Bulls Beat #308 - Good luck Luol

Bulls Beat #308 - Good luck Luol

The Bulls traded Luol Deng for a rather slim amount in return, but they're still heading towards the playoffs after winning four in a row.

Bulls Beat #308 - Good luck Luol

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  • We're supposed to be "happy" because Pax says they are "committed" to REINVESTING(Hardy, f-ing har) the $20 M rescued to the Reinsdorf coffers from the Deng dump. It might as well have been Richard Nixon saying the same disingenuous shit.

    How many times have Gar Forman & Co. claimed they're going to do something, and then they don't do it? I'd be shocked if they spent any money on acquiring first round picks. In a deep draft whose going to tell their fans, "yeah, what the f-ck, we took the cash and sold the pick?"

    The Bulls, in Bug Eyes and Uncle Chokey, as a hugely profitable major franchise have brought in not one scintillating offensive talent through draft or trade(excluding the Rose luckout). Until that happens, why should ten years of failure or whatever the hell it's been be assumed to change to otherwise?

    There are plenty of people in NBA circles who with the cameras off viewed the Bulls as a paper tiger with Miami, San Antonio, OKC, etc having multiple offensive forces while they(Bulls) had one at best which was questionable with Rose's playoff 39% and ineffectual play especially late in games in the Miami series..

    They should have either tanked and dumped Deng sooner or got a better trade. Period. People who are going to say Dallas, Miami, Lakers couldn't have traded Deng sooner for a full tank or gotten a better deal then conditional future "ghost" picks are Chicago homers in denial of how conservative and ineffective this front office has been at making anything dynamic happen in trade.

    And if miraculously they do clear enough space to pay a Melo, the guy is a selfish, excuse making, lazy team cancer. I'd rather bring in two good players Afflalo whoever then Carmelo "The Black Hole" Anthony. Please, no.

  • In reply to RoadWarrior:

    The Sacto first is hardly a ghost pick. While we are certainly not likely to get it this season. I'd say that it is a virtual statistical certainty that the Kings will finish somewhere between 11-15-20 at least once in the following 3 seasons. There simply was no trade market for Deng at this late date, and as I have contended there has never been one since he signed his deal 5 plus years ago, at least not one that returned good basketball value to the Bulls.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    You homer! You're in denial!

  • On a more positive note, we've replaced Deng's minutes with minutes for Dunleavy and Snell. Since they're much better 3 point shooters, maybe the Bulls will have more space on offense. It could create more room for the bigs and, long term, Rose

  • Okay, since Doug's talking Miami in the podcast here does anyone know if any of the big 3 take the opt-out & test the free agency market do they lose Bird rights by doing that?

  • In reply to Redwhitenblack:

    No, they do not.

  • Simple fact: The Bulls is a playoff team with or without Deng. The Bulls are not a title contender with or without Deng. The Bulls need another star next to Rose to win. Letting Deng go will open opportunities next year, since we are now under the luxury tax. Keeping Deng does not. Simple logic.

  • In reply to BullsDynasty:

    Exactly! Simple.

    Plus, the Bulls did already draft a potentially elite player in Mirotic. If he had not already been picked, he might go #1 this next draft! But the Bulls have his rights.

    Now, it is also simple that the best shot at another elite player is to land a high draft pick this year. And the best way to do that is to tank! My question is, Why not?

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    In reply to BullsDynasty:

    Completely agree. The fact that FO did this trade makes me feel a lot better since my biggest fear was that they believed Deng was a number 2 guy going forward - locking us into years of early playoff exits. Now there is hope they build something around Rose Mirotic Butler Noah and hopefully at least one of the picks from Bobcats and Kings.

  • In reply to BullsDynasty:

    Yup, exactly.

    Some people are going to complain no matter what. If Deng would have resigned "he's overpaid". If he walked as a FA, "they lost an asset for nothing". Trade him for a few draft picks, and it's not enough- as if players who are UFA at the end of the season get much in a trade, if anything.

    People bitched about the Eddy Curry trade, believe it or not. People bitched cuz the Bulls didn't go after JR Smith, believe it or not. People complained about Nate freaking Robinson- not that he was useless or psycho, but he's no All-Star.

    I was very surprised that they didn't resign Deng, but if it's going to take more than the MLE to bring Mirotic over, they didnt' have a chance.

  • In reply to Don Ellis:

    Doubt it takes more than the MLE to bring Mirotic over.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    I never considered it until recently, but now I'm starting to have doubts as to whether the MLE will do it. But if Mirotic wants to make the MLE, he'll need an extra $2 million or more to cover his buyout. I hope you're right.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    I probably takes the MLE plus the full contribution of his buyout, which would require the Bulls to use cap space rather than the MLE, so in that sense it will take more than the MLE. Without losing Deng and amnestitizing boozer the Bulls will not have the cap space to use to bring over Mirotic.

    I would suggest that bringing over Mirotic next summer had as much to do with the Deng trade as anything. Didn't the Bulls just spend some time over in Spain talking to his reps. I think that they came away from that meeting knowing that it was going to take a full payment of his buyout to get him to move this summer.

  • In reply to Don Ellis:

    The Eddy Curry trade was one of the great trades in Bulls history, even though we only only executed half of it well, we got Noah @9 after blowing the #2 pick on Tyrus Thomas. But your right, plenty of people bitched that we traded Curry, who like Ben Gordon moved on to total self destruction, exactly as I predicted.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    Eddy Curry was so bad, he made the song "I Hate Eddy Curry" irrelevant, nobody even cares any more. I guess I won't be getting rich off of it.

    As bad as LMA for Tyrus has been, MJ might save the day by giving Pax a do-over on the pick.

  • In reply to BullsDynasty:

    Quite true, Deng's a good player, and if we had two dynamic 3 point shooters at PG and SG, he might even be a better player for us, but with the current construction of the team, he's not a 12 million dollar player.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    Like I've always said, Deng was never more than a 4rth banana on a champioship team, meaning you could "afford" to pay him Taj money at best. The interesting question, is would he have been a good 4rth banana going forward if your first, second and third are Rose, Mirotic and Noah. I say given the presence of Butler to play that role, no, and certainly not at the kind of money that he is looking for.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    Ironically, the more the Bulls win to prove something, the more they prove they didn't really need Deng all along :)

  • As long as Thibs is the coach, the Bulls aren't tanking. They will play every game as if their ability to breath depended on victory. As Neil and Stacey were saying on last night's broadcast, Thibs could probably take 5 guys for the UC crowd and make them competitive. He apparently hasn't lost he players to this point and I have to wonder if the Bulls are creating the same dynamic they had back in the 90's where the coach and the stars all hated the front office. Maybe GarPax is the new Jerry Krause?

  • In reply to FrankS:

    Minus the front office drama, this team under Thibs reminds me more of the Dick Motta Bulls of the early 70's, a tough minded team that competed every night(and everybody hated facing), but never had quite enough talent to beat the really great teams of that era.

  • In reply to FrankS:

    You'd think they would build by getting offensive players and letting Thibs coach them up to play defense, which is something I think anyone with effort and some athleticism can do. Instead they get defensive players with a defensive coach and then no one can score.

  • NY Daily News article about Thibs going to the Knicks...grain of salt, yet interesting.

    I don't think the Knicks have anything that they could trade us at the moment for Thibs anyway. This would be a shock.

  • Right now the best thing the Bulls should do is trade the rights to Mirotico, along with Carlos Boozer, Teague, Snell, and a draft pick to New York for Carmelo Anthony and salvage the season with Championship aspirations. Thibs would not want to leave and the players would be seeing a light at the end of the tunnel.
    The key piece to the trade for the Knicks would be the rights to Nikola Mirotic. While he likely will never be the superstar that Carmelo Anthony is, Mirotic has All-Star potential and should be a good NBA player from the moment he chooses to leave Europe.
    With the Bulls having a solid defense, good outside shooting from Dunleavy--the addition of Anthony may be just enough to topple Miami.

  • The Bulls lose their top player in Rose, their 2nd or 3rd player in Deng, and the 4th player, Butler, has been out and hampered with injuries when he does play. How in the world do they have a 5-game win streak? I do wonder about the Bulls not going for the tank, because it seems the percentage play.

    I suspect the FO has decided that there are enough starting caliber players in the 2014 draft that they will get one or two even without tanking! If that is the strategy, we hope they are right.

    And I feel by avoiding the tax this season, they are setting up to make a big FA signing down the road with hitting the repeater tax. That does not mean it will happen, but at least they will be prepared if the opportunity is there.

    The Kings pick might turn out to be a #12 to #15 pick in 2015, so that is not too bad. It also might be a decent piece in a trade.

  • With Deng's salary gone and boozers soon to be amnestied, the Bulls will be at least as good as they were in Rose's last healthy season, and most likely better if these 3 things happen.

    1. Rose comes back healthy and a reasonable version of his old self, even in not an MVP candidate.

    2. Bring over Mirotic this summer.

    3. Move Butler to starting small forward and finally find a legitimate starter at shooting guard who is a 2 way player and a premium 3 point shooter.

    It will not be easy to acquire, or even obvious who that starting shooting guard should be, but the Bulls have(way) more assets and (way)more financial flexibility to solve this never ending problem than they have been in a long time, and than they would have had had Deng accepted that take it or leave it offer.

    Frankly, I am more optimistic than I have been at any point since Rose first got injured.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    somebody like gerald henderson from the bobcats wouldn't be bad. he actually wanted to come to the Bulls when he was a restricted free agent last summer. He's not a great three point shooter but is athletic and can score. I know people want a superstar, knock your socks off scorer like kevin durant/lebron james but if they can't get one, they should go for solid pieces and finally fix that backup center spot to compete with a healthy Rose. I think if the Bulls could land a Demar Derozen, Gerald Henderson,etc with a healthy Rose and solid depth with great coaching, they can contend again.

  • In reply to Defense-Rebound13:

    I've suggested trades for both of those guys over the years. It would seem that neither would be available these days. Though I wonder if Charlotte would give up Henderson to get their pick back. Not saying that we would/should do that but, Henderson always seems to play well against the bulls, just like he did last night.

  • Somewhat off topic, but about lasts nights game. Did anyone notice the difference in the confidence/aggression level between the play of Snell and the new guy Martin. The difference was stunning. Really shocking how passive Snell has looked the last couple of games since the Deng trade. That was the knock on him coming in.

    Unfortunately, that is also one of those things that I don't think you can change or coach out of a player. He certainly isn't another Noah or Taj or even Jimmy type of guy. While he has shown flashes of ability to shoot and to slash to the rim, he does have that mope a dope laconic personality, which worries me that he might not be the kind of guy to become a contributor on this Bulls team. Does he have the fire in the belly, the will to compete as Noah expressed when he finally talked to the press after last nights game. I guess that we will find out sometime in the next year and half or so.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    The Bulls should of picked Hardaway junior instead of trying to get a body clone of Luol Deng. It's always the intelligent choice to go for best availlable talent and worry about the height/weight/position thing later.

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