs NBA players.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    If Melo signs a new 4 year deal now, he would be 34 at the end of it, which would make him eligible for at least a new 2 year deal at that time. Since Melo seems like a player that should age more like Dirk than DWade, he should be able to get $20-30 million for those 2 seasons, essentially recouping his "losses" from signing with the Bulls.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    I'm also thinking that Melo could use the Lakers max offer as leverage to get the Knicks to S&T him to the Bulls even though the Bulls are not a threat to give him the max as a free agent. Assuming that he decides he wants to leave NY, he could tell them he is leaving to sign a max deal with the Lakers unless they S&T him to the Bulls who have better assets to offer the Knicks than the Lakers.

    Not saying that he wants to pick the Bulls(personally, I bet he choses between NY and LA) but if he does this is a way to make it happen with the Lakers as a nice fall back. Which is why I still think that it shouldn't take more than our Cleveland swap first next year and the Sacto pick plus taking back JR Smith to make it worth the Knicks trouble.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to senrad:

    Your 100% right.

    With all the new money coming in and a sure huge spike in the salary cap perhaps only 2 years away.........if I am Carmelo and I believe in myself, I sign a contract w the bulls where I have an opt out clause after my second year.

    He could probably get another 4-5 yr max deal in two years ( if he ages well) which will net him more money overall ( as he will prob sign a 4 year 110-115 million deal in the summer of 2016, perhaps more if he has a ring or MVP )

  • In reply to senrad:

    He can get another deal but he's still not going to make nearly 30 million in one year age 34. The losses from a 4 year deal vs a 5 year deal are very real when you're signing it aged 30 - they're not as dramatic as the full figure difference seems, but they're still probably 15 million best case, and the full 30 million worst case if he gets injured between now and then.

  • Question: I don't see Doug McDermott's name on the Summer League player's list on He is playing for the Bulls Summer League team isn't he?

  • In reply to RoadWarrior:

    The Bulls' Summer League roster isn't listed yet, so I'm sure that's why McDermott's name isn't there. They already announced that Brandon Paul would play, but he isn't on there yet either.

  • "I suppose it also depends how high they are on Greg Smith and Cameron Bairstow. I'd personally put both guys in the "might not play at all" category in which case there's room for one more low minute big man".

    While that statement almost certainly applies to Bairstow, if Smith is healthy, I think the Bulls specifically gave him the second year guarantee to be Noah's backup. 2 years ago he was Asik's primary backup in Houston and averaged 16 minutes a game. He is a bit smaller than Nazr, but his youth and relative athleticism should allow him to contribute more than Nazr did.

    While I am always looking to upgrade the frontline(Jordan Hill) with Mirotic coming over and Smith on board, it is not as big of a need as more wing scoring, especially at SG.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    Yes, while Pax is slobbering over Pau Gasol he should be reminded that the shooting guard position has yellow crime scene tape surrounding it. Here are some fun facts: Butler shot .397 last year; Klank shot .393; and the human dishrag (Tony Snell) shot .384. I'm sure this struck fear into the Miami Heat and Indiana Pacers last year.

    Of course Jimmer Fredette was stuck on the bench (he shot .448) and Cartier Martin was shipped out (he shot .625). Who needs those guys?

    I am going to continue banging the drum for Lance. Am I worried that he could be a disruptive element in the locker room? You bet. But from a purely skills perspective he would add a lot to the team. A secondary ball handler who can score and play defense. He is still very young and he will get better. It's time to invest in a FA who has his career in front of him. I am tired of throwing mega-millions at broken down carcasses like Scottie Pippen, Ben Wallace, And Rip Hamilton. (I would also mention Carlos but I know that causes you to beak out in hives).

  • In reply to hgarbell:

    Sorry, that was a typo. Meant to say "break out in hives." Just thinking of Boozer makes me want to reach for the skin lotion.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    Agreed about Greg Smith. He clearly has been slotted for backup center, and was a nice pickup for Bulls.

    And completely agree about the wings and SG! Our biggest need!

  • Can anyone post a link to our LV Summer League roster

  • Doug, what is it that Rose has ever said that has convinced you that he'd realize Melo was coming on the day? Given how unaware of the situation he seems to be with basically everything he says, I can totally buy that he turns up for his workout and is shocked to see Melo there.

    Don't know what's going on with the Heat but I don't think Riley has got them taking big enough discounts to make any serious moves. Could well be that last year isn't as bad as the East gets if Miami and Indiana come back largely the same and the Bulls can't manage to snag anyone of note either. Last year you could make the case that maybe 9 out of the top 10 teams were in the West, can they make it 10 out of 10? Surely it has to eventually even out when players look to move East for a softer run? Kevin Love can't seriously be favouring the Warriors over the Bulls if he's desperate the see the playoffs?

  • Derrick Rose is coming off back to back major knee injuries. When will the homers quit deluding themselves that players who "want to win" we'll want to come to the Bulls the shittiest ass offense in the league. They got handled by the Washington Wizards. Yes, the Wizards(all homers please now gush about how great the Wizards are).

  • In reply to RoadWarrior:

    I think most people said Melo taking the money and staying with NY was the most likely outcome all along.

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