Bulls Beat #319 - Off-season

Bulls Beat #319 - Off-season

I discuss the end of the Bulls playoff run, an overview of various off-season scenarios, and the Lakers interest in Tom Thibodeau.

Bulls beat #319 - Off-season

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  • No comments, what's up with that, the weather must be getting better in Chicago.

  • I don't see having to play Carmelo at PF as a downside. He's a better player at PF than SF - one of the reasons Mike Woodson is no longer employed by the Knicks is he decided "the East is big man" and stopped playing him at PF which was a huge factor in the Knicks slump this year.

    Really to me this is where Thibs comes in - if he's the defensive genius he's cracked up to be then he should be able to make small ball lineups work defensively.

    As for Lance, you just know he's going to get way overpaid and the team is going to regret it. Don't let it be the Bulls who do it. He can't shoot threes so he's not even a good fit: Rose/Stephenson/Butler/Gibson/Noah, yuck. Teams could send 5 guys into the paint and watch the Bulls pass it around and not want to shoot for 20 seconds before Rose shoots a prayer over 5 guys at the hoop. No, just no.

  • In reply to Shakes:

    The 3-point shot becomes more and more important with each passing season. Who said the ABA folded? So the PG, SG, SF all should be capable 3-point shooters. It's the reality of today's NBA.

    It seems fairly obvious Carmelo is Bulls' Option A. What are Bulls' Options B,C,D, etc? Who are the offensive capable players Bulls could add through trade or free agency at SG or SF?
    Doug mentioned SG Aaron Afflalo (trade).
    SF Nick Young (free agent) will likely opt out of his Lakers contract.
    Other Suggestions???

  • In reply to Edward:

    Guys who might work with Melo:

    Vince Carter is a guy you could bring off the bench, and might come cheap to chase a ring if you had Rose + Melo.

    I wonder if the Clippers have buyers remorse on Jared Dudley, hasn't really played as well for them as he did the Suns. Maybe a good fit if you have Rose and Melo on the team and you want a low usage guy who can shoot the ball.

    Not a wing player, but Channing Frye has a player option, and could be a good stretch the floor option.

    Plans B, C, D type players:

    Guys who might be available because they're injury prone, eg Eric Gordon and Galinari. Bit of a risk reward move there. But if you're primarily getting them with cap space and not giving up much, might be worthwhile.

    You could also use cap space to see how much Utah really like Gordon Haywood. He's been very up and down so would be a risk, but that's the reason a team in Utah's position might decide to let him go rather than match.

    The other question is how far can the Bulls get up in the draft ... might be a better proposition than trying to find anyone through free agency. If you don't think you can get Melo then is a better plan to draft as well as you can, bring over Mirotic, spend whatever space on short term role players and see if Rose can get through a year so you have a better idea where you stand? A bunch of rookies and short term contracts helps if Love does become available too.

  • The more I watch games the more I am certain that the league is for stars to win. If not, go try next year as your chances of wining a title is close to zero. If we cannot land Carmelo, I would say, try luring Love or other star that may be frustrated with current team. Middle of the pack or rookies won't bring title next season, but just give us a change to make the playoffs and get our butts kicked on the first round. If we cannot land a star, I am for gambling on Nikola Mirotic as he could turn out to be a second legit scorer if we are lucky. Sorry, this is the cold truth.

  • In reply to BullsDynasty:

    The NBA is the most star-driven of the major sports leagues and stars are extremely hard to get, which is why I never understand the whiners.

    Durant seems pretty clearly frustrated, LeBron advises him to "try free agency". I'd take the patient road and aim for the guy who might be the best player in the game by the time he reaches free agency.

  • In reply to Roman F:

    are you talking about Durant or Anthony Davis. Clearly if we land Melo we won't have a shot at either of those guys in free agency.

  • Don Ellis in his blog suggests that Phil Jackson may wish to move Melo for something rather than just let him leave for nothing this summer. He suggests that Phil will take on expiring contracts, maybe even Boozer's, so he will have $50 cap space in 2015 when LeBron, Love, and a bunch more at all FAs.

    Don then suggests a trade of Boozer and Taj for Melo and Chandler. Others suggest dropping Taj and Chandler from the trade. There are 3 obvious keys to this or a similar trade:
    1) How small a contract will Melo take? $16 million per?
    2) What will the Knicks require to make the trade? After all, they can just let Melo walk.
    3) How much can the Bulls offer and still bring over Mirotic this year?

    Should be interesting.

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