Bulls Beat #323 - Two Billion

Bulls Beat #323 - Two Billion

I discuss the sale of the Clippers, the NBA finals, and how the Bulls can land both Kevin Love and Carmelo Anthony this off-season

Bulls Beat #323 - Two Billion

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  • Did you see this on Bleacher Report?

    "One executive, after seeing Mirotic play, said the power forward originally from Montenegro would go “top two or three for sure” if he was in the 2014 draft and “maybe even one.”"

    The article was discussing who should start at PF, Gibson or Mirotic? (Assuming neither Love nor Carmelo land with the Bulls). It was quite interesting, you can read it here:

    My thought was, rotate the two with Butler. I think Taj could handle most SFs. With Noah and his backup, that is a tremendous front court.

    In that case, the Bulls would not need Payne, tho if they drafted him and he played well, I suppose Taj could then be available for a trade for Love or Melo. The Bulls should try to swing a trade-up with all of their picks to get a SG like Stauskas.

    Rose and Stauskas, with backups Dunleavy and Kirk or ??, with the front court above, contends for sure!

  • In reply to rustyw:

    Thanks for the link, here is one of the more interesting side notes from that article.

    "Over the Thibodeau era, the Bulls are 159-55 when they make five threes as a team. They are 46-52 when they fail to reach that number. That’s not even very many. They averaged only 6.0 over the last four years, which is 23rd in the league. The league average this year was 7.7."

    That's fairly stunning, I would like to see what the rest of the league looks like under those parameters.

  • Thats kind of the risk with paying a big price for Love, what if Mirotic is close to being in his class as an offensive player. That is the big reason why Melo is a better immediate fit on this Bulls team, since we need a wing scorer more than anything else. The big thing that Love has over Melo is age 25 v 30 giving us a much longer window with Love.

    I think we've seen in the past that Taj cannot really guard small forwards on a regular basis, and with Mirotic being an unknown/suspect defender, I doubt that you could get away with playing them both at the same time alongside Noah. Not unlike Detroit's problem with Smith, Monroe and Drummond. They are all effective as 2 man combo's but they suck as a 3 man group.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    Yeah, Melo is certainly the better immediate fit if we had to choose between him and Love.

    But I think you can easily make a front line of Noah/Mirotic/Taj or Love work. There's no reason Mirotic can't be like Kevin McHale- he's a Hall of Fame player, but he wasn't a full-time starter until his 6th season in the league. But he still played ~30 minutes a night off the bench.

    The three of them really only need to play together the last 4-5 minutes of a game, and if it's Taj, he can handle SF for that limited period of time.

    And if it's Love, he or Mirotic can guard the SF for a limited time- our defense would suffer, but our offense would more than make up for it IMHO.

  • Mirotic is already Bulls property, he cannot play for another NBA team. At the C and PF positions: Noah, Taj, Mirotic, Greg Smith (or another backup C). That's a very good frontline.

    What Bulls need are WINGS! SG and SF. And another PG given Rose's injury history. The needs remain the same as they were the day Rose tore his meniscus. Amazing how a single playoff win and the 19th draft pick didn't change that.

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