Bulls Beat #296 - Preseason Intensity

Bulls Beat #296 - Preseason Intensity

The Bulls beat the Pacers in a preseason game with some regular season intensity to improve to 5-0 this preseason.

Bulls Beat #296 - Preseason intensity

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  • So, this looks like an exciting season. Lots of reasons for optimism.
    1) Rose better than ever!
    2) Dunleavy an excellent piece for the bench;
    3) Butler poised to make another jump up in skills;
    4) Teague looking some better, even tho the Bulls appear to be shopping him;
    5) Seeing a bit of potential from Snell;
    6) Taj looks to be his old self;
    7) And how about this quote from Dunleavy, 'So many guys hanging around after practices and working on their shooting that I can't find a hoop to use myself!' He likes the intensity he sees.

    The negative: IINJURIES. Again.

    As for resigning Deng, you had a column a while back on that, Doug. It's basic math. With the raises for Rose and Taj, plus bringing over Mirotic, plus extending Butler, where does the money come from? Even amnestying Boozer, which may not happen unless it could help land Love or someone like him, does not provide enough cap space to avoid the tax again. Especially if the Charlotte pick kicks in.

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