Tom Thibodeau, the rain man of basketball

Tom Thibodeau, the rain man of basketball

When it comes to crafting a defense, getting his players motivated, instilling values, or generating effort then he's at the Casino. When it comes to managing rotations. He's uncontrollable because he can't watch Wapner.

This is it. Potentially the last day of Carlos Boozer's career as a Bull. It's time to send him to the bench. There's really no other adjustment the Bulls need to make.

You could argue it's worth starting D.J. Augustin instead of Hinrich, and I could possibly buy in, but I think that one can still go either way. Augustin looks like he'll get swallowed by John Wall's ball pressure, and I'd rather have him destroying Andre Miller than Hinrich who will putz around with the ball against him.

What can't be argued is whether Carlos Boozer still deserves to start in the NBA. It happened with Rip Hamilton. It happened with Keith Bogans. It's been happening with Carlos Boozer.

Bogans was probably the most frustrating but least damaging. He only played 15 minutes, but there was no reputational reason to start him, no salary demands to start him, no long term political reason, or keep the player motivated reason. No other team in the NBA would have started him, he didn't need it for pride, wouldn't have had it elsewhere, it was just dumb.

Hamilton was understandable. He theoretically added offense and passing. The Bulls needed both. They needed to get him enough time to see if it worked, and kept trying to reclaim him as a signing. It was still dumb when it was clear it wasn't going to work, but it was understandable for Hamilton's pride and the Bulls needs.

With Boozer, it's not hard to see how we got here, but it's hard to see why we can't leave here. The Bulls needed Boozer to start for awhile. His defense always hurt the team, but the Bulls needed someone to create some volume offense. Carlos did that. For the first three years of his career, he helped the team.

He's not necessarily a winning player, he was an expensive role player. Offensive big men are expensive even if they don't do anything on the defensive end. However, he could help wear down opponents, draw some fouls, let Derrick Rose gather a breather here and there while he could get some points without making the team work so hard for them.

Up until this year, he at least gave you offensive efficiency. This year? He gives you nothing. Nothing at all.

Now Carlos Boozer still probably needs to play 16 minutes a game for the Bulls to be successful in the playoffs. Nazr is even worse, and the Bulls have no one else, but when he plays them matters. The solution is so obvious it could be drawn out on a napkin.

1: Start Noah
2: Start Gibson
3: Boozer for Noah eight minutes in
4: Noah for Gibson at end of quarter
5: Gibson for Boozer four minutes in

This is effectively Noah's rotation already. The nice thing about this rotation for Gibson is that it gives him 40 minutes on the floor which gives Chicago the best chance to win. However, it also leaves him fresher for his minutes on the floor because he's not playing in two 16 minute chunks anymore.

Instead, he gets a breather starting with two 12 minute chunks then two eight minute chunks. With the end of quarter time in between the two, both Noah and Gibson probably get close to 10 minutes of wall clock time rest between their rotations which should be plenty to allow them to play at peak energy levels down the stretch.

The advantage of this for Boozer is that he's more likely to be matched up against Booker in these minutes, and Boozer might be able to overpower the undersized PF to generate some efficient offense for the Bulls. He certainly isn't getting anything exciting done against the starters.

This could be a route for Boozer to have a positive impact on the game as well as Taj/Noah.

Either way, Tom Thibodeau bitched about the team not being ready. He said "you have to look at yourself first". Well look at yourself first Tom. It's not so complicated. No one else wonders why the team is getting off to a slow start.

The whole world sees the fix, so take some responsibility for the problem and fix it.

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  • Another possible rotation change that I will like to see is playing Brewer(only if he has anything left of course). Ronnie brewer was a great defender and a disrupting one. Hopefully this way it can generate some easy fast break point for us that we are lacking in this series. He is likely going to be better at defending beal than butler(this can also move butler to ariza which is bigger than beal and should be an easier assignment for butler).

    I also believe ronnie brewer offense is underrated as he is one of the best I've seen at working the baseline and cutting to the basket. This is also something we are missing as dunleavy and butler are both terrible at doing that.

  • It is so obvious that Boozer should not start that I am almost sure there is a hidden agenda preventing this from happening. I would be shocked to see any changes on the starting lineup. Enjoy the Bulls last game of the season. And more importantly, say farewell to Mr. Boozer, for good.

  • I get a laugh out of the 20/20 hindsight posts that "we should never have signed Boozer." There might be one or two people who were against it from the beginning, but when the Bulls signed him, he was a multi-time all-star big man scorer who had posted some monster playoff games. It certainly was not viewed as a bad signing around the league, it was instead considered a solid move, albeit an expected one. Thibodeau was reported to in fact have preferred Boozer to Bosh. More importantly, Boozer did help the Bulls for while. If the Bulls had been able to sign Joe Johnson (instead the Hawks matched their offer in a lose-lose-lose deal), they might very well have won a championship with Boozer in the lineup. Had Rose not gotten injured, they also might have won a championship with Boozer in the lineup (not likely, but certainly possible, we'll never know).

    Now, he's terrible, but that's pretty much what you get with FA signings so I'd ask the haters to please consider this next time they ask the Bulls to stop being cheap and spend more. FA signings rarely work out and ever more rarely do they work out for every year of the contract. Look what happened to the Knicks with Amare -- great first year, then fell off a cliff, essentially as everyone expected. Look what happened with Joe Johnson. And on and on.

    We can take consolation in the fact that little harm has been done with the Boozer signing because the last three years were never going to amount to much anyways. They just better amnesty him this offseason before any real damage is done.

  • In reply to Roman F:

    The Boozer signing has worked out nearly exactly like I thought it would. I was so-so on the signing. I wasn't excited. I thought it was too much, but knew we couldn't get him for less.

    I thought he'd fall off a cliff after three years.

    I did think he'd help a bit more than he did over the first three, but with Rose's injury it sort of became irrelevant anyway.

  • In reply to Roman F:

    You and Doug are both accurate and reasonable in your assessments. I wasn't a boozer fan before we signed him, but I had no idea how pathetic he really was, especially in the lack of effort and I simply don't give a shit departement. Once I saw him play daily I began to despise the very sight of him.

    The only quibble that I would have with your analysis, is that boozer didn't opt out of his contract the prior year and go to free agency a year early because he found out that nobody really wanted him. He thought that Miami make take him, but they obviously had plans for next year. Even Detroit supposedly passed on him, and settled for baby boozer(Ben Gordon) and Charlie V.

    so in that sense the handwriting was on the wall that signing him was problematic and we definately overpaid, since I believe the contract that he opted into only paid him $12 million per. Not that I'd be any bigger of a fan at that price.

    Who knows what we could have done otherwise with the money that we spent on him, but at least we wouldn't have had to put up with watching his lazy sorry ass bad attitude.

  • In reply to Roman F:

    I wanted David Lee. Most said he wasn't that good or wasn't worth the money. I think it would have worked out much better than what has happened with Boozer.

  • Unless the FO can work out a sign & trade, this will not be Boozer's last year. No way Jerry is going to pay a guy that kind of money to simply not play. That being said, GarPax needs to put real pressure on Thibs to pull Boozer from the starting lineup next season.

    Part of me hopes Washington is able to put this team out of its misery tonight. This series has been a major let-down, especially after how hard the team worked getting itself into the postseason with a four seed. Time to call it a season, and start planning for next year's team.

  • In reply to BullsMan:

    He's already paying him to not play.

  • In reply to Roman F:

    Thanks for not forcing me to say that again.

  • In reply to BullsMan:

    I would be shocked if Boozer is on this roster on the first game of next season. I think they'll look to trade him first, but he'll be amnestied if not.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    Totally agree, unless Mirotic doesn't come this summer, but even then it would be better to use the $12 million in cap space on some moderately usefull players. Clearly the playoffs have proven that we a few more of those at a minimum.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    The amnesty makes more sense than keeping Boozer. As I have pointed out, the Bulls would not lose the entire $16.8 million of his salary, for two reasons:
    1) Whatever team signs him will pick up a portion of that, maybe $5 million; and
    2) If the Bulls use the cap space to sign a better player -- that should not be too difficult, right? -- then they should go deeper into the playoffs, generating more team revenue. If they just make it to the ECF, that should pay off the balance of Boozer's amnestied salary.

    Another factor is the image of JR and the other owners. Make this move and they will be perceived as realists and interested in the fans! The owners owe the fans more that the reverse, so appreciate the fans. After all, they need us to have a financially successful team.

  • Chicago ain't gone make it if they keep losing to the wizards

  • sorry chicago fans if the wizards win on more game and it's over for the bulls yall should come to miami

  • In reply to Chicago losers:

    The beaches would be nice, and it'd be easy to get seats in a town where no one will care about basketball in two years.

  • In reply to Chicago losers:

    I really don't speak Spanish well enough to live there.

  • reinsdorf needs to dump boozer or he's going to get an angry fanbase. Bulls need another veteran big man, maybe Kaman or Gasol to come in and give us that volume offense while not killing us on defense. They need to get Mirotic over and the wing and backup point guard positions are a mess, little scoring and athleticism rite now. It just sucks how we have the same damn problems every year and everyone can name name: 1. backup center sucks 2. lack of athleticism, shot creation and scoring on the wings and 3. Not having a true second option and being overloaded with one way players. I know there's salary cap limitations but one truly has to wonder what alternative reality Gar Forman lives in since these problems have been with the Bulls for several years now.

  • In reply to Defense-Rebound13:

    Jordan Hill might be a nice back up bigman, with a longer future and cheaper price than Gasol and/or Kaman. Of course if Kareem Abdul Kaman lit it up every night like he does against us then he would be a no brainer.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    Bulls have already signed backup center Greg Smith to a fully guaranteed contract for next season.

  • In reply to Defense-Rebound13:

    Excellent post, sorry to say. You nailed it!

    Thus, if the FO keeps doing what they have been doing, they will continue to get the same results! Trading Deng, which now looks like a smart move (at least to most of us), suggests that now the FO may just get it. The next few months will tell.

  • Overall, the Carlos Boozer signing has been pretty freaking brutal.

    If we never sign him, then we don't find ourselves having to constantly sacrifice
    talent just to either avoid the tax, or avoid the effects of it.

    Then maybe we never have to do things like dump Kyle Korver just to be able to open up the nontaxpayer MLE to sign Hinrich, waive guys like Brewer and Watson (thus retaining their expiring contracts for trade purposes), and letting Asik walk for nothing.

    And that's without even mentioning players who we could have possibly ended up acquiring, but never did due to the presence of his contract (it's easy to get upset about losing players that were already on the roster, but what about the players that could have been on the roster, but never were? For example, would the team have been more comfortable offering Jamal Crawford more money/years (instead of getting Rip Hamilton) if the team's payroll situation was different?).

    Then there's also that we may not have ended up paying the tax last year, nor possibly had been scheduled to pay it this year pre-Deng trade, which could have meant that Deng could have possibly been moved in a deal that wasn't as financially motivated, and got us more value in terms of basketball assets.

    I also wonder, if we had the full MLE available to us this past offseason, if we could have split it between Dunleavy and Nate Robinson, instead of just being able to afford Dunleavy only (though I don't know if even that would have been enough).

    So many possibilities. But the reality is that Boozer is here. Violating our rights and sucking our energy tits. And he couldn't be happier.

  • LOL. Funny post.

  • You made the excellent point, "And that's without even mentioning players who we could have possibly ended up acquiring, but never did due to the presence of his contract"!

    What is worse that making a low offer for a FA and not getting him? Making too high an offer AND getting him!!

    And that would include Melo in a few months. If he'll come for $16 million per, do it. He will earn more from endorsements if the Bulls get a couple of rings, plus that would put the stamp of Winner on his career. If he can't see that, forget him.

  • Between Ben Wallace's 4-year deal and Carlos's 5-year one, the Bulls committed serious money and 9 years to players who are the very definition of one-way players. Out of those 9 years how many productive ones were there, even in just the one-way sense? I'd say 4, maybe 5 if I'm feeling exceedingly generous. As Doug says, big guys get overpaid, but on balance those were a couple of terrible signings.

  • In reply to bjb57:

    Poor Noah he was the primary victim of both of those signings, other than the fans of course.

  • In reply to bjb57:

    Few big FA signings ever work out. That's what made the Summer of Lebron so unique, you almost never see superstars in their prime change teams. In fact, outside of that summer and Shaq to the Lakers, I'm at a loss to point out a big FA signing that worked out well for any team.

  • If Boozer is amnestied, (I'll be as angry as anyone if he's not), does he get signed by another NBA team? Almost definitely. A good team? Possibly. Does he start? I'd say probably not, unless he's on a bottom feeder like the Bucks or something and even then, I wonder if he'd end the year in the starting lineup.

  • In reply to Roman F:

    I'd like to know who is interested. Which teams will be looking to sign this guy and for how much? I've always thought he could work next to Dwight Howard, but that was when I thought he could provide some offense. Now I don't know.

  • fb_avatar

    It's the last game of the year! Let's just sit back and reflect on what an interesting season it was for the Bulls. Overall, I'd say this 2013-14 team was a quite entertaining one. C-Ya in October Bulls!

  • Yes, it was an entertaining season. This is a good Bull's team and they need to know that we supported them and are thankful for their effort. Today here, the focus is on Boozer, when he was only part of the problem. Next year, can we expect anything different if Thibs or the FO does not see how they need to change. Thibs must think Post Season--and not wear out his players. Will Thibs just be a one dimensional coach--thinking only defense as other teams like Washington get confidence in being multi-dimensional? Even if the Bulls draft potential players--will he allowed them any playing time to gain the experience they need for the post season. Will Tony Snell be allowed to shoot--or will he just be allowed to just pass, pass, and pass the ball. Will the front office make deals for a shooting guard --even with Carmelo Anthony on the team? I'd like to see Ron Adams back as the GM for choosing players. To tell you the truth, I wish Thibs was not the coach--unless he was committed to change his ways in trying to win every season game at the expense of the post-season.

  • In reply to penwit1:

    Perhaps if "Coach of the Year" were awarded after the post-season as opposed to after the regular season Thibs would be more judicious in utilizing his players.

  • Ambien offense strikes again in the first and third, 26 total points 15 missed layups, at least 2 double digit missed shot streaks. Tell me again, what is the common denominator in these quarters. Absolutely pathetic for an NBA team.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    They look completely outmatched. They also look completely exhausted.

  • I thought rebounding was what this team was supposed to actually be good at. :(

  • Now we get one of the few opportunities to watch Steph Curry play. There are few players I enjoy watching more but since he's on the West Coast on a non-exciting team I almost never get to.

  • Absolutely embarrassed to be a Bulls fan. This team is a childish joke of an excuse for an offense.

    A blind quadriplegic would have made that layup that Butler missed from inside the rim at the end. That is Jimmy Butler's season in a nutshell, the guy couldn't get enough lift from a trampoline to make a layup on an 8ft hoolahoop sized rim.

    Could there have been a more fitting end to the garbagehole's Bull's career. How's that for all the basketball geniuses that have been calling for more bozohole in the 4rth. I'd say the Bulls win that game if Taj doesn't go down with that injury to insult. That final sequence where Gortat tipped back 3 straight missed shots with the bulls down only 3 to give the Wiz about an entire minute of possession in crunch time, that was pieceofshitzers Bulls career in a nutshell. Not that it mattered by then(thanks to Jimmy G what a joke Buckets), but the supposed 4rth best defensive rebounder in NBA history couldn't get his nose in there to help Noah come up the defensive rebound on consecutive missed free throws giving the Wiz the last 6 shots of the game.

    You guys all thought that I've been joking/out of my mind every time that I've begged to exchange the garbagehole for Trevor Booker, anybody/everybody understand why now? Always liked the way that guy plays the game. He's got more heart, hustle and muscle in his pinky than boozer has shitforbrains.

    Hard to say what is more despicable, boozer, the Bulls offense or Donald Sterling. In fact, I think that boozer should be forced to live with Sterling in a vacant building in Englewood for a year, otherwise he doesn't collect his final $16.8 million. Hopefully neither one of them would ever be seen or heard from again.

    Steve Kerr said it best earlier in the game, this was like a playground game where your on the team that knows it has no shot against the other guys because they are bigger, stronger, faster and better than you are and both of you know it.

    We hold a team to 72 points and we still can't win the game, simply disgusting.

  • About this Bulls Team...."We Stinks"

  • Thank God We Have the Blackhawks.

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