Planned rest two days after Rose planned to not miss a practice

There's plenty of reason to hope this season, Derrick Rose carries himself with the attitude of a Michael Jordan who was just eliminated from the playoffs in 1995 with something to prove coming back. That said, there's just as much reason for fear, it's possible Rose may never come back from this injury and become the same caliber of player he was.

To contrast those points, we have reports that Derrick tore it up in his first practice juxtaposed with Derrick having a planned rest just two days after Rose said he intended to not miss a practice echoing his sentiments at media day three days earlier.

The Bulls’ general manager and coach could be forgiven for being overly enthusiastic on Saturday following not only Derrick Rose’s aggressive first practice of training camp but Rose’s boldness afterward.

“I got confidence in my (surgically repaired left) knee,” Rose said. “There’s no testing anymore. It’s going out there and playing hard and attacking.”

By all accounts, that’s what the former league most valuable player did in the first session Saturday morning. Thibodeau is devoting the evening sessions on both Saturday and Sunday to film work, shooting and walk-through points of emphasis. Rose said he plans to not miss a practice.

“We cut him out today. It was planned rest. He did some, the warm-up phase. But today was a planned rest day for him,” the coach explained. “And we went shorter today. We had a teaching segment that, of course, he participated in, and the warm-up phase. But the live stuff, we were planning on giving him today off.

“With all our players, usually the third day and fifth practice we’re dealing with heavy legs. We just thought we’d give him today off. Mentally, he’s sharp so he did his conditioning off the floor. He’ll be ready to go tomorrow,” he continued. “Until he gets out in a game, we said we’d take it step by step from how he practices. He has practiced very well. The next step is to see where he is in a game. We’re trying to get it as close to a game-like condition as we can. He has handled that part. But there’s nothing like a game. The preseason games will be the next step. And of course there’s a different level when we get to the regular season. But he has prepared himself well.”

Now Derrick getting a planned rest is a good thing. It shows the Bulls are serious about taking things slow and making sure everything is okay with Rose. They could be holding him back whether Rose likes it or not.

In fact, a planned rest isn't necessarily contradictory to Rose saying he intended to play in all practices as there's no guarantee he was part of the decision. That said, maybe it's paranoia, but it just feels kind of off.

At media day, Gar Forman said there was no distinct plan minute caps and said the Bulls would approach the situation fluidly. Everyone also gave the "rah rah, we're all in this together" speech saying Derrick was a big part of the decision on how things worked.

These statements would seem to indicate a rest wouldn't have been planned a few days in advance and would have come up as needed in a fluid situation, and that if there was a plan in advance, Derrick would have been part of the decision making process and likely wouldn't be discussing on media day and the day after the first practice that he intends not to miss anything.

What makes this somewhat more suspicious yet is that the Bulls team all had off from practice today. Why have a planned rest day for Derrick after two practices [the Bulls used the second half of two-a-days for film study] when a day off is looming? Rose really can't go through three practices in a row before a team rest day?

My guess is this is nothing, but the timing before an off day is a bit scary as well as Rose's previous statements of wanting to do everything. At the very least, it shows how the organization and Rose are still sort of bungling the PR around the scenario if it is. If you really had this plan in place and just said so on media day then no one would look suspicious at this, but when Rose announces twice that he won't miss anything then misses practice two days later, it just leaves a queasy feeling.

Maybe there's an issue with timing, they discussed the planned rest after his statements on Sunday, or maybe he wasn't in on the plan despite previous statements saying he was part of the decision making process for everything.

The whole thing isn't exactly Amare Stoudemire having another secret knee surgery like with the Knicks, but it's just one more little blip on the "uncomfortable" radar until we see Derrick back.

Which, by the way, is just four days away.


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  • Something is definitely going on behind closed doors with Rose and the management, what it is isn't clear but it is something. There seems to be a cummunication gap somewhere and that can't be a good thing. Rose should definitely rest every chance he gets and keep building more strength in his repaired knee and his legs overall. I can't recall when I have seen so many guys in professional sports especially basketball and football having so many acl injuries. My personal opinion, these guys need to really concentrate on leg strength cause the acl injury bug is far too common.

  • The only paranoia is with how the organization handles their blips in the road. They have established the fact they hold no sophistication handling such said matters. In fact, you could almost view it as "Too many cooks in the kitchen". Too many mofos have gotta be seen sayingssomething, doing something.
    Take for instance the"Gar/Pax thing, where does one end and the other begin? Who's the GM and who does the President get to choke? I am stating that if more than one person gets to make an official decision, that's the beginning of confusion/schizophrenia/looking goofy andddisorganized etc. Especially if the owner and his son are involved. Especially if the player and his family and his agent are inbolved. Especially if one person gets to be GM today and and another tomorrow.
    Hasn't anyone on this blog had family come over to your house and then try to take over? This is a sign of weak leadership, true and true.

  • I think we are all over-thinking the issue. I'm not concerned if he comes back and practices successfully with the team later this week... And, looks good this weekend. I'm not worried at this point.

    I do understand the paranoia. Hopefully Derrick just mis-spoke because he's not the most eloquent speaker in front of the cameras. Perhaps Rose did not view this as a specific minute restriction pertaining only to himself. For instance, Deng or Noah may sit out a practice after playing heavy minutes. And, I would hope that management is being cautious at this point - with everyone, not just Rose.

    Personally, I worry more about Noah's feet since no medical procedure has been done to correct the issue and plantar faciitis is a bitch!

  • In reply to Granby:

    PF usually resolves via rest, so Noah should be good to start.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    If I am not mistaken Pippen had problems with PF earlier in his career and they seemed to go away during the prime(championship) years.

    Hopefully, this will be the case for Noah also.

  • looks like coach is serious about "pacing key players". I can't blame thibodeau for not fully trusting Belinelli and even Butler at the start of last year but he seems to be praising Dunleavy, calling him a smart player with great passing skills and shooting skills. I don't think there will be any problem in him having dunleavy play 25 minutes a game thus eliminating overplaying both deng and butler. With Hinrich, I don't feel Rose will be overplayed, I see him getting a steady 35 minutes a game. The giant gorrilla in the room is Noah's minutes and the lack of a legit backup center. Taj Gibson did bulk up to 240 lbs and does look stronger but we'll see how he plays against bigger backup centers. The Omer Asik curse continues giving and I don't know if slow footed Pittman or Nazr are the answer.

  • In reply to Defense-Rebound13:

    Unless he trained with AHole, I mean ARod this summer, I really doubt that Taj is weighing in at 240, where did you hear that.

  • In reply to BigWay:

  • "There's something going on around here, what it is ain't exactly clear." Guess the fans and media are on a need to know basis. Would be nice to hear Rose say that he wanted and felt good enough to be out there but management held him back.

    Is Cole Aldrich still out there? Is he that much of a bust/head case? Just wondering why every team has passed him up or did I miss a signing?

    Personally I hope Snell earns some minutes as I think this is the last year for Deng. Some team will over pay for him or he will do an Olin Kreutz and turn down the Bulls offer which they will then pull off the table (in large part because Gar/Pax have oversized egos and Michael Reinsdorf is still unsure of his footing) only to sign at a lesser price with another team.

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