Bulls win saddens, sparks thoughts of what could have been

Bulls win saddens, sparks thoughts of what could have been

Luol Deng looked like a star, Taj Gibson had a career high, and even Tony Snell showed signs of life after a slow start to the season.

It all sparked thoughts of what the Bulls could have been if Rose hadn't torn his meniscus. The Bulls still hadn't seen Derrick Rose play at a really high level. Joakim Noah still hadn't found his groove, but the players the cast was actually coming together well.

Now Luol Deng's play just servers to increase his trade value for a move the Bulls should [but quite possibly won't] make. Will management get past their thoughts of competing to new end this year to build the best team they can for the future? Bulls fans can only wait and see.

It's tough watching games.

For me, I watch hoping for the players to play well while ultimately rooting for lotto position over wins. Maybe it makes me a bad fan to want to wash my hands of this season and hope for a 7-75 finish right now. We've been too close to the championship to get excited about a first round exit.

We know building on this core will take multiple subtractions before it comes back with the right additions to compete. There's nothing to be gained for the confidence of the team by running through the playoffs either.

Tony Snell finding his shot

I wouldn't go so far to say Tony Snell is playing great, but with Rose and Butler out, Snell is getting his opportunity and last night made something of it. It was Snell's first high quality game of the season. He knocked down three of five from beyond the arc and scored a career high 13 points.

Obviously Tony has a long way to go before we can feel confident in his ability to contribute in the future, but each journey starts with a small step.

Maybe Marquis Teague isn't a piece

Teague presently has a PER of -7.9. To put it in perspective, no player has ever finished a season with a worse PER and played more than 60 minutes (Teague has presently played 80). Thus you could make the case that if Teague didn't play another minute this year that he'd finish with the worst season in NBA history.

Unlike Snell, Teague, not making so much of the opportunity so far. We'll see if he can turn something around. He'll definitely have as much opportunity as Tom Thibodeau can spare.

Give Thibs some credit

There's no way you can tell me that Marquis Teague's a better option than Mike James, but Thibodeau keeps playing him along with giving Tony Snell some burn. Perhaps it's simply management mandate, but Teague's getting a legit chance to try and find his way.

As noted above, he hasn't done so much in terms of finding it yet, but it's nice to see him still get the opportunity.

Extend Deng or ship him off fast

The Bulls don't really need wins right now. Unless Deng's going to be part of the future, it makes sense to make him part of the past as soon as possible, because he's going to help the Bulls gut out these games against the crappy teams.

In the meantime, performances like this will help raise his value for any teams considering making a move for him.

Bynum + Waiters for Deng?

The Cavs have put Dion Waiters on the trading block according to Chris Broussard. The Bulls, Knicks, and 76ers were the there teams linked to the Cavs. The one deal that makes sense for the Bulls is Waiters+Bynum for Deng.

The Bulls save a good chunk of luxury tax in the transaction after waiving Bynum and will get a piece they can potentially use for the future in Waiters.

I'm not particularly high on Dion Waiters right now though, he had a pedestrian first season and is known for having a bad attitude. Maybe a change of scenery will help him out, and he's only been in the league for a single season.

That said, when another team wants to dump their high potential first round draft pick after one season it doesn't tell you something particularly good about the odds of it working out. Best case, he's probably a JR Smith. Now the Bulls could absolutely have used a JR Smith at various times, but Chicago shouldn't go nuts trying to make something happen.

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  • I wonder if it makes Me a bad fan that I'm rooting for the bulls to lose every game since d roses injury I'm not much in the mood to see the little engine that could team this year

  • In reply to cashofb:

    Right there with you.

  • Are we wondering what could have been? No, because even with a healthy DRose we did not have the weapons to beat Miami. And now what's all this talk about trading Deng--who is now the Bulls best all around player and historically the 3rd best Bulls player of all time. That makes no sense at all when Boozer can be traded for Waiters+Bynum--and he's still a better player than both of them together. Waiters almost had a fight the other night with one of his team members and cannot get along with the staring point guard. So maybe Waiters could be part of a 3 team trade going elsewhere.

    What our Bulls need to do is get Asik back and let Noah start at power forward. Do you remember how Noah and Asik played side by side in the playoffs 3 years ago as the Bulls almost beat Miami. And who is worried about the Bulls paying a luxury tax when they have been making a couple of billion dollars selling jerseys since the Pippen and Jordan era? The luxury tax is a simple write off for our Bulls.
    Two possible trade might be:
    1. Carlos Boozer to Sacramento
    Marcus Thornton, Chuck Hayes, and Marcus Teague to Houston
    Omar Asik and Jeremy Lin to Chicago

    This gets my boy Asik back and allows Noah to be the starting power forward. And we would still have Deng's service plus an experienced Jeremy Lin under Kirt Hinrich's tutoring at
    point and could kick Miami's you know what even without D. Rose.

    2. If not, the trade would work with Cleveland, Chicago would still get Asik and Lin and Houston would acquire A. Bennett, and Dion Waiters. Tristan Thompson.

    With a little optimism and tweaking we can still be in the championship race and our current team could be even better--just think big! And with Mirotic coming and some top draft picks we could have a dynasty. Please don't worry about saving the team money.

  • In reply to penwit1:

    Does any fan really think trade #1 could happen? The FO of the Bulls would do that trade in a second, probably even if they had to include the Charlotte pick! I would love it, but I just don't think so. Houston maybe, but I doubt Sacramento does it.

    Nor do I think Cleveland would go for Boozer, but I sure like the idea!

  • In reply to penwit1:

    3rd best player all time? I don't think so. Jordan, Pippen, Gilmore, Walker, Love, Sloan, not to mention Rose.

  • In reply to penwit1:

    "Do you remember how Noah and Asik played side by side in the playoffs 3 years ago as the Bulls almost beat Miami."

    Can I have some of what you're smoking?

    Noah and Asik spent 0:00 on the floor together in the 2011 ECF.

    Zero minutes and zero seconds playing "side by side".

  • In reply to Don Ellis:

    I don't know where this common misconception is that Asik starred for us in the playoffs. Yes, he played very well as a defensive stopper for stretches, but he only played 20 minutes per game and virtually made it 4 on 5 for the Bulls on offense.

  • In reply to Motoman:

    I think people remember things the way they want to remember them so that their point/opinion seems relevant.

    People who tend to disagree with the front office try so hard sometimes to make them look bad that they have to resort to fiction. You'd think if GarPax and JR were really THAT bad, people could use simple facts to try and make them look incompetent.

  • In reply to penwit1:

    Bulls wouldn't take back Lin/Asik because they're owed 30 million next year in real cash even if the cap hit is 16 million.

    An Asik/Noah combo also doesn't really work IMO. On top of that Boozer's not getting you decent players.

    Also, I don't think Cleveland is ready to dump Anthony Bennett because he's hard a poor first month to his career.

  • In reply to penwit1:

    While a dose of optimism might be something to appreciate, combining it with more than a miniscule dose of realism would be helpful.

    While, I have always maintained that we shoud have retained Asik and worried about year 3 in the summer of 2014, and I would trade him to Houston for Bimbo the Bamboozler in a heartbeat if Houston were run by Isaiah Thomas instead of Morley, one of the reasons that Noah and Asik didn't almost beat Miami, is that the Bulls didn't almost beat Miami, and Asik fractured his leg and missed half the series. A little hard to play side by side when your leg is in a cast. People always seem to forget that Asik was injured in that series.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    Based on Asik's top-20 most used 5-man units that season, he and Noah only spent 46 minutes on the floor together all season, and the team was a -1 in that time. There may have been a few more minutes, but if there were it was a lineup that played less than 7 minutes together all season.

    And while you're correct that it's "A little hard to play side by side when your leg is in a cast", that doesn't change the fact that they didn't play one second together in the 2011 ECF. It doesn't change the fact that Asik didn't finish any games that ECF (like many folks love to claim) except for Game 1, when he played the last ~4 minutes in garbage time.

    I just don't understand why people (not you) want to make stuff up as part of their argument, it just makes their argument completely irrelevant since you know they don't care if it's factually accurate.

  • In reply to penwit1:

    Just for the record, during the 2010-11 season, Asik and Noah played 82 minutes together.

    After that, in the 2011 playoffs, they were never on the floor together except during pregame warmups. Same with the 2012 playoffs.

    In the 2011-12 regular season, they played one whole minute together.

    It's blatantly obvious that Thibs had no interest in playing Noah and Asik together. He tried it for a very tiny bit when Asik was a rookie but never did it again.

  • Oh, and what's all this talk about C. Anthony coming to Chi, have people already forgotten he had that chance a couple of years ago and the elite free agents don't want to come to Chicago--have you all forgotten our history with them? We cannot rely on free agents unless they have marginal ability.

  • In reply to penwit1:

    Carmelo top choice was New York but he didn't rule out chicago...he said it himself he didn't know if he was gonna get traded to New York or chicago. But happy it was New York because he's from the area

  • In reply to bullzfan:

    Now, however, Carmelo is no longer happy in NYC. Of course, since he will become a UFA next summer, he does not need to do anything.

    He might have considered an extension with Chicago if Rose had not gotten hurt. Now, I doubt it. However, if the rebuild makes progress before the trade deadline, and if the draft goes well, then I could see him perhaps signing this summer, but the Bulls would have to dump the salaries of Deng, Boozer, and either Noah or Taj to pull it off.

    Naturally, if the Bulls could make either trade suggested by Penwit1, then they might be better off to keep Deng for the rest of this season. But I do not see either of those trades happening.

  • In reply to penwit1:

    Carmelo was NY only at the time, he's likely looking for an exit from there now and will likely focus more on winning this time.

  • Ok, look at Deng's stats and he's still only 28 years old--and how many players at his position are available to the Bulls and even better on both ends of the court. Look at Stan Smiths essay on Bulls.com and you'll see that Rose, Gilmore, Walker, Sloan, and anyone else has not had the longevity Deng has had with the team. He is in the top 10 in franchise history in 10 major statistical categories and with this being his 10th season with the Bulls tied with Jerry Sloan and Tom Boerwinkle and behind only Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen in years with the franchise. Deng is behind only Jordan and Sloan for consecutive seasons in the starting lineup.

  • In reply to penwit1:

    Deng is on a bunch of "top 10s" in franchise history because he's been with the team a long time not because he's so great. It's like Kirk Hinrich holds the record for most three pointers in franchise history, but no one's going to say he was a better shooter than Steve Kerr. He was just here a hell of a lot longer.

  • In reply to penwit1:

    This argument, is a mirror of the argument for Deng being an allstar the past 2 seasons. He is a good guy, coaches player who led the league in minutes played and keeps his mouth shut. That is why the coaches gave him an allstar berth. Longevitity and leading the league in minutes played, may make you an ironman, but it doesn't make you a star, nevermind a superstart, it makes you a quality role player.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    I agree, Deng is a quality role player. Besides, he has not had a fabulous playoffs since Skiles was coaching the Bulls. So, a good regular season player who shows less in the playoffs is not what the Bulls need to win it all.

    I like Deng, and he has won a lot of games for Chicago -- but not lately when they count.

    Another problem is a team cannot pay several guys like Taj, Noah and Luol $8-10 million per year, or more, and still afford at least two elite players plus decent role players. That is even more true when guys like Deng, Noah, and Rose have missed many key playoff games, and played hurt in others.

    It is a matter of getting the most bang for the bucks. That is the challenge. At least 2 of the higher paid role players will have to go at or before the end of this season and next. Unless we are satisfied just flirting with the ECF each year.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    I've never heard of the league's coaches voting for a guy to be an All-Star just because he "led the league in minutes played and keeps his mouth shut". He's an All-Star because he does that stuff, plays great defense, AND is a pretty good player on offense.

  • In reply to Don Ellis:

    I would say that it happens many if not most years. There really aren't enough stars & superstar players to fill up 2 allstar teams. So when the coaches get down to the last few spots they reward "good guys" for being the type of player that they would love to coach. Hey, BJ Armstrong(nice guy, pretty good offensive player) made the allstar game the year that Jordan retired, anybody outside of his family remember that.

  • Would a Greg Monroe for Deng deal work? Seems like Detroit would be a nice fit for Deng and allow them to move Smith to the 4.

    I actually though Monroe had a lot more value than this but reading some articles seems like Deng could actually be the best they could get (unless you think Eric Gordon is better (which I do)).

    He doesn't really fill a need and the Bulls would have way too much money tied up in big men but he would be a valuable asset.

  • In reply to do53:

    I have a hard time seeing the Pistons giving up Monroe for Deng given that Deng expires at the end of the season, isn't restricted, and would likely leave for nothing.

    I think Greg Monroe could net them more.

  • Teague is even more god awful than his college stats would suggest he'd be. Busts happen, but when you draft a guy based only on being the brother of an NBA player that's pretty piss poor by the front office.

    At least he makes a good tank commander. Give him the starting job pronto, make sure the other players can't put up any more wins aka losses.

    Deng and Gibson are upping their trade value, counting down the days to December 15th when the trades hopefully start. All I want for Christmas is the team to be gutted, is that too much to ask?

  • In reply to Shakes:

    Come on now, Marquis Teague was rated in the top 20 on NBA mock sites the year he came out. He was viewed as the 7th best player in his HS class, and though he didn't have a good freshman year at Kentucky, he has obviously legitimate NBA athleticism.

    He's definitely been a bust so far as he hasn't shown any improvement yet, but there were definitely markers about his overall ability that go well beyond "brother of an NBA player".

    That said I agree with everything else you wrote, except that I'd consider keeping Gibson for next season if we can't get a good return for him [and we probably can't]. If you can tank well enough to get a high pick this year, then you might have an instant rebuild.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    I'm not saying he was drafted solely on who his brother is, but I do think like with Rivers that the family association caused him to be overrated. Then again he also had the "he's so athletic we can ignore the stats saying he can't play" trap. A double whammy really.

    I like Taj and don't really think he's overpaid compared to his ability, but he is overpaid for his role on the Bulls. I wouldn't just give him away but if the Bulls can move him then you have to consider the cap space aspect, not just what they get in direct return.

    I don't think the rebuild will be quite instant - Mirotic will take a year to adjust, as will any draft picks. I think 2016 should be the year you aim to be good again in any rebuild.

  • I agree about the fast rebuild. 2 mid-range draft picks in this deep draft, plus Mirotic, has the potential to upgrade the Bulls dramatically while cutting salary.

    Now, if they could get some value for Boozer or Deng in a trade ...

  • BTW, I know what has been written, of course, but do you think there is any possibility Rose might return in April 2014? It seems there just might be a chance of that.

  • Doug, you've hit on the conundrum that is the rest of the season for long time Bulls fans who want to maximize whatever will be left of Rose's career when he returns.

    It is nearly impossible for me to root against the Bulls on a play by play basis, or game by game basis, yet this is exactly what would be in the best interest of the team longterm. Without Rose, It is painful to watch this team most of the time anyway. It becomes even worse, when you can't wholeheartedly cheer for them, on those few instances when the offense is clicking and they look good for a while, like the second half of the Detroit game. We are damned if they do, and damned if they don't. This is totally different that last season, even if last seasons hopes were fanciful at best.

    Really, the only thing that will keep me engaged in this season are the prospect of a bunch of blockbuster trades that can only happen in fantasyland. Not really worth the cost of League Pass, although Snell did give us a glimmer of hope with his play the past 2 games.

  • Where did all these doomsdayer, sunny days only Chi-town fans come from? As long as the Bulls are winning they are all smiles but the minute something goes wrong they are ready to jump ship, get rid of the whole team and support another team from scratch.

    They forget how good a player Deng is, and I'm not saying he is the best small forward in the league--but I remember all the years and hard work it took for him to be as good as he is now--and if my fellow fans think we are going to draft someone just as good or even get someone else just as good immediately--they are sleep walking in the day time.
    I for one don't want to wait on the Bulls to get as good as they have been during the last 3 years all over again and I think the owners can afford to pay the luxury tax provided that we have championship potential. I'm not worried about how much they would have to pay Asik and Lin--because the Bulls can afford it--its a simple write off for them.
    I believe we have no choice but to keep Deng and do everything we can to trade Boozer immediately and Houston would jump on it, just to save 30 million dollars next season--but for this season--this trade would enable Chicago to be in the fight for a championship this season. Before Asik got hurt 3 years ago against Miami I believe Chicago looked like they had a chance to beat Miami then. And now he is a much better player.
    Give Houston Boozer move Noah to power forward and let them kick some butt.

  • In reply to penwit1:

    It's hilarious, isn't it?

    Watch the other team's feed on League Pass, they think highly of Deng.

    Obviously, the league's coaches think highly of Deng.

    It seems as if the only people who can't figure out what an outstanding player Deng is would be lots of Bulls fans.

    I'll never be able to explain it, I don't even try to understand it. I just laugh and laugh and laugh.

  • fb_avatar

    I don't think anyone doesn't appreciate what Deng has done for us, but he's turning into the crafty veteran rather than being the athletic type that the league has turned into. Almost everyone who wants to blow this up wants to keep the athletes: Rose, Butler, Taj, Snell, maybe Jo. Do you need vets? Yes. Do you need them at $10M+ when they're clearly not going to be worth that at the end of their deal or sooner? No. Would you rather lose him for nothing at the end of the year or get something for him now even if it's not what he might be worth? I'd take my chances on Waiters - sometimes young guys need veteran leadership. Who's the vet leader on Cleveland? Varejao? Bynum?

  • Snell looks good right now on both ends of the court and he may be as good Waiters is right now without the year's experience Waiters has over him. Looks like Steve Alford, the Bobby Knight protege did a good job with Snell. So far Waiters cannot get along with his team-mates and I have not seen him progress defensively.

    Are we justified in being unfair to Deng by comparing him to rookies and 2 year experienced players when Deng is a proven commodity and considered one of the best small forwards in the league. Are we unfair to suggest that he should take a paycut if he wants to stay in our team when he had done everything the coach and team has asked him to do? He has been contributing to the Bulls for the last 10y, logging most minutes for the last 3 years, playing injured last year. Should we say the league style is changing and he does not fit--when we see him score 3 pointers, have several assists, 7 rebounds or more, scores 18 points almost every game and even defends and checks the others team best player from team to team? Am I commenting to Bull's fans or are their some Miami fans here I discussing things with?

  • fb_avatar

    Nope - lifelong Bulls fan. I see your point, but if you sign Deng for $10m+ for 4 years (likely what he'll want) you'll hamstring yourself cap wise for years. Especially since you have what seems to be a capable replacement in Butler. I mention Waiters because he's apparently not wanted in Cleveland, he can create his own shot, he's on his rookie deal so he's cheap in case it doesn't work out and god knows we need a scorer off the bench.

    Don't get me wrong - I like Deng, but he never was athletic and whatever athleticism he does have will wane from here on. He's a great third option on offense and a willing and capable defender, but if you think he's going to be able to check Paul George for much longer I can't say I agree with you.

  • Has your boss ever given you a 30% pay cut because you worked overtime and did mostly everything well beside giving the competition fits? Give me a break, or do you think you are doing the Bulls, a team that has made billions of dollars a favor by looking out for their cap--when they should feel grateful to us for our superior support? They look at the luxury tax, smile at it, and write it off as a business expense. I'm telling you we need Asik back Boozer is the key. And don't think I don't like Boozer--I think he is a great offensive player--but we need him to do more than what he is capable of doing.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to penwit1:

    Come on. You know contracts in sports are based on future production, not past accomplishments, and part of what GarPax are paid for is to estimate future performance. Not that they've done a terrific job of it, if you listen to a lot of posters here, since there are a lot of complaints that they overpay the wrong guys.

  • What is the asking price for Evan turner? Wonder if bulls could swing a deal for Evan turner and Spencer hawes for boozer and future picks? Don't think philly care much about salary since they are tanking... hawes pretty good playerwith expiring contract and turner has qualifying offer...

  • In reply to bullzfan:

    Bulls could entice Philly with future picks to take boozer...get another asset without totally rebuilding by tanking..so they would be free of hinrich deng and boozer...next summer

  • Are these people really Bulls fans? Even without Rose the Bulls have almost won more games than any other NBA team during the Thibs Era the last 3 years--and this is an era where he is learning what it takes to be a championship coach. He's is learning not to wear out his players--and not to try and win every regular season game at the cost of a post season win. I believe in this coach although I have been very disappointed in how he relys on Deng so much--excessively during the regular season. I can see playing a player 40 minutes in post season play but not during the regular season against every team.
    Are these people here Bulls owners? They seem to be trying to save the Bulls money all the time. Its really time the Bulls spend some of those billions of dollars of profit just to maintain a product Chicago can be proud of. They can afford to bring back Asik and take time to develop Snell and Teague. Evan Turner has the same potential and with Bulls coaching he could be a great player--but we need to see what the guy s we have can do.
    Just remember that both Asik and Noah have improved their offensive play and I believe they can play together unlike Howard and Asik. Noah is more versatile and defensive than Boozer.

  • In reply to penwit1:

    It's not that anyone cares that the Bulls make more profits, just that fans who understand the CBA know that you can't just spend and spend and spend on players who aren't worth it (to your team) because it handcuffs your ability to make trades and sign free agents.

    I always get a laugh when anyone says something like "Are these people here Bulls owners? They seem to be trying to save the Bulls money all the time" - not one single Bulls fan cares about saving the Bulls money. Some of us do understand that there is a Salary Cap and a punitive Luxury Tax that limits a team's ability to make trades and/or sign free agents if their team payroll is too high.

    The whole "Bulls are cheap" stuff is just so outdated- it used to be "the Bulls never pay the Luxury Tax", when Reinsdorf said all along that he'd pay the LT for a contender. Well, once the Bulls became contenders, he started paying the LT.

    The Bulls now have the 4th highest payroll in the league, behind only the defending champs and the two New York teams. How's that massive payroll working out for the Russian? The only teams with a worse record than the Nets (4-12) are the Jazz (2-15), Bucks (2-13), and - not surprisingly - the Knicks (3-12).

  • $.02;

    1. What anyone here thinks of Deng is irrelevant -- he's gone at the end of the season. They already talked contract and didn't get it done. Butler is struggling at SG and his best bet is SF. He doesn't fit into the Bulls' next window, which is probably 3 years from now, at best.

    2. Throwing around a bunch of money doesn't make a champion -- ask the Nets. Since the Bulls are pretty strong at all 5 starting spots (with Rose), there are only a few guys in the league, or who might be entering the league, that can really get the Bulls over the hump to beat a team like Miami with the game's best player and a second top-10 player. You have to do everything to get one of those guys, and most guys in the league who can really make that difference are not ever going to be available, so your best bet is to try to get one that has yet to enter the league. If they can throw money at getting a better draft pick, by all means they should do it.

  • Thanks guy, ordinarily those would be good words of wisdom. But I have a feeling that the Bulls have a destiny to meet. I know, I'm sounding mystical but I am not a mystic. The Bulls are meant to be successful and I truly believe Asik is part of their destiny with Rose, Noah, Deng, Butler and Hinrich and Thibs. I felt the same way about James, Wade, & Bosh and it was true. And it won't hurt the Bulls to spend some money just once again--sometimes we get what we pay for--unlike Brooklyn our players are young and not even close to their prime. That is the difference and we have a great and experienced coach--who I hope has learned by all of his mistakes.

  • In reply to penwit1:

    You just went from sounding pretty rational in most of your posts to batshit insane there Mr. Mystic. Hinrich is likely gone after this season unless he comes back for the minimum, Asik is certainly not going to come back to the Bulls as a backup center making $15million next year, and dishing out large amounts of money has very rarely resulted in us getting what we paid for (Boozer, Wallace, etc). Overpriced, underathletic players are just not going to cut it if the Bulls are going to consider breaking up this current core. I would be willing to bet Nate the Great has a better chance of returning to the Bulls than Asik in the next couple seasons.

  • Looks like Thibs wants to win, Teague out of the rotation for Mike James.

    Deng and Waiters both auditioning well.

  • In reply to Shakes:

    Although if Bynum keeps putting up 20/10 hard to see him being a salary match throw in.

    Missed put backs by all to pull out the loss, great team effort there!

  • fb_avatar

    Tony Snell looking real good with playing time. He's already done more damage than Jimmy Butler did his entire rookie season.

    Why does everyone think it was a terrible pick again?

  • In reply to Marcel Jenkins:

    GarPax drafted Snell with belief he was still growing as a player along with his obvious physical gifts. Snell was 'under the radar' his whole career even high school, and didn't even play AAU ball until after high school. Snell had a good junior season and his MVP performance in Mountain West Conference Tournament may have sealed the pick for GarPax.

    Look at Bulls roster and every player except Mike James, Nazr, Dunleavey, and Boozer is a Bulls draft pick (9 total). Even our brightest hope, Mirotic, is a Bulls draft pick (10). So how can anyone think Bulls have a real shot at creating an NBA Champion any way besides drafting? This is not a FO that makes significant trades, nor attracts bigtime free agents. That’s why I feel ‘Tanking to improve Bulls own pick in the very strong 2014 draft‘ is the Bulls only hope to add a TRUE STAR to our chronically injured star (Rose) and marginal/fake all-stars (Deng, Noah, Boozer).

    But now Thibs has benched Teague for Mike James - please explain for me how this helps Bulls team for next season and beyond???


  • In reply to Marcel Jenkins:

    I can't recall people on here saying it was a terrible pick, my memory is that most people thought it was decent given the draft was weak.

    If Snell can prove himself a rotation NBA player it really helps the Bulls, even if he doesn't end up being a starter having the shooter off the bench being young and athletic would be a bonus over what they've had.

  • For what it's worth Noah never played PF in college either. He was the center while horford played the 4.

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