Joakim Noah accuses guys of dogging it

Joakim Noah accuses guys of dogging it

The cracks may be starting to show in the Bulls armor. Certainly the wins aren't coming. However, Joakim Noah through a salvo at the team for not playing hard and not playing winning basketball.

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"Losing sucks. There's no question about it," an expansive Joakim Noah said. "But it also shows people's true colors: Who is willing to keep fighting through the adversity, or who is just going to say, 'You know what? I don't want no part of this. And I'm just going to take bad shots and not care at all about making winning plays or playing defense.'

Who could Noah be calling out? Well the obvious target appears to be Carlos Boozer. Thibs lit up into the team during the game and Boozer was seen walking out of the huddle shaking his head and chuckling.

He shot 4/18 on the night and has never been known for making key defensive plays.

It's not so much that Noah's wrong, and the players only meeting is probably coming soon anyway, but it shows the cracks are starting to form. This kind of talk can galvanize the team if they come together or it could build mistrust and things could really fall apart at the seams especially since the group likely knows it's splitting up next season.

Either situation has it's bonuses for Bulls fans.

If the Bulls come together, then my dream of a high lotto pick will end. However, I can't say I'll be disappointed if Chicago fights back and earns a 3rd or 4th seed this year (both actually obtainable given how bad the East is) and possibly wins a 1st round match up.

At the same time, if the Bulls come apart at the seams, trade Deng/Hinrich, and fall to one of the worst teams in the NBA, draft a star, and come back loaded, I won't be crying either. In fact, I'll likely be dancing with joy.

Really the worst case scenario would be to sorta play just well enough to make the playoffs at the seven/eight seed, get annihilated in round one, and then draft five/six spots higher than if they lost two more games and miss out on a great player.

We'll see how the team responds against Orlando tonight. The Bulls finish up the final game of the five pathetic teams in a stretch tonight before going on to play several tough opponents with some weaker ones mixed in. One thing to note about the East this season, there will be plenty of stretches like this as probably 60% of the East are poor opponents.


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  • How awesome would it be if the NBA stopped awarding Playoffs positions by conference. Instead, they just focussed on the record. The bottom 6 teams on the east shouldn't be in the playoffs. The gap between the east and west wouldn't be as apparent. The playoffs would be a hell of a lot more interesting.

  • In reply to pinkizdead:

    The NBA may remove divisions which would be a nice first step, but I agree, conferences are just silly for playoff seeding. I get why they do it to minimize travel, but it's stupid for much better teams to miss the playoffs for being in the wrong conference.

  • To relate it back to your article, tanking would be way easier, because the bottom of the west would knock out mediocre Eastern conference teams like the bulls.

  • In reply to pinkizdead:

    Actually, tanking might get harder because all the teams in the East that would make the playoffs and get eliminated might start playing for losses too without hope.

  • IMO it would appear that the "worst case scenario" is the more likely. I believe the key is Deng. If the Bulls believe they will not be able to resign him then they must unload him now. To otherwise keep him just to remain competitive and make the playoffs is just nuts. However, recent statements by Thibs and the frog about playing hard because "you never know what may happen" lead me to believe that they actually think lightning could strike for the Bulls this year. I suppose you can make an argument for that but you could also make an argument that a meteor will hit the Earth this year and life on the planet will end.

  • I am hoping that Butler and Deng coming back won't upset this groove they have going right now. I fear it will lead to the inevitable mediocrity and a 7/8 seed because that is apparently what the Bulls want for some uncomprehendable reason. The tank is the only logical path to take and the only solace is that the Bulls FO is so blinded by defensive and over the hill vets that we could land a top pick accidentally due to incompetence. They just lost to a string of busters and they aren't trying to tank...

    I like what Doug said about saving Jabari Parker from the Bucks. It is our duty to help a great talent by saving him from a terrible organization. It will be like charity work. They could feature it on some of their BS "NBA Cares" commercials.

  • On another note, I watched a few minutes of the Miami Heat-Cleveland game on Friday night (yes, my life is boring!) and was impressed by Dion Waters.

    He can attack and create his own offense. Now, his FG% is low at 41% last year and 42% this year, but he's on a crappy team. He is shooting 38% from 3 this year on 65 attempts.

    He's probably not a star, but a 22-year-old that will get better. I'm not sure why Cleveland would want to trade for Deng with no guarantee that he'll be back next year, but the Bulls should consider.

  • In reply to Granby:

    Looks like the Bulls are placing all their hopes on Mirotic, he's very good but only part of the rebuild solution. Getting a guard that can create for himself and others is crucial, especially with Rose probably never being the same again. Upgrade at shooting/combo Guard and sliding Butler to the small forward should be the plan going forward. I believe the Bulls can get to a quick rebuild if they make the right moves with the super core now being Rose-Noah-Mirotic with solid role players in Gibson and Butler. Scoring Guard still missing and I think they need to try to get it, doesn't have to be an all star but a capable scorer and creator. Too bad Nate Robinson wasn't a few inches taller.

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    In reply to Defense-Rebound13:

    Regardless of Nate's height, he balls out, and that's what it's all about...

  • In reply to Granby:

    and over the weekend, ESPN's Mark Stein reported that Cleveland was more interested in acquiring a small forward(Deng) than a center(Asik), so maybe there is something there. I would do a Deng for Waiters deal, even though I thought he was a major reach @4. Then again, I would do a number of Deng deals for legitimate shooting guards, starting with Aflalo, or DeRozan, and I'd look seriously into Kenneth Faried even though he is a tweener at forward not shooting guard and not an offensive type player.

    The Bulls don't need to jump on the first Deng deal they can find, but they should be working the phones hard finding every deal that is legitimately doable.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    Alas Afflalo is playing too well these days to get him for Deng straight up. DeRozan can't shoot, which makes him a bad fit on the Bulls. I'd go for Waiters since he's fairly cheap, and there's at least some hope he can improve.

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    In reply to Shakes:

    You said DeRozen can't shoot??? Wendy planet are you on??? His mid range game is solid.

  • In reply to Taz Manian:

    Mid range game? What is this, the 70s? When people talk about shooting these days they mean for three. He's a career 26% shooter from there.

  • Why wouldn't guys dog it? They are only human. For the 3rd year in a row, their only superstar will miss the playoffs, and this was the last year for this group. The Bulls simply cannot afford to keep everyone!

    They could perhaps resign Deng for $12 million per year, provided they amnesty Boozer, but why do that if they expect Butler to be almost as good? Butler plays much better at SF than at SG, as we have seen.

    Pick up a SG in the draft for $2 million per year. Use the $10 million savings for a FA or get way under the cap for 2015. Bring over Mirotic for $5 million per year. Draft a solid backup C with the Charlotte pick. If Deng is traded for a pick, get another good prospect.

    That gives a starting 5 of Butler, Noah, Mirotic, Rose (we hope), and the SG, with a bench of Taj, Boozer, Snell, Dunleavy, etc. The summer of 2015, when Boozer is gone, should leave the Bulls with space to grab an excellent FA.

  • Thank you Joakim Noah, and thank you Doug.

    "Who could Noah be calling out? Well the obvious target appears to be Carlos Boozer. Thibs lit up into the team during the game and Boozer was seen walking out of the huddle shaking his head and chuckling."

    Thank god that you(someone else/anyone) also noticed bozo the bamboozler leave that huddle laughing. I was ready to jump through my TV and the strangle the son of a bitch. I was going to bring it up here on the site, but since nobody really seems to care about lack of character as an issue in a basketball player, I didn't even bother. That's why I have a visceral and completely rational hatred of everything that he represents as both a player and a human being.

    If you never watched the BozoHole play a single play in the NBA, then just seeing that should be enough to make you hate him with a passion, even if passion is something that he himself doesn't have a single drop of.

    As I have said many a time, anyone who doesn't hate how the Hole plays basketball has a serious character flaw themselves. Including that total hypocrite, Sam Smith, who spends every minute that his head isn't buried up boozers butt trying to justify him as a player. Yet the other day in response to a question about tanking, he stated categorically that anyone who doesn't try 100% to be the best that they can be at anything and everything that they do is morally reprehensible and ethically bankrupt. That is pretty much what I think of both boozer and boozerphiles.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    I know you have been rocking that #5 jersey don't lie.

    Who on here is a Boozerphile? I don't recall ever seeing anyone champion Carlos Boozer here. Outside of the random Boozer is on a hot streak comments that is.

    If he was making about 10 mil a year less I think he would be a quality piece. I know basically nothing of him as a person so its all based on what I see on the court. Be honest if he wasn't on a stupid contract would you feel this strongly about him? If not then you should be focusing your rage on GarPax IMO. It's not his fault he found a pair of morons willing to pay him double or triple his value.

  • In reply to Chad:

    Look every time that he scores 20 points for a game or two a number of people get all hot and wet and think that he is a go to scorer and a legit second option to Rose. This has happened dozens of times over the 4 seasons that he has been here. for the past 2 seasons, there have been plenty of people claiming that Boozer was having his best season as a Bull, and that he deserved to be an allstar. I would call them bozophiles.

    These bozophiles come out of the woodwork everytime he records a double double, starting with that doddering old fool Sam Smith. Then they misteriously go silent when he returns to form, which he always does.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    It's not so much Boozer doesn't care, it's just that he isn't very good. You've got a 15 million dollar player who never was any good on defense, is now average on offense (if I'm being generous) and his only remaining skill is defensive rebounding, which you can pick up late in the draft for a couple of million a year for 4 years.

    No point complaining about effort, even giving max effort Boozer isn't someone anyone wants on their team for his price ... heck, if he was being paid the MLE he'd probably still be overpaid at this point in his career.

    He's going through the decline players in their 30s go through - he should serve as a warning to anyone who wants to re-up on Luol Deng.

  • Regarding Boozer and the previous 3 comments, Boozer was the best player on the Bulls for the first 5 or 6 games this year, shocking everyone, including me, but especially BigWay. Then it all began to fall apart, getting to the point where in some games he was the only starter even playing!

    So Noah can give his rah-rah pep talk, and Boozer, who has been around a while and is not stupid, thinks, For what? Is Boozer doing the Bulls a favor now if he helps them pull out a few games? For that matter, wouldn't they be better off if he had played poorly early on?

    Remember, this was likely Boozer's last chance at a title. Most guys would like to have at least one in their career. In fact, he probably signed here figuring the Bulls had a couple of shots at a ring. So he was playing hard, and then it all blew up. Again! Not his fault. Let him be, 'cuz if he helps them tank, he's doing the Bulls a favor.

    As for Noah, he's had plenty of garbage games, and some of it, if one believes the comments, was due to weed and partying. So he is not the guy to get on others. MJ could do it, because no one in the NBA worked harder than he did, and everybody knew it.

    The Bulls need new blood! Mirotic and one elite player from the draft could set the team up for a decade, provided they get the pieces. Plus, in the summer of 2015, they should have enough space to sign a significant FA. Tanking this year is nothing in comparison.

  • In reply to rustyw:

    So a few games where Boozer hit his jumper at an unsustainable rate is more indicative of his ability than his overall season stats which now show the same downward trend over the previous year that we've seen in each season with the Bulls? I find that hard to believe.

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    In reply to rustyw:

    Noah plays the game with emotion and intensity. Boozer plays with nothing of that caliber.... He has no heart and is lazy as hell. And just because he hits a few jump shots and grabs scrap rebounds, that still is no excuse for his lack of defense and laziness.

  • Well ladies and gentleman, that is why Luol Deng is a complimentary role player and not a star(all or otherwise). Apparently, everybody on the Bulls, not just Deng is taking layup lessons from the Mope a Dope himself, Mr. Layup LIne Marquis Teague.

    Perfect timing with tonight's performance by His BozoHoliness as he pulled out every trick from his personal clown playbook. Yep, after all the talk about boozer playing his best basketball as a Bull(both last season and this) the old regression to the sack of shit(mean) has come to fruition, as he is now averaging 15 & 9, just like he has for the entirety of his Bulls career.

    Which of these trades do Bulls fans not make

    Deng for Afflalo, Noah for Vucecic, boozer for Davis.

    The Magic make none of those moves for both money and age reasons, while the Bulls would/should make all of them for the same reasons. Not that I really want Davis as my starting power forward, but at least he looks like he gives a shit, I'd certainly take him as a backup, except that Taj isn't looking like a starter anymore either.

    Despite missing most of his shots in the first half, I was still ready to predict that Augustin would start the next game over Mr layup line. However, Thibs beat me to the punch by starting him in the second half. Of course Thibs must be a complete idiot, because anyone who can read a box score can see that Mr Layup Line is a vastly superior NBA pg to Augustin, like tonight when if you ignore his 0-3(all layups all the time) shooting, he posted an 11 trillion, as in he didn't even show up in the box score at all. But hey, no one outscores the Bulls when he is on the floor, tonights minus 7 be damned.

    Don't want to be a total nattering nabob of negativity, so on a night when the Bulls were having a hard time on the boards, kudos to Mike Dunleavy for doing his best Kyle Korver imitation and sticking his nose in there for 7 defensive boards.

    too bad that the Bucks weren't up 4 the other night when Dunleavy hit his lucky 3 that night, we could be 8-14 and heading into OKC and Houston for 8-16.

    Oh well, Thank god that as Glen Frey would say, "The Tank is On"

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