Kevin Love vs Carmelo Anthony

Kevin Love vs Carmelo Anthony

Kevin Love and Carmelo Anthony are the two names that keep popping up in conversations as the second star Chicago could add this summer.  It's most likely that they'll land neither, and quite frankly, I'll be happy if we could land either.  However, if there was a choice...

It depends.

So as a player, I'm taking Kevin Love every time, however cost factors into the equation as well. There are two general scenarios in which the Bulls could land Anthony. The first is a trade an extend with Carlos Boozer as the core salary matching piece prior to free agency starting.

The Bulls would likely give up multiple first rounders and possibly the rights to Nikola Mirotic in this deal along with Carlos Boozer. It doesn't seem overly likely to me that it would fly since NY would be on the hook for massive luxury tax just to get some mid range 1st round picks.

The second is the Bulls amnesty Boozer and move Taj Gibson for cap room [they likely can pick up a decent future first in the deal as well since Taj is on a very good contract] and sign Anthony outright. They then need to wait on Mirotic for another season, but there are rumors that he may not come this season anyway as he has no buyout starting next season.

This leaves the cost of Anthony to be one of the following:
Carlos Boozer + 3-4 firsts and possibly Nikola Mirotic
Taj Gibson + Carlos Boozer (amnesty).

While I love Taj Gibson, I think you probably have to go with the second of those two choices. If you flip the scenario around, would you trade three future mid round firsts or two + Mirotic in order to get Taj? No you would not. Especially since trading Taj to make room for Anthony likely yields you a 1st rounder back.

Kevin Love is a more interesting story, because the Bulls don't have the Gibson option with him, and if they want to get him this summer, then they'll likely have to pay more than they would for Anthony. The Knicks are probably aware Anthony is leaving either way, and they also probably aren't too broken up about it.

Melo's not an at age where they can really rebuild around him in a timely fashion to match his prime, his contract is expensive, and while he's a great player, he's only borderline worth 20 million dollars. You could easily make the case that he's not. They might be much better served by simply starting over given how far away they are and Melo's age.

The Timberwolves will be looking to try to convince Love to stay, so in order to pry him away now, the Bulls would probably have to offer near full value which means a package not centered around Boozer but Gibson or Noah + picks and/or Mirotic. Say the package for Love is Gibson + 2 1sts + Mirotic for Love.

It's now a bit dicier what makes sense isn't it? The Bulls are left with one of these two choices:

+ 4 million in cap space + room exception + vet minimum guys


+#16 +#19 + room exception + pick(s) acquired for Gibson + Mirotic waiting in the wings next season

The package surrounding Melo sure looks like one you're going to build a much better team with going forward.

Now if the Bulls could wait until the deadline to trade for Kevin Love and not amnesty Boozer so he's around to match salaries then if Minnesota is still looking to trade Kevin Love it becomes a different story.

Now, they'll be far more likely to accept Boozer as the salary filler as they won't have to pay him for any length of time, they know they're losing Love in a couple months for nothing and few teams will have the right components to make a trade work.

At that point, the Bulls might get Love for Boozer + 2 future 1sts or Boozer + Mirotic's rights and a pick if Mirotic doesn't come over yet. However, waiting that long to find out means the Bulls would not make any major moves this summer in order to improve the team, a scenario which paints them in a corner because they're only hope is to then trade Boozer for a star at the deadline.

Chicago's unlikely to hold off on Boozer merely to have a prayer at the deadline which brings us back to the earlier scenarios. While I'd much rather have Kevin Love on the team that Carmelo Anthony, I'm going to go with Anthony if we can land him simply by moving Gibson for cap space and even getting a pick back in the deal.

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  • I can make a case for 7 teams who might try to acquire Kevin Love. They include the Bulls, Lakers, Knicks, Heat, Warriors, Rockets and Cavaliers. I keep hearing Boston’s name, but why in the world would he sign long-term there?

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    In reply to RichG:

    Its so simple Noah for Love straight up , Than the Bulls look like this

    2 first rounders
    Free Agents

  • In reply to Michael Slowik:

    Even the FO of the Bulls should do that trade! But, of course, Minny won't.

    Plus, the Buls could still get Carmelo!

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    In reply to RichG:

    This isn't a reply but merely a comment. Melo is like a taller version of Carlos Boozer with a 3-shot in his repertoire. He is already in rapid decline and a bad choice between the two. Melo soaks up ball handling time, doesn't move the rock around, but is tall enough to get his shot over other players plus he is a force to be reckoned with under basket.....but neither player is worth giving up Taj, Butler, Mirotic, and a 1st round draft pick.

  • Whos giving up all those assets without a commitment from KLove..Bulls surely wont...they don't make bold moves under normal circumstances let alone trying to acquire a player who will only be under their control for a short period.
    I would think Minnesota price goes down dramatically if he is not traded before the season starts.

  • In reply to bullzfan:

    I think after the way the Lakers got burned by Dwight Howard, no team would trade for KLove without a commitment, nor should they. I wouldn't want to see the Bulls do it.

    The whiners used to say, "why can't we be the Lakers?" but that organization is coming off a string of failures. It just ain't easy to run a team.

  • In reply to Roman F:

    Unfortunately, from Love's perspective he gets more money if he lets his current deal play out than if he signs and extension to the current deal. So really the best that any team acquiring him can hope for is that he opts into the final year of his current contract(like Chris Paul did) and then becomes a free agent in the summer of 2016.

    My sense is that his agent won't allow him to extend even if traded to a team that he likes. I will have to be hope and prayer or wink and a prayer type of trade deal. You get Love for 2 seasons and hope for the best after that.

  • If it comes down to a choice, I'd take Love because he's younger and I think it more likely that he would integrate himself into an offense and would not likely have a problem deferring to Rose if necessary. Melo is older and only knows how to play in offenses that revolve around him.

    But it likely won't come down to a choice between the two. The choice will be to either get Melo or don't, and take your chances that you can get Love or another player. Given the difficulty the Bulls have had in getting a second star, if you can get Melo, you do it, warts and all.

  • In reply to Roman F:

    To me, if you have to trade Gibson, you better get Love! I do not want Melo as a PF - especially with no backup at PF or C.

  • In reply to Huskerpowerforward:

    Virtually all of NYs best lineups the past couple of years were with Melo at PF. As he gets older he's only going to skew more towards that position. If the Bulls get Melo it absolutely must be to play him at PF, playing him at SF and he's pretty terrible value for money.

  • It's a toss up between Melo and Love, IMO. Melo is harder to guard and better defensively. (Melo is not known for D, but you watch him guard LeBron and realize that he has what it takes...)

    However, Love is younger and probably would defer to Rose easier. He'd be able to play off the ball better.

    If not for the age difference, I'd go with Melo because of his ability to create offense by himself and his better ability to play D.

  • In reply to Granby:

    I agree. Melo is a better scorer than Love, his D is somewhat better, and he does rebound (about 9 pg ve 12.5 pg for Love). However, Melo is hurt less often! For the next 2, probably 3 years, he should be a better player than Love.

    I think deferring to Rose is not significant. Rose will have no problem deferring to Melo, he will be thrilled to have a deadly scorer on the team, and he will adapt quickly.

    When you add in Mirtoc and the picks, this is a no brainer. If one of the picks turns out really decent, the Bulls contend this coming year. The following year, when Mirotic arrives, they should be deadly.

    Of course, if the Bulls are going to trade Taj, they might as well see how high they can move in the draft by adding Dunleavy, their picks this year and next, and the Kings pick. That is Taj, Dunleavy, plus 2 or 3 1st round picks, and maybe include the Cleveland pick swap. They keep the Charlotte pick this year.

  • In reply to rustyw:

    For what it is worth Love had the leagues 3rd highest PER this past season behind only Durant and Lebron. Melo was 9th 2.5 point behind Love.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    OK, that is a point.

    On the other hand, Melo is deadly, including in the playoffs, while the rest of the Bulls have taken turns doing the disappearing act.

    Plus, Melo misses a lot fewer games.

    I would say those factors, plus the cheaper price, swings the choice heavily in favor of Melo. I guess we will see.

  • In reply to rustyw:

    Kevin Love is the better scorer of the two - last season he took fewer shots than Melo and still scored more per minute.

    The only reason I can see to prefer Melo is if he'll come as a free agent so the Bulls don't need to give anything up to get him - Kevin Love is without doubt the superior player, both now and into the future given he's 4 years younger.

  • And for all the reasons laid out, the Bulls must go all-in on Melo this summer - which includes shipping Taj for a future pick if it becomes clear that Melo will come to Chicago.

    Gibson has a lot of value given his improved offense and 3 more years of $7.5-$8 mil per. Gibson was the best Bull on the floor in the Washington series... easy. You almost hate to give him up, but for Melo you gotta. And, you'd have to get something good back - a chance at a high pick, or multiple future mid 1st rounders.

  • In reply to Granby:

    Some claim Mirotic would be a top 5 pick if he were in the draft this year. If so, would you trade Taj and Mirotic and a couple of picks for Cleveland's #1?

    For that matter, would you trade Taj and Rose for the #1 pick?

  • In reply to rustyw:

    Taj and Mirotic and a couple of picks for Cleveland's #1? Probably not.

    Taj and Rose for the #1 pick? Yes.

    That's right, Mirotic is probably a bigger asset than Rose right now. He's younger and will be significantly cheaper and lower injury risk, plus big men are harder to find. Rose meanwhile is in danger of becoming an albatross, he needs to prove something.

  • In reply to rustyw:

    You sure are generous throwing those #1's around, especially since this years draft does not have a clear cut #1 pick, like Lebron or the Unibrow, heck it might not even have a Rose.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    I only asked if you, meaning any of the fans here, would do it?

    Remember, if you trade Mirotic, Taj, and a 1st this year and next, you could have Wiggins and still sign Carmelo.

    So, Carmelo, Noah, and Wiggins up front, and Rose and whatever SG you could get form Cleveland in the deal (To help the salaries work). That could be 3.5 All-stars right there. Plus the team would still have Butler, Dunleavy, and Snell. So, do you make that trade? Do you believe Wiggins will soon be an All-star? I think so.

    However, Carmelo, Noah, Butler, Rose, and a SG with Taj, etc, plus picks and in a year Mirotic -- that sounds pretty good, too.

    As for Wiggins, he may not be the clear #1, but he sure looks like a future All-star, maybe in the mold of Pippen.

  • Unfortunately, you are 100% correct. You'd rather have Love long term, but Melo is simply a better fit right now and you don't have to blow up the rest of the team to get him. However, with Melo you have a short window to win, 2-3 years, whereas with Love and Rose as your core you have 6-8 years to build around them.

    Also, in the Melo scenario you are basically slotting him at power forward for at least the entire first season(until Mirotic arrives) unless you got lucky, drafted Payne and he can play right away sort of like Taj did as a rookie.

    Like you I like Love better as a player, but the fit/cost seems prohibitive. If you can get Melo as a free agent, and all you have to do is trade Taj for a #1 pick, then it is pretty much a no brainer. Really hate to see Taj go though.

  • Im a add the best idea for u guys. The "OWNER" should put up the extra cash like the Nets did. If he is willing the bulls wouldnt have to trade or give up picks to add Melo and Love plus start a Bench Mob 3.0 With Dj,Lance,Mirotic and A Draft pick big man. If he would and trust me he could the bulls starters would look like this:ROSE(PG) MELO(SG/SF) BUTLER(SF) GIBSON(PF/C) AND NOAH(C). Once again this could only happen if the owner is willing to hand over a blank check and i bet u the Bulls would win at lease 3 more championships to add to the 6 they have already.

  • In reply to bullsfan304:

    No offense, but it doesn't work that way. There is a salary cap, you can't just "hand over a blank check".

  • I know i said Love in the beginning but after thinking about it i perfer the Rose,Melo,Butler,Gibson and Noah line-up and having the Bench Mob 3.0. Unless Love is willing to come off the bench (Not likely) we wouldnt need him.

  • The Bulls aren't really in a position to be picky. It would be one thing if Rose were healthy and we didn't get swept in the 1st round of the playoffs every year, but as things are we need to take whatever we can get. So who ever comes 1st Anthony or Love that's who you shoot for and at the same time pitch for both.

  • In reply to ajaychitown:

    Makes sense from a player view -- both are huge upgrades.

    However, if Carmelo is way cheaper, both in players/picks and in salary, then with him there is a lot more room for other moves to improve the team.

  • In reply to rustyw:

    I understand that much, I just don't want to see us take a gamble and lose out on both which could very well happen, and then what are we left with? I'm just not very confident in Rose abilities anymore due to his injuries and missing out on nearly 2 seasons. Honestly I would be happy if we got either one of Carmello or Love, and somehow get rid of Boozer. I would give the Bulls a A+ for the off season.

  • In reply to rustyw:

    I understand that much, I just don't want to see us take a gamble and lose out on both which could very well happen, and then what are we left with? I'm just not very confident in Rose abilities anymore due to his injuries and missing out on nearly 2 seasons. Honestly I would be happy if we got either one of Carmello or Love, and somehow get rid of Boozer because he's only in the way. I would give the Bulls a A+ for the off season.

  • In reply to rustyw:

    I don't think that Melo is cheaper in salary, he is quite a bit more expensive(unless he signs at a big discount, which I won't believe until I see it) which makes him even worse since he will be on the wrong side of 30 for the entire contract, while Love will be on the right side of 30 for his entire contract.

    By the end of Melo's deal(especially if he insists on a 5th year) his contract will be a bigger albatross than boozer's is now.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    Come on, BigWay, Melo has been a dynamite scorer his whole career. Plus he appears to be in great shape! I agree, in the 4th year of his contract, he may be overpaid, maybe not.

    The big question IMO is, does Melo mean what he says, he wants some rings, and does not need the huge payout to get them?? If that is true, then he can sign as a FA with Chicago for $16 million per. Adding Rose plus Melo plus a good pick to this year's Bulls should make a contender.

    Of course, Chi loses Boozer and Taj. But what can the FO get for Taj and a couple of 1st round picks to move up? That might be the second big question. If they move up into the top 6, or even into the top 9, that pick should be better than Taj in a year. And Mirotic should then come over in the summer of 2015.

    Lot of possibilities.


    Apparently Joakim Noah is continuing to recruit Melo to Bulls as a free agent and the two have become a bit friendly. Noah has one requirement - Taj Gibson stays! This would mean a significant salary cut for Melo, but fortunately Phil Jackson has told Melo he won't be getting the max from Knicks. If Noah can pull this off he's the man.

  • In reply to Edward:

    That's great news, of course- but it doesn't necessarily mean a "significant salary cut" for Melo. If the Knicks will take back Boozer in a sign-and-trade, Melo can still get the max.

  • In reply to Don Ellis:

    I bet that the Bulls tell Melo that if he wants to be a Bull he can't make more than Rose does. In that case they could still amnestitize the Hole then use cap space plus all those unguaranteed contracts that they accumulated at the end of the season plus a few #1's to make a deal which would get Melo at around the $20 million or so that Rose makes.

  • I agree 100% that the Bulls won't pay Melo more than what Rose will make next season ($18,862,876 according to Sham). But I am not in favor of amnestying Boozer unless there is just no way in hell he can be traded, because if we have to go under the cap, Mirotic isn't coming over next season.

    If they know for sure he's not coming anyway, then go for it- but if we have to use cap space to get Melo, we lose the Full MLE and the BAE, and I really don't want to see that happen.

  • In reply to Don Ellis:

    True, and I too would love to see Mirotic come over this season, but there is the issue of Mirotic's buyout penalty for this season (but not next season). I originally thought this was a $2.5 million penalty, then I heard somewhere it is a € 2.5 million penalty (about $3.3 million). That buyout may be the determining factor in when Mirotic comes to Bulls.

    Also, if Melo is signed as a FA using cap space, Bulls don't have to give up multiple 1st round picks! Further, as Doug pointed out, do Knicks really want to pay the huge luxury tax associated with taking back salary for Melo in a S&T, for the middle 1st round picks Bulls can offer?

    Though I'd love for both Melo and Mirotic to come this season, Bulls would lose multiple picks. Maybe its better to get Melo as a FA, wait a year for Mirotic, and keep all the draft picks. I'm sure all possibilities will be explored....

    Cap Expert Larry Coon discusses Bulls-Melo options about halfway down this page:

    But hat's off to Noah for doing what is necessary in today's NBA - RECRUIT!!! And telling Melo they've got to keep Gibson to be a winner.

  • In reply to Don Ellis:

    You guys appear to have a handle on these finances far better than I do. But if the Bulls can somehow get Melo and keep Taj, then wait a year for Mirotic.

    I have felt that Melo will make more in Chicago at $16 million per than he will in NY at $20 million per. How? Bigger endorsements if he wins rings, especially when he will be the big dog on the team! Plus he will have a legacy. If he does not see that, then he has been lying or had a major change of mind. I guess we will find out.

  • In reply to rustyw:

    The best scenario from a total talent perspective is to amnesty boozer, use max cap space and/or expirings to get the best free agent possible this season and bring over Mirotic next season while retaining all or most of our other productive assets, Taj and #1 picks. That just takes more patience and may not allow you to get Melo unless he really wants to win with the Bulls and take the huge pay hit. I just don't believe Melo will play for $16 million or even less. I think that $20 million is as low as he will go, if he takes a discount at all, and if he does then he has to demand the full 5 year deal. Can the Bulls even give him 5 years since they already gave Rose the 5 year deal?

  • I'd go with Mellow, the Bulls needs somebody who can create their own shot. I'd keep Gibson because in the playoffs you have to play defense. Gibson full time has all-star talent. Love is a great offensive player and rebounder, but he will give up just as many points as her scores. He'll always put up great numbers, but his teams will still lose.

  • For those still thinking about trading away Taj Gibson:
    Bulls coaches have told Taj Gibson he's the starting PF next season.

    I'm really interested to know just how much cap space Bulls can clear by amnestying Boozer, renouncing Mirotic for this season, and other small moves. Will Melo take the pay cut to come to a fairly stacked Bulls team with Noah, Gibson, Rose, Mirotic (a year later), Butler, Dunleavy and all those Bulls draft picks?

    Bulls have picks 16 and 19 this year, possible swap with Cleveland in 2015, Sacramento pick during next 3 years, and all the flexibility those picks provide to make additional moves or just draft decent pieces.

  • In reply to Edward:

    You asked, " Will Melo take the pay cut to come to a fairly stacked Bulls team?" There has been a lot of disagreement about that!

    Melo has said he will take less to chase a ring(s). Now we will see if he meant it!

    The FO has told Boozer they would not amnesty him unless it was for a super star. Now they are planning on amnestying him, so they must figure they can sign Melo. Probably there has been some back door communication about all of this.

    One last question -- How far could the Bulls move up in the coming draft by trading picks and second tier players? And should they?

  • In reply to rustyw:

    Yes, that's the BIG Question, isn't it? We will find out soon enough~

    It is a best case scenario:
    Amnesty Boozer
    Defer Mirotic one more year, and other cap clearing moves
    Sign Melo as FA
    Keep draft picks and Taj.

    Yes, I think Bulls will be active in pursuing options with their draft picks. SG remains the big need as always. But also possibly another PG so as not to put all the eggs in Rose's basket again.

  • In reply to Edward:

    Exum checks both those boxes, but right now it looks like he'll go #4. I would love for them to trade, but getting that high of a pick looks unlikely. That would be my dream scenario though, especially if you have to deal Taj to clear room for Melo.

  • I still wonder about the idea of trading Mirotic, Taj, and the Bulls' 1st round picks this year and next to Cleveland for the #1 overall -- then use it on Wiggins. They would still have the #16 this year and the Kings' pick next year (or whenever).

  • In reply to rustyw:

    You can't trade #1 picks in consecutive years, the Ted Stepien rule, former Cleveland owner. You can do that deal after the draft we draft who Cleveland wants and Cleveland drafts Wiggins or Embiid whoever we want.

    However, I don't see how it makes sense to trade Taj and Mirotic and 2 #1's since we will then have no power forwards on the roster. Neither Wiggins or Embiid is expected to be an instant impact player. To me you only trade either Taj or Mirotic at least until you draft Payne and know that he can start at power forward, then you might be able to trade both.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    The PF would be Carmelo!

    Do you think Wiggins will likely become a repeat All-star? If so, this deal could load up the Bulls fairly good. However, if one felt that Mirotic would also become an All-star, then why do it? A question of talent evaluation, which the FO has not been good at the past 2 years. Maybe this will be the year.

    Partly the deal is, I do not trust the FO to do much with #16 and #19 in the draft. If the team could move Taj, Mirotic, and 2 1st round picks, and get the #1 pick, it should be hard to miss with either Wiggins or Parker. However, to trade 2 starters in Taj and Mirotic, plus 2 picks, the #1 pick better become elite.

  • Or, I wonder if the Bulls traded Mirotic and 2 or even 3 1st round picks, could they move up to #4 for Exum? Some have Mirotic rated as a top 5 pick this year if he were in the draft.

  • In reply to rustyw:

    Hi rustyw,
    I too realize Bulls need to add a major talent. But this is the Bulls FO we're talking about. They're not going to overpay for a top draft pick, and every scenario you mention appears to be overpaying. Also, teams with the top draft picks almost NEVER trade them, unless some team is willing to grossly overpay - that's not the Bulls.

    The top talents to add, without squandering assets, are Melo and Mirotic.

    Is Mirotic a top-5 talent? If so, no trade is needed, no assets need be squandered, just sign him, this year (if Boozer is kept) or next year (if Boozer is amnestied). Amnestying Boozer will be decided by if Melo chooses to signed with Bulls for the cap space created, in part, by a Boozer amnesty. If not, keep Boozer for the February trade deadline, and try to sign Mirotic this season with the MLE.

    Is Melo a top talent? Without trading Gibson, make every possible move to clear cap holds and cap space to sign him as a UFA. Including possibly trading picks 16 and/or 19 for a future draft pick(s) which would remove their cap holds. Then Bulls can still add Mirotic next season, again without squandering assets.

    Depending on the cap situation for Melo, if Bulls can do some kind of tradeup of 16 and 19 for a slightly higher pick, I could see that happening. But their not going to get a top pick.

  • In reply to Edward:

    Add Butler and Dunleavy as possible players to trade for a future draft pick to remove their cap holds and create more space for UFA Melo.

  • Melo Cap Space Numbers (using all Larry Coon data)

    With Boozer amnesty, Bulls have 7 players guaranteed for 2014-15:
    Rose, Noah, Gibson, Dunleavy, Butler, Snell, Greg Smith.
    - Renounce everyone else non-guaranteed including Hinrich, Augustine, Nazr, Mirotic, etc.
    - Add 2014-15 Rookie Scale Salary for Pick 16 and Pick 19 (brings roster to 9 players).
    - Add 3 Rookie Minimum Salaries (brings roster to required 12 players for salary cap calculation).
    - Still have to allocate $333,334 against the cap for Rip Hamilton.

    That gives Bulls Melo Cap Space of $14,474,399
    ($63,200,000 - $48,725,601 = $14,474,399)

    Now come the potential increases to that cap figure by moving guaranteed players or picks 16 and 19. Keep in mind a rookie minimum salary of $507,336 must always be held back as a cap hold.

    - Unloading Snell’s $1,472,400 salary adds $965,064.

    - Unloading Butler’s $2,008,708 salary adds $1,501,412.

    - Unloading Dunleavy’s $3,326,235 salary adds $2,818,899.

    - Deferring one or both of draft picks 16 and 19, by trading a pick for a future year pick, or drafting a Euro stash. Adds $758,664 for pick 19, or adds $961,564 for pick 16.

    If all 5 of these moves were made it would add $7,005,603 to the $14,474,339 Melo Cap Space figure to arrive at $21,480,002 for Melo. Of course, all 5 moves is extreme, so let’s try just two moves:
    - Snell and Pick 19 adds $1,723,728 to arrive at $16,198,127 for Melo.
    - Butler and Pick 19 adds $2,260,076 to arrive at $16,734,475 for Melo.
    - Dunleavy and Pick 19 adds $3,677,563 to arrive at $18,051,962 for Melo.

    So with 2 moves, Bulls can offer Melo $16 to $18 million plus annual raises while keeping Gibson plus Mirotic for 2015 season. Perhaps $19 million if 3 moves are made. This is starting to get interesting, imo.

    My only inexact numbers are the $63.2 million salary cap (this is the updated April estimate from NBA, actual number won’t be known until July), and Greg Smith’s salary (I assumed $1 million). All other player salaries, draft pick scale salaries, and rookie minimum salaries are accurate. Additionally, there may be some kind of cap hold related to probability of bonuses, such as Noah’s Defensive Player of Year bonus.

  • Don Ellis has a fascinating proposal for the Bulls to get BOTH Melo and Love. He projects the salaries wind up being:

    "Rose: $18,862,876
    Anthony: 18,862,876
    Love: 15,719,063
    Noah: 12,200,000
    Mirotic: 5,305,000
    Butler: 2,008,748
    Snell: 1,472,400
    Smith: 1,000,000
    Hinrich: 915,243
    Vet Min: 915,243
    Vet Min: 915,243
    #40 pick: 507,336 (rookie minimum)
    #47 pick: 507,336

    This would put their total team payroll at around $80 million, meaning they should be able to stay below the estimated LT apron of $81 million."

    Not a lot of D, but what would it matter if they score 110 per game! How fun would it be to see that team!

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