Bulls drop triple overtime heartbreaker to Davis-less Pelicans

Bulls drop triple overtime heartbreaker to Davis-less Pelicans

The Chicago Bulls aren't trying to tank. They're just mentally defeated and not that good right now. The Bulls lost another heart breaking, spirit crushing game against a Pelicans team missing its best player.

Granted, the Pelicans are no joke anymore. With Eric Gordon healthy, Jrue Holiday and Tyrke Evans added to the roster, Ryan Anderson playing the role of perfect stretch four, and Anthony Davis quickly developing into a star, they have a high powered roster.

Still, without Davis, they're a perimeter oriented team prone to poor decision making and lacking size to defend effectively on the perimeter. In short, both teams were missing their best player, and the Bulls couldn't win a home game to a team that likely finishes around .500.

More evidence to just how far away this Bulls team really is from competing and all the more reason why they need to miss the playoffs where due to the disparity between the East and West, simply missing the playoffs likely guarantees a top 10 pick.

Surprisingly, Bulls failed to defend

The Bulls offense played one of its better games. Chicago scored clutch baskets in each of the overtime periods repeatedly, and outside of Kirk Hinrich who missed multiple attempts for game winners, the Bulls scored when they needed to.

However, the Bulls, who should be uniquely set up to defend him well, let Ryan Anderson destroy them. Everytime the Pelicans were in trouble there was Ryan Anderson knocking down an open three. His confidence got so high he started hitting heavily contested, turnaround, postup 17-20 foot fade aways.

Chicago has two incredibly mobile big men to stick on Anderson who has no off the dribble game and still couldn't slow him down. They fell asleep way too many times to allow Anderson to knock down seven threes when he's basically limiting his attempts to easy shots.

Even 8-5 the Bulls couldn't get the win

The Bulls received plenty of help from the officials in this game getting the benefit of most close calls including the ridiculous offensive foul called on Ryan Anderson with the Pelicans nursing a two point lead, holding the ball, with less than 20 seconds on the clock which allowed the Bulls to tie the game and send it into triple overtime.

Some nice performances

Luol Deng finished with 37 on 15/27 shooting from the field in addition to distributing the ball well to his teammates. He did have his share of sloppy turnovers in the game, several coming near the end when he was clearly playing with extreme fatigue.

Overall, he looked good creating for the offense, leaving Aminu in the dust whenever he guarded by him and taking advantage of Evans size when matched up against him.

Joakim Noah looked a bit better in the box score than the game, but finished with 8-12 shooting including creating the shot that looked like it might send the game into quandruple over time when he knocked down a seven foot lefty hook over Ryan Anderson who defended it well.

Taj Gibson continued his stellar player scoring 26 points while shooting over 50% from the field again. If nothing else, Gibson sure doesn't look like a bad contract anymore. He looks like a legit quality starting PF in the NBA.

What the Snell?

In a game that 63 minutes long, Tony Snell only played 22 of them. Granted, most coaches just stick with one final lineup once the overtime starts and stop any idea of substitution so perhaps it's more fair to say Snell also played 22 of the first 48 minutes as well.

Still, it would have been nice to see Tony get some more burn especially in a close game at the end. I would have liked to see what the kid was made of, but perhaps we're not quite at that state in his development.

Snell wasn't all that great in his time on the floor last night, but he still knocked half his shots, all of which were from beyond the arc which made his impact on the game a positive even if he didn't bring much else to the table.

It would have been nice to Snell take advantage of his size and make an impact in more areas of the game though.


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  • The Bulls were missing their entire starting back-court, not just their star.

    Still, a disappointing loss, we had plenty of chances to win this one but every time we came close, we made a dumb play - a turnover, a rushed shot, a missed defensive assignment or a missed wide open three (Kirk).

    The Bulls defense has been sub-par the last couple of games. Noah looked like a bum against the Cavs and this game he was pretty bad until mid 4th quarter. On top of that, Dunleavy is terrible defensively, Snell is slightly better but he makes rookie mistakes and doesn't handle screens well right now. The perimeter defense should improve once Butler is back, hopefully the offense won't take a step back in the process (the last 3 games were decent offensively).

  • Not an easy loss to overcome. Hopefully it won't have a long hangover effect.

    Any thoughts on the rumor coming out of Elcontraataque.es that the bulls are interested in spanish PG Sergio Rodriguez? Any way the bulls could afford to actually sign a player? It seems they are well beyond the point of acquiring new contracts.

  • In reply to AlanJ:

    I would guess they can waive Mike James to sign someone else at the minimum without impacting their salary on the season. I'm not 100% certain that he's non guaranteed, but I'd suspect he is.

  • Doug, excellent point about making or missing the playoffs in the East and draft position. As of today (without lottery ball luck):
    - 8th seed in East gets the 15th pick (and a 1st round playoff exit).
    - 9th seed in East gets the 9th pick.
    Because there are 5 teams in the West missing the playoffs with better records that the East 9th seed. 9th - 13th seeds in West have the 14th - 10th picks.

    The benefit of dropping to 9th seed to gain the 9th pick in a strong and deep draft is ABSOLUTELY HUGE. 9th pick is also probably better than any draft day trade up that could be arranged in such a strong draft.

    I seem to recall a previous time Bulls had 9th position. Not saying lightning will strike twice, but this is a very unusual alignment of opportunity due to confluence of draft strength, strength/depth of Western Conference over Eastern, and Rose's injury. It's an opportunity too good to pass up, and its free!

    TANK HARD 2014 - 乒乓

  • In reply to Edward:

    and for what its worth, Noah was a 9th pick also.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    Thank You.
    TANK HARD 2014 乒乓

  • In reply to Edward:

    Agreed, 9th pick in this draft is pretty damn big, but is (6 seed in East and 17th pick) + (Winnning a playoff series, playoff experience and success for Snell, Butler, Teague?)?

    I don't honestly know, even if we don't win the first-rpund matchup vs the 3 seed, we'd have a shot- and getting our really young guys playoff experience is huge going forward.

    But if the guy we get at #9 is THAT much better than who we'd get at #17, that's what we should shoot for.

    The 7 or 8 seed obviously does us no good this year, we'd get killed. But the 3 seed will be the team that wins the Atlantic, right now that's 6-10 Toronto.

  • In reply to Don Ellis:

    As of today with the poor early W/L records of the Atlantic Division, its winner would get the 4th seed, not the 3rd.

  • I can't believe we're talking about the draft already.....Just stop.

  • In reply to Villageworker2:

    where talking about the draft cause this team isn't goij anywhere the season was over once rose tore his meniscus so the only thing left to look forwardto is the draft and the devdevelopment of our young players

  • In reply to Villageworker2:

    What do you want to talk about? Playoffs?

  • In reply to Roman F:

    "Playoffs? Don’t talk about — playoffs? You kidding me? Playoffs? I just hope we can win a game! Another game."

    - if you doh't know who said this, kill yourself now.

  • Doug, can you explain again why the team let Marco Belinelli go? I understand that Nate Rob wanted to get paid and he was history. But Belinelli just wanted to play with a winner, loved playing in Chicago, improved his D under Thibs and was a huge player off the bench for the Bulls. With him, the Bulls win this game and many other close ones IMO. He could create his own shot, hit the 3 and find people. He's perfect for the Spurs, as Manu 2.0 ... too bad he's no longer here.

  • In reply to Curious E:

    Because the Bulls wanted Dunleavy instead of Marco. If Rose hadn't gotten hurt, Deng, Butler, Hinrich and Dunleavy would all be ahead of Marco in the SG/SF rotation.

    Even if we could have a 30-man roster, which is the dream of some folks who never want to let a player leave via free agency but still want the Bulls to keep adding players, guys want to go where they can play.

  • In reply to Don Ellis:

    Well ... Macro is mostly a SG and he would be behind Butler. Dunleavy was brought to back up Deng. Hinrich was to back up Rose and occasionally play SG with Rose, as we saw.

    Any way you slice it, it doesn't bode well that Mike James is still on this team ... instead of a player of a Belinelli quality.

  • In reply to Curious E:

    And how much has Mike James played? He's the 13th player on the roster (well maybe 12th now), if Rose wouldn't have gotten hurt he'd never, ever see the floor.

    Why would Belinelli sign here to rarely play? Is it that hard to understand?

    He'd be behind Butler and Hinrich at SG, and Deng and Dunleavy at SF.

    We can't make it any simpler for you. If you can't understand that guys want to play, I can't help you. You are more than welcome to join the fantasy club where the 12th and 13th men on the roster are solid veterans in their prime who can get jobs actually playing 15-20 minutes every night elsewhere.

  • In reply to Curious E:

    I'm not calling you out specifically Curious E, but every fan of every team spends way too much time crying about guys who are no longer here, ESPECIALLY when we're talking about bench players and role players. After the Blackhawks did an amazing job retaining all the key players from their Stanley Cup run, their fans are crying about the backup goalie being gone.

    Belinelli is a good player but what difference would he really make with Rose missing the year? Win us an extra game or 2 maybe? So what?

  • In reply to Roman F:

    I get that, Roman. But this team has no real bench scorers. Nobody who can create their own shot, or really get others some easy looks. BOTH Belinelli and Nate Rob could do that. That's an absolute killer for this team, even before D Rose went down.

    It's not that the Bulls had to keep Belinelli or Nate specifically, but replacing them with Mike Dunleavy?! Dunleavy is a nice complementary player, but that 2nd unit needed a scorer after having just lost two ... and Snell is much less seasoned version of Dunleavy.

  • In reply to Curious E:


    Have you not seen Taj destroying guys in the post, GETTING HIS OWN SHOT? And actually scoring after getting his own shot much, much better than Marco or Nate have ever dreamed of doing.

    You sound like all the folks who say Deng "can't get his own shot". Do people still actually believe that garbage? Are they blind? Just curious.

    Dunleavy is much better than Belinelli, by pretty much every statistical, analytical, and visual guideline. If you think Marco is better, I guess we'll just have to end this conversation.

  • In reply to Don Ellis:

    I've noticed that when people say "can't get his own shot" what they really mean is that they can't drive to the basket effectively. Two separate things. You can get your own shot in a variety of ways, as Taj proves with his post play & Deng with his jump shooting. Obviously the Bulls are missing that player that can create off the dribble, but it's more than that. They need another dynamic creator that can also shoot or post up. Those players are stars, not Marco or Nate. And that is why they need to tank.

    New Orleans is yet another model of a team making a quick rebuild after turning a playoff contender into the worst western conference record of 2011/2012. The circumstances are certainly a bit different, and The Pelicans are not a contender yet, but they don't have a player like Rose. Neither do the 2013/2014 Bulls, and that is why they need to tank.

  • In reply to ChiRy:

    Great post, but I think it goes even further- Deng has shown the last few games that he can get into the lane and find the open man when given the chance.

    He's no LeFlop or Rose, but he's pretty good at it. I can't count the number of finger rolls and running hooks/jumpers he's hit recently.

    A few more games without Rose and I'll put together a video of Deng doing just that many, many times over the last 5 games.

    But you can tell, people who want to bitch about the FO will find something to bitch about, even if it means contradicting themselves in their complaints.

  • In reply to Don Ellis:

    Yea, if by find the open man when given a chance, you mean commit a turnover 50% of the time, and almost commit a turnover or give everyone watching a heart attack the other 50% of the time. I suppose you didn't notice his 6 turnovers in the final 20 minutes of the game last night while you were too busy calculating his advanced shooting stats. Or that he did the same in the closing minutes against Cleveland on Saturday.

    Derrick Rose is not an elite ballhandler, and Deng is in the same universe as Rose.

    You need to watch and acknowledge the entirety of someones performance/game. Not just the parts that fit your narative. Deng is a nice player on a hot streak with serious physical limitations to his game that prevent him from being a go to guy and taking over the game in the way that a true alpha dog does.

    By the way when you post Deng's HOF induction video make sure that you post the Bulls record during those 5 games, 1-4 during what is likely the best 5 game stretch of his career.

    Even though he was a football coach, I believe his famous rant applies to all professional sports, "You play to win the game", not the boxscore arguments. Herman Edwards. Of course, Edwards who not only coached, but played the game at a high level is probably just another no nothing idiot filled with irrational hatred, mostly because he disagrees with you, right.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    "You need to watch and acknowledge the entirety of someones performance/game. Not just the parts that fit your narative."


    From the man who always acknowledges the positives in Boozer's game.


    Let me know when you're ready to quit being a complete 100% hypocrite, and we'll talk.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    Interestingly, I have always acknowledged that Boozer does 2 things well, he is a good mid range fade away jump shooter, and he is an excellent passer, especially interior passer, in fact he might be the teams best. In fact, if Deng were as anywhere near as good of a passer he might not have committed 7 turnovers last night.

    Now do either of those 2 things lead the Bulls to victory or even come close to making up for being the laziest sack of shit in the history of basketball, no they do not. Its kind of like focusing on the fact that Hitler built/invented the autobahn/interstate system while ignoring all the other stuff.

    and since you brought it up, why don't we go back and watch the videotape in the middle of the 3rd quarter with the Pelli's leading 68-65 as Noah and Hinrich(most likely Hinrich) are about to rebound a Pelli miss. Boozer comes flying into the picture like he had a liter of Red Bull shot up his ass knocks both of them out and tips the rebound to a Pelli player, who immediately fires it out to Anderson alone at the 3 point line, bang 71-65 Pelli's. Think those 3 points might have made a difference at the end of the game and saved us 3 overtimes of agony. Just the typical moron/asshole/clown move that Boozer makes in his relentless pursuit of being the 4rth best rebounder in the history of the league. That is simply representative of the dozens of plays that he makes(or mostly doesn't make) that make him a despicable excuse for a professional basketball player. Any intelligent fan, never mind one with even one functioning brain cell would see that day in day out for over 3 years now and rationally hate him as a basketball player, instead of searching the archives for statistics to somehow prove that he isn't a total sack of shit. Thats not hatred, its pure unemotional pragmatic reality from watching the entirety of what goes on on both ends of the court.

    But what should we expect from someone who goal in life is to be the homelessman's Paducahville version of Skip Bayless, a contrarian for the sake of being a contrarian.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    It's easy to tell when I've made you look stupid (not that you need any help), you start in with the personal attacks.

    How many posts should we go back to find where you've said anything positive about Boozer. 100? No way. 1,000? Possible.

    Sorry for showing what an idiot you are... oh wait, no I'm not, it's pretty unavoidable.

  • The draining part about this has been the offense in most games has been pretty decent, its been a lack of defense and getting out hustled on the boards which have decimated the Bulls. Lazy Carlos stone feet Boozer hasn't been the only one stinking up the place when it comes to Defense. I feel sorry for guys like Deng and Gibson playing their hearts out and not getting that kind of effort from other teammates. Now Teague is being set to the Dleague and we know whats next, he's going the way of James Johnson, being showcased for a trade. Unfortunately the Bulls still have a hard time learning you sell high and buy low but instead practice selling low......what can he get? a middling second round pick 45-50 range.

  • In reply to Defense-Rebound13:

    You are seriously questioning the Bulls' record on trades? Seriously?

    I hope Teague is "the next James Johnson", since they turned him into Mirotic.

    They turned James Johnson into Mirotic.
    They turned Thabo Sefolosha into Gibson.
    They turned Tyrus Thomas into the Charlotte pick.

    That's your idea of "selling low"?

    Can you give even ONE example of GarPax "selling low"?

    I didn't realize I had entered the science fiction/comedy section of the comments, but that was one of the funniest things I have ever read.

  • In reply to Don Ellis:

    The best time of selling Teague would of been after the summerleague in which he was pretty good. Look, the Bulls don't send players to the Dleague unless they want to get rid of them in a trade and there's no way they can get anything good for him, unless he's part of a packaged trade.

  • In reply to Defense-Rebound13:

    You could be right, though there is only one example of the Bulls sending a guy to the D-League and then trading him- that was James Johnson, who they got a 1st-round pick for.

    Pretty awesome for a guy who is now out of the league 2 1/2 years later.

    But I don't think they plan on trading Teague, they knew he was a project when he was drafted, and I think they still expect him to develop into a decent 10-15 minutes a game backup for Rose.

    There are still only 15 players in the entire NBA who are younger than Teague, I think if the Bulls "give up" on him it won't be before next season. They sure weren't looking to trade him right after Summer League, if anything they were encouraged by his play and more confident that they made the right decision.

  • In reply to Defense-Rebound13:

    Let's just throw out comments like "Unfortunately the Bulls still have a hard time learning you sell high and buy low but instead practice selling low" and everyone will jump because like bashing the Bulls FO is what a "realistic" fan does, facts be damned.

    You might be able to make that statement about Noah, who probably has lost significant trade value over the years. But Teague? Gimme a break, there was no "sell high" with him. Most late-round picks fail.

  • In reply to Roman F:

    Facts, schmacts, right?

    But I disagree about Noah losing any value- he was just named an All-Star and 1st-Team All-Defense last season for the first time in his career, at least the league's coaches still see him as quite a valuable player.

    Chandler, Noah, LeFlop, George, Duncan and Paul were the only players in the league who were All-Stars and All-Defense last season. That's a pretty exclusive list, and should tell people how highly Noah is thought of among the league's coaches.

  • In reply to Roman F:

    There was little value in him to begin with but teams like the Jazz had serious interest and with him struggling with the Bulls, I doubt they can get anything at all now, best scenario is a salary dump to free up a roster spot for next year. The Bulls have generally done well in the draft but they do make some bad moves like drafting Teague when they didn't even work him out. Junior/Senior college guys like Gibson, Butler and even Snell are good picks but when they go for raw athletic talent, they usually fail.

  • In reply to Defense-Rebound13:

    But they still got a first-rounder (Mirotic) for James Johnson, and they got a first-rounder (Gibson) for Thabo, and they got a first-rounder for Tyrus freaking Thomas (Bobcats' pick).

    There is nothing to suggest that they will get screwed in any Teague deal. Just because ShamSports says Teague was on the block, his word is worth less than nothing to me, as he's been known to lie before (last year he made a big deal article about how the Bulls were going to cut Nate in January just to save Luxury Tax, not pointing out until the very bottom of the article that in reality, they would have to sign someone else to replace Nate anyway, for the exact same salary and tax bill as Nate).

    If the Bulls planned to trade Teague, and Utah was "seriously interested", they would have made the deal, right? NBA front offices aren't like fickle Bulls fans, they don't change their minds about whether or not to trade a guy every two weeks or so.

  • In reply to Defense-Rebound13:

    I can believe you read something that said the Jazz had "serious interest" in Teague but that's a long way from having a deal on the table for anything more than a 2nd-rounder.

  • In reply to Roman F:

    I can't believe that you are that down on Noah already. He hasn't looked like himself yet this season, and he may have peaked physically 2 seasons ago, but I don't think that he has lost that much of his trade value yet. He certainly has time to turn it around this season.

    However, I do wish that he would spend more time in the offseason working on his offensive game and less time trying to become aquaman by working the pool with Laird Hamilton.

  • Teams better than the Bulls in the East

    2. Indy
    3. Wizards
    4. Raptors, or whatever team comes from the terrible East...
    5. Bobcats
    6. Pistons
    7. Nets (will shake out of it eventually and no reason to tank.)

    teams on the Bulls level: Cleveland, NY, Atl

    Real bad: Milwaukee, Philly, Orlando, Boston, Milwaukee

    In the West, Sactown and Utah are real bad.

    The Bulls are probably fighting for the 7th or 8th seed as the roster is currently constructed, especially when Butler returns. However, simply ditching Hinrich or Dunleavy (both very tradeable given their contracts) probably guarantees a bottom 5-7 finish in the East. Trading Deng or Noah would guarantee even better lotto positioning.

    Whether they are in position for the 7th or 9th pick, they can get lucky and move up.

    How about 7 footer (7'5" wingspan) Joel Embiid who just might go in picks #3-5:

    From ESPN:

    Long, athletic big man
    Explosive leaper
    Very coordinated for his size
    Moves exceptionally well laterally
    Excellent shot-blocker and rebounder
    Solid mid range game
    Can even shoot the three
    Good handle for a big man
    Hard worker


    Needs to add strength
    Lacks game experience

  • In reply to Granby:

    I think you tank and try to get Embiid, Parker, Wiggins or Randle, or possibly Exum or Gordon, who would be #1 picks in most drafts. (I'm not as high on Exum or Gordon due to their subpar shooting, but they are athletic freaks and young...)

    Then, with Charlotte's pick around 11-18, you hope for a shooting wing like Rodney Hood, James Young, Andrew Harrison, etc...

  • Well, I cannot remember a Bull's game when the score was so high. I guess tanking is entertaining when cleverly done.

    I took another look at the talent for next year's draft and wow, they may be worth an effort and a show like tonight's game since several of these player have a fantastic upside. My fellow basketball experts really think Parker is the best of the best. Which players do you guys like for the style of play Thibs likes to coach? After some thought I don't care if the Bulls tank as long as they do that well also--and get another potential superstar--but even this has to be a rational and planned effort. As long as my favorite players are not hurt in the process and they keep a group of experience veterans to lead youth--who may no want to follow the coach.

    This generation is totally head strong and often un-coachable. You all may think that tanking is the answer to the Bulls problem, but the youth today is sometimes too head strong and unwilling to listen to a coach. That's why I like college experienced players who have gone through some kind of maturation rather than guys right out of high school.

  • I am going to comment today before I see what anybody else said, since I am sure that today's board will lead to some interesting debates.

    I don't really even know where to start, but lets go with the easy stuff first.

    2 Things I didn't like in general, somewhat agreeing with Doug's concerns, but more specifically.

    #1 why was Noah covering Anderson even when Taj was in the game for the BozoHole, which was most of the game including the entire 4rth quarter and all 3 overtimes. Noah is our center, and Taj should be able to hang outside with Anderson better than Noah, leaving Noah to cover the less mobile Jason Smith, who never the less humiliated the BozoHole when he was in the game. That makes at least the 3rd non descript white 7 foot stiffs that have destroyed the Hole in the last 2 weeks(Lopez and Mozgov being the others).

    The Pelly's for there part matched up Smith on Noah and Anderson on Taj, thus creating a crossmatch every time that we changed ends and likely allowing Anderson to be wide open for several of his 3's. I don't much care for this move, even if it is mandated by boozers world class shitholiness, but with Taj and Noah it seems almost asinine.

    Personally, I think that Noah did as good of a job on Anderson as he could have, but it was just one of those nights for Anderson, who was the best player on the floor, so much so that Stacey and Neal even went Larry Bird on him. Did it cost us the game, who knows, there are so many other choices on that one. Could Taj have done a better job, we should have had the opportunity to find out, that's on Thibs'

    The second thing was the Snell situation. I understand that he is a rookie, but in the final 20 minutes of the game, we had literally dozens of situations where we needed offense and shooting to win the game. With every single starter was beyond gassed and running on fumes, Thibs could easily have situation substituted Snell in since he would have at least had fresh legs. Hinrich was 0-8 from 3 last night, and Deng was 3-8 from the field total in the final 20 minutes, along with at least 6 of his 7 turnovers. Snell could have come in for either Taj or Noah to get more shooting on the floor, if not one of the wings. Again, I have to quibble with Thibs on this move. Did not playing a rookie in crunch time, cost us the game, again, who knows, but we should have had the chance to find out.

  • The defense for the last play for Holiday was comical, I almost felt sorry for the people who still want the Bulls to win this season. Almost. After I'd finished fist pumping that Holiday got the shot and the free throw to go.

    The crazy part: with an exact 0 in the point differential column, the Bulls are the still the third best in the East. It's a year where if you want to tank you need to do it properly to beat the others.

    Less than two weeks before signed players can be traded and hopefully we get some clarity whether management really intends to win the lottery by any means necessary.

  • In reply to Shakes:

    Hi Shakes,
    We are in 100% Agreement on tanking. I too am now rooting for the opposition during Bulls games. Why? Because I'm a life-long Bulls fan who wants a return to 'true competitiveness.' We had a good, long taste of it in the 90s and Chicago deserves another swig. Only way that's happening is adding considerable talent and Bulls have shown their best skill is working the draft.

    I'm hoping Miami doesn't just win, but embarrasses Bulls on Thursday. Because the thick skulls of Thibs, Gar and Pax need to acknowledge the true state of this roster (not close to championship caliber) and they're rather stubborn.

    TANK HARD 2014 乒乓

  • Last nights game was so interesting that Deng and Bimbo the Bamboozler each deserve their own posts. Lets start with Deng.

    Last night was the perfect of example of why Deng is what he is, which is not a star go to player, or superstar closer. He is a system player on offense(some might call that a role player, albeit a good one) who you simply cannot trust to put the ball in his hands every time down court and say win the game for us.

    This is no knock on him, he just doesn't have the talent or makeup to be that guy. His box score is going to look great, but as I mentioned above in the final 20 minutes of the game, the part that Magic Johnson calls winning time, Deng shot 3-8, and committed 6 turnovers, and could easily have had half a dozen more. I know he was gassed, but you know what so was everybody else, and so are the legitimate closers in the league who don't turn into turnover machines in winning time.

    Hey, I get it, right now, he is the best we've got, but obviously he isn't good enough. He clearly didn't win the game for us, but it is hard to say that his 6 turnovers didn't lose the game for us. Hinrich could have bailed him out by not going 0-8 from 3, but we're way beyond debating Hinrich as a shooter. By the way, pretty much the same thing happened in the closing minutes of the Cleveland loss on Saturday.

    So Luol Deng just played what are likely the 5 best consecutive games of his career and we went 1-4 under his leadership. That pretty much says all you need to know about which direction his future with the Bulls should go. Never mind that he isn't keeping this up for the rest of this season, never mind the next 4.

  • The BozoHole probably isn't even worth commenting about since he was the invisible man, both in the 24 minutes that he did play and in the final 27 or 30 minutes of the game that he didn't even get on the court for.

    I do have to thank Thibs for settling the argument that we have had for the past several days about whether the Hole helps or hurts the tanking effort. Thibs definitively sided with me that playing boozer helps the tank effort, since in an all out effort to win the game(i.e. not tank) Thibs benched boozer completely for the entire 4rth quarter and all 3 overtimes in favor of Taj. Again, he did pretty much the same thing for nearly the entire 4rth quarter on Saturday night vs Cleveland.

    I am curious, was Thibs being a rational and pragmatic coach, or is he just another irrational idiot, filled with pure hatred for boozer. Maybe someone in the press should ask him that exact question.

  • Hi Shakes,
    Yea Snell could have come in during the last two games--especially while he seems to have the hot hand--but that might have ruined the tank. In Deng's defense after 35 minutes he really needed a blow especially as indicated with those turnovers--and again Snell was available. I don't think the coaching decision was bad--if he had substituted if would have ruined a tanking effort--so those were good decisions.

  • We Stinks.

  • Man Noah must be less intelligent than the average Bulls fan, he is still pining for Nate Robinson, and sort of comparing him to Derrick Rose.

    “We have to get better executing down the stretch,” said Noah. “It’s definitely a different team; we don’t have Derrick, we don’t have Nate (Robinson). So different guys have to step up.”

  • Tired of hearing the same cry baby talk from Noah, Gibson & Deng.........they are getting paid like Stars, and now they can't provide the professional play to the fans and to the team.....trade them all and lets wait for the draft.

  • Hey Guys. We are trying to be constructive here. These are elite atheletes and we as fans are trying to be positive--what's with the immaturity and negativity. There is no cry baby talk here, okay? It's not easy to play sports and lose intentionally. Or are you guys so jealous that you cannot think clearly. Have either of you performed at the world class level in anything? When people cannot compete they look down on others who can--so let's be in a space where we can learn something together here without putting anyone down.
    Hey, is this double talk from Gar Forman?
    ""We value Luol a lot," Forman said on "The Waddle & Silvy Show" Tuesday on ESPN Chicago 1000. "And Luol is a big piece of the success we've had the last several years though we haven't gotten to our ultimate goal. We think Luol is going to continue to be a big piece, a big part of what we're doing. I know a lot was said about that we couldn't come to an extension last summer but if you guys really study the NBA, especially since this new CBA -- going into the CBA and since the new CBA has been in effect, it's very, very rare that extensions get done so the fact that one didn't get done was not an indicator of where we're at with Luol at all."
    What do you all think?

  • In reply to penwit1:

    Thank you penwit1.

    "if you guys really study the NBA, especially since this new CBA -- going into the CBA and since the new CBA has been in effect, it's very, very rare that extensions get done" - Gar Forman

    And thank you Gar.

    I tried telling everyone that players don't sign extensions for 3 years when they can get 4 years the next summer.

    But hey, those of you who actually believe that Deng and his agent are pissed because the Bulls wouldn't negotiate now. Deng and his agent are surely pissed off to beat all hell that they couldn't sign a 3-year extension now, instead of waiting until July 1st to sign a 4-year extension.

    I know the Bulls are famous for blowing money and not being frugal, of course they cancelled negotiations when a 3-year deal was the longest they'd have to give just so they could wait until next summer to give him a 4-year deal.

    Those cheap bastards.

  • In reply to Don Ellis:

    Personally, I'm hoping Gar's Deng quote falls right in line with another of his, "We'll match all offers for Omer Asik."

  • In reply to Edward:

    and he topped it off, with we will make only basketball decisions, not financial decisions.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    Thankfully, lots of Bulls fans are intelligent enough to understand that in all professional leagues with a salary cap, each and every roster decision they make is automatically a financial decision as well.

    What you pay one player directly effects what you pay other players, not that most fans understand that, obviously, if you read their ridiculous rants.

    You have to be pretty stupid to continue to call a team with the 4th-highest payroll in its league "cheap", no matter what the sport.

  • In reply to Don Ellis:

    Then again, some people are foolish enough to expect a GM to say "go ahead, sign our RFA to an offer sheet, we won't match"- no, in the real world, GM's ALWAYS say they will match any offer sheet to their RFA, just to try and scare off the other team from even wasting their time (and tying up their cap space) with an offer sheet.

  • In reply to Don Ellis:

    GMs regularly make comments to preserve trade value for a player teams perceive to be 'on the trading block.' In the same article, Gar acknowledged since the Rose injury teams have contacted the Bulls regarding potential trades.

    I put Gar's Deng extension comments in a similar category to Houston's comments after signing Dwight Howard - "We have no intention of trading Omer Asik" - whom of course Houston would love to trade though they are asking a very high price.

    I believe Gar is simply attempting to preserve Deng's trade value as teams make trade inquiries for Deng. There's more than 2 months 'til the Feb trading deadline.

    Then again, some people are foolish or stupid enough to expect a GM to say nothing to preserve his trade assets. Of course, I'm not referring to you, Paducah. You're intelligent enough to figure that out or so you keep telling us.

  • In reply to penwit1:

    Constructive is great. My constructive criticism is that management should sell off most of the vets. You never tank on the court, but management needs to turn short term assets into long term ones.

  • In reply to penwit1:

    Well, since you seem to be of the opinion that without being world class at something you shouldn't post on internet message boards, care to share all the things you're world class at?

    No, hypocracy doesn't count.

  • In reply to Shakes:

    Ugh, I am not world class at spelling. Hypocrisy damn it. WTB edit function.

  • Thank you!

  • That thank you was for Don Ellis

  • YaAll

    I sure feel a lot of disgust in the tone of many of the comments here..,and its growing. I have had to take a step back myself, try to assess my feelings, gather some hope, and establish an objective for this year. After the triple overtime loss, things sort of clarified a bit, for me.

    1--We don't have a point guard who can distribute the ball AND score points by outside shooting and getting to the basket with some consistency . Kirk is a very, very inconsistent outside scorer who also cant get to the basket.

    2--I'm just guessing here, but Noah is having a battle in his mind overcoming the loss of Rose, and all that means(absolutely no chance at a title, this year). The result is an inconsistent effort. He may be consciously trying, subconsciously, he knows Bulls will be one and done, at best, in the playoffs)

    3--Boozer, like Noah, is mentally down + Taj is making him a second banana at PF. A double punch he has to try and overcome.

    4--Either our D is way down because Jimmy is gone..,or, we have lost our will---don't have a prize in sight for this year--and our days as a D-team are over. (I'm buying its because Jimmys gone.., but when Kirk gets his next injury, and the wait for Noah to be a full time energizer again, I'm not as sure as I once was.)

    Hopes, and SOON.

    1---Thibs can sell the team on a playoff bid...,get their minds right(Hard sell, very hard)

    2---Some kind of trade which includes an upgrade at PG who can drive and score on a moderate basis.

    3--The trade involves Boozer.., not necessarily Deng. ( A feat for which I will bow down to Gar/Pax forever)

    4--Snell continues to improve.. and gets the steady minutes to prove it.


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