Nene suspended for game four, though it may not help Chicago

Nene suspended for game four, though it may not help Chicago

Nene was big in game one and he was big in game two. He was -10 on the floor in game three and shot 5/15 from the field. Nene's first two games against the Bulls were against all odds, and his surprisingly good play inspired him to continually jack up shots in game three which hurt his team considerably.

On the surface, Nene helps the Wizards significantly, and he's done a nice job of shutting down Joakim Noah on offense, but with Nene gone, the Wizards will focus more of their offense through their guards. The guys who are really killing the Bulls.

Teams also tend to rally around a guy who's missing, especially if it's only for one game. Personally, I'd rather see Nene out there than not out there both because I feel it's likely that his mid range jumper of terror was an aberration that won't come back [but he'll keep shooting it] and because I don't want to be victim of the dead cat bounce on Sunday.

If he was out for the whole series, I think the advantage will be for Chicago, for a game? Well I don't think Washington gets an edge for losing him, but I'd guess they rally around him for being a tough guy and come out stronger for it. We'll see what happens.

The Bulls won game three, but not much happened there that inspires me with confidence for game four. Hopefully the Bulls can come out with some fire, and maybe Joakim can get going without Nene in there.

Noah has really been the missing piece against the Wizards so far. He was the guy who propelled the Bulls to all these wins in the second half, but he hasn't been able to find his rhythm in the playoffs yet.

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  • I think forcing any team to play either Drew Gooden or Al Harrington is a win, even if it is for one game. No amount of being fired up is going to cover for how much those guys stink.

    Noah's 2nd and 5th fouls were stupid mistakes to get himself in foul trouble when he didn't need to be. It's not just offensively he's struggling. Hard to win series when your best player doesn't show up. Right now the first team hype he was getting looks like a bad joke.

  • Like I pointed out in the article I just posted, Wall and Beal can't play much better than they did in Game 3- 48 points and 12 assists while shooting 46.9% from the field and 50.0% on eight 3pt attempts- and they still didn't beat us.

    Augustin and Hinrich haven't shown up on offense the last 2 games, and Butler didn't show up until Nene pissed him off- I really like our chances in Game 4 (unless Wall and Beal turn into MJ and Pip for the night).

  • Lets hope 2014-15 season will take us to the NBA Finals. Any injury to Rose or Noah will be the end for this franchise. Coach needs to have a scoring player. A good defensive team can go bad as we have seen so far.

  • In reply to CubsTalk:

    You mean the end for the next few years. True.

    However, even with Rose, Noah, Mirotic, Butler, Dunleavy and Taj, the Bulls may get to the ECF but no farther -- unless Mirotic turns out to be the next Nowitzke. They need more.

    I would rule out Lance Steph since he seems more inclined to fight his own teammates than the opponents. They need a very good FA pickup, better than the Nate/Belli/Augustine, who really helped, but not enough to win a title.

    The Bulls also need someone like Adams to balance Thibs -- but Gar would probably can him in a season or two.

  • I have said it here before. Thibs is an overrated coach, he is not a bad coach by any means. Just not a great one. His in game adjustment is just not good enough to be an elite coach.

    I also always feel that Noah is overrated. I like him on my team cause he usually has good energy. But he is just not a good enough offensive player to justify his cost.

    I will also like to add about Tony Snell. I think people are expecting too much for him too fast. I think it is pretty obvious that players nowadays are not as ready coming to the NBA, they need time to develop. I can see Tony Snell being similar to Danny green, a worse 3pt shooter but better slasher/pull up jumper. Would that be so bad?

  • In reply to handushk:

    Wow, just wow. The takeaway from the season is that Thibs and Noah are only a bit above average, but that Tony Snell is a keeper?

  • In reply to Shakes:

    I didn't say Tony Snell is a keeper. I am just saying people are too harsh on him. He may be nothing in the end but I think it is too easy to tell.

    Do you really think Noah is a game changer? Also I didn't say thibs and noah are only a bit above average. They are much better than average, but they are not elite IMO.

  • Have to look on the bright side - there's potentially only one more game of Carlos Boozer in a Bulls uniform.

  • Now I understand why D.J. was released by Indiana and waved by Toronto. This guys is not worth more than veteran contract. Also, Boozer has nothing to do with NBA anymore. This guy is hard to watch. I just hope Boozer is gone for good next year and the Bulls are lucky enough to get another star or near star player. This is ridiculous for a big market.

  • In reply to BullsDynasty:

    You make several excellent points but if you want to frustrate yourself, just keep going with the "big market" stuff. If that mattered, the Knicks would have won a championship some time since 1973.

  • I don't see how people can blame Thibs for what has gone down in this series. The Bulls have 4 players that can hit an open jumper. With Taj being the only person who can somewhat get his own shot. You could argue that the Wizards have 4 people better than the best Bull.

    I would like to see somethings change though. It mainly has to do with the names on the uniform. I suppose I am in the same line of thought as Derrick Roses' supposed comments on the lack of help his brother was getting...

  • In reply to Seattle Bulls Fan:

    I see what you're saying and while I think most of the onus falls upon the FO to make changes, I also think Thibs needs to adjust his approach a bit. But yeah, the Bulls were always overly reliant upon Rose to score and have never really had another way to do it, and it is showing up big time.

  • In reply to Roman F:

    Our team is not great but thibs just hasn't shown the ability to adjust to different strategies. May be I don't understand basketball, but I would have tried this line up.

    Noah or taj, dunleavy, jimmy butler, tony snells and hinrich or dj. We were losing the rebounding battle anyway, why not increasing our speed and spread the floor. This should lead to more lane for butler and snells to attack the rim. Snells actually attack the rim and score a lay up.

  • In reply to handushk:

    I'm more referring to Thibs being too focused on winning the regular season. If you want to play all out, all the time, you can't ask the same guys to do it every night, and then ask the same guys to find an extra gear for the playoffs. This Washington team clearly is showing an extra gear for the playoffs, why don't the Bulls ever do it? Lack of talent is a majority of it IMO but coaching is part of it too.

    Take a page out of Pops' book and sit your starters from time to time, and let a different line up go all out. I don't think it matters a whole lot, but it also costs the Bulls draft position every year since they overachieve in the regular season.

  • In reply to Seattle Bulls Fan:

    Fredette is obviosly and blatantly the best shooter on the current roster, and he has yet to play one second in this series- while Augustin is jacking up over 15 shots a game and making less than 1/3rd of them.

  • In reply to Don Ellis:

    Not sure that it is blatantly obvious(if you've only seen him shoot as a Bull), since we haven't seen enough of him to know, but I agree with your sentiment, we should have found out about him during the regular season, so that we might have been able to use him during the playoffs when we needed and offensive spark. Given how atrociously bad Kapt(Ambien) Offense has been, how much worse could Fredettes defense have made us.

  • While DJ is certainly struggling, DJ isn't really the problem, it is our guards vs their guards that is the problem. John Wall is single handedly destroying our entire offense. In fact Derrick Rose in his wildest wet dream will never be half the defender that Wall is right now. somebody should track down Senile Sam Smith and ask him if he still thinks that Wall is not a basketball player, just a track athlete playing basketball.

    In fact, right now the Wizards are the vastly superior team on defense as well as offense. They've extended their D out past the 3 point line and overplayed all the passing lanes and the Bulls have no answer either strategically or athletically.

    If it were up to me I would not allow either boozer or hinebrick on the team plane back to Chicago, I would simply leave them in Washington to get a head start on the desperately needed offseason purge.

    Then I would start DJ(out of desperation not because I think that he is a legitimate NBA starter) and use Fredette as his backup. Fredette isn't really a point guard, so we have to use him in the right role. We can't start every game with the hinebrick/boozer ambien offense that gets us down double digits before anyone has even broken a sweat.

    It has become brutally obvious that the Wiz are bigger, more athletic and more talented at virtually every position. The longer that this series goes on the more I think that the talent gap between us and the Wiz is greater than the talent gap between us and the Heat. Obviously they don't have anyone like Lebron, but Jimmy at least matches up against him, whereas, we haven't found anybody that Jimmy can guard in this series. He has been putrid on D, tonight even his effort was lacking, in fact I'd call it boozer like bad. In the 4rth when the Bulls were desperately trying to mount a come back we got killed on the defensive boards, mainly because nobody was helping Noah and Taj battle while the Wiz had 3 guys crashing the boards and 5 guys scrambling after every lose ball that they created. Butler should be the main helper and was atrocious in this regard, in addition to not guarding anybody anywhere on the floor.

    Anybody who still thinks that minutes don't matter just needs to look at Jimmy Butlers play in this series, he just doesn't have any legs left to play with.

    By the way for anyone paying attention, for the past 3 years every time that the Bulls played the Wizards I lamented that we should trade boozer for Trevor Booker(anybody not know why now). That way Taj would start for boozer and Booker would come off the bench as the perfect energy, defense and rebounding guy.

    Also, last year at the trade deadline I suggested trading Deng and boozer for Ariza and Okafor, both of whom the Wiz wanted to get rid of. We then could have swapped Okafor for Gortat like the Wis did at the beginning of this season. Interesting in light of this series. I also suggested trading Deng to Phoenix for Gortat and Dudley. I know that Gortat's not really interested in being Noah's backup, but a 3 big rotation of Noah, Taj and Gortat would be pretty sweet.

    In closing, about the only positive thought that I have right now is that there are now only 64 days left until amnesty day.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    Oh yea, and I would have swapped boozer for Drew Gooden at any point over the past 2-3 years. Those of you(Doug) who said that Gooden is a worse defender than boozer were obviously wrong then and have certainly been proven wrong in this series. Gooden at least gives you some effort, it is really not even close.

    How did everybody enjoy that 3rd quarter boozerpalooza tonight. The only person on the wizards that he didn't shove in the back with both hands was Randy Witman(the coach). But I guess some of you who still believe that his offense matters, might point out that he did manage to score 6 points in that quarter on his way to another single single for the game. he is a bigger clown than Bozo ever was.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    You really have to give the Wizards some credit. as you did. They've stepped up their defense and are a better team than any of us thought I know the perspective of most Chicago fans is that it all comes down to the failures of the FO or coaching staff, but really, there are other teams too and sometimes they do good things that deserve credit.

    This might have been Boozer's worst game as a Bull, and that's saying something. If they don't amnesty him, I am jumping on the "Reinsdorf is cheap" bandwagon.

  • Remember at the start of the season for the first 12 games or so, before Rose got hurt, Boozer was the best player on the Bulls. When Rose went down - again - it was a huge hit to the team psyche. Noah rebounded pretty well, but some others did not.

    Boozer came to the Bulls to help the team win a title. These four years have been downers for him, too. Maybe his spirit can only take so much.

    It is not Boozer's fault the FO overpaid for him, it's the FO's fault! If they can't have the Bulls playing in the ECF in the next year or two, it will be time for a FO change.

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