Joakim Noah sitting out at least a week, Butler game time decision tonight

Joakim Noah will rest at least a week after aggravating his groin while Jimmy Butler's a game time decision with a bruised knee for tonight's game against Indiana.

KC Johnson with the story.

Joakim Noah will be held out of basketball-related activities for a week because of lingering soreness in his groin, according to team officials. The All-Star center will be re-evaluated at that time.

Given that Noah won’t resume practicing until Oct. 25 at the earliest, the development puts Noah’s availability for the Bulls’ Oct. 29 regular-season opener in Miami in serious jeopardy.

Noah made his preseason debut on Wednesday night after missing the first three games with the groin injury. He finished with two points and eight rebounds in 19 minutes, 45 seconds and said afterward he felt “great.”

But according to team officials, Noah developed more soreness on the Bulls’ offday Thursday. Continuing a pattern of conservative approaches to injuries, the Bulls decided to sit Noah for at least three more preseason games and possibly all four remaining. The Bulls conclude their preseason schedule on Oct. 25 at home against the Nuggets.

Resting Noah for the rest of preseason is fine.

Ultimately, resting Noah for the first month of the season if it gets him to the end of the season healthy is also fine.

It's hard for fans to cope with key players missing time, especially after missing Rose all last year and losing a possible championship season. That's why it's important to remember that championships aren't won in October, November, or even December. Championships are won in May and June.

That's when we need Joakim Noah to be at his peak.

Jimmy Butler's a game time decision for tonight with his bruised knee. While I think all Bulls fans have fewer health concerns with Butler, there's little reason to put him out there in tonight's preseason game either.

Derrick Rose offered fuel to the Pacer's fire noting that Indiana's great, but He doesn't view them as a rival.

"People say that it's a rivalry, but I don't really see it," Rose said. "I say the team that is more like a rivalry is when Darren Collison was on the team. That one was more like a rivalry, but this team is a great team. They've already proven themselves last year by making it to the Eastern Conference finals.

"If anything, by probably in a year or two, it could become a rival. But right now, people say it's a rival. ... I just don't see it right now."

Miami on the other hand?

"If you want say [that], yeah," he said. "For sure, Miami."

Rose didn't quite state it this way, but I think the Bulls view the Pacers much like the Heat view the Bulls. It's a one way rivalry where the Bulls simply aren't worried about the Pacers beating them in a series.

Quite honestly, if the Bulls are healthy, they shouldn't be. In some ways, the Pacers are a bit less scary now than they were a few years ago because all of their goons who flagrantly fouled Rose every two plays are gone. They're much more skilled, but the Bulls can probably counter those skills more easily than a bunch of uncalled flagrant fouls.

As for tonight's game, who knows who will go from either side. As preseason winds down plenty of people are resting, so we'll see who the Pacers bring to the court.

For Bulls fans, it's one more chance to see Derrick Rose play, perhaps another shot for Marquis Teague to be showcased, and maybe Tony Snell can show the Bulls some more. We'll see what happens tonight.

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  • With these Bulls, sometimes it's about the X's and the O's, and sometimes it's about the Jimmys and Jos.

  • Something's seriously wrong with Neil Funk. He has mistaken Paul George for David West at least half a dozen times already with 3:44 left in the first.

  • In reply to Jmax:

    Funk's always been an embarrassment since going to TV. It's time that he retires.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    It was so bad I thought he had a stroke.

  • As for Noah, this is a very bad way to start out the season/preseason. Another ominous omen for a guy who's body and style of play just don't seem to allow for a fully healthy season. Groins can last forever, just like PF. Just another reason that we should have kept Asik(and worried about next years $15 million next year) as both a basketball talent and as a basketball asset. More on that when Asik gets traded for Ryan Anderson, Rajon Rondo, Chris Bosh or whichever allstar/near allstar it happens to be.

    Next up, A fun/interesting conversation from the Grantland Guys, Simmons and Lowe on the most interesting NBA league pass teams to watch this season. They picked the Bulls second to the Golden State Curry's.

    Zach: What the heck is going on in that clip? And have female fans at Eminem concerts always acted like Beatles fans from 1964? I am so clueless. Back to the watchability of the Bulls: They're contenders, they're nasty, Carlos Boozer is yelling all the time, Joakim Noah is a lock to piss off at least one opposing player every night, and Tom Thibodeau sounds like a baritone musical instrument emitting various noises along the sidelines. They don't run the sexiest offense, but their defense is super-sexy (if you're into that kind of thing). And Rose's presence changes everything.

    Bill: And you forgot Jimmy Butler's "breakout star" potential — if there were a basketball blogger summit and someone took a shot at either Jimmy Butler or Kawhi Leonard, the other bloggers would jump him and beat him to death.

    Zach: Some of them/us would be off to the side arguing about Jeff Green, and the Utah guys would just be screaming about how Gordon Hayward is secretly as good as Paul George — only no one realizes, because NO ONE CARES ABOUT UTAH. Sorry. Go on.

    Bill: I ranked the Bulls this high for two reasons: because of Rose, and because they're going to be a borderline great regular-season team. Just a must-watch army of possessed ass-kickers laying the smack down night after night after night. People are gonna hate playing the Bulls this year.

    Zach: Just be careful with the minutes, Coach Thibs. Please. Please?

    Bill: For the next six months, this is our best professional basketball team. We'll see about May and June.

    Gotta love Simmons last 2 comments, even if he is massively prone to hyperbole for a living.

  • Watching Rose play preseason is like starting up a killer car you spent 17 months repairing, worrying it's going to sputter, then feeling that gleeful happiness and sweet relief when you hear the engine roar. Back in business, baby. It's nice to sit back and enjoy basketball. Plus this is the first time since the 11-12 season that I think the Bulls have a realistic (10-25%) chance of winning the title.

  • In reply to Hunter:

    I meant the 10-11 season. And isn't it awesome but odd to hear the phrase 'vintage' Derrick Rose about a player drafted in 2008.

  • Groin pulls can linger for months... In my experience (HS, JuCo) they didn't fully heal until the off-season.

  • In reply to Edward:

    How in the world did he injure it? He's just coming off the off season!

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