Bulls to debut starting lineup and more Teague rumors

Derrick Rose's knee is fine. Joakim Noah expects to play. The Chicago Bulls return home and all is as it should be.

Maybe it's only because I'm a die hard fan, but given the excitement over Rose's return, isn't it somewhat shameful that the schedule makers didn't give the Bulls a home preseason game until their 4th outing? This one's actually probably a decent ticket given that you typically can't even give away a preseason game.

For Bulls fans wanting to see the team in person the wait has been long, but they'll get the first glimpse of the team playing at full strength assuming everything plays out as expected.

Officially, Derrick Rose is a game time decision for tonight, but unofficially he's expected to take the court at the United Center for the first time since tearing his ACL.

The Bulls will take on the new look Pistons whom many expect to be considerably improved this year as their young core develops. The Pistons bring plenty of talented size to the equation which makes the game a nice test for Joakim Noah to go up against some legit big men right off the bat in his first game of the preseason.

As with any preseason game, the Bulls will look to put their time in, practice their sets, and hopefully come out healthy. The results don't really mean a whole heck of a lot. Detroit, with plenty of young guys, probably has more to prove, so I wouldn't be surprised if the Bulls dropped this game with their bench play.

More Marquis Teague rumors

Mark Deeks wrote a piece stating the Bulls were showcasing Teague on Saturday.

This week, the edict came down from management that backup guard Marquis Teague was to receive extra playing time, in an unashamed and completely unsubtle 'showcase' event.

The Bulls are ready to move on. Despite a fairly poor 2012/13 season - in fact, a fairly poor last six seasons - the Bulls value the services of Mike James, who they had for a brief period in the 2011/12 season. They want James to be their third string point guard this season, not Marquis Teague, This decision has already been made, hence the edict from management to play Teague more. Teague, none too subtly, is being shopped. Utah are a reported suitor for his services; before that, talks were ongoing with the Minnesota Timberwolves (whose interest later cooled after the 'showcase' that wasn't.)

We'll see what happens with young Marquis, but as Mark noted, if Teague was being showcased he certainly didn't win any fans with his performance Saturday. That said, it was effectively half of one preseason game playing much of his time with the scrubbiest guys on the team.

Marquis had a nice summer league stint, and I'd like to see him get a few more opportunities in preseason to see if he can bring his summer league performance into the NBA preseason and possibly regular season later.

What I don't really get is why you want to keep Mike James over Teague. James is more or less awful. It just feels like we could have found a better third strong combo guard than James out there if we were going to dump Teague to save some money. If they actually prefer James talentwise to Teague then they've completely given up hope.

Look for the Bulls to get a draft pick back for Teague, probably a massively protected first, two seconds, or a single second depending on what they can swing.


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  • Mike James is awful but considering what young Marquis has shown so far, awful might be an upgrade over him.

    I somewhat agree with Mark Deeks, Teague's problem is not having a hard time translating his skills to the NBA game but more so, not having a whole lot of skills to begin with. Having a quick first step and the ability to get by his man is nice but it does him no good if most of the time he's just standing around the 3pt line waiting for the shooters to get open (and then pass them the ball just a fraction too late allowing their defender to recover), not the mention - not being able to finish around the basket.

    At this point, even though he looked pretty bad himself, I feel more comfortable with Snell out there rather than with Teague. The only thing Snell needs to do to become a serviceable bench player is to adjust his shot to the NBA (and he does have consistent and fluid mechanics, his timing is off though) and understand what's expected of him on defense. If he can be even semi-successful at achieving these two things then at worst he can have the Keith Bogans role for the second unit - being able to play 5-8 minutes per game without absolutely killing you out there.

    With Teague, until he learns how to play a faster, more decisive and aggressive game - he'll continue being a huge liability out there considering that he plays at the point guard position.

  • If the Bulls have decided that Teague is a bust then that's that. They've had time to evaluate him.

    I'm more concerned to read about "a disconnect between the Chicago Bulls's front office and the head coach Tom Thibodeau." Thibs is not perfect but he's a great coach, a great asset. The FO should be trying to keep him, not disconnecting from him.

  • The Bulls usually strike out when they go for raw athletic talent like Tyrus Thomas, James Johnson and Marquis Teague. They should stick to the script of 3 year+ college players which are already mature and ready to go......think Taj Gibson and Jimmy Butler. i didn't like the Teague pick and hoped they would of gone for a wing like Will Barton or Jeff Taylor but it is what it is.....Tom Thibodeau just doesn't have the patience to develop raw talent and the FO should of known better.

  • In reply to Defense-Rebound13:

    I didn't like the Teague pick either, because even if he was good, he played the same position as our franchise player and would top out at about 12 mpg. Oh well, the Bulls generally do well with late picks, so I like the odds of them succeeding if they get one for him. It's basically a do-over.

    I'm not sure I'd call Mike James awful. Maybe I'm biased by how he came in and stopped Rondo from abusing all of our guards two years ago, but he runs the team and plays Thibs system fairly well. Besides, he'll probably only get minutes if Kirk and Jimmy both get hurt, so he won't be able to screw up too much.

  • In reply to Defense-Rebound13:

    Good point, which category does Snell fit, seems like a little of both, but more of the former.

  • Shame about Teague, but I felt that he was a lost cause after seeing him in his limited minutes last year. If he could not crack the court much last year with all the injuries, there just was not much hope.

    Outside of any "upside" he really does not deserve to play. Now, I have not seen him play much so maybe his shot has improved a lot, as he showed in summer league.

    However, even in summer league, he was going up against inferior talent and he still appeared awkward. He often misses at the hoop. He turns the ball over. He seems unsure of himself. He definitely should have stuck around to play another year of college ball under Calipari, as Kentucky had no real point guard last year. He had a chance to improve his game and get into the lottery after an improved sophomore year but decided to bolt for the NBA when he was projected as a mid-round 1st round pick at best... a definite red flag. His brother was in the NBA and he comes from a middle class good family, so it should have not been a pure financial situation.

    All summer I was dying to have Andrew Goudelock instead of Teague. Talk about a guy who dominated the summer league and looked like he belonged! What NBA camp is he in? He is a bit undersized, but he's aggressive and can shoot and makes things happen. He plays with great confidence and he's a Thibs/Bulls guy in that he's a scrapper - he's had to fight hard to make it.

    I guess, anyone but Teague and I would think the Bulls could pull off a future 1st as long as it's 2-3 years out and is somewhat protected. Maybe a deal where the Bulls have the option to flip 1st round picks with a team? Anything would be nice.

  • It's about time that bulls fans see that Teague is garbage. He's probably a great guy but isn't ready for NBA basketball on a consistent basis. It would be nice if the Bulls can package Teague, Deng, and another asset for another player that can score who's not on a good team, a player like Jeff Green from the Celtics or a descent big that can back up Noah. Boston is in rebuild mode and would probably want Dengs expiring contract. Not saying any of this is going to happen, just some ideas.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    And the Bulls should really keep an eye on the Pacers cause i read somewhere a few weeks back that the Pacers may try and pry Rondo from Boston which would be a huge deal for them that the Bulls may not be able to get past. I dont look for the Pacers to keep Granger and Boston may be tempted.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    Eh, Jeff Green kind of sucks. Deng is much better than Green. I'm okay with the theory, but I don't see Teague as much of a sweetener to anything. You're effectively just trying to trade Deng if you package them.

    I mean if some one wants Teague, I'm all about throwing him in, I thought he looked good in summer league, but he looks pretty awful right now.

  • I would definitely take the option to flip 1st round picks over a couple of 2nd rounders.

  • Again, I say slow down. The kid is 20 years old. If you're panicked because you know Kirk WILL get hurt, keep James as one of your team that doesn't dress until you need him.

  • Mike James as PG#3 for now, fine, I can see that. Marquis at the end of the bench, in case #1 and #2 stay healthy long enough for him to show he's getting better and might be #3. But who else MIGHT get that the end of the bench? Would you prefer another big body and/or veteran presence, or do you continue to try to develop your draft pick? I've lost count, is this really the LAST roster spot? Or even try to do better than MJ? Of course we're all worried about the center spot, but point guard is potentially a tender area too... I'd appreciate any thoughts, though this IS the Low Impact end of the bench for sure...

  • In reply to petert23:

    I'd probably like a combo guard at the end of the bench. Get one of those SGs in a PG body that are usually readily available. I think the Bulls need a guy like that given their lack of natural scorers. Nate Robinson really played well in that role for us, better than he's likely to play anywhere else.

    The Bulls can make use of that kind of talent.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    Doug, what about Goudelock? He was perfect and what you describe above. A shoot-first guy in a PG body. When his shot is falling he can score in bunches, like Nate, but without the drama.

  • In reply to Granby:

    Why isn't he here? Is he really as good as Nate? How much would he cost?

  • Bleacher Report suggests the Bulls trade Kirk and their #1 pick (protected, but I see no need for that!) for Gorgui Dieng, Alexey Shevd, and a #2 pick.

    I doubt it happens, but if it did, then the Bulls would keep Teague. This trade would give them their backup to Noah, and there was a lot of talk anyway about the Bulls drafting Dieng.


  • In reply to rustyw:

    I don't see it happening. I wanted Dieng in the draft, but it looks like the backup center minutes will be taken up by some combo of Nazr, Boozer, and Taj. At least that's what I've seen in the games so far. And I think people are not realizing how much the Bulls value Hinrich. Not the fans, not the press, but the coaches and management. I like Shevd and he would give the team more offense, but not the defense and leadership that they depend on and need from Hinrich. Remember, Thibs' philosophy is defense first and the offense will come. He wants Hinrich and apparently Mike James.

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