Rose off crutches, will travel with the team soon

Rose off crutches, will travel with the team soon

Just a blip a yesterday from K.C. Johnson, but Derrick Rose is off of his crutches and will begin to travel with the team in a few weeks (presumably starting with the Ice Capades trip in February).

Tom Thibodeau basically just gave the, everything is fine, nothing to see here which is probably more or less the only reasonable response now anyway.

"He's coming along fine," Thibodeau said. "He's doing more and more, but he still has a long way to go."

The Bulls declared Rose out for the season. He suffered his injury on Nov. 22, and therapists interviewed at the time said the six- to eight-week mark is typically when patients no longer need crutches.

Thibodeau said Rose will "probably start traveling in the next couple weeks." In the direct aftermath of the injury, the Bulls said it'd be good for Rose to be around teammates during this rehabilitation.

Sounds like Derrick is right on track. It's been about eight weeks since the surgery, and he's now reportedly off the crutches right when he should be. He's not far ahead of schedule by any stretch, so dreams of Derrick Rose suiting up early probably seem unfounded at this point.

Last season, he likely could have first tried to give it a go in March, but he elected to remain extra cautious. This season the earliest he has a chance to be ready is late March and the late end of the time line would be in June.

The timeline is likely too tight to even begin to wonder what Derrick's thought process is. Does he stop and think "holy crap, my career is flashing before my eyes, I'm about to miss my third playoffs" or "these guys really need me with Luol out" or "why should I give a crap if management traded Deng, clearly they don't".

We have no idea what Derrick's thought process is, and the odds of him coming back seem long enough that his thought process really won't come into play anyway. Still, as Jim Carey knows, there's always a chance.

As for traveling with the team? I don't know, seems like a great way to just disrupt Rose's rehab to me. Why not stay back at a consistent spot with a consistent set of equipment and a consistent set of hours? Just seems like Rose would get better results staying at home.

I don't see the upside of him traveling with the team until he's able to return to practice. Maybe management wants him around so guys remember that they still have a chance to win big starting next season, maybe they want him out there for the fans, either thought seems silly compared to giving Rose the best rehab conditions possible to me.

While the window is small and increasingly unlikely, any hopes the Bulls have of winning a championship in the next half decade or so still rests on Rose's shoulders. The Bulls need to do everything in their power to make his knee better not try and make fans/teammates feel supported this year.


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  • But what if he hurts his shoulders?

  • I was totally against this but seeing how derrick rose has weak knees, maybe those suggestions that he should be moved to shooting guard while trying to get another point guard isn't a bad move. Imagine getting rajon rondo or kyle lowry and moving derrick to a monta ellis role. He's not ideal at 6'2" but he's athletic enough to stick taller guards. Moving him to the SG could help reduce wear and tear on the knees a bit and give us more security should he get injured again next season.

  • In reply to Defense-Rebound13:

    I do like the idea of Rose at the 2 if the Bulls could get a combo guard to play alongside him. Another bigger PG at 6'3" that can shoot would enable the Bulls to do this.

    But, I'm not sure Rose playing PG or SG will reduce the chance that he gets injured. Especially when you look at the simple cut he made in Portland to blow out the knee this time around. Heck, even the ACL move against Philly didn't look all that bad - just his usual jump stop. Both were no-contact injuries.

  • In reply to Defense-Rebound13:

    Or what if we had just traded for/drafted Damian Lillard.

  • Why does anyone want to move Rose to SG? He came into the league a PG and was the league's best PG, even if he didn't fit the classic mold like a Chris Paul. Meanwhile, he doesn't shoot well. Defensively, PG is an easier assignment so while I doubt either position would reduce the risk to injury, I could argue that PG is a lower injury risk than SG.

  • If Rose is medically cleared and there is no greater chance to re-injure the knee if he were to come back in March or April vs waiting 'til next year.... I'd argue that he should consider coming back sooner.

    He needs to play. Like Doug said, he'll have basically missed 2 seasons and 3 playoff runs if he does not play.

    Physically, he looked good earlier this year. He just needs to play if he's healthy so that he gets better for next season. We can't get off to a slow start next season because Derrick is shooting 35% in Nov and Dec.

    At some point, if he does not play he will lose a step, if he has not already after this second injury.

  • WHAT .....Leave Trump Tower......NEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Somewhat interesting article. If the Bulls end up keeping their 2nd rounders, wouldn't mind them using one on this kid. He most likely wouldn't become a star or even all-star by any means, but he seems to have a good head on his shoulders, good handles, and a knack for getting to the hoop. The way he talks, it sounds like he plays with a chip on his shoulder and would be a harder worker to prove he belonged in the NBA. Its sad when some of the most exciting parts of our Bulls season are talking about trades and draft prospects...

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