Derrick Rose decides on the eve of free agency, to note he may not be healthy just yet

Derrick Rose continues his run of impeccable timing to note that in case there were any doubts, he has no interest in helping the Bulls land a star player, and if any of them have any doubts about him, they should know he may also not play at team USA camp because of his health.

This from Yahoo's Marc Spears.

Rose told Yahoo Sports on Sunday that he doesn't plan to recruit Anthony – or any free agent, for that matter – even though he likes Anthony's game and thinks they can play alongside each other.

Rose's reason is simple: He said it's "not my job."

"My thing is if they want to come, they can come," Rose said.

Anthony averaged 27.4 points for the New York Knicks last season. Rose averaged 21.8 points and 7.9 assists during the 2011-12 season – the last before he injured his left knee in the 2012 playoffs. Rose respects Anthony's game and believes they can co-exist.

"I love Melo's game," Rose said. "He's a great player. Takes the game serious. He's consistent. He shoots the ball great. I love his heart.

"I can play with anybody, no matter who it is. I believe I can play with anyone if they step on the court with me."

This isn't new news about Derrick, and in many ways it's simply another media driven story. The media asks him a question on Sunday that he's already answered, and he gives the same answer making a new story out of an old story.

It's still a story though, and it's still a ridiculously stupid stance for Rose to take. It's even worse that we have to re-read about it today, though the rehashing of it really has nothing to do with Derrick except that he's going to stick with the same decision he made quite some time ago.

Meanwhile, Taj Gibson and Joakim Noah are ready to recruit Carmelo Anthony per ESPN radio and will be at the Bulls pitch tomorrow. I'm not sure if it's better or worse that Taj/Noah come while Rose refuses to come as it highlights Rose's refusal to come by having other players there.

What's worse news is that he noted this about his recovery and playing for team USA:

As for when Rose will resume playing, he told Yahoo Sports he expects to be ready for the 2014-15 NBA season-opener, but has yet to decide if he will try out for USA Basketball's World Cup team this summer.

Rose has played in only 10 total games the past two seasons and 50 the past three because of various injuries, including two major knee surgeries. He said he has been taking part in five-on-five scrimmages for a while and his rehabilitation is going well. But Rose also said he is uncertain if he will participate in USA Basketball's training camp starting July 28 in Las Vegas.

"I still don't know yet," Rose told Yahoo Sports at the Drew Gooden Foundation Basketball Camp on Sunday. "If I'm feeling right and the time is [right], for sure I will go out there. My body is responding good, but you never know.

"Right now, I haven't really thought about that. I am just worrying about just trying to get back every day and I'm really taking rehab one day at a time instead of trying to think about competing."

For those counting at home, it's now been nearly eight months since he had a procedure which people typically recover from in four to six months. At this point Derrick Rose either needs to get a sports psychologist on staff, or Bulls fans need to accept that Derrick is one of the game's worst healers.

He's two months after the LATE end of the time frame, a time frame most NBA caliber athletes would have hit in the three to four month range quite honestly, and he's still focused on taking his rehab one day at a time? He shouldn't be thinking about rehab. He should be all habbed up by now and be thinking about kicking the ass of the league again.

Team USA would be a great chance to do that. Now, he didn't say he won't be at the team USA practices, but the fact that he's not certain about his body at this point is just another one of many scary red flags with this guy.

The Bulls are locked in a damned if you do, damned if you don't situation with Derrick Rose. They could never deal him to get something back that'd actually be useful, but at the same time their season's success is hitched to a guy who's coming off two major knee injuries and appears to require 1.5x the standard recover time for an injury.

It's far more likely than not that the Bulls are dealing with a Grant Hill or Penny Hardaway situation here. Each year there might be a bit less hope than the year before with no success coming. That said, even if the Bulls wanted to trade Rose for 10c on the dollar, odds are they'd struggle to find someone willing to give them the dime.

Of course, it could all be nothing, but these quotes have an eery similarity to the ones he made to USA Today about not coming back in the current season from his ACL injury at a point where everyone else was expecting him back "any day". If it is simply blown out of proportion, then Rose needs to fire his publicist and get a new one, because he's needlessly pushing a really negative vibe at a potentially critical juncture.

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  • He said he was 100% healthy and been playing for a while now. Maybe he doesn't want to participate in the US practices - you, like everyone else, are trying to create a story out of nothing.

    Rose made it VERY clear that he's fully healthy and playing games on a regular basis.

  • In reply to Dajody1:

    He mentioned "if I am feeling right" and "I'm just worrying about trying to get back everyday". These are quotes that point out health.

    When he says these things on the eve of free agency, I (and others) are not trying to make a story about it. Derrick Rose is making the story about it.

  • What is worse, Rose not showing up to greet Carmelo at the airport or the Bulls front office offering an insulting 16 mil per because of cap restrictions?

    Rose is rehabbing his knee, as a player Carmelo knows this and most likely hasn't taken offense. This is a non story.

  • In reply to rpk1:

    The Bulls will presumably have sign and trade scenarios to lure Melo that don't involve him taking 16 million. We'll see though, I don't think the Knicks are really that interested in keeping Melo. They know he only has a few years left, and they know they can't rebuild with him. I think everything else is a front for the fans.

    However, if the Knicks are truly aligned to keeping Melo then it will be much toughter.

    As for Rose rehabbing his knee, that's the point. He shouldn't be rehabbing his knee. He should have finished rehabbing his knee two months ago at the long end of the time frame.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    There is zero way anyone is taking on Boozer's contract unless the Bulls are willing to take on an equally bad contract.

    As far Rose' rehab, I see nothing wrong with being cautious as rehabbing is an inexact science, so proclaiming him another Penny Hardaway type injury situation is not fair. At least give him the first part of the season before predicting doomsday.

  • In reply to rpk1:

    After missing consecutive seasons with knee injuries, virtually no one ever comes back. In fact, I can think of no other player who has ever done it.

    This isn't to say that Rose will suck, it's to say that every other player who's gone through this has sucked, except Bernard King, who actually came back and played well (though far less than prior to injury).

    So yeah, he's not Penny Hardaway yet, but it's far more likely that he is than he isn't based purely on the history of players going through similar things, that said, it's a small sample size of guys.

  • In reply to rpk1:

    No one is taking boozers contract if they don't have to. If Melo says I'm going to Chicago, make it happen. the Knicks are one of the few teams that can afford to take on boozers contract. They are over the cap Melo or no Melo, boozer or no boozer. The blow cash just for the sake of blowing cash all the time. The Bulls first next season and the Sacto first have to look very appealing to a team that needs to rebuild it basketball talent and traded away most of it own draft picks for years.

    Not saying that it will happen but it is perfectly plausible, and the only way that the Bulls can structure a Melo deal without including Taj, which they simply can't afford to do in a Melo deal.

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    He made it 'very clear' he is healthy? I thought he said he still taking rehab one day at a time. . Rose is clearly worried a lot about his image. He feels he should only be on the court when not 100% healthy,rather when he 'feels' he will look like he did pre-injury. Derrick is at least a quirky guy. Imho, he needs to branch out some, socially. He only takes listens to a few people. That is never healthy, at least not logical when making business decisions. Doug is creating anything. From Kobe to Wade, et all. Everyone recruits key players to help them win . Rose is way too isolated and comes off as either arrogant or narcissistic. I'm not sure I would want to come to Chi, if the oft injured Star doesn't seem to care if I come or not. "I can play with anyone".

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    In reply to Joshua Adams:

    I apologize for all typos. Using my phone.

  • For a guy who has only played 10 games in the last two years, I think our "main guy" on the Bulls is J. Noah these days....not Rose..........even Gibson is becoming more a team player............looks like Carmelo will head towards Houston........will be harder for Carmelo to reach the finals in the West then what he thought it was in the East playing for the Knicks.

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    In reply to CubsTalk:

    Any player not in Miami, is the 'guy', when on a max contract 3 more years. Nobody is leaving nyc or any major market to play with Noah or Gibson, solid players as they are. Rose is the 'guy' on this roster.

  • fb_avatar

    Lol! Derrick's probably somewhere in the Caribbean islands running up a huge tab from his luxury suite. Basketball has become a form of exercise for him more than a career. He's not hurting for cash so why should he be eager to work?
    Iman Shumpert tore his ACL the same day as Derrick did and he was back on the court before the playoffs began because he knew his job was at stake if he choose to sit out the full season, while Derrick had the franchise rapped around his little finger. Yes the paychecks continued to poor in for both of them, but one of Derrick's paychecks was more than enough to live comfortably on for many years. Derrick will continue to receive these lofty paychecks till 2017 and there's not a thing the Bulls can do about it for at least two more years.
    Frankly I hope he doesn't play for Team USA. I'd rather see him play w/ the team that provides Derrick w/ those lofty paychecks, but the more doubt Derrick has about his recovery, the more doubt I have about Derrick. "Two more Mai-Tai's please!"

  • In reply to Michael Cunningham:

    Rose has another even bigger paycheck from Adidas, they might want him to show up for Team USA. But I agree with you, when you have $200-300 million coming to you guaranteed, it certainly makes it a lot easier to take your time getting healthy. Of course, Jordan or Kobe would never take that route.

  • Does anyone know if the Bulls received any salary relief from insurance on Rose's injuries these last two years?

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    In reply to Rock:


  • In reply to Steve Merritt:

    Thanks Steve

  • Great athlete, lousy communicator.

  • I've said that he is a Mama's boy from day one, and he continues to act like one.

    He is probably afraid to show up for team USA because he hasn't competed against NBA talent for so long that he is afraid he might be embarrassed and he'd be too embarrassed to not make the team.

    Maybe Adidas talks him into showing up.

  • Here's an idea for D-Rose, maybe this is too radical: STOP TALKING.

    To think that some folks here used to blame his PR woes on the Bulls FO.

  • Look at the point guard position on Team USA. The fact of the matter is that Rose should not make the team, given the competition. Yes, he could practice with the team, but an honest accounting would leave him off the final roster. Maybe he senses that and can't take the hit to his ego and that is why he might sit it out.

    We can only hope that is the reason, because if he is genuinely struggling to feel 100%, then he either has physical or psychological hurdles that will be difficult to overcome.

    As I said in a previous comment in the last few months, the basketball gods tend to even things out apparently. The Bulls had a 1.7% chance to get the number 1 pick, but in the end it may turn out to be fool's gold.

  • Two more years before it's a contract year and Rose will want to play again. Until then, keep cashing them cheques Derrick!

  • Late to reply on this but a couple points: I sure wish DRose had much smarter advisors than he does that could keep him from putting his foot in his mouth whenever he talks.Yesterday he isn't recruiting anybody. Today he's there with Taj and Noah to meet with Melo. Yesterday he may not be ready to play for Team USA. Tomorrow he'll probably be there ready to show what he can do.I think his inttentions are good but there is always someone from the national media looking for a story he can blow out of proportion. He'd be better off talinging to the local media, which he seems to avoid, I do suspect he's leery about the amount of rust and the prospect of not making the team if too many good PG's show up to try out, so part of his comments may be more to protect his rep - while actually hurting it more by his comments.

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