Bulls Beat #320 - Rose trading insanity

Bulls Beat #320 - Rose trading insanity

I discuss my insane Rose trade, Pau Gasol rumors, and Thibodeau's issues with rotations.

Bulls Beat #320 - Rose trading insanity

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  • An interesting discussion. Every team wants to know, How can we get better afford-ably, without breaking our bank (think cap space)?

    San Antonio is, I think, the model for this, because otherwise they could not have gone to the Finals so many times. Of course, the Bulls in the 90s were also, thanks mainly to Krause, as he repeatedly got them the pieces they needed - tho having Jordan certainly helped big time. But teams could spend more in that era.

    I would not put the Lakers or Heat in the same category - they were each special cases.

    It's a lot trickier now. The keys seem to be drafting well consistently and key FA acquisitions. The Bulls have probably been a bit above average on drafting, but not on FA signings (Boozer, Wallace, Hamilton, for examples, and even Deng and Hinrich).

    Rose is coming back and Mirotic is coming over, maybe not until 2015 however. Even if they are "only" two very good starters, it would seem this has to upgrade the team.

    Therefore, the biggest risk to the future, I feel, is another FA signing like Boozer or Wallace. The FO HAS to AVOID this above all!

    Plus the picks this year HAVE TO COUNT! These are the immediate keys to the future, because they leave a lot of options for further upgrades, whether Melo, Love, or others, and whether this summer or next.

  • In reply to rustyw:

    Unfortunately, the way the NBA is, if you have one of the best few players, it's just a huge advantage over everyone else and it's hard for any other team to beat you. And those great players very rarely change teams. I don't mean to diminish San Antonio, a model organization with perhaps the best coach ever, but Tim Duncan is one of the 5-10 best to ever play the game and with him solidifying your front court, it's just so much easier to build a team. In the '90s, the Bulls were considered the model organization with perhaps the best coach ever but again, when you have the GOAT, it's just so much easier to build a team.

    Bulls don't have one of the few best players in the game and even at his peak, I wouldn't put Rose in that category. So yeah, it's really tricky. You either have to bring one of those players over via trade the way the Celtics did, or catch lightning-in-a-bottle with five outstanding starters the way the Pistons did. Note those teams only won once, whereas the teams with Duncan and Lebron and Shaq and Jordan won multiple times, hence there have been only 6 champion teams in the past 25 years.

  • In reply to Roman F:

    Yep, you are correct, it is so much easier when you have a dynamite player. That is why I do not want the Bulls to trade Mirotic. He probably will not become a Nowitzke, but he is more likely to than anyone the team will draft.

    Obviously, Carmelo makes the Bulls much, much better. If he is serious about wining a title, or several actually, he should come to Chicago on a discount. He will make up the loot in endorsements if he wins rings, plus he will build a legacy.

    Adding Rose, Melo, and Mirotic to a 48-win team builds a contender. They would lose Boozer and probably Taj and Dunleavy, tho some feel they might not. However, it is critical to not give up too much. Carmelo needs to understand that and be sold on it.

    If Melo does not come this year, is there some FA the team might land that could blossom like Hardin, giving another star? Or maybe get Love next summer (2015).

    One problem I had not foreseen until it was mentioned, I think by Ellis, is that NY can have tons of cap space in 2015. They might just pick up LeBron and Love! If so, NY takes Miami's place as the team to beat.

  • In reply to rustyw:

    NY and the Lakers are both positioned to have massive cap space in both 2015 and 2016. They will be prime time players for both Love and Durant, and the Bulls likely will not be, which might be a reason to go for broke this summer with Melo.

  • In reply to Roman F:

    By the time the Celtics put that team together none of those players were in the best in the game category, and Garnett in his prime was likely the only guy that ever was. Rose in his MVP year was better than those guys were at that time. Fairly certain that Rose never gets there again, if he ever really was.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    Garnett fit that description in his prime IMO, and he was only a couple of years removed from that. I don't know if Rose in his MVP year was better than Garnett then. I definitely think MVP Garnett was more valuable than MVP Rose, for being 7-feet tall if nothing else. Though I left him out of the initial conversation, same for Nowitzki -- you could argue Rose was as good but Nowitzki was more unstoppable.

  • I highly doubt that Rose comes out and reverts to MVP form in 2014, there is no precedent for that. If Derrick is to reach the heights as a player he once had, 2014 will have to see him rounding back into shape and finding his game again; he'll have to treat it like a 2nd rookie season and just focus on getting through it healthy. 2015 will be the answer to the will he ever... question.

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