Bulls Beat #309 - Marquis Te-gone!

Bulls Beat #309 - Marquis Te-gone!

The Bulls unloaded Marquis Teague in another deal to save salary and look poised to make the playoffs as Charlotte has fallen to the perfect spot.

Bulls Beat #309 - Marguis Te-gone!

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  • Wouldn't the Bobcats tank to make sure they are 10th or worse? If they realize they aren't making the playoffs and that this is a strong draft they would have to be idiots to finish 11th. Here's hoping.

    Glad they could move Teague. Now if they could lose Hinrichs contract I'd be really impressed. Suppose if they are playoff bound they won't trade him.

  • We only have 2 PG now. They not only need to keep Kirk but also add another PG in case one of them goes down.

  • I guess i'm in the minority but i'm rooting for the bobcats to keep its pick. The Bulls will certainly amnesty Boozer and, if all goes well, this will be the last time in many years Chicago will have cap space to improve the team.
    If i could choose, the more cap space next summer, the merrier (this, by the way, is the only reason i wouldn't be so disapointed if Mirotic doesn't come over in 2014. In 2015, there won't be a buyout and he would probably come for the MLE to a Bulls team that wouldn't have other options to sign him and wouldn't need to sacrifice any potential free agent signing to bring him over).
    It's about keeping the flexibility (in the case of a superstar becoming available) and stocking assets.
    I get this is a very good draft and a 11th pick this year may be better than a 3rd pick in 2015 or 2016. Anyway, the chance of getting a star in that range is small and without high draft picks and much potential in free agency, Charlotte's chances of becoming relevant until 2016 are really slim (improving our chances of getting a high draft pick come 2016).
    Besides that, i like the idea of Chicago having very goods assets for at least the next three years to continue building a championship-caliber team:
    2014 - cap space, a 20th pick, and maybe Mirotic;
    2015 - another 15-18th pick (from Cleveland), maybe a 9-12th pick (from Charlotte) and Mirotic;
    2016 - a top pick from Charlotte and probably 10-15 pick from Sacramento).
    You see, i'm not even talking about our picks in 2015 and 2016, though Garpax proved us over and over their ability to find good players late in the draft).

  • In reply to brazilianbullsfan:

    That is actually a decent analysis, but as a sports fan, especially a 21st century US sports fan, we want it and we want it now.

    From a long term perspective, if everything goes well using the max available cap space($10-12 million) on the right free agent and thus maybe forcing Mirotic into the summer of 2015 is the best strategy. Even spreading out the Charlotte and Sacto draft picks over the next few years is the better team building option, but you never know how those picks will pan out. While I don't really want the Charlotte pick this season if they make the playoffs, it is an awfully small hole to shoot for them to finish 11th, and you never no what will happen in the next 2 seasons. If they are already challenging for the playoffs this season, it would seem that they are on the way up and not likely to be a bottom 8 or worse team in the next 2.

    But you are right, if we go the max(to us) free agent route this summer, we have 4 nice assets to look forward to over the next 3 summers or so.

  • How far up could we move if we received & traded the Charlotte pick (say 11th) + our own pick (18?) + the future Sacramento? I think Exum would be a perfect fit next to Rose in the backcourt, Butler & Mirotic/Gibson at forward, & Noah in the middle, maybe add a Lance Stephenson if you could

  • In reply to ChiRy:

    That is a very good question. Or, if the Bulls include Taj, plus 2 1sts, could they land a top 5 pick? Of course, there are analysts claiming that the top picks in 2014 are by no means sure things. I guess we all know that.

  • In reply to ChiRy:

    I believe that Minny traded the 9th pick to Utah for 2 picks in this past draft, one in the teens and one in the low 20's, and that was a crappy draft. You appear to be willing to add a 3rd pick, but 2 of them might be conditional future picks, and you are trying to get top 5-6 in a draft that people like a lot. Probably not happening, and as a bulls fan it seems like a lot to give up also. Very tough call without knowing exactly who we would be getting, it probably couldn't happen until draft day, where we agree to the trade and the other team makes the pick for us before the trade is announced.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    Only 1 would be conditional under my scenario - if the Charlotte pick doesn't come this year than it not worth trying to move up. It is a lot to give up, especially with the value of rookie contracts, but consequently that could net the Bulls a prospect they might fall in love with that would not necessarily be a top pick, but also wouldn't last til 11, a la D. Wade in '03. I'm sure Paxson regrets not moving up for him.

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