Bulls Beat #300 - Streaking

Bulls Beat #300 - Streaking

The Bulls crushed the Indiana Pacers for their first quality win and ended the Pacers streak, but I'm still not sold on Derrick Rose's return.

Bulls Beat #300 - Streaking

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  • Quote from Sam Smith's column this morning.

    "But the Bulls delivered the game plan to play the Pacers, who like the Bulls have one star offensive player who makes plays off the dribble. Even if George wasn’t one Saturday. The Bulls often are demeaned for this issue beyond Rose. But the Pacers match up similarly to the Bulls with front court size, rebounding strength and role players."

    Sounds like Sam is saying that other than Rose the Bulls are a collection of role players. God forbid, is he insane or just comically full of shit, better check him into the Paducahville sanitarium for the mentally ill.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    Well the bulls are a team full of role players other than Rose. While it's true that Noah and Deng both made the all star team, they're really just glorified role players. The only other player on the team that I would really consider as a star is Noah because he's a monster on the glass and versatile for a center, but Deng is no star. Don't even mention Boozer who's getting paid allstar money but plays like a bench warmer.

  • In reply to ajaychitown:

    It's a good question as to whether Noah is a role player or a star. I'd actually put him in the "role player" category because he's pretty one-dimensional. He's just a really, really good role player.

  • So, we can conclude several things:
    1) The TWs will not be trading Love anytime soon;
    2) Mirotic will significantly improve the Bulls, and he should be very reasonable at about $5 million per for 3 years;
    3) The Bulls might get the Charlotte pick this year (tho I still doubt it), which is a very deep draft - this might be best for Chicago because the next year the pick could drop to, who knows, 15 or lower, so they could well get a better player this year;
    4) Could the Bulls by the trade deadline acquire Horford or Anthony? Should they? Depends on the price. Certainly either would improve the team, but would other potential moves do more?.
    5) Should Thibs play Teague and Snell more? I would say Yes!

  • I've been trending toward your opinion on the Bobcats pick for a while now. My sense is that if we don't get it this year it will end up being a non top ten pick, especially in 2016 where they might even be a playoff team.

    Since this years draft is so loaded getting the 11th pick in this years draft might be the best bet for the Bulls. Although he probably won't last to the 11th pick(I say between 5-10), I'd love to see the Bulls land Mirotic's countryman Dario Saric, so that the Bulls would be set at both forward slots for the next dozen years. Saric sounds like a better version of Toni Kukoc, perhaps much better.

    With Butler and Saric on the wings, Gibson and Mirotic at forwards, Noah and Asik(oops) at center and Rose leading the way, that would be a team set to win championships in the prime of Rose's career, depending of course on what happens with Lebrons supporting cast.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    I think we can put the Asik dream to bed ... if Asik was here he'd be demanding a trade where he can start and sitting out with DNPs.

  • In reply to Shakes:


    Asik didn't want to remain a Bull, if he's going to be in the NBA he wants to start. He could go back to Europe and be one of the better players in the Euroleague (and whatever domestic league he plays in), he didn't come here to ride the pines.

    FO haters like to blame the Bulls for only giving him a 2-year deal, but it makes less than zero sense for it to be the Bulls' fault. They had absolutely nothing to lose by getting at least a team option on a 3rd year, but most likely Asik and his agent wanted an out as soon as they could get it, since by the time he signed it was obvious that Noah is going to be the starting center here for quite a while.

  • In reply to Don Ellis:

    OK, Don, but if a Euro player wants to come to the NBA, unless undrafted, they have to sign with the team that drafted them. So for Asik it was the Bulls or stay in Europe! Doesn't matter what his agent preferred. They absolutely should have gotten the 3rd year.

  • In reply to Don Ellis:

    They made a mistake signing him to only 2 years, but the only scenario where Asik would be a Bull going forward is one where they traded Noah. That's a true 20/20 hindsight wish.

  • In reply to Shakes:

    Obviously, or maybe not so obviously, I was just trying to add a little sarcastic levity to the situation.

    However, if the Bulls had managed to retain him, he wouldn't have gotten a taste of life as a starter, and wouldn't be so demoralized by his demotion. Before he DNP'ed himself, McHale removed him from the starting lineup and then played him a total of 4 minutes over 2 games, so no wonder he's pissed. He not only lost his starting job, he lost his minutes altogether.

    While I would never wish an injury on any player(at least the decent human being type), Just to punish Houston in a bad karma way, I almost wish that Asik would get some non career threatening injury(say stress fracture) that keeps them from being able to trade him and sticks them with next years $15 million payment for a player that they(McHale) seem to now have no use for.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    He's not dumb, he knows he's clearly a starting center for maybe half the teams in the league, give or take. Most guys who are starting quality but happy to come off the bench are vet guys who have already made their money and reputation in the league and now only care about team success.

    I think Asik would be asking out on the Bulls too if they'd matched. Wouldn't surprise me if he quietly asked them not to match (not that I think they ever seriously entertained the idea of matching anyway, JR didn't get rich by writing cheques).

    If you want to wish an injury on someone, wish it on the Dwightmare, that guy deserves it more than Asik.

  • Derrick not getting any free-throw attempts is getting to the point where I honestly believe it's retribution from the league for not playing last year.

    Jimmy is still finding his role but he's doing fine. Last I looked his PER was over 16 so he's been productive at SG. I liked the way he shut the door on Toronto when it looked like they might make a run in the 4th. If Derrick is your closer, Jimmy can be the set-up man. He has the ability to go into takeover mode so I'd like to see him get the chance early in 4th quarters.

  • Doug, if the Bulls sign Mirotic and get an 11-15 pick from Charlotte what do you think the Bulls could bring back if they package the pick with Boozer?

  • In reply to Redwhitenblack:

    I'm not Doug, but I'll take a shot - probably nothing! A few teams might like Boozer, but no team will want his salary. They might take Booz off our hands tho for the pick.

  • In reply to rustyw:

    Actually, to get someone to take Boozer, you'd have to have a top 5 pick. There might be a rebuilding team, massively under the cap that might want to get an extra first, but $16.8 million is a lot to pay for a mid level first rounder.

    Obviously, this would be an asinine move for the Bulls as they'd just be giving a pick away, when they could just amestitize the Hole if they want/need to.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    Very true. Besides, maybe Boozer will be the key player in bringing a championship to Chicago. (Comedic temptation is contagious, BigWay).

    Then, too, maybe the politicians will fix the "affordable" health care mess in the next month! You think the Bulls FO is bad!

  • I'll take the no free throws from Rose is it means no turnovers. I've liked how he's played the last couple of games much more, get the control back first then try to ramp it up. If he can hit his threes like that things will open up for him too.

    Also the Thibs defense is back. Up until the lead got past 30 and they took the foot off the gas the Pacers hardly got an open look all night. I think the Bulls have put the idea that Thibs might be losing the team Skiles style to bed over the past few games.

    I don't think Mirotic dominates straight away ... Kukoc was in his prime and took a year until he adjusted.

    Big problem with the Bobcats pick is the East is pure garbage past the first 3 teams. 11-14 could end up all coming from out West. Bobcats could end up making the playoffs with 35 or so wins this year though. I'd still take the 15th pick from that, the Bobcats have picks other than their own to improve with too, with this strong draft the 15th pick might be the best we can do.

  • Still don't undo=erstand why Thibs wont play Teague more minutes. He probably has a good answer. Could it be that he will go with James when necessary and are going to trade Teague alone., or maybe part of a trade.


  • In reply to rakmessiah:

    He's not playing Teague because he has a tight 9 man rotation that is still getting used to each other. Nazr and MDJ have never played with Rose, and it's been 3 seasons since Kirk played with him. And Jimmy never really played with Rose since he got so few minutes as a rook.

    Just my opinion of course, Thibs might have a completely different reason.

    But I've said since he was drafted that Teague is here for the long haul because Rose isn't a true PG and IMHO the team is better off with Rose playing a decent amount of SG. Just like we saw last night with Kirk on the floor with Rose and how effective that was.

    Rose is a combo guard, and Pax loves his combo guards. He drafted Gordon to be a combo guard, just like Hinrich, and Teague was a scoring PG until he got to UK, he's going to wind up as a combo guard as well IMHO.

  • In reply to Don Ellis:

    Maybe we will find out when Kirk misses a few games(not soon I hope..,but inevitable)

  • Ideally Charlotte finishes with the 10th worst record, they don't jump up in the lottery, we don't get their pick, & they don't draft a future star. They're .500 now, but they started last year off well too if you remember. The year after, the teams that did land a star from the loaded 2014 draft improve, Charlotte doesn't so much so the pick stays, but they still look like a pretty terrible team with a declining Al Jefferson.

    That's when you trade the pick. The summer of 2015. How often do you see unprotected picks from bad teams traded? Hardly ever. That's when you cash in & get tremendous value.

    That asset is huge and it seems as if people have come to undervalue it, mostly because of the uncertainty & the time it will take to pay off. GMs who might not be sure if they will last to the end of their contract, won't want to trade for a pick they might not make 2-3 years down the line, but if it's only 1 year away, 29 teams in the league would jump on that opportunity.

  • In reply to ChiRy:

    Well, that would be great if the Bulls can include the pick in a trade for another star. Stuff like that can make a team contend for years.

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