Bulls Beat #299 - Small reprieve

Bulls Beat #299 - Small reprieve

I discuss the Bulls slow start and limited options to improve if things don't get better on their own.

Bulls Beat #299 - Small Reprieve

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  • Doug, your breakdown of the Bulls in this podcast is the epitome of a Chicago sports fan. Numerous times your claim the Bulls don't have the pieces to make a trade, and that they're stuck with this roster. I was you to explain to me how many teams have an All Star caliber C, a PF averaging 18 & 9 with one season left on his contract (Amnesty flexibility for the Bulls), a two time All Star SF on a valuable expiring contract, a good young & cheap SG, a future first round pick coming from Charlotte that is pretty much guaranteed to be a lottery selection, and the best European player in the world.....now please, explain to us again how the Bulls don't have assets to make a trade!?

    Your point of view is the same nonsensical viewpoint that Bulls Management has succumbed to over the last few years. It's not that Chicago doesn't have the assets, it's the fact that Management & the majority of its fan base refuse to parlay assets into a true secondary star. And if we can't get a true secondary star, as it seems like none are available right now, (Carmelo Anthony could have been ours, but we refused to make it happen) then at least parlay Luol Deng, who's not coming back next year, for a real SG, allowing us to shift Butler back to his natural SF position.

  • In reply to Dajody1:

    I agree with you Dajody1 the Pacers are better than the Bulls and it sounds like Doug and some other Bulls fans are in denial over it because of the Pacers small market but the Pacers are for real and are obviously better than the Bulls. I also agree that the Bulls have assets but as always they overvalue their assets and that's why they never do make the big move or trade to bring in a quality shooting guard. And the Bulls offense still looks out of sync and terrible, I wonder if the stupid ignorant firing of Ron Adams have anything to do with the Bulls terrible looking offense...hmmm....just another brilliant move by the idiot FO of the Bulls.

  • In reply to Reese1:


    This shit is getting really, really funny.

    Doing the math, I guess you judge the Bears based on their first game of the season, right? It's the same 1/16th of the regular season you are judging the Bulls on.

    At least 2 of our pre-season competitors in the East are done in your eyes, the Knicks are 2-3 and the Nets 2-4, they must suck.

    We should just cancel the season, the Pacers are 7-0, isn't it obvious that they are going 82-0 and then 16-0? Philly and Miami are 4-3, and the other 12 teams in the East are under .500, so I'm pretty sure they will cancel the Eastern Conference Playoffs and just give the Pacers a bye into the NBA Finals.

  • Carmelo Anthony? Yeah, he's a real winner.

    Actually, you sound just like a helluva lot of Bulls fans whose sole motto is "the grass is always greener on the other side".

    Of course, you still believe that 'Melo could have been a Bull, when he made it perfectly clear that he wanted to be a Knick, nothing else. Lots of Bulls fans buy the "we could have had Melo" BS, too.

    Thank God we don't. And BTW, if you trade away your All-Stars to get a "secondary star", you will win less because you have two "stars" and nobody else decent to play with them.

    Thankfully, our front office is smarter than all the fans who want to get impatient and make a stupid trade when our superstar just turned 25. Ironically, it was just under 25 years ago that lots of impatient fans wanted Krause to do the same thing when Jordan's Bulls didn't win a ring until he was 27.

    Krause was smart enough to know that patience is a virtue, especially when your team is already a championship contender with a superstar who just turned 25.

  • In reply to Don Ellis:

    Carmelo Anthony isn't a winner, huh - I believe he's won as much as anyone currently on the Bulls roster, right? I'm pretty sure the same things were said about Chris Bosh before he went to Miami, and he's now got 2 rings......please spare me the nonsense you're spewing. I remember Bulls fans saying 'Miami might have three great players, but they have no bench and a poor supporting cast'.....well how did that work out for them? Finding superstars is the challenge in the NBA, holing onto multiple borderline all stars, instead of making a move for a legit superstar, is the main reason we're in this current predicament. Pair Rose & Anthony under the coaching of Thibs, and you finally have a combo that can match any duo in the NBA.

    And comparing today's NBA with the mid 80's should earn you a permanent ban from the internet all together. Please tell me where Michael Jordan sits on this current roster, and tell me a secondary player, next to Rose, with half the skill & talent of Scottie Pippen? Your post might have been the most moronic thing I've ever been subjected to reading.

  • Just a few observations. First, I agree that Jimmy Butler is a small forward, not a shooting guard. Thus, the Bulls should let Luol Deng walk at the end of the season, and use his vacant salary slot to find a real shooting guard.

    Second, you’re wrong about the Pacers. They’re really good. I view them as more of a threat to the Heat than the Bulls. The Pacers annihilated the Bulls in the second half, without their starting backcourt, and on a back-to-back for them, while the Bulls were rested.

    Third, Carmelo Anthony’s first choice is to stay in New York. His only other choice would be Los Angeles. I don’t even think Chicago is on his radar. However, I think the feelings are mutual. I don’t think the Bulls will be in the market for a selfish, ball-stopper, who doesn’t play any defense.

  • Melo has too many issues to be a serious consideration: probably doesn't want to come to the Bulls, could they get a deal done anyway, how well will he hold up in his 30s, can a spending shy Bulls ownership put a team around a guy who will be the highest earner in the league. Just forget about it.

    I think if you're blowing it up you're starting from complete scratch. You can't blow it up and keep Rose. You talked about how the last 2 years were wasted, surely you can't waste the next few years as well. How long do you think Rose's career is going to be anyway? Either you try to win now with Rose or you sell everything and tank. There is no middle ground.

    I do think the Bulls have assets to make trades, the limit is really what the Bulls are willing to spend. You are right that if the Bulls aren't willing to take on salary then someone like Deng doesn't have a lot of value right now. I think with a lot of teams trying to tank this year there's going to be a point before the trade deadline when some of them realise they're not bad enough, give up the chase for the #1 pick and decide to make a push for the playoffs. The Bulls may be able to make something happen then.

    Butler is a SF, but that's not the real problem, the problem is whatever position he plays you can't have another guy like Deng who is also not a good three point shooter. At least one of your 2/3 guys has to be a volume threat from 3 these days. In any case Butler has become a bit over rated and I really hope the Bulls sell high on him, it's not been something they've been great at in the past, cashing in on over hyped players while they're still on rookie deals.

  • "At least one of your 2/3 guys has to be a volume threat from 3 these days"

    Don't tell that to the Heat, neither LeFlop or Wade are close to being volume threats from 3.

    And just a general statement- IT'S BEEN FIVE GAMES. It's the middle of November, not the middle of March, calm down everyone. We'll be laughing at some of these comments in a month or so.

  • In reply to Don Ellis:

    Three counter points:

    a) The Heat run LeBron at the 4 a lot so they do have a wing shooter out there more often than not.
    b) LeBron hit 1.4 threes/36 at over 40% last year, so he's still a significantly better 3 point shooter than Deng or Butler.
    c) He's LeBron freaking James, one of the best 5 players ever, so of course the general rules that apply to teams with mere mortals are a bit more flexible.

    I'm perfectly calm, I don't think this season is going to be a disaster, I think barring major injury the Bulls are likely to finish at worst with the 3rd seed. But you don't even need the first 5 games to see that Butler/Deng isn't an ideal wing combination, and that good defensive teams are going to punish the Bulls lack of shooting.

  • In reply to Shakes:

    a) Agreed 100%, I still can't understand why we haven't seen more of Deng at PF, which Thibs mentioned we would see a decent amount of this season.

    b) LeFlop isn't a volume shooter, though- he only shoots 3 per game, which is how many Butler is shooting this year. I'm pretty confident that if Jimmy keeps getting the wide-open 3's he's gotten so far, he'll be up in the 37-40% range before too long. Last year's sample size isn't huge, but it's a lot more than 5 games.

    Maybe it's just me, but I've seen at least 3-4 of Jimmy's 3pt attempts be in and out, he's just barely missing on quite a few shots.

    c) True.

    Deng/Butler may not be the perfect wing duo for most teams, but the Bulls are a different sort of team with our PG doing so much of our scoring. And if Deng is here after this season, having Mirotic as a 3-point threat will also make 3pt shooting from our wings less important.

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