Bulls had better beat up Detoit tonight

Bulls had better beat up Detoit tonight

The Chicago Bulls have a reprieve against the Detroit Pistons tonight. It's not an automatic win. As the their loss to the Garnett-less Nets proved, there are no automatic ones. However, things are about to get real after tonight's game.

Chicago has a nice home stretch after Detroit, too bad all the teams they're playing are a bunch of bad asses. They start by welcoming Memphis, whom at 34-26 has a better record than Chicago but is presently sitting outside the playoffs in the West.

They follow it up with games against Miami, San Antonio, and Houston. They then play OKC and Indiana twice over the next six games, sandwiched in between some very winnable games against the Kings and 76ers twice. They then end the stretch with a tough game against the Blazers.

This next stretch probably decide whether Chicago makes the playoffs. They could probably lose all of those games and make the playoffs easily.

However, it might show whether or not they're going to be the three, four, five, or sixth seed. The nice thing for Chicago is after this brutal stretch is over, it's smooth sailing the rest of the way. After their March 28th game against Portland, Chicago closes out the season with 10 games that they'll be favored or evenly matched.

Only @Washington and @Minnesota likely even fall into the evenly matched section. Chicago certainly isn't guaranteed to win all of those games, but NBA teams that are out of the playoffs have a tendency to give up at the end of the season against teams that are. They've got nothing left to fight for, and Chicago likes to pound the fight out of teams as it is.

This should put the Bulls on a nice win streak to end the season and perhaps a bit of feel good attitude into a playoff chase. However, if we want to know what the Bulls playoff odds really look like, we should look at the next 10-12 games instead.

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  • There will not be many instances in which I say this but I believe we lost vs the Nets mainly b/c of coaching. They started the game with a small lineup and we refused to adapt our personell to better defend that. Not only that, but we didn't punish them on the other end for going small b/c the guards couldn't effectively get the ball to Booz or Taj.

    Also DJ got ABUSED on D by D Will. I've never been really high on the DJ bandwagon b/c of his weakness on D. People also kill (not over the past few weeks while he's been hot) Kirk and state that he's a bum b/c of his offensive #s, but can you name a better on ball defender at the PG position?? On an every night basis he gives a great contribution on one side of the court. Can you say that about DJ??

    I like what the org has been able to do in adding two way players (Taj, Kirk, Jimmy, Snell) that can contribute on both ends. We're steady in search of the one back court piece that can provide some penetration and shooting ability while still being able to decently defend. This is the guy we're waiting on who may be able to take our team to the next level. I'm excited to see what we can do in the draft/this offseason.

  • In reply to muckfiami:

    Great analysis. If Hinrich could only stay healthy...

  • This is the part of the season that you just want to hit fast forward. College hoops heats up and NBA regular season gets long in the tooth.

    Just get to the playoffs already! NBA needs to 1) expand the court by a foot on each side.... 2) decrease the schedule from 82 to 70 games... 3) bump up the age limit by a year... and 4) replace current paint with a bigger int'l-style trapezoid.

  • Bigway,
    I didn't watch the game, did you? From the box score I see Boozer with a plus/minus of -10 and all other Bulls (except Nazr) in + territory. Bulls lost the 1st and 3rd quarters by a combined 10 points when Boozer likely played most of his 24 minutes. Yet, Bulls won the 2nd and 4th quarters by a combined 21 points. Can I infer something from that???

    Detroit has a pretty good and big frontline, so I'd like your analysis of the matchups and Boozer's play if you watched the game.

  • In reply to Edward:

    Boozer was either invisible or getting abused by Detroit's bigs. He contributed almost nothing last night.

    Taj's game was firing on all cylinders & then some. 16 pts in the 2nd Q on an automatic jumper and some really sweet moves at the front of the rim. Class was in session, Taj was amazing.

    Then everyone (except Booze) found rhythm in the 3rd starting with Jimmy attacking the rim and getting to the line. Noah & DJ took over in the 4th and Taj came in to pad an already impressive stat night & get Noah his triple double to cap it off.

  • In reply to Edward:

    For the most part RWB is correct about boozer.

    Unfortunatelyl, the thing that stood out to me(in a scary way) was that Monroe was virtually invisible in the first quarter while Noah was guarding him(with boozer hiding on the offensively challenged Drummond as usual) then the instant that Taj came into the game Monroe went at him like he thought that he(Taj) was Kyle Korver, scoring at will in a variety of ways. I think that he ended the night with 27 points, which has to be the most that he has ever scored against us.

    So while everyone will probably applaud Gibson's good game on O and his post game, the fact that he got torched on D will probably go unnoticed. As the numbers you pointed out depict, boozer was just his usual useless self, his assholiness didn't jump off the screen like it did in the Nets game

  • In reply to BigWay:

    Thanks for the insight. Taj is undersized at PF, we tend to forget that sometimes, its very matchup dependent. Monroe has skills and is 6'11" which is a great size for a PF. I could see how Monroe might feel he could do more with a 'little guy' guarding him.

  • In reply to Edward:

    Your right about Taj being undersized, from time to time I have to remind people that he measure only 6'7.75" in socks at the draft combine.

    In fact, I've always contended that if you could put 2 inches on both Taj and Noah, we'd have the most devastating frontline in basketball.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    Taj measured 6'8.5" without shoes. Source: http://www.draftexpress.com/profile/Taj-Gibson-1164/

    That's as tall as Blake Griffin, taller than Kevin Love.

    When you take into account you block/challenge shots with your arms, not your head, standing reach is even more important than height, and Gibson's is 9'1" which is elite - bigger than guys like Monroe or Anthony Davis.

    If Taj is undersized for the PF it's about weight, not height.

  • I hate to do this, but I'm at work doing some "Rose Return" day dreaming .........I've been of the mind set that we should get Rose back as soon as possible. And lets say he's 100% by playoffs. Given how effective Augustine has been offensively, do we compromise that with a Rose adjustment period? Hinrich has been playing well too as of late: do we compromise that so our Leader can test his body and find out if he can be the same player. Overall, we're playing really well right now. I'm thinking that even if Rose is able to come back, Even the Fan in me, doesn't think its a good idea. I'm also thinking about how he looked at the beginning of this season, and it wasn't too pretty. Is there any scenario where you see us able to get a healthy Rose onto our squad this season without it causing a massive disruption to our chemistry causing a quicker playoff exit?

  • In reply to Villageworker2:

    Ya, Rose may want to shelf it this year. Too many moving parts. Now, if he can come back really soon, there's still like 6 weeks until playoff time to gel. But, it's probably not happening, so it's moot.

  • In reply to Granby:

    Although, you have to wonder if his teammates feel like he may come back. And they are just not saying anything... how do you explain the turnaround and heart of this team!? Conspiracy theory?

  • This is not Rose's team anymore........never will be again.......Rose will just be a part of team's future....not the Main Ingredient........

    Boozer looked lost the other night in New Jersey

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