Bulls Beat #318 - Behind the eight ball

Bulls Beat #318 - Behind the eight ball

The Bulls lost game one to the Wizards and now need to quickly find some answers to their ailing defense.

Bulls Beat #318 - Behind the 8 ball

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  • I agree that Dunleavy misses too many wide open shots to be the person the Bulls most rely upon for those shots. Bellinelli nailed those last year. Dunleavy is just too erratic. The Bulls need to improve the defense as you have stated. They are not going to win if the other team scores in the 100s because they don't have the offense.

    I just saw Portland beat Houston in overtime. Every time I see LaMarcus Aldridge play like a beast which he did tonight, I think how the Bulls had him and gave him up for Tyrus. Still trying to get over it.

    Bulls just don't have enough offense. If Nene is giving it to Noah, then Noah needs to give it right back, but he is just not the same offensive threat. If the defense comes back, this could be a series. But if it is dependent on the Bulls having someone who is a dominant offensive threat that requires double teams, things don't look good if Andre Miller has his way with us.

  • It was a blown pick but I have always been consoled to know that if it weren't for that, we wouldn't have gotten Derrick Rose. What would be ironic is if Rose's contract turns into an albatross that brings down the franchise.

    The other thing to remember is that was seven years ago. They would have had to negotiate a new contract and everything by now and it would affect how the rest of the team was put together.

    Most importantly though, with Aldridge but no Rose, do you really think this team beats the Heat? I think most fans of most sports teams are so caught up in micro-analyzing everything their team does that they lose sight of the big picture. In this case, the big picture is that three superstars played together in the Olympics, then decided they would all play on the same NBA team in Miami. Once that happened, there isn't much any other team in the NBA could really do about it.

  • In reply to Roman F:

    Your right, plus the correct pick(injuries aside) would have been Brandon Roy, and look where that would have gotten us had we made it. Probably no Rose and no Roy. I was a Roy guy, but I have to admit I thought that Aldridge might be the second coming of Brad Sellers, so I was relieved when they made the trade.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    I also thought they should have picked Roy, but his knees simply did not hold up. Talent evaluation is tough.

    When the Bulls did have the open looks for the 3, they had a tendency to rush the shot. But I agree with Doug, they cannot pass open looks the way they did, both for 2s and 3s. Do you think Carmelo passes up those shots? Never!

    Nene should not have another game like yesterday, but maybe Hinrich won't either. This one was mainly on Dunleavy and Augustine.

  • In reply to rustyw:

    Carmelo hardly passes up any shots.

  • Gortat and Nene both have averaged 15 and 14ppg on high percentages multiple times in their careers. Big bodies like that who can score Joakim and Taj are going to need help with double teams. Though neither Washington big strikes me as a black hole type, but still if you get burned occasionally on doubles I think that's what you have to do.

    D.J. needs to hit threes 38% or near IMO for the remainder of this series or else the Bulls are going to lose. Especially since he's getting toasted on the other end by Miller etc. Likewise Dunleavy is going to have to hit 37% and up.

    Things is in all likelihood Wall and Beal are going to have some good shooting games and then you have two beasts inside..? I still give the Bulls a chance, but Jo and Taj are going to have to rebound and do more offensively to match their counter parts in Gortat and Nene. Butler did his part statistically(minus free throws) and is going to have to continue to do so. If "Jimmy" keeps showing up in playoff settings I will have to rescind my view that he is completely overrated and by no means a "hit" draft wise at .397 FG's and .283 threes which is awful.

  • Side note: Despite some highly rated players being burned, the choice to come back to school is not always a bad decision, and maybe a good idea due to the over saturation of this year's draft for second tier prospects like guards Marcus Paige N.C., Joseph Young Oregon, and Jordan Adams UCLA. In other years I think these guys would have gotten much more buzz and would have been late to mid mid first rounders and up.

    This "deep" draft has been thinned out partly due to it's own reputation and from 1- 14 say I think you have a lot more high probability types of success then you normally have. After that though I'm not sure there is a notable increase in talent. However, there is always the possibility that some players from that top tier will fall a few spots which is right where the Bulls will be picking.

    Right now: T.J. Warren(threes not withstanding), Nik Stauskas, Shabazz Napier, and surprise pick Adrien Payne are IMO guys who could be solid or hopefully better NBA aka Bulls roster adds. Of course Bulls may only pick one guy and make the No. 19 pick a Euro stash or even trade both picks for an established scorer..? To be continued..

  • In reply to RoadWarrior:

    If you are a 1st rounder, then you should come out more or less regardless of what happens.

    You have to improve immensely in college to move up in the rankings as the loss of a year of youth makes teams demand so much more.

    If you aren't a 1st rounder and risk going undrafted then that's a different story.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    "If you are a first rounder, then you should come out MORE OR LESS regardless of what happens." "Blake Griffin, you idiot!!" Talk about over generalization 101.

    Doug, I don't have the time I used to or chose to spend on here. I'm not going to spend time culling examples of situations and players who did benefit from staying. Obviously, the CW and often correct take is that guys if they are in the top 20 say should come out. Yes.

    The CW and reality is that in most cases guys who are mid first rounders and up are not worth risking a precipitous drop due to a sub par season. However, this is a unique situation with such perceived depth and the scrambling of scouting services not to mention NBA franchises to cover all these guys has left a few major diamonds in the rough without the normal attentiveness their outstanding numbers and skills would otherwise garner. You either see the reasonableness in that or you don't.

    I'm simply telling you that I follow the draft and college basketball and as far as I know you say you really don't. All I know is Joseph Young, Marcus Paige, and Jordan Adams(he was rated 20th and yes he probably should have stayed you could certainly argue) quite possibly in a different year would be not only first rounders but near and mid. They could gamble that they garner attention at the combine etc. and rise up or they could wait until next year when they will stand out much more with the appropriate scouts and NBA franchise evaluators not bombarded and better able to address their body of work.

  • OMG do you even watch the games. Nene did not destroy Noah and he definitely did not destroy him down low. He destroyed our team defense, which simply wasn't up to par. The guy basically hit every wide open jump shot that the took until he cooled off in the 4rth. I wouldn't call that destroying noah down low.

    You finally got around to the real problem, the Bulls guards(DJ in particular) cannot guard the Wizards guards(Wall in particular) off the dribble. Noah(and to a lesser extent Taj) had to help on every single possession leaving either Nene open for wide open jumpers or Gortat for easy baskets inside after Taj tried to help the helper(Noah). I agree that Nene isn't likely to shoot this well(11-17) again or all series, but a lot of the other guys will likely shoot better

    While Nene and Gortat are impressive, they alone would not be the problem. If we don't find a way to slow down the guard penetration we are done, and right now I don't see it. Unless we go with Jimmy on Wall full time, not sure how that would work, but I believe that Jimmy on Deron Williams was a big key last year against the Nets.

    Also, since neither Taj or his bozoholiness can really handle Gortat's size maybe we should go with traditional matchups center on center and power forward on power forward. I've been telling you guys since a certain large Turkish fellow departed that we are a small team up front and not particularly physical either.

    The question that I had coming into this series was whether the Wiz have a playoff caliber defense in them. They clearly displayed that they do, at least against the Bulls fairly useless(particularly come playoff time) offensive talent. Unless the Bulls figure out a better way to run their offense they are done, and right now I don't see it.

    I tried not to be a nattering nabob of negativity before the series started but, when you look at it objectively the Wiz have more talent than we do position by position right down the line. We were kind of relying on our veteran experience and Thibs defense to overcome them, but really outside of their starting backcourt, they are at least as veteran a team as the Bulls.

    I know that it is only one game, but it was pretty demoralizing the way that it happened. We lost this game without Wall and Beal having good games and without them getting their 3 point game going, that is really scary. Basically as we all know all too well, the Bulls don't a have another gear to go to in the playoffs and other teams do, it showed last night.

    As far as I am concerned losing in the first round makes the entire effort of the regular season all for naught. It would, however, serve as a good reality check on the future. As in all that we need is a better starting PG(healthy Rose), a better starting power forward(Mirotic?) and a better starting wing, a legitimate NBA scorer(20ppg) to pair with Butler(Melo, miracle draft pick, Stephenson(yuck)). Not too much to ask for in one offseason, is it.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    What's also true, though, is that the Bulls' shooting was pretty lousy, especially DJ. Wall and Beal will have better games but this might have been DJ's worst game as a Bull.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    "the Bulls don't a have another gear to go to in the playoffs and other teams do"! You nailed it, that has been the problem for four years, at least!

  • Hopefully these shortcommings open the eyes of the front office, first of all getting a scoring wing to pair with butler, get a defensive center to rest noah and hopefully bring mirotic over. With so many needs on the wings and backup center, I'm hoping they at least get a tall PG that can play SG as well. I'm pretty sure they'll draft a point guard but i'm rooting for a center like last year. Bigs that play defense have a better opportunity of making it in the nba compared to small guards who were once college stars and most times struggle in the NBA.

  • The team that wins the first game in a Bulls series within the past few years has gone on to lose the series. This will remain true for this year.

  • Not really worried about the Bulls offense at all - it wasn't good at times, but we knew it is what it is, they need to win with defense. I'll agree on Dunleavy though - some of his shots were way off. Maybe he was nervous - he has played 50% fewer playoff games than Jimmy Butler.

    Defensively it just wasn't the sort of showing you expect from a Thibs team ... you don't expect to be asking "can we even get a stop when we need one?" I'm not sure I agree Nene wont do it again either - he's a good mid range shooter, if the Bulls give him those open looks again he'll hit them again.

    That said knowing this Bulls team I expect them to regroup and hold the Wizards to 80 next game. Hopefully they can score that many. :)

  • In reply to Shakes:


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