Bulls Beat #301 - Devastation

Bulls Beat #301 - Devastation

Derrick Rose is down, and the Bulls might be out. There are no pretty solutions in this podcast.

Bulls Beat #301 - Devastation

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  • You could trade deng to washington, for ariza and some fillers. Also, you could send the for either affallo or marcus thornton. Those would make the bulls better in the long term, and worse in the long term.

    you could probably trade derrick rose for eric gordon. ;)

  • luol deng for marion + carter + picks.

    luol deng for omer asik + money + brooks, and random pf. Also you could do a 3 way with this. You'd have to trade omer next year.

    If NJ has it's draft pick, you could trade deng for pierce and a draft pick. NJ looks dead, they might do it.

  • In reply to pinkizdead:

    Boston has NJ's pick in 2014/16/18, as well as the right to swap in 2017. NJ has absolutely no future assets to trade.

  • In reply to Shakes:

    Danny Ainge for Executive of the Year!

  • In reply to Edward:

    Seriously, if Ainge drafts well, which he has not shown that he can do all that well since Rondo in '06, the Celtics will be a force in about 2018-2020.

  • In reply to Edward:

    The thing I can't believe is people like Bill Simmons thinking it was a bad trade to get 3 firsts and a right to swap for two old guys. I mean I understand not thinking the 2014 pick would be looking this good, but the 2016/17/18 always looked juicy. That's a massive haul for two players with a combined 33 years on their legs.

  • Derrick Rose is finished.
    No one with bad knees can play in this league.

    We will be seeing Bulls personal allot at the Draft Lottery Pick drawing in the coming years.

  • In reply to CubsTalk:

    Well, it's not like he has bad knees. His ACL has been reconstructed and it should be stronger than ever.

    The latest injury, we'll see...

    He won't be what he was in his MVP year, but he can be a productive NBA player because he is still young. He is a great point guard, but probably won't be an elite NBA superstar caliber player again.

  • In reply to CubsTalk:

    Blake Griffin has played his entire NBA career post Meniscus tear, so has Dwayne Wade. Chris Paul tore his Meniscus, he is playing at a MVP level this year. Both Russell Westbrook and Eric Bledsoe have torn their Meniscus and both have returned to playing explosively at a high level.

    The biggest long term issue with this latest injury will be the mental side of it. How long, if ever, will it take Rose to overcome the fear of hurting himself once again?

  • Yeah that was a pretty bad podcast but...I seen all of this coming 3 years ago. I said that if Rose ever had a major injury thatthis team would never be the same or shall I say mediocre, I know Doug should remember it. There has always been entirely too much pressure being put into Rose lap in trying to carry this bulls team on his back. That has nothing to do with his injuries but the talent that was put around him has never really stood up to Rose talent as a point guard. Sure a lot of fans want to blame rose and call him soft or weak minded but the fact of the matter is that Rose has needed help. He had good teams in 2010 and 2011but those teams even had their scoring problems. I hate to admit it but its time to blow this roster up. I hate that Rose has gotten hurt again, but I'm glad to know eventually the Bulls FO will have to rebuild. Its time for the Bulls to after talented offensive and athletic players. I understand the whole getting guys with high characters process, but in order for the Bulls to have talented players they're going to have to start to draft, sign, and trade for talented players. The Bulls need to draft players like the Spurs. They always seem to know exactly what or who they need to win.

  • Thanks for the podcast Doug, what I don't understand is why Rose didn't try and adapt his style of play? The violent nature of his style has serious implications on his body going forward. Two serious injuries now will have a major impact on his mental state, I love him as a player and his style is exciting to watch, but he needed to be smarter. I know he was required to be our go to guy in terms of scoring, but I would of liked him to start to approach the game like a CP3.

  • I thought the Bulls were too good to tank properly but that Clippers game might be proving that wrong.

    If they can ship Noah and Gibson out for picks then they'd be in prime tanking position really, nobody who can create a shot and Nazr/Boozer anchoring the defense. That might not be worse than Utah, but I think it out tanks anything else out there.

    With Butler out a while they might not even win many more before the December 15th window that players signed in the off season can be traded and things start to happen.

    Thibs wouldn't like it, but if Boston can flip Doc for a pick, can't the Bulls do it with Thibs? Pity both the New York teams don't have their pick, they need a new coach.

    Get it done GarPax.

  • In reply to Shakes:

    Bulls don't need a new coach but they do need new players that have better offensive talents. Thibs hasn't been given the right players that can score in key situations by management, don't blame the coach.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    I'm not saying the Bulls want to get rid of Thibs, I'm saying Thibs would probably want out if the Bulls want to tank and maybe they could do a deal like Boston did with Doc.

  • This podcast hit me pretty hard! It's hard to hear you say you don't think Derrick Rose will be a superstar player again. I'm cautiously optimistic, and perhaps, there will be less pressure on Rose this time around, as the tone in the media may be Rose salvaging his career, instead of reclaiming his superstar status. That's not to say I'm optimistic about the Bulls' chances even if he does come back at 110%. Not enough offense. Not enough two-way talent. This Bulls squad as constructed takes few and makes even less three-point shots. That isn't going to cut it in this NBA anymore. If the Heat doesn't sink you, a hot streak from the Spurs, OKC or even the Clips will. I think a rebuilding process is the least excruciatingly painful option of many excruciatingly painful options.

    Also, these are some of the comments from KC Johnson's latest article on the Tribune.

    "I had a horse which had a 2nd bad injury to his leg and needed help... instead of helping I decided to put him down for good all the way down to 6ft under. If Derrick Rose keeps getting injured like this... eventually they'll need to put him down like my Horse."

    "'Rose to have surgery Monday in Chicago'

    Nobody cares."

    "great im glad the bulls are wasting their money on someone who doesn't play, maybe someone should teach him how to jump straight"

    "95 million and how many games has he played? what maybe 40 games? Not bad for someone without a college education and as fragile as porcelain. ONe thinbg you cannot say abot Rose - he is slick I mean who else do you know who gets that kind of money as does not have to perform - only promise that he will."

    These "fans" aka inconsiderate no-nothing morons speak for themselves. I know there will be plenty more comments like these as the months pass. Winter is coming.

  • We'll see what happens with the surgery, but if Derrick is out for most of the year, or the entire year, you have to think about tanking and rebuilding.

    1) Deng: Hard to move Deng for much of anything. Maybe the Bulls can bring back more salary in order to get a pick this year. Or in a future year. Like take on a guy with two years remaining and about $14 mil. Boston did this to get New Jersey's picks... taking back Wallance for $10 mil for this year and two more years (and also Humphries for this year only). It's not like the Celtics will be in the free agent market the next couple summers anyway, so who cares about the salary hold of Wallace. Their management is paying luxury tax while tanking in order to facilitate rebuilding. If you amnesty Boozer, maybe it's doable. You don't pay Boozer if you are rebuilding and someone else will pay half his salary for the final year.

    2) Noah: I think you must trade Noah. I like Noah, but there is no reason why he is untradeable. He has a lot of value because he's a center and a great team guy with high-end defensive skills. I think you can get a first for Noah, although probably not a high-end pick because about 10 teams are tanking and will not consider Noah if it requires this year's first.

    Bottom line: Here's what the Bulls should do:

    * Get bad and get into the lottery with their own pick.

    *To get bad, you need to trade Deng and Noah for whatever you can get. Hopefully at least one first round pick this year.

    * If the Bulls have 2 lottery picks (theirs and Charlotte's - although it's protected) and another later pick, they are in a good position to rebuild with young talent. Gar/Pax can draft as well as anyone. Teague and Snell were not great, but those drafts were not so good and they were really late picks. It's a longshot drafting at 30.

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