Derrick Rose playing for the national team is a good thing

Derrick Rose playing for the national team is a good thing

I'm sure there will be some grousing. He won't even suit up for us, why the hell is he playing for the national team? What if he gets hurt again? How can we have Derrick Rose take this type of risk given his recent injury history. I get it. However, I think Rose playing for the national is a positive.

Rose has had two consecutive non contact injuries

Let's face it, this simply just doesn't bode well for his future either way. Who knows if Derrick will ever stay healthy again. However, if he can't make it through a world cup stint and some team USA practices then he sure as hell isn't going to make it through the regular season anyway.

For Derrick Rose to actually help the Bulls, he needs to come back, stay healthy, play with no fear, and bring the same athleticism he brought before. In short, he needs to become the old Derrick Rose again.

In order to become the old Derrick Rose he can't be skipping everything, doing the minimum, and worried constantly that his knee might give out on him. He has to go out there and play with confidence.

When Rose was back, he never looked like himself

Derrick was quite a bit away from domination prior to tearing his meniscus. His straight line athleticism was good, but he didn't show much change of direction and his shooting was abysmal. You can practice all you want on a court by yourself. You can even get a bunch of people to practice with you.

What you can't easily do is get a bunch of the best players in the entire world to practice against you. You can't easily practice against NBA caliber defenses and NBA caliber athleticism. You can't fake that without actually getting the best players in the world to defend you.

That's exactly what will happen at the world cup team practices. Derrick will get to try himself out against the best of the best in a team setting. This is the type of training that can help him come back to the Bulls in 14/15 playing back near his peak level.

It's going to help him a hell of a lot more than doing some extra squats or lining up against whatever workout buddies he can find near him.

Tough task tonight

Looking at wins and losses, the Bulls are one of the hottest teams in the league. However, they haven't played an opponent that doesn't suck in quite some time. They play a team with a record over .500 tonight, one that's not in the minor league conference. We'll see how they stack up.

My guess? Not good. However, I don't think many Bulls fans have been fooled by this run against the dregs of the league. The Bulls did beat a couple teams with above .500 records over the run, but the Hawks were barely over and the Suns were missing Eric Bledsoe.

Even the "quality" wins weren't that quality. I'm skeptical the Bulls really have it in them to even compete against the top Western conference teams, but I'm hoping to be proven wrong.


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  • This is a good thing. Rose needs to play. There is always injury risk, but at this point there is nothing to lose. Hopefully he can work the kinks out with Team USA and during the preseason. He needs to get off to a better start next year, but that could be a tall order after 2 years of inaction.

    I have a feeling that he'll make the team. Paul and Westbrook would be ahead of him. I think he can fend off some of the younger guys like Lillard, Irving and Wall.

  • Rose is not good enough to make the team anymore, so him trying out is irrelevant.

  • In reply to Vic Nardozza:

    Derrick Rose is already on team USA 14/15

  • In reply to Vic Nardozza:

    I love your optimism!

  • Since he doesn't like to play pickup, this would be a good thing. Even if the doesn't make the final cut all of the work with basically all-stars will benefit him.

    Doug, what do you think about Rondo's comeback thus far? Certainly not the athletic freak Rose was but he's struggling greatly the past few games. My point is, it all takes time. Sitting out the entire season was obviously for Rose's mental state. The timeline for the physical aspect is never certain.

  • The minute that I read that Rose was "on the list" my thoughts were exactly the same as yours. Some people will complain, but he absolutely needs to compete in those tryouts/workouts whether he makes the squad or not. He needs the work against world class opposition, and it is better that he gets it this summer rather than waiting until the season starts again. All of this presumes that his latest injury will be completely healed by the time the tryouts start, which by all indications there is no reason that he shouldn't be by this summer.

  • Good points Doug, well-framed argument. I freaked out a little when I heard the news he was going to try and play this summer too, but damn you're right he just needs to be playing organized ball whether it's real practice or games. The only way this story has a happy ending is if Derrick is able to just play hard and learn to be himself out there on the court again. Let it fly and see what happens.

  • Doug's assertion is that he would trade Rose in a "heartbeat" for a top 5 pick in the upcoming draft.

    If the Bulls traded Derrick Rose at this juncture, I think they would be lambasted by the national media. That said, if they could get a top 3-5 pick in this year's draft, I might consider it. However if Rose returned to some form of stardom and the pick was a disappointment whatsoever, the Gar/Pax era would be over like the flick of a switch. I.e no chance in hell this happens.

    Still, just for hypothetical's sake, what happens to all that jettisoned salary? Since it's being traded for a pick is there a matching issue? They wouldn't be able to just dump all that salary for the pick would they? Salary wonks..?

    P.S. I'm not sure somebody wouldn't honestly take a chance on Rose myself even with the salary, but again Gar/Pax would never do this. Nor would I blame them on this one for keeping Derrick should he at least become a solid player again 18ppg 45% staying away from threes which he can't shoot.

  • With all the time on his hands, Rose should take the opportunity of finishing his degree with the University of Phoenix. That really would be a positive.

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