No need to worry about Rose's explosiveness, he added five inches of vertical

Derrick Rose said in the Indiana post game that he added five inches of vertical leap to his game.

Nick Friedell with the quote:

"I think I jump higher," Rose said after scoring 13 points in 20 minutes during the Bulls' 82-76 victory against the Indiana Pacers. "I think coming into the league I was at 37 [inches vertical jump] and they tested my vertical at [a training facility], I'm probably at like a 42 [inches], so I'm jumping a little bit higher."

According to DraftExpress he only added two inches since he was tested at 40 inches at the predraft combine before his rookie season.

Is this possible? Is this realistic? Is Derrick Rose full of crap?

Yes, yes, no.

Derrick was never a weight trainer, he was never a stretcher, he was never a healthy eater, and he never had a team of professionals working on getting his explosiveness back and learning how to jump/land in a more balanced way off both legs.

No, his ACL didn't come back stronger because of the surgery, but everything he had to go through post surgery pushed his ACL to a point it wasn't prior to the surgery because Rose put in the time, effort, and changed his habits to improve himself.

While two extra inches of vertical is great for Derrick, what will be more exciting is if that improved three point shot we've heard rumors about isn't a myth. Rose looked pretty explosive in his first game back, but he didn't get much done away from the rim, and the Bulls will definitely need to hit a lot more jumpers to beat Miami in the playoffs.

Either way, whatever you felt about Rose sitting out last year, it looks like he's back and potentially better than ever which is great news for Bulls fans this year.


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    hey yeah HIS vertical........before injury 37 standing vertical ......running max vertical 40..........after injury 42 standing vertical...........running max vertical i would guess at 45/ no he did not lie

  • In reply to Bruce Leeroy:

    His official no-step vertical from the combine was 34.5.

    I would guess Rose is discussing his running max either way, but it's not really relevant as the numbers I'm using from the combine may not be the same ones Derrick was referencing himself.

    I very much doubt that he now has a standing vertical of 42 though, I'd assume that's his running max vertical. The highest vertical ever recorded at the draft combine that has been recorded in DX's database is 40 inches. Unlikely that Rose is 2 inches above the best ever recorded.

  • I would be more excited about an improved 3pt shot and silky smooth floater. The athleticism is back but what about the partner to it(the shooting)? Jimmy Butler and Rose have to show they can knock down threes the next few exhibition games. The Bulls are going no where if they can't knock down the 3ball like the Spurs and Heat do. The team was ranked a lousy 20th last year.

  • In reply to Defense-Rebound13:

    Yeah and be able to do so with volume. Jimmy can't take only 1 attempt a game for us to be a serious threat or we will be fairly easy to stop on offense since Deng's long ball scares no one except us Bulls fans.

    If Rose and Butler can each launch 3+ a game while shooting a decent percentage (35%+) it would really open things up. But it needs to be both it can't just be Rose or they will just collapse the lane when he drives. That or we are going to see a lot of Dunleavy.

  • In reply to Chad:

    The Bulls made about 5 threes a game on 35% shooting which was 20th ranked and if it wasn't for Nate Robinson, the Bulls would of been dead last. I would like them to fire off 20 attempts per game with players like Butler, Rose and Deng trying to get to the 35% mark. I can easily see Dunleavy being in the closer's lineup like Korver was to give us some more shooting and offense during the final stretch. Boozer of course will be cheering and waving his towel like he always does from the bench.

  • In reply to Defense-Rebound13:

    If the Bulls can maintain a similar pace to last year with this year's shooters then they'll be in good shape. They have a ton more defense this year and obviously have Rose to create.

    On the upside, this year's shooters should have a lot more space than last year's.

  • In reply to Chad:

    "Deng's long ball scares no one except us Bulls fans." Funny, Chad, you gave me a good laugh. Except for the fact that it's true.

    If a team can shoot the lights out from 2-point range, it does not really have to have 3-point shooting to win most games. However, Dunleavy by himself should markedly improve the 3-point shooting this year.

    Butler's shooting is improving each year, and they drafted 2 shooters (plus Snell plays strong D). They should be OK on scoring. However, they still need the good backup C. Is he already on the roster? Doubtful, but maybe. We'll soon know.

  • It funny that Rose made those comments after Saturday's game, since the only thing that I thought that he was missing in Saturday's game was vertical lift. Everything else about his game(physically) looked good and on par with his post injury performance.

    I am not going to worry about the Bulls lack of outside shooting after the first preseason game, they really didn't look like they were even thinking about the 3 point game on Saturday. I am not saying that it isn't a long term concern for the season, just not in the first week of training camp.

  • i was told the patellar tendon is around 1.5x stronger than the original acl. don't think that influences his vertical though. more likely the weight training in PT.

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