Bulls Beat #321 - Offseason options

Bulls Beat #321 - Offseason options

I discuss the NBA draft, the free agent possibilities, and the rest of the NBA playoffs.

Bulls Beat #321 - Off-season options

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  • I wasn't that disappointed with Butler. I thought he was playing out of position and had such a big responsibility on defense that it took away from his offense.
    You are right about not knowing who will pan out in the draft. Everyone thought Darko was going to succeed, I don't think anyone believed in Ginobli. Even with Tony Snell, I was watching highlight of him from college and I could see why some thought he could make an impact. The guy has skills, just hope they develop for the Bulls. As for Miritic, the last time I watched a scouting report on him I thought he looked like he would be a top 5 pick in this years draft if eligible. That doesn't guarantee success, but I'm confident he will.
    As for this draft, I like how Gary Harris would fit. Don't know if he will be there, but it looks like guys like Payne, LaVine, and Stauskas are rising which will cause other quality players to fall. Even Saric may be available if teams think he won't be over for a few years. It's going to be a fun few weeks leading up to the draft.

  • I guess that the Kevin Love news didn't hit the airwaves before you recorded your podcast today. Basically, Love has told the wolves that he will not re-up with them and they should trade him. While the Lakers might be his first choice, he supposedly has interest in the Bulls, Knicks and Warriors. Supposedly he is friends with Rose as they work out together in the offseason.

    If this if for real and he is serious about leaving Minny then this changes everything this summer. I assume that nearly every Bulls fan prefers Love over Melo, if for no other reason than that he is 5 years younger.

    Do the Bulls have enough to get him, is boozer(cap ballast) and either Mirotic and/or Taj and/or Butler plus X number of #1 picks enough to get it done or beat out what the Lakers might offer starting with their #1 pick this year. I'm rooting for that pick to be 6th or worse in any event, but it just seems destined to find a way to be top 3 somehow.

    Man, I hope that Love decides to go all Melo on Minny and demand to get out of there this summer, why should he waste another year in a place that he has no desire to be long term.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    I would take Love over Melo if the deals are comparable. However, Melo is available now, whereas Love might be a year out. Thus, Melo could (COULD, notice) be cheaper than Love, both for salary and for the trade cost.

    If the Bulls can keep Mirotic and still get Melo, that should be preferable. Analysts claim that Mirotic, if coming out this year, would be a top 5 pick! This is not a chip to trade away lightly.

    Which brings up a question -- if Mirotic would be a top 5 pick, why not trade him for the #5 pick? That depends if the Bulls' scouts really love a guy at #5 (or maybe even #6 or 7). Not saying that should happen, just that it should be under consideration.

    Suppose the Bulls sign FA Stephenson and bring over Mirotic? Boozer would then be amnestied. In effect, that takes this year's squad and adds Rose, Stephenson, and Mirotic, while deleting Boozer. Plus they keep Noah, Taj, and Butler. And maybe Augustine and/or Dunleavy. If the team gets a couple of decent backups in the draft, which is not a given, guess what? Bulls are contenders! And that without Love or Carmelo.

  • If I were Gar/Pax I would go all in for Love. The Bulls have the picks, Taj, Butler, Mirotic, and MDJ. This is their window of opportunity to make the Bulls a relevant contender for the next 3-5 years.

    Bulls fans who are looking for Mirotic to get us to the next level are going to be disappointed. I can see an argument that he would be a lottery pick this year, but top 5? Please, that is delusional. Think about it, if he were that good teams would be banging on Gar's door to get him. Heard any rumors along those lines? Btw, he didn't look anything special in the Euroleague championship game against a team of rejects, none of whom could play in the NBA IMO. Mirotic would be a nice complementary scorer but this team needs another star. Love is a monster. That's the differerence.

  • In reply to hgarbell:

    I understand the desire for Love. But to give up Taj, Buter, Mirotic and a bunch of picks for him might cost the Bulls a championship. And Love would have to sign an extension for the Bulls to make this move.

    Of course, if we thought Rose would regain elite status, that might be different. Even then, getting Carmelo and keeping Mirotic might be smarter.

    BTW, Mirotic was the MVP of the game a day ago getting his team to the Euroleague Finals. He did just about everything in the game -- except he was NOT the announcer. If the FO trades him and he turns out to be elite, the FO is gone! The FO whiffed on too many picks lately -- they need to land this one! Mirotic and Noah together should be better than Nowitzke, IMO.

  • I believe you saw the Barcelona game where he played well. Maccabi won the championship game where Mirotic did not distinguish himself. Could he be an elite NBA player? I suppose it's possible. But if Mirotic had to be part of a deal to get Love I would do this in a heartbeat.

    Part of the skill of a GM is to properly evaluate your assets as well as other players. Kevin Love is an all-star and an NBA double-double machine and he is apparently available. There is a good probability that he will exercise his early termination option in 2015. The TWolves are a mediocre team and Minnesota is a nightmare in the winter. How do I know this? I live here. Love has said he wants to play for a winner and he grew up in a milder climate. Flip Saunders is not dumb. He would trade Love just as the Bulls traded Deng. Losing assets for nothing in return is not smart.

    The current formula for NBA elite status is to get three stars and surround them with decent role players. Mirotic is a star in Europe but so is Rudy Fernandez. Kevin Love is a star in the NBA. If I were the Bulls GM I would rather ride with Rose, Noah, Love and ring-chasers than with Rose, Noah, Taj, Butler and Mirotic.

  • In reply to hgarbell:

    You wrote, " I would rather ride with Rose, Noah, Love and ring-chasers than with Rose, Noah, Taj, Butler and Mirotic."

    You may well be correct about that. I am not sure, it would depend on how good Rose is and how good Mirotic becomes. If Rose is barely a starter it will not matter.

    However, if the Bulls can land Carmelo AND keep Mirotic, then you have or shortly will have 3 starters in Taj, Butler, and Mirotic. IMO, Rose, Carmelo, Noah, Butler, and Mirotic trumps Rose, Love, and Noah. Remember, Carmelo rebounds about 9pg and he outscores Love. Plus he may sign a bit cheaper.

  • I think Butler ha a reason to voice his displeasure to Thibbs. The moment Washington won game 2 I thought one of the adjustments Thibbs had to make was putting Jimmy in the post. Butler had been chasing Beal all over the place why not go back at him with a more stronger, physical Butler in the post. You have to go at an offensive player on the other side of the floor.

  • In reply to argie2333:

    I think Butler is out of position at shooting guard--and his progress had been great until put into replacing Deng before he was ready, but the Bulls could trade up in the draft maybe with Utah or Phoenix. They could possibly trade Dunleavy to Phoenix for the 14th pick. They could then trade Butler and a draft to Utah's for their pick and with either pick they might luck up and get one of the top 3 picks--If management could do those things it would also make Anthony more affordable.

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