Bulls Beat #317 - For three!

Bulls Beat #317 - For three!

I discuss the Bulls rise to the three seed, coach of the year talk, and the Bulls subtle salary maneuverings.

Bulls Beat #317 - For three!

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  • Thanks for the post, Doug. Interesting points, but regardless, I still think the Bulls are better off with a 3rd seed. I believe Miami is trying to avoid Brooklyn at all cost, since this is the only team that may challenge them on playoffs (they were swept by Brooklyn, remember?). For the Bulls, I would also think Washington gives them a better chance to move into the second round, since Brooklyn has more playoff experience and I am not quite sure if the Bulls can win the series with this roster. I am just hoping Indi loses today, moves to second and potentially meet the Bulls on the second round. This will give us a chance to go to the conference finals. It would be amazing!!!

  • In reply to BullsDynasty:

    I don't think Miami is even a little scared of Brooklyn. If the regular season meant something against Miami the Bulls would look a whole lot better in the playoffs.

    I do agree the Bulls should have a better shot at Washington than Brooklyn, but if they can't beat Brooklyn then they aren't going far anyway.

  • In any other year, the Suns or the Toronto coaches would be easy picks for coach of the year. However, Steve Clifford at Charlotte has to be the choice. They have the worst record in basketball over the past 2 years, maybe the worst record ever over a 2 year period. How does that not merit COY, even with the addition of Al Jefferson(who most people weren't that high on). Thibs and Pops probably fit in the 4-5 slots.

    If the Bulls win out and finish 3rd they will have moved behind 4 teams(tied with Dallas and Memphis right now) in the draft, having temporarily passed 2 teams already(Toronto and Phoenix). Obviously, we aren't playing for draft slots, but is moving up one spot in the playoffs worth losing 4 spots in the draft?

    Great line by Bill Simmons at halftime of todays OKC-Pacer game, Roy Hibbert has turned into Hasheem Thabeet, having averaged about 9 & 5 for the past 2 months. The other night, I think it was the Miami game, he had 5 points and 1 rebound( which came in the last 2 minutes). This guy better not get DPOY. My argument from a couple of years ago, that not only would I take Noah over Hibbert, but I would take Asik over him still holds and doesn't look so ridiculous now. I like my 7 footers to actually be able to get over 10 rebounds a game. To me Hibbert has a selfish or self centered attitude problem and it is affecting his team.

    As for the game against Detroit, Taj didn't really dominate the entire second half, he actually woke up around the 7-8 minute mark of the 4rth quarter, up until that point he had exactly as many rebounds as you and I did(that would be 0). Meanwhile Drummond was physically abusing both he and boozer on his way to 26 & 26. Some people(apparently including Taj himself) have tried to attach Drummonds night to Noah. I find this hilariously ignorant, as Noah was assigned by Thibs to cover Monroe for 36 minutes of the 40 that he played, as he usually does in Thibs futile attempt to hide the hideousness that is the bozohole.

    Apparently some kind of pep talk/reality check by Rose caused Taj to awaken from his slumber. Too bad that it takes something like that, but I hope that Rose can keep it up throughout the playoffs.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    I agree that Clifford should get some consideration, but the Suns had a bigger jump in wins against a drastically different schedule. I'd have to go with Hornacek over Clifford.

    Lots of candidates this year. I think Popovich is most deserving though I don't think he'll win. Fair point about Taj not dominating the whole second half, the end of the gaem just gets overremembered I suppose.

  • I am trying to decide who won the comedic prize for this article/posting, Doug or Bigway.

    Doug: "Since the Bulls won six rings, they are not due to win another championship for 180 years!" Great, horrible line! BTW, it's only 165 years now because it has been 15 years since the last ring.

    BigWay: "Up until that point [8 minutes left] he [Taj] had exactly as many rebounds as you and I did (that would be 0!)." Of course, he wasn't the only one taking it easy, but still ...,

    and: "Meanwhile Drummond was physically abusing both he and boozer on his way to 26 & 26."!

    I guess I would give the prize to Doug this time, mainly because he rarely hits one like this, whereas BigWay does it with some regularity. I do, however, expect a falloff from BigWay once Boozer leaves -- unless, heaven forbid, the Bulls get another FA signing like him!

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