Bulls shopping Marquis Teague?

The Bulls may not be the most media savvy team in the NBA, but they have a strong pipeline to local beat writers. That's when multiple Mike James stories pop up in the press from different authors, Bulls fans might want to think about James possible inclusion on the roster.

Fred Pfieffer of the Chicago Bulls eye loves to tell the story of how watching Teague in warm ups at a Wizards game he was simply dancing along the side lines while everyone else on the Bulls was professionally going through the lay up line, getting their shots in, or stretching out. Just one guy, sort of separated from the group, goofing around, not buying in the dynamic.

I've always rejected the thought that the Bulls would move Teague. Kirk Hinrich's deal ends after this season, and Teague would slot in nicely as a backup PG if he can prove himself an NBA caliber player before then.

The thing is, Marquis Teague was a complete after thought in preseason until Derrick Rose missed a game. The Bulls didn't even look like they were trying to see what he could do before then. He was getting less playing time than Erik Murphy who, IMO, likely doesn't belong in the NBA.

When asked about the bench at media day, Marquis Teague's name was not mentioned by Tom Thibodeau.

So while the theory of Teague slotting in as a future backup PG makes sense. My guess is the Bulls have seen enough where they aren't going to chance it. They're in win now mode and will likely look to bring back Hinrich if he has a successful season rather than take a risk on Teague playing well for them given what they've seen.

The Bulls haven't been shy about dumping their 1st round picks when they realize the player or situation simply doesn't fit.

James Johnson gone quickly and turned into a first [poor player]
Tyrus Thomas sent packing before he reached FA for a first [bad attitude]
Thabo Sefolosha was moved to the Thunder for a first [bad fit]

Especially on the more iffy prospects like Johnson and Sefolosha who have more value while on rookie deals, the Bulls struck quickly and moved both guys while they still had time left on their deals as cheap salary. With Tyrus they waited longer, hoping he'd pan out still.

Marquis Teague is the type of player who's value will plummet to conditional second round pick this season if he doesn't show something on the court. Something which he'll unlikely have a shot to do with the roster make up as it is. The Bulls best bet to move him for value if they don't view him as someone they want to move forward with is to trade him sometime between now and the deadline.

The problem with moving Teague is that 29 teams passed on him before the Bulls grabbed him, and he hasn't exactly proven much since then. As such, getting a 1st, even a heavily protected one, seems like a stretch. Getting a 2nd rounder seems like a dubious return if it's not project to be in the top 40.

For that reason alone, Teague may stick with the roster. He's still a fairly cheap salary. However, based on his playing time, lack of mention in interviews, and Mike James articles popping up, don't be surprised if Teague's simply out of the picture.

I was excited for Teague when we drafted him. I loved what I saw in summer league. I hoped Chicago would give the kid a chance to develop.

Perhaps his work ethic behind the scenes has already ruled that out, or perhaps that will still happen and I'm merely over reacting. However, looking at it today, I don't see Teague having much future in Chicago.

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  • I was also happy with the progress Teague showed in Summer League. The way he looked this past summer to the summer he was drafted is like night and day. And considering how young he was coming into the league, that only gives me more confidence that he can become a player.

    If the Bulls end up trading Teague, I don't think it'll be due to his poor pre-season play, but likely due to another team having relatively fallen in love with his potential for likely only having to give up a future 2nd rounder. Maybe a team was high on him during the 2012 draft, but didn't pull the trigger, saw how good he looked this past summer, and thinks that he would fit their system than he does the Bulls' system.

    I could really see Teague thriving in an offense that gave him a little more of a green light to score and/or penetrate.

  • The most value I can see a team sending to the Bulls is two second round picks. He's not fetching a 1st. Maybe the best thing to do is to package him with our 1st and get someone like gobert or another young center prospect.

    I think the best thing to do is hold on to him for one more season and trade him at next year's draft if they think he won't fit in. This Mike James love fest is getting out of hand.

  • In reply to Defense-Rebound13:

    I like your idea of trading Teague for a young C, and we would have to throw in a pick to pull that off, but the Bulls could use the backup C for a playoff run and to rest Noah (or play for him when he's hurt!).

    That said, the Bulls have not always developed their young talent. Shannon Brown, for example, and Smith and Chandler. Sometimes these guys moved and were coached up - or something, anyway they improved markedly. I would hate to see Teague become a starter after leaving Chicago.

    Another trade possibility - instead of a 2nd rounder for him, throw in the Bulls 1st round pick and take back the other team's 1st. He is worth more than a 2nd.

  • In reply to rustyw:

    The Bulls don't couch guys up? Shannon Brown was here for like 30 days, JR Smith was immediately shipped off and wasn't here at all, and Chandler really isn't any different than he was when we had him.

    I think in general, the Bulls have done fairly well with their young guys in terms of not having them go elsewhere and play considerably better.

  • In reply to Defense-Rebound13:

    At this point Mike James will be far more productive than Teague so the Bulls should trade Teague ASAP. I never have like Teague's game, he looks awkward and unsure of himself everytime he's on the court to me. He can't shoot and imo he just isn't the answer. Another blunder by the idiot tandem of GarPax cause Nate Rob should've been retained to play behind Rose and be the bench spark plug but everyone wanted to keep Teagueover Nate who is now being mentioned in trade rumors...REALLY!!!... HOW STUPID. The Bulls are going to pay the tax again anyway so why not keep the best player, Nate over a player, Teague who now may be on his way out of town. There were also better players in the second round last year that the Bulls F O could've drafted but they decided on another mid to late first round bust. Bottom line Teague should be traded, and i doubt he brings any value in return.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    Reese 1, I totally agree that Teague is awkward and unsure of himself on the court. Even going back to his Kentucky days. Kentucky won despite Teague at PG. Calipari had a talented group and there was no stopping MKG and Anthony Davis. Teague was a disappointment on that team and was terrible early on until he was decent in Feb/March.

    Teague does have upside, but the problem is between his ears and in the fact that he cannot shoot. He did shoot well this summer, but I don't know if we can rely on 3 summer league games. His shooting motion is not good.

  • In reply to Defense-Rebound13:

    I definitely don't have a love fest with Mike James. Just noting that it's interesting that multiple articles came out about him around the same time, and the Bulls like to leak things like that to local media.

  • Marquis Teague: unprofessional slouch being replaced by the in his prime stud Mike James.

    This is the kind of crap that just makes me laugh about not only the Bulls, but Chicago sports in general minus the current Blackhawks regime. Teague absolutely should have gotten more burn from Thibs including with the starters in preseason game No1. We know what Hinrich can do. Teague did what was asked of him in summer league and produced. The reward should have been some respect as in minutes.

    Aside form Bulls homers, there's a definite current around the league that the Bulls don't always treat their own properly and with respect. Deng was openly questioned and pressured to play with his fracture. Vinny, like him or not, was greeted by his G.M. Pax who couldn't help getting "all choked up." Rose however much you want to blame him was left out to dry when the Bulls could have ended the media backlash by "shutting him down." Of course he could have still come back and played and it would have been a win win.

    There's a not chance on earth that Hinrich will stay healthy this season any more then Dip Hamilton could.. Everyone know this.

    Thibs(Bulls) should have stiffed Teague on minutes in the first preseason game. Play him with the starters as Hinrich did, not the scrubs. If they're more interested in washed up old man James then Marquis Teague then good luck with that.

    I'm very disapointed, but none surprised at the mishandling of a pedigreed winner in Marquis Teague. Anyone with eyes can see he's not a problem player. Give the kid a f-ing chance Thibs and Gar you stubborn, devaluing D-bags. If he doesn't shoot decently and score i.e produce then fine, but give the guy a f-ing chance.

    And by the way nice job with the Snell pick, a more unproductive, inanimate college player you could not have drafted. Handwriting on the wall in all caps as in WASTED PICK.

    And speaking of picks, Jimmy Butler while likeable and a hell of a defender has far from proven he can shoot or score in volume, Taj has been consistently injured, overrated, and foul prone jettisoning him from many games when he was playing well and building long term momentum.

    Meanwhile Derrick still screamingly needs a second scorer you clueless A-holes. Wake up Bulls fans this team is nowhere near championship caliber even against a watered down, ACL slash PED ravaged league.

  • In reply to RoadWarrior:

    tell us how you really feel

  • In reply to RoadWarrior:

    Way too early to say Snell was a wasted pick.

  • In reply to ChiRy:

    No it's not. Timid Tony is a bust. How he was scouted as a great outside shooter is beyond me.

  • In reply to Vic Nardozza:

    That's what I've been asking since they drafted him, 42% fgp in a non major conference doesn't scream shooter to me. Clearly way to early to go all bust on him, but right now he looks a lot more like an athletic defensive type than a true 3 & D type.

    I'm still giving the Bulls the benefit of the doubt on him, but keep an eye on the Clippers, Knicks and Pacers, all of whom drafted after we did and went for 3 & D wings.

  • In reply to Vic Nardozza:

    To this point he sure hasn't shown anything offensively. It may be early to call him a bust, but there are alot of arrows pointing in that direction.

  • In reply to RoadWarrior:

    Every time I read your posts all I can think is what an incredible Douche Bag you must be....go sweep a floor :)

  • Good point about the Bulls moving rookies early in their deal while they are cheap and still have value. If Teague stays with the Bulls this year I bet that GarPax feels that he can contribute next year as the sole backup to Rose if Hinrich is let go. That's the only reason to keep him around this year because he probably should not play much at this stage otherwise.

    I would like to see him get a few minutes with the starters to see what he can do. Especially in meaningless games, or games against low-end talent when he should be able to thrive. I honestly can't decide if he's worth keeping or not because I have not seen enough of his game, but at this point I'd lean towards trading him if you can get a 1st round pick in the next 3 years. Or, packaging him and our 1st round pick for a decent backup center if such a deal exists.

  • Just to continue the sentiment on this blog, the Bulls clearly are a terrible organization. I don't even think we should support a team that can't consistently find great talent at the back end of the draft the way all the other NBA teams do. What is wrong with these "devaluing D-bags" running the Bulls? Even the bloggers on this site can tell right away that Snell is a bust, everyone but the "clueless A-holes" running the Bulls knew there was better talent available than Snell. Just another on the long list of mistakes made by this FO, I don't know how they keep their jobs because you don't see any other FO's making mistakes. It must be because Reinsdorf is cheap and Bulls fans are homers.

  • In reply to Roman F:


  • In reply to Roman F:

    Awesome and spot on!

  • I may be standing ALONE here..,but SLOW YOUR ROLL guys. It's just a little early to make judgments on Snell(a pure rookie) and Teague(20 year old PG). I see Thibs as a very demanding coach..,therefore, a bit of an adjustment for any young player.

    You all may be right, but give these guys a chance. Butler didn't play a ton of minutes early in his rookie season either!!!!

  • In reply to rakmessiah:

    You are not alone. I'm not saying Teague is going to be a good player but it's way too early for me to say one way or the other. He definitely has traits that could result in him being a good player. Now the Bulls see him every day and may have come to a conclusion based on his mental makeup -- poor mental makeup can derail even the most promising careers, but it's not something you know until you've been around someone on a daily basis.

  • I wasn't particularly fond of the Teague pick when it happened, and other than an ability to dribble penetrate the lane(at least against second string or second rate defenses) he hasn't shown me anything since. I never have cared much for the slack jawed retard look(kind of like Tyrus Thomas, Dickey Simpkins, Jeff Sanders and others) that Teague seems to display most if not all of the time.

    That said, we definitely need a another point guard on the roster who is capable of playing in the NBA right now. We have no idea what will happen with Rose this year, and we are certain what will happen with Hangdog(Hinrich) at some point, especially if heaven forbid, he is forced to start for Rose.

    Right now, James is likely a better candidate for that emergency role than Teague. I have my doubts that Teague will ever amount to anything, but dumping him now for just a second round pick doesn't make all that much sense. Unless something really worthwhile falls in the Bulls lap, just let the season play out and see what happens(with Teague) but keep James around just in case disaster does strike.

  • Snell needs to find ways to impact the game when his shot is not falling. He seems to be a decent defender and a willing passer but needs to be more aggressive and try to dribble drive to get to the line or pass off to an open big. I think he's capable of doing that despite still needing to add strength. unfortunately he does look like the invisible man out there at times which is a shame since he has the tools to be a solid player in this league. it's still early but we need to see more assertive drive in him.

    I agree we need to see Teague with some starters to see what he can do with better talent around him Anyway, i don't see Thibodeau having a second unit that won't have both Deng/Butler and Dunleavy on the court at the same time. Give teague a lineup of deng, dunleavy, gibson and he might be able to get the job done.

  • Marquis clearly isn't ready yet to play important minutes if either point guard can't go. Maybe THAT'S why we've got Mike James now. If Derrick and Kirk stay healthy for half a season, Marquis might get enough Garbage Time to show he's improving and earn some Thibs trust, and they find a way to keep him on the roster. And maybe not! - in which case we'll all be glad for a veteran and (hopefully) competent back-up point guard! If you're trying to Win Now, on a bit of a budget, I don't think the Bulls need to give up on Marquis just yet. An insurance policy like Mike James might just be a smart move... or at least the best they can afford... Of course, do we need a Big Man Insurance Policy more?

  • In reply to petert23:

    How is that? Teague played well in the playoffs last year. He plays hard defense and can penetrate something no one on the roster save Rose can do.

    Mike James is a buster at this point in his career he is all name no game. In the last 7 years his FG% has only been above 40% once and that was just barely. Mike James is what happens to your roster when your FO thinks squarely inside the box. If a poor mans Kirk Hinrich is what they were after then congrats they found another shitty shooting scrappy PG... Might as well back Bogans and call Bruce Bowens out of retirement I am sure neither could hit a shot to save their lives they would be perfect adds.

  • In reply to Chad:

    I agree 100%!

  • Mike James. Snore...

    Gar: Pax what do you think this roster needs?
    Pax: Probably could use another poor shooting scrappy guard don't you think.
    Gar: Hell yeah can't get enough of them. FG% is a stupid stat anyway.
    Pax: Exactly! By the way nice forehead it is really shiny today.

  • Reports are that the T-Wolves are showing some interest in Teague.

    If Bulls can get a first-rounder or C prospect for him, by all means do it. For a second-rounder, it doesn't seem worth it to me.

  • In reply to Roman F:

    Teague for Love. Make it happen baby!

  • In reply to Roman F:

    Actually, after reading this article,


    How about Teague and whatever it takes to make the money work to Denver for Nate Robinson.

  • If they want to trade Teague, they could trade him to Cleveland for Tyler Zeller. If the Bulls throw in someone like DJ White, the money works fine. Cleveland could use another PG since Irving gets hurt every other game, and it would give the Bulls another PF/C to fill minutes. Zeller isn't great, and I think he's hurt at the moment, but he could fill some minutes and not hurt the team.
    I really don't see this as a big deal either way. The Bulls will not win or lose a championship based on the play of Teague. He seems like an average late first round pick. Some times he plays well sometime not so much. The other day against Washington he got a lot of minutes and was pretty awful. Last year against Boston he had a really good game. I'm not getting very worked up over the Bulls drafting him over other guys either. There are like 4 players drafted after him that are making any difference right now anyway.

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