Derrick Rose explosive and fast now that the season's over

In the article you knew was coming, the Derrick Rose public relations team has leaked to K.C. Johnson what a bad ass Derrick Rose is now that the season's over.

Read all the warm fuzzy feelings here.

For weeks now, Rose has been playing five-on-five, taking full contact on his surgically-repaired knees and preparing to attend USA Basketball's late-July minicamp in Las Vegas in the hopes of making the World Cup team that will compete in Spain in late August through early September.

Rose typically opts for drill and intense conditioning work near his offseason home of Santa Monica, Calif., working alongside other high-profile players such as Russell Westbrook and Kevin Love. The change in strategy has been seamless.

It has allowed Rose to gain confidence and conditioning playing full court against teammates and various Chicago-area types with NBA ties in the suburban practice facility that soon will cede to the Bulls' new building across the street from the United Center.

Rose began taking full contact in the form of one-on-one or two-on-two or three-on-three offday sessions late in the first-round playoff series against the Wizards. With no setbacks, Rose continued increasing the intensity of his workouts and began full court scrimmaging last month, sources said.

According to three people who either have played against Rose or witnessed his workouts, who requested anonymity, the 2011 NBA most valuable player is displaying both explosion and speed in games.

So depending on your level of antagonism towards Rose, you can feel all sorts of ugly about this.

He started doing full contact during the Wizards series? Just in time to be ready to play literally a week or two after the season ended. Nothing suspect about that. He looks ultra explosive now that it doesn't count? Surprise! surprise!

He actually stopped working out with Kevin Love now? Wouldn't want to accidentally recruit him.

Okay, sarcasm and negativity aside, let's be real for a moment. We NEED Rose to look good. It's hard to read much into these stories given the timing, but we'd sure as hell better hope it's true.

Beyond that, we'd better hope Carmelo and Love believe it's true.

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  • I'm wondering if this has more to do with free angency and this getting back to melo. Could be for love as well. I do remember hearing thibs and FO saying rose would spend most of his rehab in chicago. Bulls season has been over for some time now. So why leak now? Timing for big name stars..i think FO is well aware that the fan base is sick of hearing about rose health and not seeing him play

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    In reply to bullzfan:

    Doug, When people write articles they are supposed to be for the fans and enjoyable to read. After reading this article I really question why you write. Not only are you hating on Derrick Rose but by doing so you are hating on Chicago. How can you blame someone for getting healthy? I am sure he meant to get healthy right after the Bulls series just to spite the Bulls (sarcasm). You my friend are a joke

  • In reply to Alec Carnell:

    Yes Doug, how could you do this to this pink family living in a pink world, do you want to ruin their pink lives. Oh please come back and make up some shite, so doody doody can feel goody goody, ( not really), oh pleaso pleaso Mr. Dougie or me gonna hate you.

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    In reply to 4zen:

    Wow 4zen, we all appreciate your interest in supplying meaningful data to this blog. Please, don't shy away from continuing this act, much appreciated.

  • In reply to Alec Carnell:

    This isn't ESPN son, we don't call people jokes or attack people verbally here; especially the guy working his ass off to put out content with such frequency. With that said, its hilarious and sad that you think people who write about sports are supposed to post false, make-me-happy fodder for fans. This isn't actual news, if it were I wouldn't be surprised that you think its ok for half truths and blatant omissions of fact to populate articles you read. It might be normal for writers to baby you on Fox News and CNN; but the beautiful thing about sports journalism is the truth isn't so often denied, and if you knew better you'd have an appreciation for people like Doug. For your sake I hope that some day you do.

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    In reply to Chicagosportsguru:

    I guess I am the only one in America who enjoys to read articles that are both factual and enjoyable to read. Doug came off as a sarcastic prick just hating on Derrick Rose. It is to my understanding that this is a Chicago sports database, and that you are being recognized by a lot of Chicago sports fans. Am I wrong to think that? With that said, no one wants to read an article about a beloved Chicago player being ripped on by this hack.

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    In reply to Chicagosportsguru:

    I do understand that it is right to express his feeling in his writing however, if you really use your head and ask yourself " will Chicago sports fans enjoy reading this and/or want to read more articles that I write after reading this?" you will see that the position he took on in this article is probably not meant for this database and should probably just be kept to yourself.

  • Oh, I forgot about this guy...

    Personally, I am excited as hell for his return and I feel like he's had terrible luck. He's a good kid and I can only feel sorry for his situation.

    Yes, he took it slow, but adding him during the playoffs may not have made much of a difference the last two years. When he did play for those 11 games early last year, he looked rusty and was inefficient in FG% and turnovers. However, he did look explosive and fast... passing the eye test. Plus, he's too valuable to the Bulls given his upside and contract remaining.

    So, baring another major injury, there is no question that he can be a star again.... maybe not quite like season 3, but on the NBA 1st or 2nd team the next few seasons.

    I'm excited about next season because the Bulls will be better if guys like Noah and Rose are healthy. And, worst case, you add Mirotic and another solid FA with Boozer amnestied. Plus, imagine if the Bulls traded up for a dead-eye shooter in Stauskas to play next to Rose... Rose, FA SG, Butler, Gibson, Noah with Mirotic and Stauskas off the bench is about as good as it gets in today's NBA if you are not the Spurs and don't have LBJ.

    That's worst case. Best case, I think they will add Love or Melo. I'm just hoping that most of the roster can remain in tact in doing so... and Mirotic probably can't come over if signing Melo outright unless you dump just about everyone and Melo signs for $15 mil, which probably is not happening.

    So, I've never been off the Rose train. I just think is Brother is an idiot.

  • And, yes, this was definitely leaked by the Bulls and Team Rose with Melo's opt out on Monday. I think the Miami trio must do the same next week, too.

    Bulls are effectively saying, "we are open for business..." and I like it!

  • Being a huge Rose fan back then, I watched all the games I could the last time Derrick played for the USA team. While the team did win gold, Rose was severely outplayed by Westbrook and Steph Curry Particularly his mid range shooting game just sucked as in he couldn't buy a shot.

    If you look at Rose's mid range shooting numbers(Hoopsdata I checked out of curiosity post world cup decline) he actually had better numbers then LeBron or Wade in terms of percentage his first couple of years. After the world cup clank fest, his confidence and mid range shooting have not been the same. I don't know why he even wants to be a part of these things he doesn't do well with strangers. Westbrook, Durant, Iguodala, and Curry all interacted like teammates while Rose was a stoic lamp post.

    I'm not trying to bag on Derrick, but the last thing he needs is to bang knees in the world cup after being paid tens of millions of dollars to sit on his butt. If people think Rose will have some renaissance that attracts future teammates etc. they better think again. Honestly if the Rose "family" as in head leech Reggie Rose is still speaking for Derrick then I don't like where his future is headed. Funny how K.C. the corporate shill just gushes over Rose's return and nary a negative mention about Rose being "ready" at the time his teammates needed him against Washington. What a joke. Glad his transition is occurring "seamlessly" K.C. you douchebag.

  • In reply to RoadWarrior:

    Because Bulls fans are in love with Rose (and rightly so) they may not recall that Westbrook clearly was the better point guard for the USA team. Coach K had way more confidence in Westbrook and it was he, not Rose, who saw action at crunch time.

    I remember I had the audacity (on another board) to say that eventhough Rose was a terrific player I thought Westbrook was better. This was before Rose's MVP year. I was severely taken to the woodshed for my opinion. I remember Sham stating that because of Westbrook's poor assist to turnover ratio, he would be the inferior player compared to Rose.

    I thought Westbrook was phenomenal in the recent playoffs. If Rose can elevate his game to that level after two years on the shelf I would be quite happy. We can love Rose and wish him well without necessarily suspending our judgment that other players (e.g. Paul, Westbrook) could be better players.

  • In reply to hgarbell:

    Westbrook has definitely raised his game. I think Rose at his peak was a better player, but Westbrook has become awfully good.

    I also hope Rose can simply get back to there.

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    In reply to DougThonus:

    That's a difficult call Doug. I always felt Westbrook was any overall better basket player. The only edge I gave rose (when healthy) was his overall grasp on late game situations. Rose seemed more willing to defer to an open teammate, Westbrook, not so much. Either way, I would take either of these guys.

  • Love will know much better than us where Derrick's at

  • I love Rose and really do hope he comes back. He seems like a good kid and has put the burden of the city on his shoulders (pre injury). While he hasn't made the best decisions regarding PR during his ACL/meniscus injuries, I don't entirely blame him.

    With that being said, I agree with Doug. It doesn't matter what the Bulls PR staff is saying, the bottom line is, we NEED Rose to come back to pre-injury form. You could hate him now with how he handled the injury, but the bottom line is we need Rose in order to compete for a championship. The entire Bulls championship window is built around him, and even if management did try a new strategy, it'd be impossible to move him. The best hope is that he comes back strong and the Bulls can either convince Melo or Love to join up.

  • In reply to bpmueller:


  • In reply to bpmueller:

    Alternatively we need Rose to take medical retirement. Then with the room go get Love and LeBron. ;)

  • If people believe Rose is truly healthy I would do this (WOULD NEVER HAPPEN BUT A GUY CAN DREAM):

    Orlando also gets $1M from us and $1M from Boston (The $2M will cover Jameer Nelson's buyout).

    After letting go of the non-guaranteed salaries, renouncing all FA's, and amnestying Booz, Salary Structure would be:

    PLAYER 2014/2015
    Joel Anthony 3,800,000
    Arron Afflalo 7,500,000
    Joakim Noah 12,700,000
    Taj Gibson 8,000,000
    Mike Dunleavy 3,326,235
    Jimmy Butler 2,008,748
    Tony Snell 1,472,400
    Greg Smith 948,163
    #16 Pick 1,468,900
    #19 Pick 1,266,000
    Mirotic Cap Hold 1,038,900
    Incomplete Roster Chg 507,336
    Hamilton Buyout 333,333
    Total Salary and Holds 44,370,015
    Salary Cap 63,200,000
    Cap Room 18,829,985

    I wonder who could we get to sign here for $18.8MM? You could bring back Hinrich (Min Salary) and Augustin (Room Exception), you could probably also offload Snell (not needed with Butler and Afflalo) and Joel Anthony (expiring) by using the #19 pick which would open up roughly another $6.5M in cap room with which to bring over Mirotic.

    New Salary Structure:

    PLAYER 2014/2015
    Carmelo Anthony 18,800,000
    Joakim Noah 12,700,000
    Taj Gibson 8,000,000
    Arron Afflalo 7,500,000
    Nikola Mirotic 3,900,000
    Mike Dunleavy 3,326,235
    DJ Augustin 2,732,000
    Jimmy Butler 2,008,748
    Greg Smith 948,163
    #16 Pick 1,468,900
    Kirk Hinrich 915,243
    Incomplete Roster Chg 507,336
    Hamilton Buyout 333,333
    Total Salary and Holds 63,139,958
    Salary Cap 63,200,000
    Cap Room 60,042

    PG: Augustin/Hinrich
    SG: Afflalo/Butler/Dunleavy
    SF: Anthony/Butler/Dunleavy
    PF: Gibson/Mirotic
    C: Noah/Smith

    Still have the #16 pick to use on a C or 5th big, you also are way under the tax, you can add all kinds of veteran ring chasers if need be (Ray Allen, etc.) or take a chance on someone who still might have some gas in the tank (Ben Gordon, etc.)

  • In reply to nolebron:

    I literally just signed up for an account just to respond to this post. Are you kidding me? I hope to god you have never played basketball and that you've never watched a single game of the NBA in your life. Why the hell would the Bulls trade Derrick Rose just to get Aaron Afflalo and the ability to offer $2 million more to Carmelo? The only reason Carmelo would even consider coming to the Bulls would be to play with Rose. He is not coming to Chicago just to play with Noah and Thibodeau. In your trade we would literally be giving away our best player for a decent shooting guard. Without doing this moronic trade we could sign Carmelo and actually keep our team in contention, not New York Knicks 2012-2013 season 2.0 which is exactly what would happen if your scenario played out. Just about the only thing right about any of your post was the grammar and your username. I sincerly hope you unplug your keyboard right now, cut the wire, and never post anything so dumb as this post right here again.

  • In reply to Hashtag 6:

    First of all, anytime you have to use an insult to reinforce your opinion rather than use facts, you show the limitations of your critical thinking/reasoning skills.

    Second, by all accounts, Noah is the one recruiting Carmelo to play here, could it be that Noah and the Bulls depth is the draw and not Rose and his knees. You act like Rose has been playing at an MVP level for the last 3 postseasons. Look at what just happened in the finals, Wade's body broke down, mostly because of his creaky knees. Now imagine if you are Carmelo Anthony and you just saw that, would you select the Bulls as a FA destination where you have to depend on Rose or feel more at ease if they could make the moves necessary to remove the salary albatross from the books to not only be able to pay you a more money (these guys are still motivated by money, we all are) but have flexibility to build around you. This wouldn't be Knicks 2.0 is would be a better version of the 2008-09 Nuggets.

    Finally, it's widely known but the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. Rose has been counted on over again, to the same result. I hope his body finally cooperates with him and he returns to MVP from and proves the doubters (like me) wrong. But until he does that I think that I have the right to be skeptical about his future and not have defend my fake trades (which aren't all that unrealistic, you're getting 25 cents on the dollar for a guy on a monster contract with back to back season ending knee injuries) from internet tough guys.

  • In reply to nolebron:

    You called it your "dream scenario", wouldn't your dream scenario include Rose being able to perform at a similar level to before and then signing Carmelo to a deal that is just slightly below what you described if you do indeed hope he is back to health? Your inital post implied that as soon as he is seen as being healthy to ship him off. I do apologize for insulting your basketball intelligence though, your second post make you appear to have a higher understanding of the game than your first one.

    Just because Noah is the one recruiting him doesn't mean he will come to be with Noah and the depth. As the league is evolving (to my dismay) around superstar filled teams, Carmelo has to know this is the way to a title. This is of course an assumption, but he is paying people to understand the league, so I'm sure those people making thousands of dollars can figure out what we can by sitting at home on our computers. Noah is a great player, but a high energy, defensive center and one superstar offensive playmaker surrounded by great depth is not going to lead to a championship in this day and age. Just look at the 2010-2011 Bulls as an example. The teams that are winning have multiple stars and scoring options. The Heat are the obvious ones, but the Spurs have Duncan and Parker as stars, with Leonard and Ginobili almost being ones. One could say Leonard is a star, but I personally want to see him without a couple of those other 3 before I determine that. Yes their depth lead them to the title, but there was no way they were winning without two of those guys. Leading back to my point, if Carmelo does indeed recognize the obvious, he will want to go to a team with other stars so he can win. That is why the Bulls (as is with Rose) and the Rockets are at the top of his list. Without Rose, Noah is the second best player, and we have seen too often that the Bulls simply lack enough offense even with a superstar scorer. And I was very close to putting the 2008-2009 Denver Nuggets as the 2.0 example, but I ultimately felt that last season the way that all of the Knicks players were playing that they had more depth and provided a better opportunity for Carmelo to succeed.

    Lastly, I understand that counting on Rose to be exactly (or better as some people believe) the same type of player as before would be a huge leap of faith, but the types of injuries he has sustained would allow him to be able to play well still. Yes, a torn acl is a killer, but we saw early this season that he was starting to get his explosiveness back. A torn minscus on the other hand is not as severe. He did have to miss a large amount of time, but that is because he chose the smart route and had it repaired and not removed. Wade had his removed, and look at his knees now as your pointed out. Russell Westbrook repaired his and look at how strongly he came back. Who knows what an acl and miniscus tear combined can do to Rose, but they are on diffferent knees so one won't affect the other. If anything the torn miniscus gave his acl even more time to recover. After this, 20 out of the 30 NBA teams would still take a shot on Rose, and the Bulls could definitely get more than Joel Anthony and Aaron Afflalo out of a Rose trade. They need a shooting guard, but they can still do better. Still though, trading Rose is not going to help them get Anthony to come here. Especially if it means losing Rose to get $2 million more. He has a contract with the Jordan brand, he just promoted headphones with 50 Cent, he has more than enough money to allow for a couple million to prevent him from playing with another superstar.

    In the end, neither of us really knows what these stars are thinking, how management perceives the situation, or the health of these players- so it really doesn't matter what the two of us squabbling annonymously over the computer turns out to be. Just for fun though, in total my point is this:

    In my opinion there are better options than what you presented.

    Have a great day.

  • In reply to Hashtag 6:

    I agree that there are better options and my implication that this was my dream scenario was unintended. You're right, my dream scenario is Rose is back to being an MVP candidate, acquiring another superstar (Melo or Love) and winning an NBA title in 2014-15. The reality is that Rose's future is far from certain and if you could trade him now and hedge against another career threatening injury, I think you explore it. Maybe we just do Rose for Rondo and Joel Anthony and leave the Magic out of it. I am looking at hypothetical situations with which to offload Rose, but only because 1) I am bearish on Rose, 2) Bored waiting for the draft and FA and 3) I am not an NBA GM so my opinion has no basis for becoming reality. I can never understand why 1 man will take another man's opinion so personally when his family is not involved (not saying you, but some others in cyberspace). I have been enjoying the game of basketball for over 20 years, go back and look at the post above. The facts presented above (especially salary info) were well researched, I didn't come on here and say, "derrr we shud trade Rose and sign Melo, Love (even though he can only be acquired via trade, but some people will say "sign") and LeBron, CHAMPS 2014-15 derp." It was a well researched but flawed hypothetical trade attempt by a CPA not an NBA GM, it's not like GarPax are trolling on here to see what Rose trades they can make. The rest of you can lay off unless you are Reggie Rose and if any of you are Reggie Rose, Fuck You!

  • In reply to nolebron:

    i for one appreciate the theoretical exercise. I don't want this scenario and I don't like it - but appreciate the effort and thought - if for nothing more than to reaffirm how much we would have to lose by letting go of Rose even now.

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    In reply to Hashtag 6:

    I second this motion and seriously wonder if you've ever played or watched basketball, nolebron.

  • In reply to nolebron:

    This is a trade you make if you feel Rose is unhealthy but someone else thinks he is healthy. Ultimately, it's difficult to imagine that type of thing happening.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    That was more my assumption, others being bullish on Rose and his long term prognosis and accepting him in trade.

  • In reply to nolebron:

    I see where you're coming from as far as it is likely a benefit to the team to unload Rose's superstar salary when you simply can't count on getting superstar performance. At the same time, when it's been so difficult for the Bulls to acquire superstars, do you really get rid of the one we do have? There's no guarantee we'll get Melo and even if we do, are we going to win a championship with Melo and no Rose? Unless you can guarantee that Rose's salary could be allocated to a second superstar to go with Melo, we're better off taking a chance on Rose being that second superstar IMO.

  • Dude stfu and stop being such a hater. He did what he had to do to get healthy. the first thing u say is some speculative shit about him getting healthy once the season was over like he did it on purpose. Your an idiot. Why bother writing this shit jus so u can hate on the dude.

  • In reply to Jimbo210:

    You have to read the whole thing before you comment on it. Doug wrote "Okay, sarcasm and negativity aside," he wasn't serious about Rose holding out on purpose, he wrote how cynical Bulls/Rose fans might react to the news.

  • In reply to Roman F:

    Yes I did read that part and there's no reason to even bring it up unless your trying to fuel the fire and have people start speculating that d rose sat out because he didn't want to play.

  • In reply to Jimbo210:

    It wasn't "speculative shit" that was exactly what was in the article. He started taking contact practice literally at almost the EXACT moment that it was too late for him to play. If he took it one week earlier then he would have likely been cleared to play in the playoffs.

    I agree I have a big "eyeroll" whenever I see these puff pieces after Derrick has taken considerably longer than the average time to recover from each of the last two injuries and then had big "rah rah" articles as soon as the season ends.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    Yeah n I have a big "eyeroll" to people who write these articles such as urself thinking they know better for derricks health than his doctors and trainers. I'm pretty sure your in no position to determine the amount of time he's needed for either of his recoveries.

  • In reply to Jimbo210:

    His doctors and trainers cleared him to play with like six weeks remaining in the 2013 regular season. He chose not to.

  • In reply to sfpaper:

    Yes and I'm sure gar/pax had no say in him coming back and playing. Stop being so stupid and naive. It's not like the management was saying hey derrick get out there and he's like naw I'm good. U people are ridicules.

  • In reply to Jimbo210:

    I think I read about Ridicules in Greek Mythology, is that what you're talking about, Jimbo?

  • In reply to Chicagosportsguru:

    Yes. Nice one.

  • With all the Rose warm ups before games hyping fans, the comments about his interests had to come first before the team and fans etc., and now hearing he was "ready to go" about the time his teammates were battling against Washington, it's understandable if some people feel the bloom is off the Rose so to speak. That said, we know the Bulls are not going to trade Derrick. There's not a chance in hell of that happening even if someone were willing to take on his unsure knees and the mega millions that come with them. So let's not get our shorts in a bunch if a poster makes a hypothetical trade good or bad. Not to the point of dramatics as said D-bag who "just had to register" to voice his "outrage." Seriously are you really a dude or an old lady/geez posing as one?

  • On that note, here's a little more speculation. It was reported that Reggie Rose attended every day of the combine and sat adjacent to the Bulls brass. One could infer that he believes he should have some sort of input on their upcoming decisions.

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  • In reply to Willie Pickett:


  • In reply to Granby:

    To help his overall strength and flexibility, in a way unattainable by any other method, thereby reducing the chance of further injury.

  • Side note: Pat Riley decided it was time to quell the LeBron might consider leaving furor by ranting about how Bird and Kobe lost 9 out of 12 times and some similar B.S. Plus he referred to last year as Kawhi Leonard "choked" and Parker on free throws. And rehashed Pop not putting in a rebounder for the last play to kick him in the nuts as well. All under the phony guise of how they hand't been critiqued as the Heat were. Well, by doing it yourself then you've righted the wrong haven't you "Riles?"

    Pat, you may have cajoled players into being your henchman(Knicks days) and now assembled a "Big Three" who should be 1-3 really, but in the end you are an unhappy curmudgeon as evidenced by your spastic and morose countenance in that presser. It almost makes me hope LeBron stays and Wade's knees turn to mush and they get thumped again next year. I say almost because in the end I don't want to be a hater at that level. Still, aside from the manipulation of players and even other G.M.'s success doesn't always equal success as a person. Seriously watch the guy on Youtube, he is an old curmudgeon it's sad.

  • In reply to RoadWarrior:

    Riley also said:

    "This stuff is hard. And you got to stay together, if you've got the guts. And you don't find the first door and run out of it," Riley said Thursday in his annual end-of-the-season news conference.

    I'm sure he was saying the opposite to pry LeBron out of Cleveland back in 2010.

    So, I would love to see Riley played by having LeBron bolt to Houston or the Clips.

    Riley looks like such a power-broker, orchestrating the 2010 FA coup, but it was probably really the players that got together and made it happen. They called the shots, including signing Haslem and Miller.

    However, Lebron's not going anywhere. He knows that if he bolts to a better situation just like in 2010, he'll look phony and like a ring chaser. IMO, LeBron can't win b/c Miami has seen their best days unless these guys take HUGE pay cuts like the Spurs in order to get more talent around them.

  • In reply to Granby:

    Not sure if you really have an interest in how the big three came together, or if you just prefer to keep denying that Riley was involved:

  • In reply to RoadWarrior:

    HAHAHAHAHA Thank you RW.

  • Doug,

    Don't you think you're being a little unfair? I mean, you remember the reports last year about him being just as explosive and fast and dominating everyone in practice right? You also remember him coming back for the first month or so of the season and tearing up the league right?!? No? Yeah, me neither. :D

  • In reply to blumeany:

    Great point. If Love signs with the Bulls - after being his work out buddy, we will know for sure it's not B.S.

  • Everybody sounds a little grumpy today, must be the first dose of hot and muggy weather you guys are having back east.

    Last season was a lost season the minute that they decided on the repair type surgery. Who really cares if he started contract drills a few days before our season ended or a few days after. From the little that we saw of Rose before games, he did not look anywhere near ready to play in them.

    Since Rose "never" plays competitive basketball in the offseason, having the team USA tryouts this summer is a blessing in disguise. Based on what we saw in the first 10 games of last season, Rose needs to play all the competitive ball that he can handle this summer.

    If he plays well and stays healthy then he enters the season with full confidence in his body and his game, and should start the season with no rust to work off. If he gets hurt again then it is pretty much time to cash out on the Rose era and start thinking about building the next team. Its better to have that happen in the summer than during the start of the season again.

    I pretty much expected a negative reaction to the Rose news, me I'm pretty much o.k. with it. I still contend that a Mama's boy shall not lead you to the promised land, but I will continue to hope for the best, while dreading the worst.

  • This article voices the deep resentment I didn't even realize I had. After those ridiculous "Rose Returns" commercials, I really don't want to hear any more about what Rose is "going" to do. i just want to see it. Just shut up and play already.

    I pray he's healthy but wonder if the reports that Bulls will trade ANYONE to improve the starting team is precisely because they can't afford another Rose breakdown without a supporting staff that could survive it. Remember the Sports Science episode that showed how much unnatural force Rose puts on his joints and body to achieve his athletic edge (his value isn't in shooting efficiency but purely in his physicality still). If - like Tiger Woods proved with his turning torque - it turns out the human body just isn't built to sustain that, the Bulls may actually be in a rebuilding phase we fans aren't even considering. Let's pray that's not the case.

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