Bulls comeback falls short to Knicks

Bulls comeback falls short to Knicks

The Knicks are probably happy with any win they can get these days. Maybe when they get Tyson Chandler back things will improve some for them, though I don't know how Tyson Chandler helps an offense that scored a mere 83 points on a Chicago defense missing its two best perimeter defenders.

Either way, as sad as things are in New York, with no draft pick to hope for at the end of the year, the Knicks are much better off with a desperation playoff run than a trip to the lottery.

The Bulls are in a different ship all together. While I'm not sure my view of hoping for the draft pick is the majority view, and it may not even be the correct view (though I obviously think it is), it's certainly a credible view. Maybe it's just a defense mechanism to make the season easier to swallow.

The Bulls had a listless first half, the Knicks going on a 19-0 run to take a 16 point half time lead that they'd build up to 23 in the third quarter. Still, Chicago, being Chicago, fought back to tie the game. Then the offense fell apart and turned the ball over virtually ever possession the rest of the games, the Knicks scored a couple times, and it was all over.

Even though I'm rooting for the pick, it's nice to see the players still care. They still want to win. They're still driving hard, working, trying to get it done. That hurts a bit to watch to be honest. Quality players don't tank though. They always think they can win. Always push.

You wonder how much fight this team has. Despite all the horrificness, the Bulls are still in eighth, though just a half game ahead of Cleveland, a game ahead of Toronto, and a game and a half ahead of Brooklyn. Players are likely thinking just make the playoffs and hope we're healthy and playing well then.

They won't give up unless they really fall out of it, they'll look at the standings too. The Bulls won't likely ever [i]really[/i] fall out of the playoffs this season. Not once they get Butler/Deng back. The East is simply too bad to fall into a huge hole. They hold the final playoff spot despite winning only 40% of their games now.

Kirk Hinrich vs Nate Robinson

I'm going to bring this up because a huge contingent of people went nuts about how much better Kirk Hinrich was than Nate Robinson last season. Looking at the Bulls record with/without Kirk as evidence that Kirk must be amazing.

Well look at Kirk Hinrich now that the Bulls don't have a player to come in and take the scoring load off of the whole team for huge swaths of time without allowing the Bulls to completely fall in the tank. Last year with Robinson/Belinelli, despite being inefficient offensive players, the Bulls were a surprise positive team.

This year without getting that volume shot creation out of anyone the team has transformed into one of the worst in the NBA without Derrick Rose. There are other factors at play, but the Bulls are routinely shooting in the mid 30%s as a team now and not having a guy who can come in and make a decent percentage of bad looks is destroying their offense.

Kirk Hinrich looks especially pathetic when not surrounded by a bunch of players who can score, and while it's perhaps unfair to ask him to do what Nate Robinson did, it should be crystal clear to everyone that he has absolutely no hope of doing so. Nate Robinson may have shot you out of one in two games, but put in the same role, Kirk will shoot you out of four of five.

Now I'm not saying that Hinrich is god awful and has no strengths, there are things he does better than Robinson, and it's worth acknowledging those things. As a defensive backup/guy running the offense who isn't relied upon to do much offensively except move the ball around and not turn it over, Kirk does a solid job.

That's just not a whole lot, and though I doubt the Bulls were considering trading Hinrich, after his recent play moving him for a trade exception might be a stretch now.

Bulls sign Augustin pending physical

Is D.J. Augustin the best point guard on the Chicago Bulls as soon as he passes the physical? Marquis Tank and Captain Clank have been leading the ship into the ground. Despite Augstin's small size, streaky game, and relative crappyness that had him get waived in general, the Bulls desperately need what he brings.

A guy who can create and knock down a shot. I could see Augustin significantly helping the team as presently constructed because he comes in and fills that Nate Robinson role the Bulls are missing. That said, he probably doesn't fill it as well as they need, so it will be interesting to see the results.

With Thibodeau desperately looking for any option that's not Marquis Teague, Augustin will likely get 15-20 minutes the second he lands in Chicago to try and prove himself.


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  • Why is Bulls ownership so resistant to Tanking? To us hardcore fans who only want another Championship, it’s puzzling how ownership can’t see the need to maximize the strong 2014 draft to acquire an impact player to help the team going forward for years. What is the ‘basketball reason’ for wanting to make the playoffs, just to be eliminated early?

    Is the resistance to tanking “financially motivated?” There must be a handsome financial reward for teams making the playoffs. A reward that, in ownership's mind, justifies dropping 6-12 spots in the strongest draft in a decade. All other factors equal, I’m sure ownership would love to have a higher draft pick, but all other factors are never equal. Is ownership willing to forgo $x millions in playoff profits for that higher pick? I’m speculating that answer is NO. That may be the reason, the financial reason, why ownership would chose playoff elimination vs. a higher pick for the future. There may be an immediate financial trade-off owners are not willing to make.

    How many are aware Bulls sell the 4th most expensive tickets in the NBA (behind NY, LA, and nearly tied with Miami)? How many know Bulls raised ticket prices 8% this season? That minimum wage Nate Robinson playoff performance was far more expensive (to the fans) than we knew. What would be the financial impact of missing the playoffs:
    - Lose millions of extra playoff profits.
    - Can’t justify another ticket price increase for 2014-15.
    - Season ticket turnover, perhaps fewer season tickets sold for 2014-15.
    - Other Revenue Losses???

    How are players compensated for the playoffs? Owners charge more for playoff tickets than regular season tickets, but do they pay the players any extra salary? Or do players just get some sort of playoff bonus from the league? Does anyone know the correct answer? I think the playoffs might be a Cash Cow for the owners. A Very Big Cash Cow. A Big Enough Cash Cow to make the 'financial decision' to pass on the lottery in the strongest draft in a decade.

  • In reply to Edward:

    Even if ownership is greedy enough to hurt the future of the team for 2 home playoffs games, are they really so stupid or short-sighted to sacrifice dozens of future playoffs games for 2 this year? I realize you've had it in for Reinsdorf ever since he stole your girlfriend but that argument makes no sense.

    More likely, management believes it owes it to season ticket holders to try their best. I think they're out of touch with the fan base. They think tanking will be seen as cheapness when in fact, every fan I know supports tanking. Now they're being accused of greed for not tanking.

  • In reply to Roman F:

    Actually, your argument that Reinsdorf stole my girlfriend is what makes no sense.

    The question I posed was, what are the financial implications of teams making the playoffs? I don't think any of us has the correct or complete answer. But I suspect its not as simple as "2 home playoff games", I suspect there is a greater revenue stream than that.

    Also, do you have any insight to my question of player compensation, and its source, during playoffs? Or is it simpler to make irrelevant remarks about Reinsdorf stealing a girlfriend.

  • In reply to Edward:

    Yes, management probably realizes that tanking only increases the odds of acquiring a young talent, but they cannot appear to be tanking. Just bad for the organization. They must appear to be trying to win.

    I'm sure that's the overriding factor.

  • In reply to Edward:

    I would suspect that tanking would not hurt their profits substantially. By trading some of their pieces they could probably shave up to 20 million off their luxury tax/salary bill which would dwarf any playoff profits given that the seats are already sold.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    It's not so easy to get teams to absorb salary in trades, other teams usually want to send salary back. Or if a team with cap space were to absorb salary, they often want compensation in return, such as a pick.

  • In reply to Edward:

    I think you could easily find teams to absorb some of the Bulls salaries. I think you might find a team that'd take Hinrich with a trade exception which would save something like 12 million. Then you could trade Deng in a deal that brings back 9 million and save another 10 million.

    Because of the luxury tax the Bulls don't need to shed 20 million in payroll to save 20 million, they need to shed something like 7 million. That's not out of the realm of possibility.

  • Well, I guess the Bulls have totally given up on Teague... first you try to ship him to D league and now you bring in another short-term option at PG. At least Snell is getting some run and has a chance to be a nice shooter/defender in year 2 or 3.

    The Bulls are 8-12. Sure, Butler and Deng soon back will help. But, they've lost a ton of games with Deng in the lineup. They've now lost to NY and Milwaukee. They've lost to Utah.

    Sure, a healthy Butler and Deng and a decent Augustin will help. But, the Bulls have two more wins that the Knicks, the second worst team in the East. The Bulls have 3 more wins than Milwaukee and Utah, the worst teams in the ENTIRE LEAGUE. The Bulls have won like 2 of their last 11!

    GarPax, wake up! This team sucks. The Bulls really can get a top 3 pick if you just make one trade. Trade Deng or Noah or Boozer. That's all it will take. Deng and Boozer can be shipped out with hardly anything in return. I think Noah is intriguing because you can see that he's not much of a difference maker. He's just a guy. He is a nice player, but not worth his contract, IMO.

    Imagine Parker, Wiggins or Randle with Mirotic and Rose and possibly another rookie if the Charlotte pick is 11-17. With Noah, Butler, Gibson, Dunleavy and Snell. And cap space.

    Instant rebuild!!!

  • In reply to Granby:

    Strongly Agree!
    However, an Eastern Conference playoff team other than Indiana and Miami (i.e. Charlotte and/or Bulls) will pick from 15-20.
    If Charlotte misses the playoffs they keep their pick (top 10 protected), if they make playoffs its Bulls pick at 15-20.

    Eastern Conference teams missing the playoffs will pick from 9 to 3 or lower. Because there are only two horrible teams in the Western Conference - Sacramento and Utah. Which is why "for basketball reasons" Bulls should miss playoffs and drop as far in the East as possible - INTENTIONALLY!!

    As you say, Instant Rebuild!
    But ownership must be willing to forgo playoff profits, which may be financially significant.

  • In reply to Edward:

    Well, Charlotte has to play the lottery. So, they could have pick 11-14 if they miss the playoffs.

    If they make the playoffs, it will probably be pick 15-18.

    Ideally, they miss the playoffs just barely and fall 2-3 spots in the lottery and end up with the 11th pick.

  • In reply to Granby:

    The odds are massively against that happening.

    If they finished 10-9-8 you would need one, two or three teams outside of the top 3(but behind charlotte(9-14)) to leapfrog into the top 3. The odds of that are astronomical, especially if more than one team has to leapfrog Charlotte. The odds of this happening are almost as low as the odds of Teague becoming a legitimate NBA pg, thus Edwards analysis is essentially correct.

  • In reply to Granby:

    If Charlotte misses the playoffs, they'll keep their pick this year. That may or may not be okay for the Bulls depending where it is, who they pick, and how much that helps them.

  • In reply to Edward:

    You have correctly identified the conundrum of the Charlotte pick. If they make the playoffs we get the pick, but it becomes a much less impactful pick, where we hope to draft well again and get another Butler or Gibson. If they miss the playoffs, we almost certainly don't get the pick this year, they get another shot at a good player become much better faster reducing the value of the pick to us next year or the year after.

  • In reply to Granby:

    Noah is more than worth his contract when he gives a crap, which right now he doesn't. I was thinking ship him out and cash in on him, but now I think maybe keeping him is a better idea. He'll not hurt the tank too much because he doesn't play hard when he doesn't feel like the games matter.

    I'm still not getting greedy and aiming big 3 in the draft, I'd be happy to get Exum. A ball handler and creator with the size to play the 2 guard but can run the point when Rose is out too, it's what people have been asking for.

    Disagree that Dunleavy and Snell should be counted on for much in the instant rebuild, ideally the Bulls can upgrade those spots too. Both haven't played very well this year.

  • In reply to Shakes:

    Agree with everything you say except about Dunleavy and Snell. I think they could both be very valuable as reserves. But that is counting on the team having quality starters in front of them.

  • I said it when they signed him. Kirk is a very poor fit for our offense. What we ask of our PG's is exactly what he is not good at. That and his defense has slipped a bit with age. He is a borderline starting NBA talent just on a different team in a different role. Why management can get over their egos or love for a former draftee and realize that to me is a major weakness. They either don't understand player roles or don't care about them.

    Not saying they are a terrible FO but NBA talent evaluation and filling roles especially offensive ones has been a glaring weakness of theirs. Everyone knew they needed shot creation and was saying they needed to fille the JL3 / Nate Rob role but they ignored it completely not even just disrespecting it as usual with a vet minimum non-garaunteed contract. It has been a high impact role for three straight years and they ignored it completely and are paying the price in the win column. I want them to tank but they are not trying to right now and tanking by sheer incompetence while it landed us Rose is not a good sign for the future.

    Just hoping they continue to suck it up on this stretch against the worst of the worst maybe then GarPax will admit to having completely failed and go for the tank. Come back home Jabari Parker!

  • How can people bitch about how bad this team is, and then bitch because the FO refuses to tank?

    The Bulls are 2-9 in their last 11 games, isn't that what everyone wants? That's a .182 winning percentage, Utah's .208 is the worst winning percentage in the league.

    So since Rose got hurt the Bulls have the worst record in the league, which is exactly what everyone wants, but people still have to find something to bitch about.

    Some people are so hellbent on bashing the front office that they can't stop bitching even when the team is playing as poorly as you want them to.

    Maybe some dictionary 101 will help:

    Tanking - putting a bad team on the floor that will lose and lose and lose some more so the team can get a high draft pick.

    2 wins, 9 losses - worst record in the league since Rose got hurt and the phrase "tank" was first uttered.

    Worst record in the league- successful tank.

    Thanks for the laughs, though, seriously. I don't know which Reinsdorf slept with someones girlfriend or mom, but this team is losing. That's what you want, isn't it?

  • In reply to Don Ellis:

    Thank you! What is it exactly that makes people think we aren't tanking now? Are you waiting for a press conference where gar/pax declare that we're tanking? If the tanking is blatant the league strips you of the resulting lottery pick, right? So you'll never hear it. I'd say rolling out the lineups we have been, with a few scattered and mysterious "contusions" to keep one of lu, Kirk, booz, jo, or jimmy out on any given night and we'll be well on our way to tankville

  • In reply to bfranke:

    GarPax (alternating sentences Beastie Boys style): "Ladies and gentlemen, on behalf of the entire Bulls organization, we are very proud to announce that our franchise will officially be tanking the 2013-14 NBA season. Our current plan is to milk each and every minor injury for three times it's value, causing players to miss significant numbers of games. For example, Jimmy Butler ran a marathon yesterday, that whole 'turf toe' thing is bullshit, he's just too good to be playing.

    We may change our strategy in the future, or add new strategies- you can expect to see much more of our young players on the floor, especially when veterans might have helped us win the game. We have discussed having Coach Thibs take a few weeks off for 'medical reasons', figuring we can't win without him, however these discussions are still in the preliminary stage.

    We may make more minor player moves that will have no bearing on wins and losses, so that the fans will be able to bitch that 'the new player makes us better, they are screwing up the tank job'. On that note, I am announcing that we have signed DJ Augustin to a contract..."

  • In reply to Don Ellis:

    Because while losing is good when deng and butler come back we"ll be just crappy enough to make it as a lower seed in the east which is why all anyone is saying is move Deng get something or boozer and ensure we don't make the playoffs

  • In reply to cashofb:

    Unless you trade boozer for someone from the wheelchair basketball league it will not enhance the tank effort.

    Again, if you noticed, when Thibs was trying to win the game in the 4rth quarter, boozer was parked firmly on the bench with no hope of ever returning to the game. Therefore, again, I defer to Thibs on the boozer vs tanking effect.

  • In reply to Don Ellis:

    The Bulls are losing, but there have been many close losses. You worry that a healthy Butler and Deng could equate to a few more wins. Losing in the East is competitive, so it will be hard to out-do Orlando, Milwaukee, etc... plus Utah.

    I think the Bulls have what it takes, but they need to dig deeper to get a top 3 finish, most likely. They must sacrifice this season. That's what people on these message boards are saying. This team could easily win 4 in a row and be right back in the 5 seed position. The Bulls just can't let that happen!

    Trading Deng for a future pick and some garbage in return (expiring salary, or expiring next year) would help tank and provide a future asset. That's what those of us on the tank train are hoping for. There will be a skip in my step one morning if I read that one or two of Boozer-Deng-Noah are traded and the future assets acquired in return are suitable. Especially if we can someone get just one more 2014 first rounder to make it 3, assuming Charlotte gives us their pick.

  • In reply to Granby:

    We played without Deng, Butler, and Noah, and still almost beat Milwaukee. We're playing without Deng and still almost winning, how is trading him away going to make us any worse?

    When are you guys going to figure out, the players that you all say suck so much are barely losing games. They don't suck any more than other teams' bench players, hell like you just all saw, they can compete with starters on the bad teams.

    When is everyone going to figure it out, these last few games is about as tanky as it gets.

    People want to trade Boozer? I thought he was a bum who does nothing to help us win, why wouldn't pro-tankers want to keep him?

    Same with Hinrich, if he's so horrible don't we need to keep playing him?

    If you can't see the truth smacking you upside the head after watching us almost beat NY and Milwaukee WITHOUT Deng, then you just don't want to wake up.

    If you have Noah, Butler, Gibson and Snell, you're not going to bottom-3 in the league suck.

    Hell, even playing Teague 20 minutes a game isn't getting us blown out, is it? NO.

    In the 4 games since his recall from the D-League, Teague is:
    19 minutes, +2
    17 minutes, 0
    23 minutes, +5
    20 minutes, +3

    Teague is probably the worst player in the NBA now, and even still the Bulls keep outscoring teams when he is on the floor.

    Marquis Teague getting 19.8 minutes a night, how much harder can you tank? AND IT STILL DOESN'T WORK.

  • In reply to Don Ellis:

    Ooops, it has happened again, we agree on something. Keeping Boozer, Hinrich and Teague is tanking. Like I said yesterday, they should be starting along with Snell and Murphy, that would make it(tanking) as obvious as holding a press conference

    Now, I know that has no shot of happening unless they straightjacket and ballgag Thibs, ala Pulp Fiction.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    There's no sense in playing Deng, let him rest up and take the year off with his sore calf or Achilles or whatever they come up with next.

    Unless you can trade him for a lottery pick, you might as well see if you can resign him. We already have our pick and Mirotic and the Charlotte pick and Snell and Butler, that's plenty of young players who need to develop.

    But NBA tank programs based on the "one year without the superstar and then back to contention" aren't based on trading away the rest of your talent. You keep the contending team you had and add a high lottery pick from your tank.

    And we are in the unique position of adding Mirotic this summer as well. This could be another Pippen/Grant draft if the Bulls can get a truly great wing player with their pick.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    He might not start Murphy, but he did give him minutes that Nazr could have easily handled, so that's a beginning at least.

  • In reply to Don Ellis:

    Trading Deng makes you worse, because he's going to come back. Isn't that obvious?

    Beyond that, trading him away simply makes sense, because he's not going to be here next year most likely, and the Bulls could likely get at least a late 1st to help the team or use to grease the wheels of a different trade.

  • In reply to Don Ellis:

    It was a 3-way with both my girlfriend and my mother, so you can understand why I'm pissed. For the record, I didn't participate, I just watched..... along with Roman F which is how he knows about it. Still, its irrelevant to our discussions of basketball. I don't know why Roman F continues to bring it up at the most awkward moments.

  • May 26, 2010

    The New York Times blog reports: The revenue generated by a single playoff game varies widely, depending on the playoff round and the city in which the game is played. One playoff game can take in as little as $500,000 or as much as $2.5 million, according to one league executive, who also noted that “Milwaukee couldn’t charge as much for a Finals game as the Lakers charge in the regular season.”

    Read more at http://www.insidehoops.com/business.shtml#J0M4TvR9pJ14SRvq.99

  • I, for one, am delighted we are tanking, it serves two purposes:

    1) Rose insurance- If Derrick can never revert to form as a perennial MVP candidate (not saying he won't, so spare me the doom and gloom lecture), then we are back to square one, looking for a super duper star. I do think it will be difficult, but not impossible, for Rose to reach those heights again (especially with the media's lips tightly wrapped around Paul George's penis).

    2) Star Power- Getting a top 3 pick in this draft accelerates getting a star to pair with Rose without being subject to the whims of another superstar wanting to come here and Rose's stance of not recruiting. It should serve as a plus to Rose's game if he doesn't have to shoulder the load 40 minutes a night for 82 games.

    We are one of the few fan bases that is intelligent enough to understand that this is a special draft and being in a position to pull a San Antonio and get a special player from this draft accelerates a re-tool process. Ownership is hard headed if they believe otherwise, us fans know what's at stake, now do the damn thing!

  • wonder when the chicago sports media starts blaming coach thibodeau for the losing while not criticizing poor management decisions. He's not a perfect coach and management has done a very poor job in getting offensively talented guards, a super weakness they have despite being good at drafting. The poor guard play which is infecting everyone now can't just be blamed on the coach alone, Hinrich and Teague have very little talent when it comes to offense. Keep working those phones mr gar, you need all the help you can get. This team clearly needs a mini rebuild, Boozer out, Mirotic in and some young athletic scoring guards in.

  • This season has been an eye-opener as far as how much emotion and confidence play a part in a team's performance. It's like before Lebron left the Cavs, he'd miss the occasional game, and the team would still perform well and often win without him. But once he was gone from the team, the same group of players that competed and won suddenly collapsed.

    There are other reasons for the Bulls' troubles, including lack of a secondary scorer (e.g. Nate) and a lot of injuries -- show me a team with 3-4 of its starters missing and I'll show you a struggling team -- but it's clear that this team doesn't really believe it can win and it's showing in their play.

  • Your Hinrich argument has a big hole in it, namely the Deng is out, too. They've sucked for three games, the three games Deng has been out, and Noah for a couple of those as well. Does that mean that Deng is suddenly an all-world player that we should re-sign for big money? Comparing this year's squad to last year's that overachieved for the last three games of the Nets series is dumb. Also, is there anybody on the internet who thinks Hinrich was going to carry the bulls at any point this season, let alone without 4 starters? C'mon Doug, you are better than that.

  • In reply to bullshooter:

    Noah missed one game.

    The Bulls lost to the Utah Jazz while everyone but Rose and Butler were there.

    Nate Robinson carried the Bulls past the Nets without Deng in the end as well.

    Did anyone think Hinrich could carry this team with injuries, without injuries, or in any way at all? No. That's sort of the point.

    Nate Robinson COULD carry this team with injuries to other players. He proved it by doing it in the playoffs and grasping victory out of the jaws of defeat instead of the other way around.

    It's not to say that Kirk Hinrich is the worst guy ever with no value, but it's to point out the opposite argument that Hinrich was just ridiculously good and the reason the Bulls won so much last year while Robinson was merely a throw away guy who couldn't have done it without Kirk.

    The Bulls were 2-6 in their last eight before Deng missed three and Noah missed one, and I think there were only two quality opponents in that grouping.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    The Hinrich/Robinson choice is a false dichotomy. The choice was Teague/Robinson, or even Rose/Robinson. If anyone had known that Rose would blow up his other knee 10 games into the season, then you might have a case to ask why they wouldn't keep Robinson. But to imply it was a Hinrich or Robinson choice is intellectually lazy. Hinrich was supposed to be a 20 minutes a night backup. With Rose starting, Robinson never would have gotten off of the bench. Hinrich is a better starter, and a better backup. Robinson is a hail mary, a gimmick that worked mainly because the bulls outrebounded and played better defense than the Nets.

    And the bottom line is the bulls are still better off losing as many games as possible if Rose is really out the entire year.

  • We may be 2-9, but we are not tanking, we are just playing without 40-80% of our starting lineup.

    If Butler and Deng return and stay healthy, and Noah and Taj remain mostly healthy we won't be a tank team, we will be a playoff contender at worst and could compete for as high as the 3rd seed at best in a pathetic eastern conference.

    Which is why most intelligent fans on this site want to trade Deng for a current(2014) or even future pick, especially if he isn't going to be here next season anyway(certainly not guaranteed). Removing Deng for nothing gets you closer to tank mode, but not blatantly so. It would take getting rid(dumping) of one more useful player(Noah, Butler or Taj) to go into full tank mode. I don't advocate "dumping" any of those 3. Had we retained a certain 7 ft Turk, we might have been in a position to move Noah(while he still has some value left) for a wing scorer to improve the team, but se-la-vie.

    As for Hinrich, I was not a fan of bringing him back, but to paraphrase Forest Gump, Hinrich is what Hinrich does. Given the cast of characters around him the last few games, it is kind of hard to go nuts on him. He was a defendable choice as Rose's backup, but he isn't the guy to carry an offense, and really shouldn't be a starter now, unless he is playing with a(the) big 3 like Chalmers gets to.

    Enjoy the losses while they last, we are likely to be healthy fairly soon, at least for the time being.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    Scarily, we agree again.

    You left out Snell, but like you said a team with Noah, Taj and Butler isn't going to be the worst team in the NBA, not even close. Hell, take out Noah and Butler and we almost win games.

    I think they got Augustin to add to the tank- if they keep playing Teague, he is only going to get better and better as he can't hardly play any worse than he does 80% of the time now. His suck level now isn't getting us blown out, that's for sure.

    Augustin is what he is, he's not getting any better, and he's not going to win us games.

  • In reply to Don Ellis:

    Snell is putting up a 9 PER for the year, and barely above 50 TS% on really low volume. He had a couple of OK games but for the most part he isn't NBA ready. He's helping the tank, not hurting it.

  • In reply to Shakes:

    True, but if he keeps getting 35 minutes a night, he's going to be pretty decent by the All-Star game.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    The easiest way to tank IMO is to trade Deng/Hinrich.

    Don't give up guys who help you next year, just put the team in position where the only PGs are Mike James and Marquis Teague. With no one to run the offense the team is dead.

    Hinrich's not a great player, but with decent guys around him, he can move the ball well.

  • Not that it matters all that much, but did anyone else think that the foul call on Taj against Melo late in the 4rth with the score 76-74 knicks was complete BS and basically ended the game. Melo blatantly shoved Taj in the throat/upper chest to get Taj off of him, and the douche refs called a foul on Taj. Honestly, if a guy can't get that call right he has no business being in the league and should be fired on the spot. That level of incompetence is simply disgusting.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    horrible call.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    Yeah, that was pretty awful.

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