Bulls Beat #298 - Wilted Rose

Bulls Beat #298 - Wilted Rose

Derrick Roes is struggling as the regular season kicks off, and the Bulls aren't doing much better.

Bulls Beat #298 - Wilted Rose

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    I am looking at the bright side on this. Miami was horrible, Knicks they almost folded, and the Sixers they DID lose... I expect that this might be a wake-up call for them that they can't play with less energy than a mediocre team and win. I would expect them to respond.

  • A repeat of 07/08 is actually the second best scenario next to a championship. Wiggins is exactly what people have been asking for next to Rose.

    I don't think that will happen though (not least because surely the Bulls can't 1.7% it again). It's a matter of time but things will come right. Rose wont be playing this bad forever, opponents will not continue to shoot 47% from three, nor will the Bulls shoot 23% all season. They'll turn it around.

    That said there will continue to be a 3 point gap and it is a huge concern. It's a 3 point league now days, and the Bulls don't have a single above average three point shooter in their starting lineup. Got to consider a Deng trade, even if you downgrade on talent if who you get back can shoot threes you'll make it up on fit.

  • In reply to Shakes:

    Problem is Deng is untradeable at this point. He is UFA at year's end so no team will take him or his salary this year - no team. Time to trade Deng was 1-2 years ago, and even then Bulls would have had to take back more salary than Deng's to provide a cost benefit to the other team (there are two sides to every trade talent/finance and if you win talent you've got to let the other team win finance). In other words, it would have cost money (additional salary and luxury tax) to trade Deng for any valuable asset, and we all know this ownership will never do that, just like they likely won't amnesty Boozer.

    What we are looking at for next season is Deng gone, Boozer staying, Mirotic signing hopefully, and little else of any significance. Imo, I seriously doubt Bulls amnesty Boozer to be active in free agency.

  • In reply to Edward:

    Players become more, not less, tradeable as the years left on their contract decreases. You may not like what we'd get in return for Deng, but there's no doubt at all he's very tradeable right now.

    My suggestion isn't to try to win the talent - it's acknowledge you're going to lose in talent, but try to find a better fit.

  • In reply to Shakes:

    Not when they are becoming UFA in a few months they don't. No team is going to give up anything for a 4-5 month rental going to UFA. The new team doesn't even have a right to match offers in UFA.

    Atlanta tried desperately and was completely unable to get anything in trade for UFA Josh Smith last year. And look at the huge contract he signed in UFA.

    Only trade example I can think of with an UFA is Dwight Howard, but he's a superstar so perhaps understandable to take that gamble as Lakers thought they could entice him to stay in LA. But Lakers lost that gamble! I don't see any team gambling on Deng as he's no superstar.

    Further, Bulls are not looking to take back any salary in a Deng trade, imo, they will just let Deng walk and sign Mirotic.

  • It's bad right now. And it sucks because its frustrating to know the only thing we can do is be patient and hope they turn it around.

  • Well, fellow fans, if Rose, Noah, an Butler all get on track, this can be an exciting season - especially if Dunleavy and Taj show something. And it would be nice if Snell could add a bit. They could challenge for the ECF.

    However, as for the future, losing Deng next year and adding Mirotic is a pretty good deal, IMO. Mirotic is a shooter, he can score from all over the court. Plus, he is BIG. It appears he would be a significant upgrade over the Deng we've had the last few years.

    Plus the Charlotte pick is looking more and more like a top 10 or higher pick. So the future is positive, provided Rose and Butler and Noah get back to form.

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