Bulls Beat #326 - Douggie McBuckets

Bulls Beat #326 - Douggie McBuckets

I discuss the Bulls trading up in the draft for Doug McDermott as well as the landscape of the NBA offseason.

Bulls Beat #326 - Douggie McBuckets

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  • I think McDermott can be a legit scorer in the NBA. He has a quick release and a nice feel for the game. I believe his college perimeter game will translate easily to the NBA do to the way he shoots while his post game is going to drop off quite a bit early on but I think after a couple years of conditioning he can be a solid all around player.

  • I really think this kid gonna be successful in the NBA. He's a good solid choice for the Bulls. Now, if they can just get rid of Randolph and bring back Deng--I would invite friends over and have a toast towards a 3-peat.

  • I think there is an outside chance that Randolph can be a contributor. About five years ago he was an absolute stud in Summer League. I think he scored more than 40 points in a couple of games. His inability to make an impact in the regular season for the Warriors (I believe) just shows you how misleading SL success is.

    I saw him a lot when he was with the TWolves. My take is that he is a classic underachiever. Very athletic but unfocused. Head is not in the game. Sort of like Tyrus without the attitude. Another comparison in a way is Gerald Green. The light finally went on in Green's head and he was very good last year. I think when he realized that this was his last chance, Green started to listen to his coach. Hopefully, Thibs can get through to him.

    I saw TWolves games where Randolph was very good. If he can get his self-confidence back, and buy into Thibs program he could contribute. I think the odds are against this quite honestly.

  • In reply to hgarbell:

    Unfortunately at this point, he seems to be more Tyrus Thomas(without the bad attitude) than anything else. Always loved this guys althleticism, but he's never been able to figure out how to play the game, doubt that he does now. Doubt that we ever get anything from him on the court.

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    I'd like to see McDermott show some hustle, rebound, and have high assist numbers as a pro. Teams w/ be sticking him like Elmers Glue and his ability to draw defenses towards him and find the open man will be key. I'd also like to see if he has the "Clutch Gene" in his game. His play reminds me a lot like Paul Pierce's.
    2nd rd draft pick Cameron Bairstow could also turn out to be a diamond in the ruff player. He's 24 yrs old so time is limited for him to develop, but if he shows Thibs that he's able to play defense I expect to see him dominate the low post for the Bulls. This Dude is Ox Strong, and can score down low.
    Add Mirotic to the lineup & the Bulls now have too many players @ the forwards position so I hope they are able to deal Randolph, Smith, and Dunleavy's contracts before the start of the season. They could really use backups @ PG, SG and C. Free agents Bulls should look to add are...PG: Eric Bledsoe or DJ Augustin SG: Vince Carter, or Jodie Meeks C Andray Blatche

  • In reply to Michael Cunningham:

    I think either Baristow or Smith can be plugged in as Noah's backup.

    Much hinges on Anthony, Carmelo not Joel. If the Bulls strike out then Randolph will stick.

    I am unclear on this but I assume the Bulls need to make a decision on Boozer before the season starts?

  • In reply to Michael Cunningham:

    Smith is the/a backup center. He backed up Asik before they got Howard, lost his role after that, also got injured.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    I like Baristow to eventually take that spot. Near 6'10" 250 lbs with that Australian toughness! Sure hope we have something here with him.

  • In reply to ChiRy:

    If Mirotic comes over(which now looks almost certain) and we don't trade Taj, we will have at least 4 power forwards on the roster and that's if we amnestitize the bozohole. It sure seems like there is no way that the Bulls plan on having the hole on the roster to start the season.

    Pretty sure that Smith(even though he is a putative power forward) can man the post for 10-12 minutes per night, not sure that a rookie power forward can, at least until we see him play some.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    FWIW, Randolph can play all three front court positions like Taj. This enhances his value if he can ever get his head and/or his game together. My gut feeling though is that the Bulls will unload him on some team and will have to cough up a second rounder in 2018 to do it.

    Too bad. He has a nice set of skills.

  • I feel like even if Melo falls through, this Bulls team will be improved. Rose's health is the overriding factor - even more than Melo. There's also McDermott and Mirotic and potentially about $6-8 mil more cap space after signing Mirotic. Bulls could sign Thabo Sefolosha at SG, an excellent defender and capable (although inconsistent) shooter to allow McDermott and Mirotic to play together.

    I was not high on McDermott pre-draft, but I'm not sure why. I saw his age and supposedly poor athletic ability and defense and thought about his limited upside. He fits a need (shooting/scoring from everywhere) and fits into the Bulls culture perfectly. Combine numbers were decent and Bilas says his D is decent.

  • In reply to Granby:

    Lets face it, we were all afraid of McDermott before the draft because of white mans syndrome.

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