Jerry Reinsdorf calls Bulls mediocre and Joakim Noah looks like an all-star

Jerry Reinsdorf calls Bulls mediocre and Joakim Noah looks like an all-star

In an interview with Rich King on WGN TV, Jerry Reinsdorf called the present Bulls mediocre. Not much of a controversial statement there given their .500 record in a pathetic Eastern conference.

K.C. Johnson with the quotes:

"Obviously, we're a mediocre team this year, a middle-of-the-pack team," Reinsdorf told King. "Looks like we probably will make the playoffs but we don't know for sure. But we're not that bad. When Derrick (Rose) comes back, that gets us a top-five player and we've got a lot of things going for us.

"We have the rights to (Nikola) Mirotic, who's probably the best player in Europe. He's going to come either this year or the following year at the latest."

Reinsdorf also cited the Bobcats' first-round pick from the Tyrus Thomas trade and a potential first-round pick from the Kings acquired in the Luol Deng trade to the Cavaliers.

"We're not starting from scratch," Reinsdorf said. "We still have Noah and Derrick and (Mike) Dunleavy and Taj Gibson and (Carlos) Boozer. We've got a pretty good base.

"The future looks good, and you have to be proud of the way they've played this year. We've had games where we've had one starter and they never give up. That's a reflection of the coach and also on the general manager. Since he's been here, he's been able to get the kind of player that our coach can coach."

If you want to read lots and lots from this, it's interesting to note the following guys were mentioned as pieces going forward:
Rose, Mirotic, Noah, Taj, Dunleavy, Boozer.

Conspicuously missing was Jimmy Butler from this list, but likely an oversight similar to how Derrick Rose mentioned how he loved the entire starting lineup this summer and went on to compliment everyone except Carlos Boozer. Tony Snell was also left off the list, but given his role so far, that's not so surprising.

The Bulls do potentially have a bright future, there's a small window of which they can do something pretty special. I'll be curious to see if management is as excited about trying to bring in Carmelo Anthony as fans are.

They have plenty of pieces, some flexibility, but the real question underlying their entire future is whether Derrick Rose comes back. I have serious doubts about Rose playing at a time five level again, but there's also no better solution than waiting and hoping for the best.

Rose won't return anything meaningful in trade this year, not with 60 million left on his deal and two consecutive years sitting on the pine. Even if there's only a 10% chance Rose comes back as an elite player, it's greater than the odds of the Bulls getting an elite player in terms of trade.

Bulls leak video and pull it down

A video was released on the Chicago Bulls youtube page congratulating Joakim Noah on his all-star appearance. Reserves will be announced Thursday on TNT, and the Bulls quickly pulled the video down. It's possible they made the video just in case, but it's far more likely they've already been told by the league he's in.

Given that Noah's the type of player coaches love, there really aren't many big men who don't stink, and Noah's been a best lately, it's not too surprising that he would get the all-star nod.

I'll be more curious to see if Luol Deng gets a third appearance or not. It's hard to imagine Deng really deserving a spot, but the East is so weak this year that he might have a chance.


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  • I guess you could also read into Jerry's comments as meaning they don't plan on using the amnesty on Boozer this summer.

  • Here is my take on this. What JR is basically saying is "keep hope alive." This is what keeps 22,000+ people paying exorbitant ticket prices 41x a year at the UC. (I know, many of these people (corporations) expense this.) It also keeps people like you and me spending countless hours ruminating whether some overpaid athlete like Carmelo will realize our dreams.

    We Bulls fans are like a Marcus Garvey "cargo cult" waiting for our ship to come in. Or, rather we are waiting for Godot or being a character in a Eugene O'Neil play.

    Sorry folks, I've had a bad morning. Just venting.

  • In reply to hgarbell:

    Actually, its 45 times per season. Season ticket holder are forced to buy 4 home preseason games as part of the season ticket package. It's a total ripoff that effectively inflates the true cost of the regular season games by an additional 10%!

  • I am happy for Joakim, if this is true. Well deserved. As for what the future holds for the Bulls, I am expecting us to be at a minimum the bulls we were in 2010 with all the flexibility we have. And if we are lucky and Management plays the right cards, we may have either Melo or Lance Stephenson in our roster next year.

  • If Bulls clear cap space and go for a big free agent like Melo or Stephenson, that may mean waiting one more year for Mirotic. Because teams can't have both cap space and the MLE - I believe its either/or, is that correct?

  • In reply to Edward:

    Yeah the MLE only applies for teams over the cap.

  • In reply to Edward:

    If they free cap space to chase Melo (presumably meaning moving Taj/Dunleavy and amnestying Boozer) they'd have enough to get Stephenson and bring Mirotic over, even if (god forbid) they offered the max to Stephenson.

  • On this site at least, if Jerry Reinsdorf speaks, and says anything other than "This team will never win anything because I'm a cheap bastard," he will get ripped for lying to fans in an attempt to extract more money from them.

  • In reply to Roman F:

    Perhaps you would prefer, "This team will never win anything because I only hire front office personnel who are incompetent sycophants."

  • In reply to Edward:

    I'm pretty sure Reinsdorf hired all the front office personnel that won 6 championships. so that statement would be false.

  • In reply to Don Ellis:

    My statement applies to post-1998 NBA lockout, i.e., the luxury tax era. You didn't read the fine print.

  • fb_avatar

    He may have accidentally failed to mention Butler, and certainly the order in which he mention Dunleavy before Taj was off, too. The order of meaning as this team is currently constructed is Rose, Noah, Taj, and all others. I would've been extremely unhappy had they traded Taj instead of Deng.

    And, I don't think all Bulls' fans are excited about the (remote) possibility of Carmelo coming to Chicago. Personally, I'd prefer he stay in NY.

  • Media quotes like this are like reading tea leaves - you can see whatever you want to see in them. Don't really think just because Boozer was mentioned he's in any way safe from amnesty. I really wouldn't be surprised either way with him.

  • I went to high school with Michael Reinsdorf and got invited to see a Bulls game some years after we graduated. I remember meeting Jerry and him telling the group we were with that the Bulls future was very bright because they had just drafted back in June the two pillars upon which the Bulls next dynasty wss going to built: Tyson Chandler and Eddy Curry. So much for the old man's pronostications.

  • In reply to takdan:

    Too Funny! Chandler ended up being a solid pro, too bad it took about 7 years.

  • I am not a Melo fan at all, but I think that he is what the Bulls need - so long as Thibs is the coach. Thibs will be able to squeeze out every ounce of D from Melo. Melo can D up when he wants to.

    Thibs would need to reduce his ball-stopping ways - and that may be the hardest aspect of Melo in Chicago with Rose.

    Would need shooting and Mirotic would fit perfectly, but it's hard to see how they can both come over unless Gibson is traded. Gibson is a tremendous defender and his offense is coming around. Great energy. Would hate to lose him, but for Carmello, yes.

    But, by freeing up Gibson's $8 mil, maybe they could also resign Augustin? And bring over Mirotic?

    Could start:
    Melo (May be best at the PF)

    Rookie/vet min big

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