Jimmy Butler skipping road trip with turf toe

Jimmy Butler skipping road trip with turf toe

Jimmy Butler is officially listed as week to week with turf toe and will not travel with the team on their west coast trip. Theoretically that only rules him out for a few games as the Bulls won't be on the west coast the entire circus trip, but "week to week" certainly sounds like an injury that will leave him sidelined for awhile.

As I noted this morning, the bench play has been a strength for the team thus far, but they haven't had to dig deep into it yet. With Butler likely missing a minimum of two weeks [my guess], the Bulls will get plenty of opportunity to see what Tony Snell can do with some minutes.

It's also possible that Thibodeau chooses to grind guys into dust with minutes or leans on Marquis Teague as backup PG with Hinrich then taking over the SG duties more full time and Dunleavy playing alongside both Deng and Hinrich [though he'd be the SF really in either lineup].

Either way, the Bulls are going to have to go past their typical eight and a half man rotation with the latest injury, and they're going to have to do it for an extended period of time. What can make the situation considerably worse is if there's any further injury on the team forcing the Bulls to dig deeper.

That said, with injury comes opportunity. Snell and Teague haven't looked like anything special so far, but neither guy has really had any extended burn or chance to play regularly. If Thibodeau can quickly settle on one guy to pick up the majority of the slack and stick with him through the struggles then we might see some real growth.

Marquis Teague frequently looks a bit spastic, but he's definitely played much better the couple times he's had consistent minutes, and Tony Snell would likely benefit from some consistent minutes as well. Whether either guy can play well enough to convince Thibs to give them that shot is another question all together though.

As for the team, they first three games of the road western road trip just got a bunch tougher, but I'm interested to see how the team steps up.

In reality, we still haven't seen the team play particularly well [or even close] yet. Derrick Rose has been a border line disaster, Joakim Noah's underperformed by quite a bit, and the team has still clawed it's way to a 6-3 start. If Rose can get on track, the Bulls can easily compensate for the loss of Butler and still rack up plenty of wins.

That said, the margin for Rose to struggle and still win likely got a bit thinner as the Bulls will be hurt on both ends of the court. I'm looking forward to seeing how the team responds.


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  • Don't be surprised if Thibs sticks with the 8-man rotation.

    The same four guys up front, with Rose, Deng, Hinrich and Dunleavy playing 36 minutes each.

    Though it's more likely that those 4 all get ~34 minutes and Snell gets 8, in my opinion anyway.

  • In reply to Don Ellis:

    I think we'll sneak in at least one of the bench guys for some minutes.

  • Not a good time with Jimmy going down with the bad toe BUT...

    Sacramento is desperate to instill some good veteran leadership and draft pics and young prospects.

    How about Deng and Teague for Thornton, Luc "Fresh Prince", Fredette?
    Salaries match or very close to matching.

  • Sacramento is desperate to instill some good veteran leadership and draft pics and young prospects.
    How about Deng and Teague for Thornton, Luc "Fresh Prince", Fredette? Salaries match or very close to matching.

    Thornton could be our starting SG "scores in bunches like Nate did"
    Butler our starting SF
    Luc "great defender" off the bench for SF primarily but can play both forward spots.
    Fredette (SG)a good young shooter to space the floor like Dunleavy (SG/SF)

  • Damn. Turf toe is bad. Hopefully it's something that goes away after 2-3 weeks, but it can hang around all season.

    On the bright side, it will be interesting to see how Snell or Teague does because I agree that they have to get at least a few minutes here and there.

    It could be matchup related, but I bet Thibs goes with Teague given that he has more experience to this point, with Hinrich going exclusively to SG. Snell has shown nothing thus far and at least Teague played some minutes last year and in the Nets playoff series.

  • Turf toe was the start of the string of injuries to Derrick, hope we don't see the same thing with Jimmy.

  • Nobody has mentioned how differently Bulls organization is handling Butler's turf toe injury compared to Rose's turf toe in January 2012. We see now with Butler that a turf toe requires the player sit 2-3 weeks, but Rose sat just one game, and continued to play injured on the turf toe resulting in a string of compensatory injuries. - all of which the Bulls had him playing through, i.e., playing injured.

    Rose continued to PLAY INJURED the entire season.

    Playing with the turf toe caused a lower back injury. When Rose returned from the back injury he was CLEARLY not healthy and he tore his groin, not a groin pull - a groin tear. When he returned from the groin tear to make a playoff push again Rose was CLEARLY NOT HEALTHY and he tore his ACL.

    Bulls have added Jen Swanson as Director of Sports Performance, a title that means she's in charge of all training and physical therapy. Bulls also appear to have reined in Thibs with his player crushing minutes although the Butler injury will be the test of that.

    A quiet but definite culture change has occurred in how Bulls manage players' health. Unfortunately, it came too late for Derrick Rose. He may have lost a Hall-of Fame career as a result of unwisely playing injured through multiple injuries. Derrick never got healthy in 2012 after the first injury, the turf toe, and he paid the price.

  • I heard yesterday on one of the sports talk shows that Derrick still has issues with his toe. I believe he still can't bend it but apparently has learned how to deal with it when the turf toe acts up.

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