Derrick Rose doesn't want to go through rebuilding

Derrick Rose doesn't want to go through rebuilding

According to the NY Daily News, a source we may want to take with a few rather large grains of salt, Derrick Rose doesn't want to go through a rebuilding effort.

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Rose has told several confidantes that he is worried that the Bulls will start to let the team hit the skids by allowing key players to leave via free agency, forcing him to go through a rebuilding program that he wants no part of.

My first reaction, probably wasn't all that fair, but I'll be honest.

First thought? STFU Derrick. Of course, there's anger when Rose says he doesn't want to go through a rebuilding, but the Bulls built a core to last four or so seasons and we've lost three of them to Rose knee injuries.

That said, it's not Derrick Rose's fault or desire to have his knee hurt. I'm sure Derrick Rose wishes his knee was healthy a hell of a lot more than I wish his knee was healthy.

Second thought? STFU Derrick. You're the one who just recently went on AGAIN about how you don't want to recruit players. You'll play with anyone, but you don't want to have any part of bringing good players here. Well if you don't, then keep your mouth shut.

Final thought? Oh yeah, it's the NY Daily news and Rose's mouth is shut. Sure, maybe Derrick told some friends he doesn't want to go through a rebuild. Maybe Reggie Rose is talking to the press again, who knows. What I do know is this. No star player wants to go through a rebuild.

Of course Rose wants to keep a high talent base in Chicago. Of course he wants to compete for the title. Of course he'll be upset if the team falls apart. Well, that's likely to happen regardless of what he wants, which is why the Bulls best hope to make the rebuild as fast as possible. Losing big this season would certainly help considerably in that effort.

No, Derrick's thoughts aren't unreasonable. He's not voicing them loudly or being malcontent about it if he said anything at all. His view is the natural view probably anyone in his position would have. It's easy to get angry over because we're still dealing with the hurt of this lost season. A hurt that Rose certainly feels far more acutely than any of the fans.

Either way, the situation is worth monitoring for Chicago. They're going to need to keep a balancing act going of trying to maintain a high talent level while keeping enough flexibility to afford what they have. It's not an easy position Chicago will be in, and Rose's high salary isn't helping them any.

That said, Rose also needs to be careful.

He owes the Bulls his best and until he's able to give it to them he might want to keep those complaints on the down low. Right now, though through no fault of his own, Rose has let the Bulls down a hell of a lot more than they've let him down.

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  • Completely agree with your first thought, second thought, and final thought. Rose is in no position to sit there and complain. Although nobody can blame Rose for being injured, in reality he will still have played only 49 games out of the last three seasons combined while making over $17million this season. If Rose doesn't show he can stay healthy throughout an entire season while also claiming he will never recruit players to Chicago, how is the FO NOT going to consider letting key pieces of the current core go in hopes they can attain a second star?

    If by chance this is Reggie talking out of his ass again and speaking his own thoughts instead of Derricks, DRose needs to step in and put an end to his brothers constant antics.

  • In reply to Motoman:

    I agree with you and Doug. However, this is basically a moot subject. We fans do not give a rip what Rose wants. We want another title! Rose wants one also.

    The real issue is, How do the Bulls field a team that can win it all? The current group clearly is incapable of that. Doug is completely correct that the rebuild is necessary and the fastest rebuild involves several things:
    1) Move Deng now for something of value. Failing to do so is tantamount to criminal negligence -- that is, the vast majority of fans will see it as a criminal act, undermining their hopes for the future. This is the year to get another 1st round pick. If not possible, how about a 1st rounder for the next draft?
    Deng could theoretically be part of a strong Bulls team in the future. However, can the Bulls get a player who will be as good, or almost as good, in the draft? If so, that player will cost $2 million per year, as opposed to the $12 million per year that Deng may get. That extra $10 million a year could help buy a top FA in 2015, plus keep the team out of the tax.
    2) Continue to win only 2 or 3 games out of 10. That should get the team into the lottery, which should upgrade the player selected.
    3) DRAFT WELL!

    Most of us believe that is the recipe for a quick rebuild. It is all about the titles, not about pleasing Rose. Even tho the titles will please him if they come.

  • In reply to rustyw:

    Exactly. No superstar, or any player for that matter, WANTS to lose. But this is already a lost season, might as well make the most of it and prepare for a mini-rebuild that puts us right back into title contention.

  • I think before people like you start Your Derrick Rose bashing maybe , you should read what he said. Let there FA walk away. That means getting nothing for Deng. He's saying if they just start letting people walk just to save money , he wants no part of that! I can't blame him , Rose been though a lot , even fans like you turning your back on him just because he got hurt. SMH! At fans like you!

  • In reply to Chicityarson:

    I think you are missing the point at why many Bulls fans will be upset by the comments. Its not that fans don't want Rose to have an opinion and be honest, but the timing is terrible. Out for two straight seasons, won't recruit better talent to Chicago, and now possibly questioning hypothetical future moves by the FO? Comments like this are best to stay out of the media.

    The Bulls Front Office and fans have been patient with DRose, now is his turn to show patience back. The FO has a plan and Rose needs to trust it.

  • In reply to Motoman:

    Why? He's telling them if you think your going to just start letting players go without trading or trying to bring somebody as good or better in then that player then count me out. I can't really blame him he's not staying don't change he's saying he's not going to sit by and let them just let everybody walk and say , "hey come watch Derrick Rose play with even less then what was on a team that couldn't beat the heat anyway.

  • In reply to Chicityarson:

    And the only way Bulls brass is letting some of these guys go would be because they believe that they have found players that are as good or better both now and in the future. If Boozer and Deng are gone after this season, it is almost certain that Mirotic will come over along with a strong push to acquire a second star (either through trade or the draft). I don't know how you or DRose view it, but to me a core of Rose, Butler, Mirotic, Taj, Noah, and 1 or 2 lotto picks is better than a core of Rose, Deng, Boozer, Taj, and Noah not only next season, but for many to come.

    With either core, the Bulls are a playoff team. Its a matter of if either core gives us a better chance of not only dethroning the Heat, but ultimately contending for titles now and in the future.

  • In reply to Motoman:

    Like I said , he never said who to keep or who he would play with even with Deng and Boozer gone they still won't have the cap to sign a max and Boozers not going anywhere the bulls are not paying him 16mil next year just so he can sign with the heat for vet min. If boozer leaves next year it will be a trade people forget bulls are cheap. Also butler has to be payed after next year too. Last who do people think is in the draft a 28 year old Michael Jordan or LBJ ,I mean whoever they get is still not going to be great into 3 or 4 years down the line no one comes into the league and wins a championship it just doesn't happen.

  • In reply to Chicityarson:

    If Derrick Rose wants to be counted out, he can give back the 100 million dollars the Bulls gave him to play in 47 games so far.

    On merit, Bulls management has a lot more reason to complain than Rose about the recent past.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    Really! Then they owe him money for his first 4 years because he was really underpayed. Then you add the fact the only reason the bulls are on espn , TNT and NBA TV is because of Derrick Rose , so he's made then the bulls a lot more then they have payed him , really come on. Deng and Noah are only all stars because of Rose so let's keep all that in mind to. Plus he's got almost everybody on the bulls team a deal with his company Adidas , shoe deals guys like Butler , Tja and Noah would not have without him so if anything he's still underpayed.

  • In reply to Chicityarson:

    Considering how much Rose makes in endorsements, his contract is just icing on the cake to him. NBA Gm's don't pay players for their past accomplishments (generally), rather for what they will provide the team in the future. Also, Noah and Deng were both voted All Stars last year when Rose was out...

  • In reply to Motoman:

    Rose wasn't payed for his past , he was payed because he won an MVP , lead the team to 62 wins and put up numbers only 4 players had done before in one season. Still without all of those things the bulls had become a team worth being on TV again because of him nothing else and Noah and Deng made the all star team last year because of where the bulls were at the all star break last year without him. Again when he didn't play and the bulls were winning the the NBA coaches gave them a reward being putting them on the all star team again it was still because of Rose. They were really saying good job guys for overarching without Rose but again when they knew he wasn't coming back in the second half their numbers went in the toilet.

  • In reply to Motoman:

    Rose was not payed for his past , he was payed for winning the MVP , the bulls winning 62 games and having numbers that year that only 4 players had put up before. He was also payed because he is the only reason to watch the bulls , he's the only player fans from other city's want to come out and watch on this team. All you have to do is watch the Tuesday game of the week on NBA TV. The bulls almost always won that now they don't even get 10 % of the fan vote.

  • In reply to Motoman:

    Let's be real Deng and Noah were allstars last year because they won without Rose for the first half of the season. It was nba coaches saying good job guys being overachievers but once they knew Rose wasn't coming back there numbers went in the toilet.

  • In reply to Chicityarson:

    It's worth noting that Rose didn't really say anything.

    We have a report of what Rose allegedly told confidants who then supposedly spoke to the quite tabloidesque NY Daily news.

    That said, I would wager Rose would not be happy with Deng leaving for picks either.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    From what I read , I understand what he was talking about he wants them to stay at the same level when he gets back , I read nothing about everybody had to stay or not taking a pick. Anyway no team with a lottery pick is trading it for Deng and dam sure not Boozer bro , let's be real.

  • Well, I'm sure Rose would think Doug should STFU about letting Deng go and Amnesting Boozer. So I guess you too are even.

  • In reply to JayJohnstone:

    ROFL, I'm sure he'd want me to STFU about all kinds of things.

  • A question: if rose was currently healthy, is his opinion perfectly valid and would it be fine for him to share it?

  • In reply to JayJohnstone:

    I always like for a guy to share his true opinion no matter what. Opinions aren't right or wrong, they're opinions.

    However, given that he's a celebrity, many people will have an opinion on the merits of his opinion and what type of attitude it displays.

    My guess is that if Rose were currently helping the Bulls compete for titles instead of sitting in street clothes that fans would likely feel differently about his opinion though.

    On top of that, I think that's totally fair. Merit is pretty important in terms of how much you listen to someone.

  • If he said this, what else is he supposed to say? He has to say he doesn't want the team to tank. He has to say he doesn't want to rebuild. He has to say that he wants all of his teammates around for their entire careers. I don't think there is anything startling about what he said. Also, he has been around Deng, Noah his entire career and even Boozer and Hinrich for a majority of it. He feels comfort with those guys and is probably friends with all of them. It may be a bit of fear of the unknown. He may not want a new cast around him, he wants to win with "his guys". If the FO does a good job, though, he will be fine in the end. I don't think the Bulls are setting themselves up for a rebuild. It's more like a reboot. I think, of the core group of the team, Noah, Gibson and Hinrich will be back next year with Deng and Boozer moving on. It's the way the NBA works. Teammates come and go. Rose will have to adjust to that. I think he will be fine.

  • Couldn't agree with Doug more if the bulls do need to rebuild Rose's inability to stay on the court is a major reason why although he didn't get injured purposely rose needs to stfu until he can get on the court

  • The quality of your blog has really taken a huge fall. Maybe it's just me, but I remember reading it daily a couple years ago and thinking that your writing and analysis was well thought out and in touch with the reality of the team and situation the Bulls are in. But not so much any more. You are free to do what you want but it's unfortunate that you've assumed the role of a short term, fickle caller on ESPN radio. Maybe it's better for clicks? I don't know, but you are advocating this rebuild and wasting the prime years of Derrick Rose's career. As a Bulls fan, aka someone who likes to watch a well coached team with good players wearing Bulls jerseys, I don't want to watch a rebuild because they have good players under contract right now. And if they did rebuild, like you are advocating, and waste 3-5 years of Derrick's career until he's 30, I'm sure you would be writing about how stupid they were in doing that.

  • In reply to TwonDiesel:

    I also don't want to rebuild. My opinion is that my view puts the team in title contention faster than any other plan.

    That's not to say I'm not wrong, I could be wrong. However, I don't think the team as constructed is a title team, nor do I think the Bulls will agree to pay to bring this group back again.

    I think the team is changing whether I want it to or not, whether Rose wants it to or not, and whether anyone wants it to or not. Given that I see the change coming, I'm only advocating the plan that I think most likely brings the most favorable outcome.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    And many fans, including myself, agree with you, Doug. The team needs to upgrade some of the players to upgrade the victories. To do that, the FO has to move some players who are good, but not good enough. Simple.

    A few fans seem to think that continuing to do what the team has been doing will bring a better result. Is that rational?

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    Doug, you will only be wrong if the FO picks poorly in the draft. If they follow your scheme and draft well, the team cannot help but improve rapidly.

  • In reply to TwonDiesel:

    I just found this blog 3 days ago and I have to really disagree with you. I find it to be very good and the topics are fun for readers to debate on. Why do people think first take is the most popular show on espn because people like to disagree and debate.

  • In reply to TwonDiesel:

    No one is talking about a long rebuild. We're talking about a quick turnaround. The chance to inject some youth, potential and athleticism in this team during this coming draft. The Bulls could have a lottery pick, a late lottery-middle of the draft pick, plus whatever they could get for Deng pick-wise as well as Mirotic heading into next season to pair with Rose. That's NEXT season. It's not a stretch at all to make it happen.

    It's all about winning championships. If you don't win it, you lose it. The Bulls have been losing it every year since Jordan left. Sure, having a good product on the floor is nice (which the Bulls haven't really had for a couple seasons now given their nearly league-worst offensive) but a deep playoff run and bringing that trophy back to Chicago is oh so much sweeter.

  • It's not Rose's fault he's injured, but at some point he has to realise as of right now he's not a star, he's on the "worst contracts in the NBA" list. He's got to come back and show us on the court that he's worth building anything around.

    That's why the team needs to tank - tanking is not just a move to try to get a second star, it's a hedge against Rose's downside. You have to at least semi rebuild and bring in some cheap young talent in case Rose can't get back to what he was. The absolute worst thing the Bulls could do is to say no rebuild, we'll bring in vet talent to put around Rose, then have Rose fall apart and be stuck with a bunch of aging long term contracts, a mediocre team and no picks. Ask the Knicks and Nets how much fun that is.

  • In reply to Shakes:

    This team doesn't have to tank cause they're just that bad. The offense has stunck for the last few years but the team's defense has always covered up the team's bad offensive play. Rose doesn't want to rebuild and he doesn't want to recruit and why???... Because it's the FO job to keep this team competitve by bringing in the right players to put around Rose. Some of you Bulls fans need to stop kissing the FO ass and hold them accountable to rebuild this team even if they have to let Deng or Boozer go. It's the FO job to replace those guys if they do leave with quality players that will keep the Bulls competitve and perhaps be a title contending team.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    Everyone outside of Miami and Indiana are terrible in the East, just being bad isn't enough, you need to actively tank to guarantee a good pick.

  • In reply to Shakes:

    No problem. Move Deng and make a few tweeks here and there during the games.

  • I'm sure the Bulls realize they must rebuild and I'm sure Rose isn't happy with it given all the disappointments and uncertainty he is facing. Given the difficulties the Bulls have had with draft pick rebuilding and cap space rebuilding, fans can't be all that thrilled with a rebuild either. One call I hope Gar makes is to the Lakers. Maybe he can get them to take two years of Boozer for one year of Gasol.

  • Then I guess he'll have to take his deteriorating body( and contract) somewhere else. O, well.

  • I found these items and posted them yesterday, so maybe there is some interest in Deng around the league, the question then becomes what is he worth as an expiring contract.

    From Mark Stein's article about a potential Asik to Cleveland for Varajao trade.

    "Word is that the Cavs' preference remains upgrading at small forward -- with Chicago's Luol Deng at the top of Cleveland's list -- rather than bringing in a center."

    Who knows where that word out of Cleveland came from, but

    I doubt that there is any chance that the Cav's would make that deal for their first round pick, but one can dream. I suppose this might be the Dion Waiters deal. For a team nearly devoid of small forward play, Deng might get the Cav's into the playoffs, especially if Irving continues to return to form. Would it be worth a 15-20 pick in this draft for Deng. If he's gone anyway, I say heck yea, especially since it enhances our chances of missing the playoffs. The Bulls, however, likely say nay.

    and this out of Phoenix

    Didn't the Bulls get Deng with a pick acquired from Phoenix, maybe it is time to complete the circle.

    "The Suns, obviously encouraged by a promising start and with several attractive assets at their disposal, are making it known around the league they are open to trading one or more picks in the loaded 2014 draft if they can get an established star capable of making an impact now, has learned. The move to capitalize on the enviable flexibility of probably having two choices in June and as many as four, along with the potential of about $20 million in cap space in the summer, comes with Phoenix at 12-9 and far exceeding most preseason projections. Adding a proven player in exchange for the uncertainty of the draft, even one as stacked as 2014, could greatly accelerate the rebuilding and firmly establish the Suns as a playoff regular again." - See more at:

    and then this on the Mirotic front.

    Jorge Sierra: Real Madrid forward Nikola Mirotic met with the Chicago Bulls yesterday in Madrid, we're told. Mirotic, whose draft rights are owned by Chicago, is expected to meet with Bulls officials again today. Twitter @hoopshype

    Mark Deeks: Two things to remember about the Mirotic situation: 1) Next summer he will no longer be bound by the rookie scale. The rookie scale only applies if you sign within 3 years of being drafted. 2) Contrary to common myth, NBA teams can pay as much of a buyout as they like. There is however an amount - $600,000 in 2014/15 - over which any amount spend on it counts against the cap in the form of a signing bonus. Amounts over that $600,000 come out of the salary, hence the need to have them in a signing bonus. The buyout can still exceed it, though. Twitter @MarkDeeksNBA

  • In reply to BigWay:

    All very interesting. Thanks for the info.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    Nice finds BigWay! It seems the Bulls may be able to move Deng for a future asset if they actively tried. Not necessarily a high draft pick, but at least for something/someone of some value.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    As usual, Deeks leaves out a few important details-

    Mostly, if a player gets a signing bonus, it means the overall value of the contract goes down. Unless the team has cap space to use to cover the signing bonus, the player makes less in each of the seasons of the contract, and with lower raises the player makes less money in the long run.

    Mirotic would be better off if he can get Real Madrid to split his buyout up into 3 years, then he can still get the Full MLE and not have to pay all of his buyout out of the first year's salary.

  • Trading Deng to the Suns for a 1st round pick sounds wise for both teams. Butler can then move to SF, where he fits better, and the Bulls will have 3 1st rounders to get an elite player, plus a SG and a good backup at C.

    If the Bulls hit on their picks, especially getting an elite player, that will be a very fast rebuild. However, the Suns may be looking for someone better than Deng.

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    ....and I don't want an expensive point guard who's bones are made of glass.

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