Bulls Beat #313 - Joakim's on a tear

Bulls Beat #313 - Joakim's on a tear

I discuss the historic nature of Joakim Noah's passing, the Bulls race towards the playoffs, and why this season has turned out fun despite the Rose injury.

Bulls Beat #313 - Joakim's on a tear

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  • Noah got robbed of a triple double last night by his teammates, specifically Dunleavy and Butler who missed at least a half dozen layups after perfect passes from Noah.

    Even Dunleavy himself admitted as much in this quote

    "Tonight we missed a lot of easy ones for him or else he would have had 15 or 16 assists.”

    Confirmed by Sam Smith

    It’s not hyperbole as you could count a half dozen times Bulls players fumbled on line Noah passes at the rim.

    He likely would have/should have had another one the night before if not for the blowout.

    Bulls got hammered on the boards last night(again), really exposing that as currently constituted they are not a big team. Notice how the fourth best defensive rebounder in NBA history(boozer) disappeared against a guy(Reggie Evans) who only has one talent(effort). Can't we just trade boozer for Evans and his twin brother Acee.

    Cousins may not be a rocket scientist, but he sure is a bull if not yet a beast. That little guy Thomas is a tough little bastard to. I believe that he is an unrestricted free agent this summer. Not saying that the Bulls are interested but he should go ahead of DJ which should help the Bulls retain him(DJ). Saw a scouts take on Thomas suggesting that he will "only" command between $4-5 million per, again perhaps helping the Bulls retain DJ.

    The Kings definitely have some talent, with a good draft pick this summer, there is no way these guys are a bottom 10 team for 3 more seasons, which means another #1 in the teens coming the Bulls way.

    The refs were a pain in the butt last night, as DJ as usual was abused by them. I hate the fact that certain guys can't get a break from the officials because they have a bad rep as defenders. It wasn't just last night, but it seems everynight DJ gets called for a foul anytime he even looks like he is trying to play D(maybe that's boozers excuse). He handles it pretty well, but it has to be frustrating for him.

    I agree with you on the Jimmer front, what was the point of signing him, if your not even going to bother to find out what he can do. I don't know what Thibs is waiting for to give Jimmer some real time, I guess that it is just Thibs being Thibs, probably defense related. I would like to see him get whatever minutes that Snell is getting just to see if we have something worth keeping for the future. He certainly can shoot/knock down 3's, which is something we are going to need in the playoffs.

    Back to reality Monday night, as we just don't match up well with OKC. I guess that Butler will have to defend Durant, where does that leave Dunleavy? Hopefully this will not be a repeat of the SA game.

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