Bulls Beat #304 - Lotto or Playoffs

Bulls Beat #304 - Lotto or Playoffs

I discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the Bulls playoff chase vs lotto ball chase as well as the likelihood of the Bulls landing a top pick.

Bulls Beat #304 - Lotto or Playoffs

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  • This was basically the same as your blog yesterday, but more details.
    A few thoughts:
    1) The likelihood of Rose returning next spring in playing form, and the bulls then taking down Indy and Miami, I would put at less than 1%.
    2) The likelihood of the Bulls, if they continue to win only 2 or 3 games out of 10, getting a top 5 or 6 pick I would put at about 50%, maybe higher.
    3) If they also get the Charlotte pick and a pick or strong prospect for Deng, the team could be on their way to a dynasty, even if Rose does not return to form.

    If the FO is looking to the future, your proposal, Doug, is the best by far.

  • Rose will be fine next year it's not an ACL were dealing with , Bulls did the right thing in going the long term for his injury. He will be fine. Everybody who's ever had the injury , say they come back same as before. Everybody who's bashing Rose now don't get back on his bandwagon next year.

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