Bulls Beat #316 - Chase for 3

Bulls Beat #316 - Chase for 3

I discuss the Bulls chase for the three seed, D.J. Augustin's contract situation, and the fall of Carlos Boozer.

Bulls Beat #316 - Chase for 3

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  • I think that you are over pricing DJ, but as you said, he is worth whatever team wants to pay him the most. That said, I saw an analysis the other day where NBA GM's were quoted as saying that they didn't think that DJ was going to be considered a starter by any team at this point in his career, which I agree with. They also felt that Isaiah Thomas, the unrestricted free agent from Sacto, was likely to get a deal in the $4-5 million per range. They also felt that Thomas was going to be the more desired player. So that would cap DJ at something less than $4 million per, or current Hinrich money.

    As you said, if the Bulls amnestitized pieceofshitzer, they will have enough cap room to sign Mirotic and DJ into cap space and likely have a little money left, plus the room exception. I've been saying for a while, if all we did this offseason was get Mirotic, resign DJ, and add a quality 4rth bigman, like Jordan Hill and our 2 draft picks I'd be thrilled.

    While I agree on your Taj should be starting theory(at this point, who doesn't), it isn't happening this year with Thibs. However, I still have to point out that Taj has been dogging it more often than not lately. I am worried that he is getting daily blood transfusions from boozer and is thus developing the heart of a bozohole. I think that he has fallen in love with his offense and has given up running hard on transition D, and just doesn't seem to want to compete physically on D or the boards.

    There was one play last night in the second half where the Bulls missed a shot, Noah was buried under the rim as the Wiz got the rebound Taj was in the land around the cirlce. Naoh gathered himself into a full sprint to get back on D, flying past Taj like he was standing still as Taj skipped back on his tippy toes like he was out for a Sunday stroll. It really captured his effort level of late. Now maybe, he can't handle the minutes(like Doug mentioned in his podcast) but he is either not giving the effort or sadly out of shape.

    Would any of this change if he were elevated to the starting position. It will be very interesting to see what kind of attitude he brings back next season if Mirotic arrives and especially if Mirotic starts.

    It feels to me like the Bulls are stuck in the 4 hole, easily see us losing in Minny, and could happen in NY too. It would kind of suck if we stayed in 4rth but ended up passing some western conference teams in the draft standings, but Doug's right to get to third we would almost have to. Charlotte is looking like they are going to pass the Wiz(which would also cost us a draft spot), I guess it will all come down to their final head to head matchup this week. Since we are not winning anything this year, is it worth losing draft spots just to win a first round series. I know that the Bulls aren't thinking that way so que sera, sera.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    Just to snowball on Doug's comments regarding Taj vs the bozohole, even though I don't think that Taj played all that hard last night, and didn't overwhelm statistically, Taj was plus 31 and pieceofshitzer was only plus 1. I know that plus minus can be really quirky but that's crazy, and adds fuel to my never ending argument about how much playing with(carrying) boozer hurts Noah's game and numbers.

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