Joakim Noah's triple double leads Bulls past hapless Knicks

Joakim Noah's triple double leads Bulls past hapless Knicks

Joakim Noah recorded his 5th triple double which makes him one of seven centers to record five or more triple doubles and one of five to do it with assists (Motumbo and Bradley have done it with blocks numerous times, and Hakeem has done it at least five times with blocks and assists).

His fourteen assists where a Bulls franchise high for a center, and the most for a big man in basketball-reference's database. Noah's truly in the midst of a special season and is a special player.

I noted a week or two back that Noah might finish out the season as the first center to lead his team in assists. He has that in the bag. What will be interesting is to see if he leads them in assists per game. D.J. Augustin has a .6 lead there, but if his role is diminished a bit with the Jimmer signing then his numbers could fall a bit.

Noah's 4.7 is less likely to rise merely because he's played more games and so his number will be harder to move and since he still has plenty of games where his assist numbers aren't that high.

Jimmer time

The Bulls lambasted the Knicks which afforded Chicago an opportunity to put newly signed Jimmer Fredette in the game. He knocked down his first jumper, going one for two on the night with two rebounds in around three minutes. Sure, there's not much to analyze except that the crowd was pretty excited to see Jimmer get in there.

We'll see if the Thibodeau magic can rub off on Jimmer like it has John Lucas, Nate Robinson, and D.J. Augustin over the coming weeks.

Sorry I was drunk on a beach

I have little else to add, because, well, I only saw the highlights, but I thought Noah's game deserved a special note and might warrant some discussion. Stay warm Chicago, or at least get warm by the time I return.

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  • I missed the game, too. But, I'm starting to get fired up for this team.

    I want to play Miami in round 2. I could care less about Indy. I want to at least beat down LeBron once or twice. Make it a good series. With Wade not quite himself, you never know...

  • I like to see the Bulls battle Miami in the second round but they still have too much firepower with a strong bench, every year we hope wade breaks down and he still going pretty strong. Melo if he wants to win a ship needs to come to chi.

    Loved watching Jimmer Fredette, he could be the white man's Ben Gordon, quick release and can create some with ok handles. He needs to give supreme effort on defense and knock down his shots because Thibodeau doesn't like to screw with rotations but he will play the hot hand. He could be the cheaper option if DJ gets a sizeable contract and also gives the Bulls freedom to finally draft a center instead of a point guard. The team was excellent with precision passing and unselfish team play, we don't have the "stars" but the Bulls play great team basketball that all can be proud of.

  • In reply to Defense-Rebound13:

    How about Bulls vs. Miami in the 3rd round (ECF)?

    On Sunday's ABC-TV broadcast both Doug Collins and Jeff Van Gundy stated they thought Bulls had 'no chance' against Miami in the playoffs, but may have a 'fighting chance' against the Indiana Pacers. I tend to agree.

    So I'm hoping the Pacers-Bulls seeding is either 2-3 or 1-4, thereby avoiding a Miami-Bulls matchup until the 3rd round.

  • In reply to Edward:

    Completely agree about wanting to get a shot at the Pacers in the 2nd round. They still don't strike me as a team that is any better than the DRose led Bulls of a couple years ago. Fan bias aside, I would pick the Bulls to win a 7 game series against the Pacers.

    On a side note - and I may be in the minority here - I would much rather the Heat beat the Pacers in the ECF if it came to that. It might just be greed, but something would not sit right with me if the Bulls aren't the eastern conference team to dethrone the Heat. That, and listening to the Pacer fanbase act like they are the greatest team ever assembled.

  • In reply to Defense-Rebound13:

    "white man's Ben Gordon" except of course that he is rumored to be team oriented, unselfish and willing if not quite able to play defense.

    I'm thinking/hoping the second coming of Steve Kerr.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    Kerr-Jimmer, Good Comparison!
    Gordon didn't accept a buyout because his agent couldn't find a playoff team interested in him even at pro-rated minimum. Unlike Granger, Caron, Big Baby, Jimmer, etc.

  • Have a great time in Mexico Doug!

  • I was never a fan of Jimmer. Not even in college. I thought he was overhyped and didnt face great competition while taking and making some pretty bad shots.

    However, after initially looking to tank, I have come around and now hope for as deep a playoff run as this team can go. I am so pumped for the playoffs right now. If we can at least make second rounf, I think we can steal a game or two.

  • I am making that photo of Boozer my computer desktop wallpaper. It. Is. Awesome.

  • In reply to bfranke:

    Make sure you send a copy to BigWay.

  • In reply to bfranke:

    If your into such things, Similar pictures with corresponding sounds are available at the Brookfield zoo.

    What I found awesome about boozer in the knicks game were the 22 rebounds that Chandler got, including 10 in the 3rd quarter alone when boozer "defended" him for the entire quarter. Not bad for the reputed 4rth best defensive rebounder in he history of the NBA.

    That and the fact that Noah was guarding shooting guards like Shumpert, JR Smith and Hardaway JR. at the 3 point line for more than half of the game because we have to hide boozer on the slowest least mobile guy on the court regardless of position or the crossmatching problems that creates and then that guy gets 22 rebounds.

    Otherwise enjoy the picture and the myth of boozer being a worthwhile basketball player. I have a suggestion for a caption, "Mr. Gargage time" or perhaps just Mr. Garbage.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    I'm sure Boozer has been in a lot of posters but it would be nice for him to be actually featured on one of them.

  • Saw the game & yup, you got it exactly right (except espn radio guys were saying NBA record for assists in a game by a center is 21 by Wilt which sounds about right). The Knicks didn't offer much resistance but still Jo was amazing. When Chandler came out he put the ball on the floor and made the right pass. When Carmelo came out on him, Jo shot it right over top. Guys were knocking down jumpers for him from the start. JVG said it, clinic.

    I'm driving the Jimmer bandwagon guys. Indications are he is a rental but I think there's even a chance he could wind up a starting 2 next to Derrick & Jimmy. I feel like this is a guy Pax has been scouring the earth for ever since he got bumped off the Redick deal.

    Enjoy the sun hombre!

  • In reply to Redwhitenblack:

    The Reddick comparison occured to me since we signed him. It will be interesting to see how this pans out over the next 4-5 months. Not sure about him being a starter for a guy like Thibs, especially at his diminutive size for a 2.

  • In reply to Redwhitenblack:

    Jimmer is never going to start in the NBA! I'd be more than happy if he was a valuable shooter off the bench. I think he would be too.

  • In reply to Roman F:

    Knowing what we know about the roster now and assuming Jimmer performs somewhere in the range of Nate Robinson, both of whom have put up PERs above 16 it would look like this:

    Noah - Pick #1
    Mirotic - Gibson
    Butler - Dunleavy
    Fredette - Snell
    Rose - Augustin

    Murphy, Shengelia & Pick #2 round out the 13 man roster.

    Assume he's slightly better on defense than Gordon because he's more willing and has better coaching. I think it could work because you can hide him a bit on defense by putting him next to Butler. It'd be a wash since you no longer have to worry about hiding Boozer. You could only play Jimmer with Dunleavy if Jimmer's running the point though. Otherwise you're asking for trouble. Either way, with that lineup I don't think anybody's complaining about the Bulls offense anymore.

  • In reply to Redwhitenblack:

    If Jimmer becomes a valuable shooter for the Bulls playing 10-12 minutes per game, we'd all have to be pretty happy with that. I'd be surprised if he was anywhere near as good with the Bulls as Gordon or Nate were, he's not the dynamic player those guys were.

  • I, too, am high in Jimmer. I think he could be Nate 2.0 in the playoffs. He's not as quick, but he's a better shooter than Nate and has deeper range. He would routinely shoot 10 feet behind the college 3 pt line at BYU.

    Not sure if this means anything from the end of Wilbon's ESPN article:

    "When our young boy comes back ... I want a ring. I want a ring so bad. When he comes back, I know our time will come."

    This year? You know the Bulls aren't saying anything after last year's mess. At some point, what does Rose have to lose? There are only so many playoff runs a player is blessed with.

  • In reply to Granby:

    Was he talking about Rose or Rose's son.

  • Rose out, Deng gone, and the Bulls 9-1 in their last 10 games. Did anyone see this coming? We can see the potential for the future.

    If the Bulls bring over Mirotic and Rose comes back, this is a contending team. It could be a top 5 or 6 team. However, if they get one excellent starter, an SG, in the draft, they could take it all.

    They might need to trade Taj and move up in the draft to get the SG. On the other hand, trading Taj would be a mistake unless it is to land Stephenson, Carmelo, or Love. I could see trading Boozer, Taj, the Bobcats' pick, the Kings' pick, and the 2015 1st rounder for Love.

    Even if the Bulls just amnesty Boozer and sign Stephenson, with Mirotic and a good draft, they could be as good as anyone.

  • In reply to rustyw:

    When Doug returns, maybe he could write a column discussing the various options with Boozer - amnesty or not and how that affects:
    1) cap space for a free agent
    2) MLE, will they have it or not
    3) Timing of a Boozer amnesty, can it be done after a Mirotic MLE signing or not.
    4) Mirotic, via MLE or cap space
    5) Uses for Boozer in trade as expiring if he is not amnestied (on draft night, off season, or February 2015 trade deadline).


    For example, I believe if Bulls amnestied Boozer and signed FA Stephenson with cap space, they would not have either cap space nor an MLE to sign Mirotic and he would have to wait 1 more year to come to Bulls in 2015.

    A good column for you Doug when you return to the frozen tundra of Chicago.

  • In reply to Edward:

    If they amnestitize the BozoHole, they will be under the cap, thus they will lose the MLE, but they will have the room exception, which is something less than $3 million per, don't know for how many years. That is almost certainly will not be enough to get Mirotic to come over this season, but it might give us a shot at having enough money to get a guy like Stephenson. so it would be a choice between using the cap space on one or the other but not both.

    If we could guarantee that Mirotic would come over the next summer (2015)for the full MLE, then basketball talent wise this would be the best move. Are we patient enough to do that and do we have the balls.

    Obviously, the only drawback to amenstitizing the Hole, is losing his albatross contract as a match in a forced desperation trade for a superstar(Love). That is basically the only reason to keep him, and maybe in combination with keeping the MLE for Mirotic might be what saves boozers ass for one more year on the Bulls as the backup center to Noah for about 5-10 minutes a night.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    One wrinkle to waiting until 2015 on Mirotic is I believe the buyout penalty in Mirotic's contract expires in 2015, allowing him to come to Bulls with no financial penalty.

    I believe only way Bulls go this Mirotic-2015-route is if they really score on an impact player. Is Stephenson that player?

  • In reply to Edward:

    Right no buyout in 2015, which makes it a good/better move for him as well as the Bulls. Again, it requires one more year of patience and the faith that it will happen in 2015.

  • David Robinson led the 93-94 Spurs in assists with 381, giving him an avg of 4.8 a game to go along with 1.7 steals, 3.3 blks, 10.7 boards, 29.8 points, and 75% from the free throw line... what a year!

    And Noah's assists were the highest for a center since 1978

  • Two interesting observations:

    - Noah actually had a Triple Dozen!
    - Bulls now have 2 players from the Mountain West Conference:
    Tony Snell and Jimmer Fredette. Gar Forman is ecstatic.

  • Same old Bulls. They go 9-1 against some really good competition, then lay an egg against the Brooklyn Nets of all teams. Bulls look terrible at both ends of the floor but especially, of course, on offense.

  • In reply to Roman F:

    Yes, this brings us all down to earth about the Bulls. This Bulls teams in seriously flawed in terms of skilled offense. The do well by making up for it in sheer will and determination. That's why fans and NBA insiders (execs, announcers, etc...) like this team. It's not he prototypical lazy, self-serving NBA player.

  • In reply to Granby:

    And of course, sheer will and determination (and better preparation) don't translate very far into the playoffs. Because suddenly, the opponents who were coasting during the regular season will match the will, determination and preparation of Thibs' Bulls.

  • Well, I certainly cannot let last nights debacle go without pointing out that virtually everything that is wrong with the Bulls was on full display last night and virtually all of that is directly related to the presence of his BozoHoliness on the floor.

    We were destroyed on offense and defense, essentially because there was nowhere to "hide" the Hole on either end of the court. This time the problems were actually worse on offense than they were on defense, as the Nets were obviously not "terrified" of having Paul Pierce defend boozer as the power forward. Pierce absolutely destroyed boozer as the Bulls in the false belief that he was actually Shaquille O'BozoHole spent the entirety of the first and third quarters attempting to force feed the ball into the Hole in the post. And pretty much every single time that resulted in a turnover or a missed shot by the hole. This basically destroyed our offensive rythym for the entire game and we were never able to recover as evidenced by our 28 turnovers.

    Then on the defensive end since Thibs was "terrified" of boozer defending Pierce(the Nets power forward) he had Noah(and Taj) chasing him around outside he 3 point arc most of the night, thus destroying our interior defense and allowing the Nets big guards to drive the lane at will, as boozers rim protection help consists of backing up underneath the rim, and then shoving the driver with both hands after watching him make a layup to create a 3 point play.

    This is just the reality of the asinine use of Noah and Taj by Thibs in order to justify the existence of the bozoasshole. The Bulls lost he first and third quarters by a combined score of something like 53-35(and they lost the last 5 minutes of the first half when boozer returned by 5 points also), which means they won the rest of the game, you know the part where boozers lazy ass was on the bench. and that happened despite the fact that everybody more of less played like shit anyway.

    If I were in charge, fuck waiting for amnesty, I would have shipped boozer to Fargo immediately after the game and fed him into the woodchipper.

    If there ever was a game that demonstrates what an absolute useless sack of shit he is, and that his elimination by any means necessary would be addition by subtraction, last night was it.
    But hey at least Sam Smith and the remaining bozophiles can sleep at night knowing that he did record a double double.

    Anybody still contend that he's having his best season as a Bull, and that he should have been an allstar, jeez what a crock of lunactic shit that talk has been every year that he's been a Bull.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    Haha, I watched the game on local TV here in NJ and after the game, the commentators were talking about Pierce, "He had a tough matchup in Carlos Boozer" and I nearly fell to the floor with laughter. Then they talked up what a good game Pierce had against Carlos "tough matchup" Boozer.

    When the team commits 28 turnovers, however, you simply can't pin it to the starting PF. It was a team suckfest.

  • In reply to Roman F:

    Agree that it was a team suckfest, I pretty much said that when I pointed out that they still won the rest of the game(the part boozer didn't play) even though everybody else still played like shit.

    The turnover parade started with and was driven by the continuous and futile attempts to feed Shaquille O'bozohole in the post from the very start of the game. Turnovers are kind of like a snowball rolling downhill, once you get it started it is hard to stop the momentum.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    Forbes, using Wages of Win’s Wins Produced formula, just came up with its calculation of the most overpaid players for this season, comparing a player’s salary against his WP (wins produced.)

    7- Pau Gasol
    6- Boozer
    5- Ben Gordon
    4- Mayo
    3- Ilyasova
    2- Bargnani
    1- Bennett

  • In reply to Don Ellis:

    as you know, I am not a huge advanced stat guy, but it is intersting that 2 of the top 6 guys are my most despised Bulls players ever. Although to be fair Gordon is there in his non existent post Bulls career

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