Will trades solve the Bulls problems? Not likely

The Bulls options are fairly limited and as the team has started off looking like a poor man's version of itself so far fans are loooking at how it can address the same ole issues.

Chicago lacks shooting and shot creators. This is no shock. I complained about it over the summer, and I was hardly the lone dissenting voice on the topic.

The Bulls miss having a Nate Robinson whether it was the Nate Robinson or some other short combo guard who could shoot and create even if erratic and a defensive liability.

However, they aren't a Nate Robinson away from solving their offensive woes. They really need a shot creator / shooter that isn't quite so erratic and will likely score consistently against quality defenses.

In short, they need a near star level scorer. It's unlikely the Bulls have the means to get the player they need.

Fans have dreamed of replacing Carlos Boozer with Kevin Love, LaMarcus Aldridge, or Al Horford. All moves would indeed improve the team. Would they improve the team enough to sacrifice Jimmy Butler, Nikola Mirotic, and a draft pick?

If Mirotic is a bust, then perhaps so, if he's a really good player, then probalby not. Especially given the fact that you're trading all your reasonable salaries for one expensive player.

For all the complaints about how Boozer folds when it matters, Kevin Love is still waiting to play a game that means something while Horford and Aldridge both sport lower career playoff PERs than Boozer and show significant decline from their regular season numbers just like Boozer.

This isn't to say I wouldn't love to swap out Boozer for either guy on a one to one basis, but the upgrade isn't so large that I want to sacrifice two starting caliber players with high ceilings with a draft pick to make the swap.

That's even assuming such a trade would get it done, when in reality, there's a good chance that it wouldn't be enough to entice those other teams to lose their player either because teams with a borderline star and a bunch of role players aren't made better by removing the star for more role players. The trade really ends up a lose/lose.

The idea of moving Luol Deng for Eric Gordon seems a bit more palatable now that Gordon is not sitting out with a knee injury and looks pretty good in New Orleans. Of course, the possibility of pulling off that trade may have left the building for the same reasons.

The Pelicans may still move Gordon given the roster, salary, injury history, and stated desire to leave. However, Gordon's may have rebuilt his trade value some, and Luol Deng's play certainly isn't helping his any. If Gordon's healthy at the deadline and the Pelicans are willing to pull the trigger, it's probably the best case scenario for Chicago.

Jimmy Butler looks much better at SF, Gordon brings a legit shooting, ball handling, and shot creation presence in at SG, and the Bulls are suddenly much better balanced than they were before.

The other shot the Bulls have is to fire up the Carmelo Anthony discussion. Anthony discussed wanting to hit free agency, so maybe he's uninterested in a trade to Chicago with an extension in hand.

However, maybe the Knicks see the writing on the wall and are willing to move him. At 2-4, the Knicks are a long way from competing for a title and with no assets, they don't really have room to do much of anything even if Anthony resigns.

There likely won't be any bidders on Anthony as a rental, and Anthony controls his own destiny in terms of whether he agrees to an extension. He's also sort of an abomination when it comes to team basketball, but the Bulls couldn't find a better shot creator/scorer as Anthony provides much of what the Bulls really need.

From his perspective, if the Bulls could pull off the trade for Deng, Hinrich, Mirotic, and a couple 1sts, then the he's unlikely to land anywhere else with a better cast. The Bulls would obviously need to keep Boozer in this scenario, but they'd suddenly match up pretty well against the Heat.

Of course, any trade that involves all of the following:
1: The Knicks giving up on keeping Anthony
2: Anthony giving up on becoming a FA
3: Anthony choosing Chicago as the only place he signs an extension
4: The Knicks agreeing to a Bulls package that allows them to keep a title contender
5: Jerry Reinsdorf agreeing to pay Carmelo a max deal and likely take on repeater tax

Seems like it's kind of a stretch to hope for.

There might be other options the Bulls could take a chance on. Tyreke Evans was just signed by the Pelicans this summer, but he already looks like a poor fit and might become available after his three months are up. Something centered around Luol Deng for Evans might be a possibility if New Orleans views the move as a mistake.

Evans would improve the shot creation/ball handling for the team and move Butler to a more natural position, but he actually makes the shooting problem even worse.

Evan Turner is clearly on the market and would add some ball handling and shot creation even if he doesn't improve the shooting problem any. However, he's sudden playing with a PER over 20 after averaging closer to 12 for three seasons. The improvement could create a dangerous bidding war with a team that feels Turner will keep up this level of play and significantly overpay.

The 76ers would really want future assets for Turner who's a free agent this summer, so an expiring contract won't get it done. The bulls could likely swap Hinrich + draft picks/Mirotic for Turner, the only question is how many draft picks, which ones, and whether Mirotic is in on the deal.

Then right after trading for him, the Bulls would need to deal with his impending free agency which is a dicey proposition as well, as he'll have a good chance at becoming overpaid six months after his acquisition.

That's the thing with the trade market though. There are rarely sure fire solutions. Opposing teams aren't lining up to give away their talent for nothing, and the Bulls only have enough assets to really strike once on the trade market if at all.



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  • If the Bulls had not signed Boozer several years back, they could have had Carmelo for Noah and picks. Then they might have taken down the Heat that year. I know, that bus left long ago.

    I would do Taj, the Charlotte pick, and Teague/Snell/Murphy plus a couple of other picks for Anthony. However, I hate the idea of trading Mirotic. He might be as good as Carmelo, and he would come a lot cheaper! I suppose Butler instead of Taj would be necessary to do this deal.

    Would Carmelo sign the extension with Chicago? He might. A starting lineup of Rose, Carmelo, Mirotic, Noah, plus a reasonably priced SG (which the Bulls can never seem to land) would be deadly. Plus Taj and Dunleavy.

    It just might be possible to trade Boozer now, especially if the Bulls threw in some cash for part of his salary. That might clear up money space for Carmelo.

  • In reply to rustyw:

    The Bulls were a legit title contender the year after signing Boozer and crew. It's really kinda second guessing how they'd do without him.

    I know people hate Boozer, but if we didn't have him, we'd be desperate for a SG. I also don't think we'd have made a move for Anthony either way. Anthony demanded NY and refused to sign anywhere else.

    Things might be different now with Anthony, but I don't feel bad about missing out the first time around.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    Of course this is second guessing - it is the only way we have of figuring what might have been.

    The Bulls shot their wad with the Boozer signing. Without that, they could have easily gone for Carmelo. Actually, IMO, they should have gone for him anyway. With Anthony, the Bulls would have had two legit stars, plus a lot of decent pieces.

    Anthony said 'NY only,' but he was ticked off because the Bulls did not think he was worth giving up Noah to get. If the FO was that stupid, how would they get the rest of the pieces for a championship team? He would have joined Rose and the Bulls would not have needed much more to challenge.

  • In reply to rustyw:

    They couldn't have had Melo for Noah and picks, it was Noah, Deng and other assets(picks). Revisionist history is always 20/20.

  • I see Rose as more of a smaller SG than a true PG anyways. Maybe we need a good ball handling, QB PG obviously not going to happen us getting Chris Paul but he is probably the best definition of a true PG anywhere in the NBA! :-)
    If Dunleavy improves his shooting like he has shown in his career that he is a great shooter, We should start him and have Butler come off the bench. Thibs has proven he loves playing Deng big minutes and with his big contract don't see Deng being happy coming off the bench!

  • In reply to smiley:

    I don't think you want to put the defensive responsibility on Rose to guard more physical defensive players every possession down the court by getting another PG, not with the load he carries offensively.

    Nor do I think you take the ball out of his hands by bringing in a real PG. I think you just want to get a shooter next to him.

  • I read yesterday that Derrick Williams and Schved are on the market. I live in MN and have seen about two-thirds of all TWolves games over the past couple of years. Williams problem has always been that he has been a "tweener" in that he lacked the size for a four and the skills of a three. However Williams has worked very hard on his skill set and I can tell you that IMO he is now a very underrated player. The major reason he is being dangled is that the TWolves need to create cap space for Rubio and Love.

    Williams has the potential to be a 16/7 guy. Physically very tough and his shot is improving. If the Bulls can't or won't sign Deng then this trade is a natural if you throw in Barrea or Budinger to make salaries match. Schved is a throw-in. He has skills but lacks confidence. Put it this way, I would rather have him than Mike James. Barrea is a Nate-like spark plug who is also a skilled playmaker. Budinger is a sharpshooter but can't stay healthy.

    I don't often propose trades because I know how difficult NBA trades are in reality. But this works. Mark my words, Derrick Williams will be a starting small forward in the league. He could even be a star. Deng is on the downside and wants too much gelt. This is a deal that needs to be done.

  • In reply to hgarbell:

    Nice proposal! We need another good ball handler and I agree Barrea is tiny like Nate but plays bigger due to his hustle and heart!
    Especially liked him in Dallas! I'm find with having Derrick Williams and Butler fight to start at SF, both are young athletic guys and they need that drive to outdo each other to earn their time on the court!
    I wish we grew players a little more here in Chicago with Thibs, granted Gibson & Butler have been later picks in the draft that are getting good minutes now, we haven't played younger guys in real NBA game minutes when the outcome wasn't already determined (IE: garbage time).

  • In reply to hgarbell:

    I'm assuming you would trade Deng for Williams and Barrea. Would the T'Wolves actually do that? It sounds like it would get the Bulls two younger players who are a decent fit. I bet the Bulls would have to throw in a pick to make it happen. Maybe not if the TWs are looking to dump salary.

    One question - what does that do to the Bulls salary in 2014? They would have to amnesty Boozer to bring over Mirotic.

  • In reply to hgarbell:

    Don't think the salaries quite match, and not sure I see the incentive from Minnesota's perspective. Even if htey can't keep those guys, why trade them for Deng?

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    Because Deng is expiring. It's a way for the TWs to drop salary.

  • Doug, I also like your idea of Deng and Hinrich for Anthony, but I would do the Charlotte pick and a couple of 1st rounders instead of Mirotic. The Bulls would probably have to include a couple more pieces like Teague and Snell to entice the Knicks.

    Anthony would love it in Chicago where he would be the lone ball hog. Everyone else would rather pass to him than shoot it themselves! He'd average 35 points per night, and Rose might lead the league in assists! Plus Carmelo does grab a fair amount of RBs as well.

    Boozer and even Noah would likely up their points in this offense.

  • In reply to rustyw:

    Sure I'd love to keep Mirotic too, but in reality, you might have to give up whatever it takes to do that deal. It may be a matter of throw in MIrotic or no deal.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    That is true. It depends on how much the Knicks want to deal. Deng and Hinrich are nothing in this deal, but the Charlotte pick, two 1st rounders, and Butler is not too bad to shed salary if the Knicks move into a rebuilding mode. Who will give them more? But I would condition that trade on Anthony signing a reasonable extension. He might not.

    Regardless, I would not give up Mirotic to get Anthony because Mirotic could well become an Allstar. The guy can score from all over the court, and he is big, plus he is a kid still learning the game! His potential may be close to Nowitzke. And he will cost way than Anthony less for a few years.

  • Deng for Gordon sounds like the best option mentioned, but I have a hard time believing any team would give up anything of value for Deng.

  • In reply to Roman F:

    Again, it's a salary problem for 2014 and forward. Is Gordon good enough to warrant that? I think Carmelo is, but I doubt that Gordon is. Plus Gordon is an injury risk, and the Bulls have enough of those already.

  • In reply to Roman F:

    For the Pelicans it becomes a salary dump of Gordon's contract and Gordon's attitude. But yea, that is the only way that we can get anything of value for Deng, in some kind of firesale. However, Gordon makes even more than Deng, doesn't he. I haven't seen the guy play enough to know if he warrants that amount of cap space, but my gut says no way.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    Not a great deal but you're not going to get anything great for Deng, and whatever move the Bulls make will have some level of risk. Is Eric Gordon good enough when healthy to risk his injury history?

  • In reply to BigWay:

    He makes a shade more than Deng and has two seasons after this one. I also agree he's not worth it from a dollars and cents perspective. If ownership is willing to spend then that's not the most important factor though.

  • fb_avatar

    How bout Noah and cats pick for Beal and gortat.

  • In reply to John Richards:


  • In reply to John Richards:

    This is a deal I think both teams say no to.

  • Eric Gordon has played less games in the past three years than Rip Hamilton and for all his "good play" this season, his efficiency is just 52.8% TS% which is nothing special.

    This type of trade should be done after careful thought, it has a lot of implications for the next three years (Will we be able to sign Mirotic in the next 2 years? Can we extend Butler?) and its ultimate success hinges on Gordon's health and ability to considerably improve this team (which is not a given).

  • In reply to FibGld05:

    The only way that you can add Gordon(for Deng) and sign Mirotic and keep Bulter is to go into the repeater tax for at least the remainder of Gordons contract. You might just be able to weasel out of it next season by amnestitizing the Hole.

  • we don't know if a guy like anthony or aldridge will be available at the deadline. Who would the Bulls make available in trade? teague, snell and murphy? I don't see any team interested in those offensive duds. It's been tough, especially when you have Rose, Butler, Deng and Noah struggling and not playing to their potential yet. This kind of underperforming can't last forever, I expect most to get out of the slump. You can understand shooting slumps but why aren't the refs blowing the whistle when Rose gets fouled. He's been struggling finishing some of those athletic layups but many times he's getting hit and no whistle. That is disrespectful to a player like Rose who has proved himself and to the fans. The 3pt shooting and FTA should get better and Butler can't hestitate and must shoot open 3pt jumpers. The Bulls are still one of the worst perimeter shooting teams just like last year and deadlast on threes.

  • In reply to Defense-Rebound13:

    To make a trade the Bulls have four useful assets:
    1: Deng/Hinrich's contracts to match salaries
    2: Mirotic
    3: Butler
    4: Hornet's pick

    Any trade for a really good player is going to involve Deng and two of the other three things IMO.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    I agree. So include Deng, Butler, the Hornet's pick, and maybe a couple of Bulls 1st rounders for Carmelo, providing (!) he will sign a reasonable extension.

    Rose, Anthony, Noah, Boozer, Hinrich, Taj, and Dunleavy could take it all this season. They would have to amnesty Boozer next summer and trade Taj to bring over Mirotic and still avoid the tax.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    Given the way that Mirotic is improving, I don't think there are any realistic trade targets worth moving him for. The pie in the sky guys simply are not available.

    At this point, I think that I move the Charlotte pick before Mirotic. We are not getting it this year (top 10 protected), if we get it next year it would be in the 9-14 range. and by the time that we get it in 2016 it is not likely that Charlotte will still be a bottom 5 team, heck they might even be ready to make the playoffs.

  • In reply to Defense-Rebound13:

    It was always a long shot to win it all this year, now it just looks increasingly so. At this point, the Bulls' best path forward is to build around Rose and Mirotic, who is essentially like getting a #1 overall pick. That, or you have to trade Mirotic for that second player that with Rose, you think you can build around to win a championship. I think everyone else on the team is complementary, even Noah. I also don't see that guy out there in the NBA right now. It's not Love and probably not Aldridge and definitely not Melo.

  • Dearth of valuable assets to use in trade was exacerbated by losing a starting quality center for nothing by not matching Asik. Either Noah or Asik could be traded if we had both - take your pick.

    A significant trade asset acquired through years of European scouting, a draft trade up, and three 2nd round draft picks, was lost with nothing to show for it. Now we lament having little to use in trades and wonder why the roster is short on talent to truly compete for a title.

    Oh, and no, Reinsdorf is not making a trade for Carmelo's bloated salary. Bulls, imo, will stay out of the luxury tax after Boozer's last contract year, thereby avoiding the repeater tax.

  • In reply to Edward:

    If I am not mistaken, the repeater tax starts next season. If the Bulls are in the tax in either of the next two seasons they would be a repeat offender. They have $65 million guaranteed for next season(with Bozo, but no Deng and Hinrich) for eight players. That will make it a razor thin escape to sign Mirotic if he gets the full MLE and fill out the roster. The tax line has to increase from this years number to make that work. Or you amnestitze the Hole and stay under for the next 2 seasons, with only Mirotic and Bulter as significant salary additions.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    Personally, I think that this is the Bulls 2014 plan, as well as the 2015 plan. Stay out of the tax in both years to avoid the repeater and reset the tax clock. Sign only Mirotic and Butler to "major" contracts and fill out the roster with whatever money is available each year to stay just under the tax line.

    That means no free agents and no major trades that add salary, which given our dearth of assets means, no major trades period. So basically, we will be a five man team consisting of Rose, Butler, Gibson, Mirotic and Noah, with the rest of the roster filled with rookie contracts, vet minimums and a guy or 2 like Dunleavy on some kind of small scale exception.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    You 'forgot' about Booz. In this case they would still have Boozer, your favorite, for another season. Most of the savings of letting Deng walk would go for raises for Rose and Taj.

    If they trade Deng in December, they perhaps could get under the tax this year. Then, if they amnestied Boozer, they could for sure afford to bring over Mirotic and sign a SG like Mayo or whomever. That should improve the club, but I'm not sure if that would be a big upgrade -- depends on Mirotic, I guess.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    I agree completely that this is the Bulls FO plan, except they don't need to "stay out of the tax" until 2015-16. Bulls can pay luxury tax during Boozer's final contract year (2014-15), but avoid repeater tax by staying under the tax line the following two seasons (2015-16 and 2016-17).

    Good but not Good Enough! It's another Dick Motta Era.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    That sure makes it seem it would have been smarter to get under the tax last season when they were not going to win anything anyway. Then they would have had the option of signing a good FA if it looked like it would bring them a championship! O well, hindsight.

    They just might be able to dump enough salary at the trade deadline this season to get under the tax. I suppose that will depend on what the team's chances look like for the playoffs. If they have a shot this year, I believe they should and will go for it. In fact, they may need to trade for a backup C to increase the possibility.

    On the other hand, what do you think, BigWay, of the possible trade of Deng and Hinrich with the TWs for Williiams and Barrea? Or better yet trading for Carmelo?

  • In reply to BigWay:

    I'm not the luxury tax expert, but from what I've read, a team becomes eligible for the repeater tax for the following year if they paid luxury tax in 3 of the previous 4 seasons - BUT, they have to exceed the tax line that following year to actually pay repeater tax.

    So if Bulls pay luxury tax in three consecutive seasons (2012-13, 2013-14, 2014-15) they become eligible, but only pay the repeater if they exceed the tax line the following year (2015-16).

    So Bulls could pay luxury tax for a 3rd consecutive year (Boozer's final contract year 2014-15) and avoid any repeater penalty the next year by being under the luxury tax line, which Boozer's contract coming off-the-books would accomplish.

    With Deng and Hinrich off-the-books in 2014-15, Bulls have about $65.5 million committed to 9 players (including their 2014 1st round draft pick). The luxury tax line will be about $72.5 million. With 4 roster spots to fill, Bulls will likely pay luxury tax for a 3rd consecutive year in 2014-15 even without Mirotic, but certainly with Mirotic. However, Bulls will avoid any repeater tax when Boozer's contract comes off-the-books for 2015-16 which would put Bulls under the luxury tax.

    Not saying keeping Boozer is my preference, but doesn't this analysis sound like the Bulls' accountants crunching numbers? And, imo, I think Bulls will not amnesty Boozer. Repeater tax won't enter into the equation.

  • I would be shocked if they traded Deng let alone traded him for a *gasp* young offensive player! GarPax prove year after year that they don't respect the secondary shot creator role. If they did it wouldn't have been held down by non gauranteed vet min types the past few seasons. It is painfully obvious to every half knowledgeable fan yet it gets almost no attention from management... Hell even Mr. all defense all the time Thibs ends up giving a sizeable role to those guys and came out saying they needed shooters after last year! If that guy publically lobbies for more offensive players what the hell is management thinking!

    Sure the team will rally come together and likely have a successful regular season but its frustrating being a fan of a team that constantly neglects its major flaw every offseason. Its the reason I poo poo all the idiots that think Bulls are a serious threat after they dominate every regular season. Shut down Rose you shut down the Bulls offense and in the playoffs when everyones defense cranks up the Bulls lack of shooters and one shot creator sticks out like a giant red flag.

    Doesn't have to take a Carmelo trade although that would be sweet depending on what we have to give up. Could have been smaller moves like instead of picking up over the hill types in Kirk Hinrich we say go for young shot creators like OJ Mayo whom would have major playing time to showcase his skills it would be a win win although he would likely have left after one year.

  • In reply to Chad:

    All right, you are frustrated! I get that because the Bulls appear to have been a key acquisition away from having a shot at the title. Without the Boozer signing, the Bulls could have traded Noah for Carmelo. In that case they would have kept Asik.

    I figured this year they would be playing a lot better. Well, Taj and Boozer are better, but no one else is! If Rose, Butler, Deng, Noah, and Dunleavy were playing to their potential, the Bulls should be 6-0 or 5-1 at worst. OK, this is a bummer.

    So there are two questions:
    1) What to do about this season? Nothing might be best. All 5 of those guys should improve soon. If so, and if healthy for the playoffs, the Bulls could challenge this year.
    2) What to do now about the future? Again, maybe nothing. Deng and Boozer are leaving soon; Mirotic and the Charlotte pick are coming soon; Butler should improve; Dunleavy looks like he might fill a role well. All of that should make the Bulls a much better team, with some financial room to add a quality FA.
    However, if the Bulls can get Carmelo without overpaying either in players/picks and money, then he could bring several rings. If not, then if the trade with Minny might be a good deal for the future, but that seems less sure to me. Will Williams become a starting PF? If so,he's cheaper than Deng, and if the Bulls get a couple of pieces in the deal, that could really help.

    But doing nothing is better than doing something highly risky. They made that mistake before, signing Wallace and then Boozer, and to a lesser degree, with Hamilton and Hinrich. Time to be smart!

  • In reply to rustyw:

    I guess that is what is frustrating because the best play now is to sit tight unless someone big suddenly becomes availible and wants to come only to Chicago... I would do a Deng for Eric Gordon swap in a second but I think that ship has sailed even if it hadn't GarPax I am sure wouldn't do it. I know that screws the 2015 plan for adding a 14 million dollar player. But do we really trust GarPax to wisely spend that money with their sketchy at best big ticket FA track record?

    Butler is kind of doing what I worried about he is taking more 3s and his percent has plummeted from good to bad. Outside of that he hasn't really taken a jump on offense and is averaging only 10 ppg. He is a good player but more of a Deng replacement than the SG / secondary playmaker we have needed for years.

    We have a good team and will do good but it just sucks to be close but yet never really close enough. Doug made a comparison once that I thought was abt and said we are like the 90's pacers. I just believe fortune favors the bold and sitting pat every year will just waste away the best years of Rose while being continually good but likely never great. Its a tough spot but you have to pick your spot at some point and go all in.

  • In reply to rustyw:

    As Doug and others of us have pointed out the Bulls won't/don't have significant financial room to make a move for a max type FA until 2016. The best that we can do next summer is Mirotic and maybe a Taj type contract if we manage the cap rules properly, and that is only if we amnestitize the Hole.

  • In reply to Chad:

    Good post Chad, i see you are tired of the same B.S. from the Bulls and especially their management every year as well. As you said in your post, any knowledgeable fan can see this Bulls team has no shot against elite teams like Miami and the Pacers with the terrible perimeter shooting from this bulls team come playoff time. I mean it's so obvious that it has become a joke about the Bulls offense and poor shooters. So yeah...the bulls FO do need to make some sort of big trade but knowing the Bulls FO and how they operate...no such luck. Shut down Rose, the opposing team will shut down the Bulls...PERIOD!!!

  • I don't want Melo. I don't see a team with him winning a championship. I'm not convinced he can volume score in a system offense vs. the Melo + friends offense.

    That stated, the only plan this FO appears to have as far as getting a second scorer to go with Rose is hoping Mirotic becomes that player. I sure hope he pans out because there is no other plan.

  • In reply to Roman F:

    Hey, we agree on something! I also don't think Melo is a championship player.

    And under the new CBA, $20 million plus contracts are supposed to become extinct (except for the stupid Derrick Rose rule which screwed Bulls and OKC). So I don't see Reinsdorf looking to add a 2nd +20 million contract!

    Agree Bulls management is in full financial management mode: Deng (2014) and Boozer (2015) won't be resigned and Mirotic and the Charlotte pick are the only future assets of any significance. ho-hum.

  • fb_avatar

    Bulls are in trouble this year plain and simple.

  • Since this is a trade thread, The Knicks are said to be pursuing an Iman Shumpert for Kenneth Faried deal with Denver. Both of those guys have been rumored to be available this year. How about Deng for either one of those guys, or a 3 way. We would need to take back some salary cap crap since Deng is the highest paid of the 3 by far, but as long as it is only this years crap it shouldn't be a problem.

    Both of those guys are my kind of player, big effort guys who play D and hit the boards. Neither is a offensive weapon, but since we are headed toward losing Deng for nothing, why not. Not sure that either team thinks that it needs a small forward, but you never know what they are thinking going forward.

    If we get Shumpert, Butler moves to small forward, which appears to be his destiny anyway. If we get Faried, it might be a bit more problematical, but I like the extra maniacal energy that he would bring to our frontcourt. I guess that Faried is a bit of a tweener and he is due for an extension soon. But I'm done with the Deng era, so lets start looking for options to move on.

    I doubt that the Bulls would even think of trading Deng for those guys but it doesn't mean we can't discuss it.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    My big question is, will any team give anything for an UFA?

    Last season Atlanta tried desperately to move soon-to-be UFA Josh Smith and could get nothing. Yet look at the fat contract Josh Smith signed in UFA.

    Like you, I was done with the Deng era long ago. I NEVER thought he was a championship player, a difference maker. But just like with Ben Gordon, Bulls let the window close on any possibility of making a trade. Sign-and-hold is this team's FO identity.

  • Barring a season-ending injury to Rose, there is a 0.000001% chance that Deng is traded this season.

    The only reason that chance exists is to account for the remote chance that Pat Riley goes crazy from syphilis and offers LeFlop for Deng.

    The Bulls are playing for a championship this season, there is no way in hell they trade Deng "just so they don't lose him for nothing".

    I know "lose him for nothing" is the greatest bitch of anti-front office Bulls fans all around the internet, but in real life NBA teams don't go trading away every player on an expiring deal just because they might not be able to resign him.

    Of course everyone is free to discuss what he could be traded for, but it's all fantasy talk because he is going nowhere during the season.

  • Per Hoophype.com of free agents next year:
    Marshon isn't getting much playing time in Boston with their heavy guard position but here in Chicago would probably see him getting playing time I would think.
    Maybe our Charlotte pick for him with Boston's rebuild underway

    100. Marshon Brooks Latest Rumors Unrestricted / Shooting Guard / 6-5 / Team: Boston
    5.4 ppg, 1.4 rpg

    Was stuck in a bad situation in Brooklyn and it's not looking better for him in Boston.

    Agent: 2013/14 Earnings: Career Earnings:
    Agent: Seth Cohen 2013/14 Earnings: $1,276,560 Career Earnings: $

  • Agree that Butler (and Dunleavy for that matter) looks more like pure 3 than a 2. However from NBA.com 2-man lineup stats, so far they have been extremely effective when on the floor together (105.4 scored per 100 possessions/90.1 allowed) so I wouldn't be in a hurry to make a move there.

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