Bulls Beat #312 - No joy in Miami

Bulls Beat #312 - No joy in Miami

The Chicago bulls struggled in Miami, but they've still been on a tear ripping apart opponents recently.

Bulls Beat #312 - No joy in Miami

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  • In a very close hotly contested game, how does a head coach not respond when the opponent is taking control of the game and opening a lead? What a difference a minute can make!

    Score was 40-40 at halftime. Bulls were up 50-49 with 5:21 remaining in 3rd quarter. GREAT! Bulls are really competing.
    Miami then scores 7 straight points (surrounding two missed 3s and a turnover by Bulls) to grab the biggest lead of the game at 56-50 with 3:13 remaining and you can see and feel Miami’s momentum and confidence growing. I’m yelling TIME OUT, TIME OUT at the TV because Bulls offense is completely stagnant and being smothered by Miami’s defense.

    But Thibs in his infinite-head-coaching-wisdom does nothing and Bulls commit two more turnovers (making 3 straight turnovers) while Miami scores at will. The score is now 60-50 and THE GAME IS OVER!! A 10-point lead in a low scoring grindout road game is nearly insurmountable, and Bulls are clearly shell-shocked by Miami’s 11-0 run.

    Finally, and too late, Thibs calls time out with 2:10 remaining. Yes, this is the so-called “one of the best coaches in the NBA.”

    I’m not saying a time out at 56-50 would have won the game for Bulls, but it would have given Bulls a chance to regroup while the game was still within reach. A timeout, regroup, draw up a play and score, makes it 56-52 and its still a game. To wait until the game is out-of-reach at 60-50 is far too late to call a timeout.

    Thanks Thibs, you’re still a defensive assistant coach.

  • In reply to Edward:

    Nice job cherry-picking one instance. The Bull's winning percentage with Thib's as head coach tends to side with him being "one of the best coaches in the NBA" rather than with the internet GM's calling for his job. His in-game management has won many many more games for the Bull's than it has lost.

  • In reply to Motoman:

    It was the turning point in a Nationally Televised game against the World Champion Miami Heat. That's hardly cherry-picking.

  • In reply to Edward:

    Ranting about a single instance from ONE regular season game versus the collective decisions and record during Thib's tenure as Bull's head coach. If thats not cherry-picking, then I don't know what is. How many times has Thib's won us games with in-game management? How many times will you see posts ranting about the outcome when the coach's in-game management WINS us the game? Not often. You jumped at your chance to claim Thibs isn't even worthy of being a head coach, while completely ignoring the success this team has seen since his hiring.

    A timeout may or may not have affected the outcome of this game, but how can you seriously sit there and question Thibs as one of the best coaches in the NBA? Look at the stats if you want, he is easily a top 5 coach in today's game. Who out there would be a better option to lead this Bull's team? Take the top two scorers off any team in the league and see if that team can even sniff the playoff picture, let alone be in contention for the third seed (admittedly in a historically bad Eastern Conference).

  • In reply to Motoman:

    So we disagree. I have no problem with that.

    I'll bet, if you were watching the game, that it never even occurred to you (in Real Time, not later in the game or after the game) that a time out should be called immediately when Miami went on their 7-0 run to take the biggest lead of the game at 56-50. The thought never even crossed your mind.

  • In reply to Edward:

    your crazy bro, Thibs is doing more with less than any coach in sports. Look at the knicks doing nothing with alot. Be careful what you wish for, what would Thibs do with that roster. I think the guys who can't get along with him (pax, gar) should be shown the door or else. They bring in svrubs and he wins with them.

  • As usual, when Miami wants to they turn up the defense, even without Lebron they can be/are the best defensive team in the league. As usual when faced with that kind of D the Bulls have no answer.

    I'm not saying that they played scared(except for Bozo the lionhearted tinman) but they definitely shot scared. The only guy who really showed up was Noah. Taj had nice stats, 20 & 10 but he spent too much time in whining little bitch mode, which he does way too often when under pressure. To me that is a sign that despite his performance this season, he is at heart a bench player/sixth man type rather than a legitimate starter on a championship contender. Actually, yesterdays game pretty much demonstrated that we have only one such player, Noah, and who knows how much longer he will stay at this level.

    Lot of people going nuts on SSS's blog over at Bulls.com about this game proving how much we miss Luol Deng. To me that is a simple over reaction, we lost games like this to Miami all the time with Deng. What we were missing last night was Deng's replacement, Jimmy Butler. All that last night "proved" is that you can't get rid of a player like Deng without having a replacement on hand.

  • Yes, Thibs should probably called a timeout.

    Yes, Thibs probably should have played Tornike or Vornado or Murphy a few minutes.

    Yes, Nazr is pretty much done.


    Yes Thibs is a top 5 coach.

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