Top 10 reasons to watch the Bulls / Pacers instead of the NCAA tournament

Top 10 reasons to watch the Bulls / Pacers instead of the NCAA tournament

I know it's the most exciting time of the year for basketball for many fans, but this is a Bulls game you don't want to miss.

10: Paul George has slowed down a tad, but he's proven to become a legit superstarish type. He's averaging 22 points a game with a TS% of 56.5%. I've been a George doubter, but I'll be excited as hell if Derrick Rose can ever average those numbers again and am quite certain he won't be giving me the rest of what George gives the Pacers on defense.

9: The Bulls offense stinks. You know this. However, if not watching closely you may have missed out on the fact that it's actually gotten better. Chicago's passing has actually been perhaps the best it has ever been in the post Jordan era over the past month with Joakim Noah leading the charge.

8: The Pacers and Bulls are built from the same model. They play hard. They defend. They can't consistently shoot the three. Both teams will try to out intensify each other which means bodies will be flying, people will be screaming, and a playoff atmosphere will be had.

7: You want to know if the Bulls should try to sign Lance Stephenson next season. Stephenson is possibly the second best realistic FA no the market next season, and Chicago may look to bid on him. I'm betting 'no' on this one, but if you haven't seen him play much then now's your chance. He's an athletic two guard who can score, defend, and make two to three really dumb ass decisions a game.

6: Look, no one's mistaking the Bulls for a title contender, but they're certainly playing some pretty high quality basketball at times. They're beating a lot of good teams and Kevin Love even called Joakim Noah one of the most entertaining players in the league to watch.

5: There's a two percent chance that Jimmer Fredette will get into the game.

4: You probably only have around 20-25 games left to see D.J. Augustin in a Bulls uniform. Do you really want to miss one?

3: Indiana's got the best record in the conference and tied for the second best in the NBA, but they've been struggling lately. They've dropped their last 5 games to teams over .500 (losses to Dallas x2, Houston, Golden State, and Minnesota).

This makes them ripe to get picked off. This game's in Indiana, and nothing feels better than watching the Bulls beat a good team on the road. I wouldn't put money on the Bulls to take this game, but I think their practical odds are better than my gut feeling odds, and you don't want to miss the Bulls beating one of the NBA's elite.

2: These teams don't like each other. Joakim doesn't like these guys. Any opponent that Noah legitimately doesn't like means he gets up for that game big time. It means something interesting almost always happens. He's going to be jacked. It might mean a triple double, it might mean he falls flat on his face, but it won't be boring.

1: Let's face it, you can just look up your bracket score tomorrow and tune in when it gets far more interesting during the sweet 16. Who really cares about the round of 64?

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  • One reason to watch the NCAA tournament: it's more exciting!

  • Number 4 is depressing. Man alive, I'd love to have him back next year.

    Number 11: NBA basketball is such higher quality than NCAA. Case and point NC State vs St. Louis. The last 4 to 5 minutes of that game was un-watchable because of all the missed free throws. I don't blame the kids for missing all those shots, but man alive it's hard to watch.

    Side note: I'd love to have TJ Warren on the Bulls. Also, I used man alive two times in this post, actually I guess that makes it three.

  • In reply to Hoover:

    Yes, TJ Warren was on my watch list for a scoring wing who could reasonably be available at #16 or #19. Speaking from frustration, I am still steamed at GarPax for drafting Tony "Sleepy" Snell last year when Plumlee/Dieng were on the Board. Yes, you guys are right that it is too early to write this guy off. But, come on, don't the Bulls' scouts use a checklist with a category labeled "MOTOR?"

    I believe the Bulls will need to address the back-up center with one of their first round picks. What a waste. There are terrific athletes available in the the bottom half of the draft I would rather take a flyer on than a Euro who won't be any better than Plumlee or Dieng.

  • Pacers have fallen off big time for sure. Interesting to see if they can get on a run soon here before the playoffs to right the ship. Bulls on a good night you'd think could give them a good game right now. Playoffs, another story.

    Ditching the NCAA tourney to watch this game probably easy for true die hard NBA fans of these teams. But you could just DVR one or the other. College basketball and March Madness now with so many one and dones really takes a lot of the fun out of watching players and teams grow up together. Not to mention the money is so huge now that top ten talents and beyond know they are going to get paid so the humble factor and coach-ability are not quite what they once were. And AAU is not the most helpful influence on selflessness and team play.

    Still, even in one or two seasons you can see top talents and all-Americans come into their own to some extent. When you have collegiate teams with one or more future NBA starters and stars they are often the ones that advance and win the tournament. Just thinking of Illinois with Kendall Gill and Nick Anderson that nearly won it all and Michigan who knocked the Illini off(after losing to them twice in the regular season) with Glen Rice and Terry Mills.

    Bottom line: both NBA basketball and NCAA basketball used to be way more fun to watch then it is right now. Hopefully two and three years in college(with option of top, top players to go straight from H.S.) will gain traction and come to fruition and the hard cap will eventually be abandoned. Kansas is supposed to have two top three talents according to mocks so if Embiid's back heals up it will be interesting to see how far they go - realizing Embiid in some sense is a project most likely in the NBA. Still, they also have Perry Ellis and Wayne Selden one of whom may make it in the league as well in some capacity. I've got Kansas in the Finals losing to Arizona who oddly enough probably have only one future NBA player/starter in Aaron Gordon, but Nick Johnson(related to Dennis Johnson and his dad was a freakish athlete/hops) might surprise and be a spark plug guy as he does appear to be clutch and a gamer certainly with the season he's having this year(Pac-10 player of the year over Kyle Anderson) .

  • Side note: someone mentioned T.J. Warren as a possible Bulls draft target. Warren is a questionable shooter beyond mid range. Nonetheless, he's the first player to lead the ACC in scoring and field goal percentage since.. Tim Duncan. Just a thought. Both he and Kyle Anderson would be intriguing picks though both have questions about athleticism particularly Anderson.

  • So you think that there is a 2% chance that the Bulls are down by 30, with 2 minutes left in the game, so Thibs might feel "safe" in putting Jimmer in the game.

    Reason #11, I am a Chicago fan first and foremost

    Reason #12, I am an NBA fan, and I didn't fill out an NCAA bracket

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