Can the NBA please suspend Boozer for that flagrant foul?

Can the NBA please suspend Boozer for that flagrant foul?

The way he chopped at the arm of Gortat? That's a flagrant 10, suspend him for the season. I think that's the only fair thing to do. Sure, even calling it a flagrant one was dicey, but maybe if Bulls fans all write to the NBA saying we believe Boozer was out of control, making non basketball plays, and needs to sit for a game to learn his lesson they'll suspend him? It might be our only chance.

Why Tom Thibodeau refuses to start Gibson over Boozer is beyond me. Gibson has a PER of 28.5 in the playoffs. He's been the Bulls best player in the post season by so much it's ridiculous. He's been significantly better than Boozer all season long. If the Bulls want to win, they might figure on getting his minutes up above the 32.5.

Carlos Boozer fouled five times and had numerous blown defensive assignments in the final six minutes or so of the third period. The Bulls went from down 10 to down while Boozer flailed around, didn't box out, didn't defend, and looked like he single handedly want to give the game to Washington.

When Taj Gibson stood up with four minutes or so to go in the quarter, we thought, finally, some relief. No. He came in to get Noah as part of his normal rotation. Look, even if you're giving Noah a breather, play some small ball. Play Nazr. Do anything else.

The Bulls would mount a fourth quarter charge that would have had a shot at being successful if only we had found a way to remove Carlos Boozer's dumb ass from the game earlier. If the Bulls want to win gave five, they need Gibson to start along side Noah and both guys to play closer to 40 minutes with Boozer covering the 16 minutes their out at the end of the 1st/early 2nd and end 3rd/early 4th.

Let Carlos go head to head with the backups in the game where he's less likely to kill you and might bum slay some of the back up bigs (though that didn't happen last night when their backups played considerable minutes due to the Nene suspension).

Where is Noah?

Joakim Noah has perhaps his best game of the post season, and it still wasn't much. I spent a good chunk of time complaining about Boozer, but let's be honest, Boozer's no worse than he's been all season, and the Bulls were winning with that.

The big difference is Joakim Noah has disappeared on both ends of the floor. He has the speed to take Gortat or Nene off the dribble, and if they continue to crowd him to shut down the passing lanes, he needs to start receiving the ball at the free throw line with his back to the basket, put on the spin/drive move he does and start scoring.

Noah's been quite adept at doing this all season, but he's barely tried in this series. With the Wizards shutting down the Bulls perimeter attack because their guards are too big, too strong, too fast, too good for ours we need to find another way to attack them. Noah's been that guy all year, but he doesn't look like he's even tried this post-season.

It could be the death of his long time mentor Tyrone Green is weighing on him too heavily. At 38, I count myself lucky to only have one close friend pass away, and it was crushing for about two months. If it is, then there's probably not much that can be done, but after an amazing regular season, Joakim hasn't found a way to keep it going in the playoffs.

Wizards still too athletic

That's the one thing that stands out about this series. The Wizards just look too damn athletic for the Bulls to handle. Chicago really can't get into the paint with anything except offensive put backs and the occasional Taj Gibson post up or Augustin drive.

The Wizards look so athletic defensively on the perimeter, and the Bulls haven't found a way to deal with the ball pressure.

On the offensive end, Washington is making the Bulls vaunted defense look like a poor joke. They're getting into the paint at will, and Chicago is over rotating and constantly leaving the shooters open in the corner.

The end result is that the Wizards just keep getting open looks while the Bulls don't.

As I suspected..

The Wizards weren't hurt much by Nene's absence. He's not a strong rebounder, so they weren't hurt on the glass much. His mid range jumpers became three point shots by guards who were knocking them down well.

The Bulls definitely did some more damage on the interior without him there, but Washington didn't really miss much of a beat. In a series, I think the Bulls would wear down the Wizards inside and find better ways to take advantage of him being out. In a game? It didn't mean much.

Adjustments for game five?

Start Gibson, get his minutes up to 40, Boozer's down to 16.

Stop leaving the shooters to senselessly double team the post. 90% of the time this double team is completely ineffective any way with the guard out of position to actually help with the only outcome is that it frees up an open three.

Get Noah more looks where he dribble drives to the basket as he has a quickness advantage on both Gortat and Nene. The Bulls need to get Noah going or at least go down trying to get him going. We've seen the guards aren't getting it done now for four games and look completely overmatched.

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  • The Wizards point blank are just too much for the bulls to handle. Bulls have too many one dimensional players and defense can only get a team so far.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    If they could defend the Wizards it wouldn't even be such a problem. On top of having too many one dimensional players, the Bulls defense has been exposed.

  • Seriously? You're laying most of this on Boozer? You can point the finger at any guy not named Gibson for this one, but not one or two guys. The whole team stunk.

  • In reply to EJMF:

    Well it's two things. It's not all Boozer's fault, but our plan of starting him limited our best player to 32 minutes. What if Gibson had played 8 more minutes because he was starting? Things would have been a hell of a lot better for Chicago, and getting breaks in the middle instead of two long 16 minute stretches would have also made him fresher even if he played eight more minutes across four stretches.

    Secondly, Boozer kills you with stupidity. When guys are beat physically or simply miss shots you can understand it. When guys are just dumb and kill you, and don't even make an attempt at fulfilling their responsibilities, it is far worse.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    The problem is they only have two competent Bigs though... You have to give Jo and Taj breathers to stay fresh and is Nazr going to be much better than Carlos? Nazr is terrible and so is Carlos Boozer. Boozer didn't have much juice but damn he has fallen off the cliff this year.

    Take away Taj and it was a good old fashion Butt whopping. Loads of blame to go around. They are just a bad matchup with their superior athletisicm and talent. They are flat out better than we are minus Rose at least.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    Welcome to the dark side doug, or should I say right side. Not that you've been a huge boozer guy, but you still leaned toward thinking that he had some value for his offense. Last nights boozerpaloozafest seems to finally convinced you that I've been right all along, less boozer is addition by subtraction. You can't make up for abject lack of effort and total braindead stupidity with a couple of 15 ft jump shots.

    It is too bad that it has taken many if not most people the better part of 4 years to realize that, and some people are still calling for more boozer in the 4rth quarter, at least they were until yesterday.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    I had a suspicion Boozer was not going to pan out after he broke his hand in some mysterious accident the summer prior to his first year with the Bulls. It went downhill from there. I took a lot of shit from Bulls fans here and elsewhere for being negative about Booz. How could a "moron" like me be critical of a 20/10 stud? However, fairness dictates that you took the anti-Bozo crusade to another level. For this you should get free drinks at the upcoming amnesty party.

    Similarly, I took shit from Bulls fans for about three years regarding my views regarding Tyrus Thomas. It was a lonely experience. If this were 17th century Salem, Massachusetts I, no doubt, would have been burned at the stake. The lesson I learned from that experience was how delusional people could be once they invest emotionally in a player.

  • In reply to hgarbell:

    I too was crucified for calling Thomas to stupid as human being to ever become a good professional basketball player. Welcome to the club. Felt the same way about Eddy Curry, but in a different way.

  • In reply to EJMF:

    I think we can clearly point to the game being decided upon a 14-0 start, and that start happened with Boozer on the floor, and it's not a coincidence.

  • In reply to Roman F:

    Hasn't every game started that way, more or less.

  • I totally agree with you, Doug. The Bulls are getting killed when Boozer is on the floor. It happened in all games this series. That is on first and third quarters. If they want to win this next game they have to change this trend, and the only way to hope for is to bench Boozer. I don't understand why Tibs cannot see that. This is so obvious.

  • Taj rules...
    Well, this series may be over based on what we are all witnessing. However, I'm pretty psyched about the play of Gibson. I mean, wow, he has picked his game up multiple notches from the regular season and from last season.

    Gibson is a bona fide starting PF. Now, maybe the Bulls start Mirotic next season and bring Gibson off the bench, but I'm sure they will try to find a way to get him closer to 40 min/game in big games.

    Taj is not only his usual active self, shot blocker and defender, but he's actually the team's best scorer. I can't believe I'm saying this, but where would the Bulls be without him? How could they score?

    Going forward....
    The Bulls have a phenomenal window of opportunity here for the next few years with Noah and Gibson and Mirotic - IF ROSE CAN COME BACK CLOSE TO WHAT HE WAS. Now, Rose will most likely not produce to the level of his MVP season again, but he's only 25 and can be a perennial all-star and finisher for this Bulls team.

    The Bulls need more 2-way players. But, for now, a core of Rose, Noah and Taj ain't bad. Butler is great guy to have around b/c his D is so good, he's a team guy and can play big minutes. His O is average at best, but his shot should get better because the stroke looks good. This was his first season of big minutes. Let's see what he does next year.

    I'm assuming Melo is not signed by the Bulls. Makes sense for Melo, but I'd be surprised.

    As the Bulls did with Deng, they will rethink paying big money to any player who is not an offensive star. This will be interesting when Noah's deal is up in a couple years.... Noah is a great player, but no star. I would trade him to NY in order to get Melo before I trade Taj Gibson. You can find energy, plus defenders for half the price.

  • In reply to Granby:

    To get Melo the Bulls almost certainly have to lose Gibson as well.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    Thats only if they go the free agent route, if they go the trade a bushel full of draft picks route as you have suggested there might be a slight chance if Melo wants to make it happen.

  • In reply to Granby:

    Has everybody read the articles about Phil Jackson publicly asking Melo to 'take less money' to stay with the Knicks and build a winner?

  • In reply to Edward:

    Yes, maybe the Bulls can acquire Melo. But, if we can find another 6'10" defender at a reasonable price, I'd consider trading Noah. Noah is a great player and one of my favorites, but his defense and rebounding is not so superior to cover up for his offensive woes.

    That way, the Bulls could keep Gibson and possibly sign (or trade) Melo and bring over Mirotic.

  • Boozer just looks like he doesn't care anymore. I didn't think it was possible but he is showing even less effort on defense. Has he had an argument with the coach or players because something doesn't seem right, he isn't doing his usual screaming. On the bright side, the next game could be the last time we see Boozer in a Bulls uniform.

  • It looks like the coach is saying to management, "If you want to pay this guy to start, then I'll start him and see how far that gets us!" They might also be trying to showcase Boozer as a stater to sell him to another team. Trying to show him off as serviceable to get more in a trade. He will be traded this summer because the owner is too smart to pay him all of that money in amnesty for him to get hot on another team. Either way, we've seen the last of that guy.

  • In reply to hinton980:

    I don't think that's the case, if so the coach is a moron. Boozer's deal was signed four years ago, and everyone knows he'll be gone after this year.

  • In reply to hinton980:

    You can showcase a pile of manure all you want, it still looks and smell like manure.

  • Anyone notice when he pushed a wizard into Gibson and the wizard got called for a foul. It was kinda funny to see but he had a stretch where he was more awful than usual.

    Not having Rose and knowing their chances are extremely slim to do anything in these playoff has sparked my interest in the other playoff matchups. Watching most of the other teams I have come to realize just how limited these Bulls really are. I have been very impressed with GS and Portland. Too bad for GS that. Bogut is hurt. When are the Bulls going to get a two or three that can really shoot as well as be able to take it to the hole? Yes Dunleavey can shoot but I don't consider him a true starter or someone that can do a lot more that shoot so I'm not counting him.

  • In reply to UnstopaBull:

    Boozer's only "effort" play is the 2 hand shove in the back, I've been pointing it out for years. Taj and Noah often end up getting fouls called on them because boozer 2 hand shoves them into opposing players, he really is an equal opportunity offender, he just shoves whomever is closed to him, that is his only go to move.

  • Just the fact that the Bulls have been getting killed in the first quarter is enough reason not to start Boozer. Ultimately it won't matter, but I would also throw caution to the wind and give minutes to Brewer, James and Amundsen at the expense of Snell, Hinrich and Boozer. You have nothing to lose at this point and maybe they can show a little energy. Snell has shown that he was a wasted draft pick, especially when Tim Hardaway Jr was still available. And I can write a thesis on the many levels of bad of Kirk Hinrich.

  • fb_avatar

    Melo, that's all that really needs to be said. Without an elite scorer, the Bulls will be who they always have been the last decade. A great regular season team when defense can win you close games but a terrible playoff team. When rotations shrink down to 8 people, Taj and DJ can't dominate bums and can't go on a 10-2 run to either get the lead or increase the lead.

    The Bulls have one elite defensive player and a bunch of role players. Until they have an elite offensive scorer, it's going to be the same old tune.

  • Well now it seems Joakim Noah has turned into Roy Hibbert. According to Doug, "Joakim Noah has disappeared on both ends of the floor." You know what Noah scored last night? 10 points(yes .444 but on limited volume deceiving somewhat as one less attempt and he's shooting .500). Add 15 rebounds, five assists, two blocks, and a steal to that. You know what Joakim's career scoring average is in both the regular season and the playoffs? 10ppg! Am I missing something here?

    Noah in these playoffs is shooting .545 on 11.5ppg which matches his rebound total. If you look at playoffs past, Noah averages a little over a block a game in the majority of his playoff career and his steals number in this playoffs is the last three or four years.

    Granted, Doug knows his basketball, and I am guilty as charged of not watching all of these games/debacles. I've seen two of them, and started watching last night's game which I DVR'd. Regardless, whatever poor play Noah is exhibiting largely stems from his turnovers. Noah's playoff career average is 1.7 TO's a game. Against Washington he's given it away a charitable 3.8 times per game. Should be a nice tax exemption coming Jo.

    Well, maybe that's what happens when you try to run a significant portion of your offense through your big, 4 assists per game, in the playoffs. Especially when the guys your passing to our mostly stiffs.Still, nobody can look at those numbers and say they aren't overall an exact match of his playoff and regular season career.

    Reality check brings you to Bulls F.O. acquisitions of Klank Chokebrick, D.J. bargain rental, and Jimmy "the remarkable draft hit" Butler. Klank's playoffs: 10ppg on .378 shooting with a klanktiy .214 from three on 3.5 attempts per game. That last stat alone is playoff cyanide. Butler or Jimmy as folks like to refer to him here: 13ppg on .381 from the floor and a nightmarish .250 from three on 4 attempts per game after last night's abortion(2-7 or .286). And finally, D.J. the shrewd pick-up: OK, this takes the cake 15.5ppg on .323 shooting(?) and wait for it... .318 from three on a killing me softly 5.5 attempts(at suicide) per game.

    Now I'm sorry, but Joakim Noah, even with the turnovers, in comparison with these aforementioned dregs might as well be Kareem.

    Conclusions: Gar/Pax for resigning Kirk and drafting Butler, and signing D.J. don't know what in theee fuck they are doing. Period. D.J. was a castoff, Kirk was a broken down has been, and Butler showed no evidence of being any kind of volume shooter or scorer. None. Again, Gar/Pax should pay Tom Thibodeau and his regular season win total machine half their salaries because without them they'd be exposed for the frauds that they are. And the "their hands were tied" bullshit doesn't wash when you look at anybody being better then these guys who suck ass.

    The Bulls have the worst offense in the league. Your V.P. and G.M. John Paxson and Gar Forman. My only question remaining is how will they manage to f-ck up this year's draft?? Teague, Butler, Snell, Johnson.. shall I go on?? Even if they do manage to draft an actual scorer seeing is how they come in handy as this is the NBA, they still suck mule crack. Only the Rose luckout, unlike the Spurs, Mavs, Lakers, Boston(Pierce) who shrewdly assembled key pieces, has kept their jobs along with Thibsy. The day they are fired will be too little too late. Just like Reinsdorf's cheap ass greedy whore "spending."And the U.C. fans keep coming for the lingering Jordan/Pippen jock sweat aroma. Nice. What a shity, I mean city.

  • In reply to RoadWarrior:

    Noah has a PER of 13.2 in the playoffs vs 20 in the regular season. a Winscore .2 vs 11.2.

    He's played really poorly relative to what he was doing.

    As for the draft, if you think the front office is bad at drafting simply do a comparison of their record vs the other teams in the NBA, and you'll change your mind. They've been very good on the whole.

    Chicago's FO has a lot to do this summer, it's worth noting that last summer all they had to work with was a pick in a crappy draft, the mini-MLE, and vet minimum contracts. Dunleavy and Augustin were good pick ups under those conditions. They blew it with Snell, but it's not like they had a lot of opportunity to make whole sale changes.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    Yes, you've nailed it. That's the key every NBA journalist and fan is talking about in the Bulls schlock playoff showing - Joakim Noah's Winscore(Not). Can we find our way out of the nerd stat, altered reality phone booth long enough to see that Hinrich, D.J., and Jimmy Butler have numbers on a more conventional, relate-able as in obvious level that are indisputably a cancer to winning?? They are a tri-fecta of awful. Blame it all on the new hard cap and not on Bulls salary decisions and personnel moves.

    Doug, the Bulls have always over valued their own signings as in players long term. Then we hear the cry of "their hands are tied." Waahhh! Look at what San Antonio does with players like Danny Green, Patty Mills etc. just look at their numbers right now. And how much do they make? Granted, the Spurs are down currently to Dallas, but they should have won the title last season. No we don't have Rose as they have Duncan, but we don't draft George Hill and turn him into Kawhi Leonard either. And don't tell me about how Leonard's PER or Winscore don't measure up, but rather his WINing effect as in his superb numbers in last year's playoff run that should have netted a championship.

    Do I expect the Bulls to cull offensive talent increasing odds of fans being entertained and them winning even though most franchises are failures at this??? Answer: you're damn right I do. Yes, I do. For a franchise that has made crazy money off of middling offensive teams to rip off fans then hell yes I expect them to acquire the personnel and use all those huge profit resources to acquire talent shrewdly and successfully the way Dallas and San Antonio have done along with L.A. for over a decade.

    The Lakers won repeatedly with Pau Gasol as a key contributor. Moves like over valuing Deng so much that we blew an opportunity to get the second best player on a perennial champion?? Unacceptable. Not to mention even if you don't buy the Deng for Gasol scenario as enabling homers tend to do look at Dallas with Barea, Marion, Jason Kid(whose A/TO ratio and playoff three percentage with volume attempts were huge).

    When you draft guys who offensively are poorly rated either in lack of production/effort and or ability time after time(see Teague, Snell, James Johnson, and yes Jimmy Butler) some of who are just duds as competitors that's not going to get it done. You can point yo your competition and say, "See, they suck too", or you can acknowledge that for the past what five, seven years and beyond the Bulls have drafted guys repeatedly with little offensive cache.

    Seriously, Teague, Butler, Snell(dope), James Johnson(flake), resigning old retread Hinrich and then forgetting over valued player contracts hamstrung the franchise?? Unlike other elite franchises who don't need excuses, the Bulls without Rose would have fired Gar/Pax along time ago. Meanwhile Dallas and San Antonio just go out and get guys that get the job done including through shrewd drafting yes. I now, it' sooo harrdddd! Waahhhhh!!!!

  • I completely agree that our guards over rotate to the inside and constantly leave a guard open out in the three point line. I dont even know how many time i was screaming at the tv. This is something that thibs should have fixed during the game, ot was so obvious.

  • In reply to handushk:

    Excellent point, I wasn't screaming at the TV(because at this point I've known that it is over for a while now), but it was painfully obvious to those of us watching on TV what was going on.

    I don't know if this is how Thibs coaches them to play or if they are overplaying it, but last night it was painfully obvious. The guards on the weakside of the defense drop all the way into the lane often having 4 defenders in the lane while leaving 1 sometimes 2 shooters out at the 3 point line unguarded. They also turn their heads while dropping into the lane thus losing site of the perimeter players, so when the ball is swung around to that side of the floor, they have no idea where the shooters are and they are too far away to recover in time to contest the shots. Our 3 point D has been bad all season, the reason why seems to have been grossly exposed last night. This one is either on Thibs, or we have really dumb players.

  • Is it just me or has Jimmy just looked very slow and lackadaisical on defense this entire series?

    At this point I'm really just looking forward to what the offseason will bring: No more Boozcruise, 2 top 20 draft picks, Melodrama, The Return Pt. 5

  • In reply to GrabItJo1108:

    No, it is Jimmy, something has been wrong with his legs all season, he has had no lift and now he appears to have just run out of gas.

    Defensively, he is a small forward, which means in this league he is a small forward. As long as we are playing him at shooting guard we have a problem, which means we have a problem if we find a way to end up with Melo.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    I agree. Jimmy guards bigger players very well, not guys running off screens. Guys like Labron, Anthony, or even Harden I think he would be ok with. But the way that Beal is running around screens, Jimmy can't guard those kind of guys. I think Hinrich would be better off on Beal, but he can't leave Wall. Not that he would have shut him down, but he is more suited to guard those type of players in my opinion.

  • Bulls core players are tired. Got burnt out during the regular season. With Booz starting Taj has not played as many minutes and is therefore a little more fresh. Bulls management needs to bring in more quality players and depth. Then you will see Butler and Jo a lot more effective in the playoffs.

  • Doug, or anyone else:

    Can we get a financial snapshot for what it would take to sign Melo?

    For example, the cap is projected to be $63.2 million next season. Bulls will have Rose, Noah, Gibson at $39.9 million. Others include Dunleavy, Butler, Snell and Greg Smith.

    I realize that unless the Bulls trade Boozer to the Knicks, they cannot use the MLE because simply amnestying Boozer would put them under the cap. But, are there cap holds for picks and min salaried bench guys?

    By my math, There should be $20.3 million of cap space available if the Bulls can trade Dunleavy and Snell. This does not count any 1st round cap holds. Perhaps we have a chance at Melo and Mirotic if signed as FA.

    Or, are the Bulls better off trading Boozer and Gibson and a couple 1sts to get Melo a better deal and assume Mirotic takes the MLE.

    It's not so much the firsts, but I hate the thought of giving up Gibson.

  • It has been frustrating to watch and finally admit it, but the Wizards are just a vastly more talented team than we are. They are bigger and more athletic just about across the board. The longer that I watch this series the more that it feels like the talent gap between us and the Wiz is even greater than between us and the Heat, even though they don't have a Lebron.

    Surprisingly, they have been the better defensive team all series. John Wall has single handedly destroyed our offensive with his D. Derrick Rose can only dream to ever be half the defender that Wall is right now. They have extended their D out past the 3 point line, overplaying the ball handler and the passing lanes, causing our boatloads of turnovers. Noah has been/is fairly helpless against this D. The only solution is someone who can break it down off the dribble(like Wall does to our D), i.e. a healthy Rose.

    Really, though, we shouldn't be surprised, this is what you get in the playoffs when your starting lineup features 3- 4 guys who shouldn't be in an NBA starting lineup, and your bench has only one guy that could be considered a starter to replace them.

    To go with the theme of doug's post, I would have had the secret service detain boozer and hinebrick after last nights game and prevented them from boarding the team flight home to Chicago. Start the offseason purge one game early.

    Of course, if this series, and especially the boozerpaloozafest that was the 3rd quarter is the final straw in the amnesty decision then the pain will have been worth it. Only 63 more days until amnesty day.

  • well the season is almost up, its that special time where Boozer should call his buddy Ben Wallace and go fishing in south beach, all that money and little results to show for it, he was a bad fit from the start but that is over now. The Bulls need another scoring big to compliment Gibson and Noah and the perimeter is just in need of a lift. Jimmy Butler is fine if you can slide him next to a scoring wing along with a healthy Rose. Of course the Bulls will need to do alot of homework and moves this summer. There's a 99% chance they draft a point guard given Rose's injury over two years and Teague turning out to be a bust but that bust train might welcome another guest appearance in Tony Snell, he needs to show great improvement next year or the Bulls will again be selling for pennies on the dollar showcasing misjudged talent in the Dleague.

    Got to give credit to the Wizards, they did a nice job of balancing out young talent(Wall, Beal) with solid veteran talent(Nene, Ariza, Gortat). The organization is going in the right direction. In the end the more talented team won out.

  • In reply to Defense-Rebound13:

    Actually, a great fishing trip would not only include Big Bum and Bozo, but would have to include ERob. Some people would also want to invite Ron Mercer but I always thought he got a bum rap. He was always better then people thought. In fact, the year he averaged 20 points for the Bulls his stats offensively were very similar to Reggie Miller's.

    As for Tony Snell, I think his chances of stepping up his game this summer are about as good as my dog learning Russian. As I said yesterday, I watch a lot of D league games and IMO he would be a bum there too. Troy Daniels was called up recently by the Rockets and won a playoff game for them. He almost won another yesterday by getting 17 points in 21 minutes, including 4 treys in 5 attempts. There are several guys in the D league who could help the Bulls much more than Tony O.

  • In reply to Defense-Rebound13:

    Just think how good the Wizards would be if Otto Porter was actually any good. If he was a normal #3 pick talent wise, this team might be a favorite to win it all!

  • fb_avatar

    Noah flat out is stinking it up. I know that loss of a friend hurts, but when the ball is thrown up, you'd think that he would block it out. Boozer isn't all the problem. DJ Augustin basically is a non factor. nobody saw that coming. Seems to me that 90% of our shots are jumpers and we're not a good jump shooting team. I'm praying for a miracle and the Bulls win the next two games. If, and that's a big if, we can get to a game 7, then we can win.

  • In reply to Jake Gross:

    I don't think anyone can tell someone how to feel after they have lost someone. It's easy to say "suck it up and play". But, death is different for everyone. If this guys death makes Noah want to throw a party or quit the NBA, it's his choice and I don't think anyone has a right to tell him how he is supposed to feel.

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