Is the recently waived Michael Beasley worth a look?

17.1, 16.1, 15.5, 13.0, 10.8. Those are Michael Beasley's PERs from rookie season to last season. Yes. He has actually gotten worse every year in the league for five straight seasons and given his drug problems, attitude problems, and knucklehead problems, it wouldn't be shocking if that trend continued for a sixth and final season then that was it.

If Beasley had much in the way of choices this coming off-season, he'd have to choose carefully. Odds are that there won't be many suitors and none above the minimum, so his choice shouldn't be very difficult if there's one at all. However, one more down year, and it's probably all she wrote for the supercoolbeas.

Is Beasley enough of a four at this point in his career to have appeal to the Bulls? He might provide some volume scoring off the bench which Chicago could desperately use. He could be our Andray Blatche. The guy playing the ninth man role who comes in and mops up against the pedestrian second string defenders.

Make no mistake, the Bulls could still use an offensive oriented player. Beasley provides about as much offensive upside and skill as you'll ever find at the minimum contract. He's not a true center though, probably not even a true PF. If his drug use has gotten too bad, he may not play athletically enough to run at SF either.

His trend of declining stats don't speak well for anything going on with his basketball career. That said, Chicago might just be the perfect situation for Beasley if he can keep it together and convince them to take a chance on him. He'd get opportunities to score from the bench, he'd get them against weak defenses.

If he can buckle up and listen to his coach, he'd play underneath someone who will defend him to the death, work him into shape, and has proven to make his role players look good every year. There's definitely potential for this to work both ways, but it probably has to start with Beasley addressing his issues, showing contrition, and convincing Bulls management he can change.

He's not what the Bulls want, not at all, but he could be what they need. Only if he can turn it around personally though. Will Chicago make a call on Beasley? Hard to say.

Is he better for the Bulls than Drew Gooden who offers more size and rebounding? Is rookie Beasley still sleeping dormantly inside of the 'out of the league' Beasley he's been recently?

The Bulls have just one roster spot left to fill, and they'll likely go the chemistry route over the maximum talent route which means that Tyrus Thomas and Michael Beasley are probably out.

However, in a critical playoff game I'd rather hope that Tyrus or Beasley can get motivated to bring their A game than hope that Malcolm Thomas is a legit NBA player disguised as a fringe one.

The counter point is simply that neither guy will play in a critical game, and Malcolm Thomas's better attitude will help you over a season.

There's merit either way, but Beasley's at least worth a phone call and a conversation to see if his once promising career can be resurrected.


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  • I think your info is a little bit off... those aren't his PERs, that's his IQ year by year.

  • In reply to Don Ellis:

    and people said that I was mean(and a few other things) when I suggested that both Eddy Curry and Tyrus Thomas were simply too stupid as human beings to ever become successful players.

  • I would say that Beasley would be worth a look for this Bulls team but...the conservative Bulls management wouldn't dare take a chance on a player that needs a little discipline and under Thibs on a non guaranteed contract just may be worth it. Beasley was at his best while he was in Miami playing under Riley, so with the tight ship that Thibs run Beasley could be a nice addition.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    Yeah, because Nate Robinson was such a choir boy before the Bulls signed him. Erik Murphy was never arrested on third-degree felony burglary charges for allegedly trying to break into a car. Murphy never accepted a deferred prosecution agreement for a charge of misdemeanor trespassing.............................. I remember when they got rid of Joakim Noah when he was arrested for marijuana possession and wound up getting probation and a fine. And I know damn well that the Bulls would immediately get rid of a player who made a homosexual slur. And no way in hell would a player still be on the roster after he got into a confrontation with a coach that was so severe his own teammates suspended him for two games...................................I know for a fact they would never hire a coach like Scott Skiles who had a history of smoking pot and snorting cocaine. They sure as hell wouldn't hire him since his past included an incident where he was arrested and charged with felony possession of cocaine and misdemeanor possession of marijuana. No way in hell they'd hire a coach like Skiles, who pleaded guilty to the marijuana possession. And I'm sure they wouldn't hire him once they found out he was arrested and charged with drunken driving a year later and served 15 days in jail. No way in hell they'd hire him after finding out that he once committed a parole violation on an earlier marijuana conviction, and served a brief jail sentence............................Certainly the Bulls would immediately fire a General Manager who physically attacked the team's Head Coach. Yeah you're right, "the conservative Bulls management wouldn't dare take a chance on a player that needs a little discipline"... nothing but choir boys here...

  • In reply to Don Ellis:


  • In reply to Roman F:

    Well, Don, you wrote to make a point and you sure brought the ammo!

    And in an earlier era, the Bulls had Dennis Rodman!

    Basically, this is another cost/benefit roll of the dice. Can Beasley be convinced that, since he is likely to live another 45 to 50 years, it just might be worth millions of dollars to tone down his lifestyle a bit for the next few years to build a nice cash reserve with which he can play later? Probably not! But if it did happen, the Bulls would have a steal.

  • In reply to Don Ellis:

    Good points Don! I agree.

  • In reply to truebluefan:

    Thank you very much rg!

  • In reply to Don Ellis:

    Uh oh...there goes the homers and their ass kissers spouting off when there's something being said that's true about this bulls management that they don't want to hear. You guys besides Doug good threads give me a reason to read this blog everyday with all of the homer responses...very funny and entertaining, keep it going PLEASE!!!...HA HA...

  • In reply to Reese1:

    And all of the guys that were mentioned by sir Don weren't on their way out of the league basically like Beasley is with all of his baggage with the law. The guy may be done in the league behind this last episode. So i do understand where Don Ellis was trying to come from but NOT...TRY AGAIN...HA HA...

  • In reply to Reese1:

    I think it's pretty funny that when someone disagrees with your general, vague, unsupported statement, and argues it with facts and reason and support, you simply label that person a homer instead of arguing back with facts. But then again, you didn't have facts to begin with, so why bring them out now?

    I guess there's no way anyone could possibly disagree with your "truths", no matter how inane or poorly supported, unless he's a homer.

  • In reply to Roman F:

    There is no need to argue cause some of you guys just dont get it. The Bulls are conservative and everyone knows it. So as i said before...NO NEED TO ARGUE MAN.

  • In reply to Roman F:

    All I can do is feel sorry for people who embarrass themselves in such a way that several other people plainly see it on a public forum, but the person can't see how much they've embarrassed themselves. They honestly feel that they are right, and the rest of the world is crazy. This is supposed to be just a place to discuss basketball and trade light-hearted barbs when someone makes a ridiculous statement(s), but I've had to deal with an ex-wife who was a narcissist, and it's nothing to joke around and laugh about, so I'm just going to jump out of this conversation.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    Well it sort of makes sense that you'd hire people with problems who are good and not people with problems who are on their way out of the league.

    That said, Scott Skiles was on his way out of the league when the Bulls dusted him off the scrap heap, though coach is a bit different.

    Still, I agree that it's clear the Bulls like character guys. I don't think it's absolute, but I do think it's unlikely they'd take a chance on a low character guy who doesn't have very clear upside.

    Also, no one in basketball views pot as a poor character trait. If they did, they'd have to ban 90% of the league, so those examples aren't worth mentioning.

  • In reply to Don Ellis:

    I agree that character is overstated as a Bulls concern, but I think it is worth pointing out the difference between character and basketball character. To phrase it this way, who has higher character Ray Lewis or Terrell Owens?

    Lewis killed a man [or was responsible for his death at least], and Owens is just obnoxious, overall, you'd have to say Owens. However, on the field Ray Lewis was an incredible leader and Owens picked fights and caused problems with everyone.

    The Bulls [and any team really] would take the Ray Lewis rather than the Terrell Owens, because his in sport character is all they care about. The drug use and other stuff only matters to the extent that it impacts on court performance and the whole league is smoking pot anyway.

    Even Noah who got pissed off at Adams wasn't someone that they ever doubted his basketball character even if he acted inappropriately.

  • Living in Minnesota I saw a lot of Beasley when he was with the TWolves. What you have with him is an emotionally immature guy with a talent for getting you buckets in a hurry. Sort of like JR Smith. Will always be a "tweener." If you believe that the Bulls lack enough firepower to overtake the Heat then he is the best guy available IMO. Not a bad guy personally but certainly not a tam player.

  • In reply to hgarbell:

    That's "team" player.

  • The Bulls need to kick the tires on Beasley and Thomas. However, it's a tough call here. You don't want him messing with younger guys like Snell and Teague - not that they would suddenly start toking up with Beasley just because he's in town, but you never know.

    I think Thomas would give the Bulls a bit more size and athletic ability. He's always been a good guy and teammate. No drug issues. Just young and immature and not the hardest worker. But, perhaps he's getting to the back-end of his NBA career. Thomas could turn a corner. They both could, I guess. But, it's easier to embrace Thomas than Beasley as a fan.

    If neither has a guaranteed contract soon, I'd definitely invite them to camp and see what happens.

  • I've always been intrigued by Beasley's talent and admit I preferred him to D-Rose when the Bulls were drafting. Good thing I'm not the GM.

    However, unless Beasley is the piece that gets the Bulls the championship -- which I really don't see -- I think you take a pass on him. If he has a good year, he'll just use it to get a contract somewhere else. If he has a bad year, well...

  • In reply to Roman F:

    OK, but if Beasley helps the Bulls take down the Heat and then leaves next season for greener pastures, we'll all take that, won't we?

    Who knows, maybe he will feel loved here and decide to resign. I do like the idea of the non-guaranteed contract for this year.

  • In reply to rustyw:

    IF he helps the Bulls take down the Heat, absolutely. But their ability to beat the Heat will not come down to the 12th man on their roster, whether he's Beasley or someone else.

  • In reply to Roman F:

    You are probably right, but one never knows for sure. Beasley might no longer be the 12th man in the playoffs. Beasley just might kill, getting 15 points on 15 minutes per game, plus rebounds. Then he might be the 6th or 7th man, and that could make the difference.

    Historically, quite a few players upped their game with the Bulls. Beasley has the potential. Or pot-ential. But he will have to lay off the hard stuff.

  • In reply to rustyw:

    Ever heard of Rusty Weir?

  • In reply to Roman F:

    Clearly in the Rose camp from day one, but I am with you in always being tempted by Beasely's talent, he has that natural born scorer feel to his game, like Nate(but not Korver) and like I felt Jamison could be for the Bulls.

    It is very hard to get over his body language, the look on his face, and the fact that he obviously has a pot problem, which explains that stupid look on his face and the body language.

    At this point, I am ambivalent, at best. I'd probably go with Gooden, if healthy.

  • I think we need more size, but Beasley off of the bench, in short bursts would give us more offense. He would mop up against the bench of most teams.

  • Bulls need that me first scorer in the second unit. Like with Nate we are one of the few teams that can fully utilize his strengths (scoring, taking a lot of shots) and hide or mask most of his limitations. I think it is a low risk high upside type move. I would definately pickup Beasely also it would be cool to have the top two picks from the Rose draft. See what Thibs can get out of him.

    Maybe Joakim who had a similar fondness for marijauna early in his career could help him get on track or manage it. Seems like a situation with all upside to me. If not we cut him and lose basically nothing. Talent is obviously there just need to harness it.

  • In reply to Chad:

    It's an interesting idea to have Beasley as the me-first, second unit scorer, but he's pretty far from being that guy right now.

  • Some guys just need to grow up, mature, and get their crap together, at which point they finally start living up to at least some part of the potential they had when they were drafted. All sports have numerous examples of guys like Beasley (and Tyrus) who screw up and screw and screw up but finally "get it"......................................Unfortunately, the guys who do eventually "get it" are outnumbered at least 100/1 by guys who never do get it and wind up being Aaron Hernandez. I can't help but think that MB and TT are in the middle- I don't see Hernandez in them, but I just don't see either of them being one of the guys who finally get it and become productive players......................But if one of those two do make it, my money is all on Beasley. At least he has mad raw talent, he can score in so many ways when he gives a rat's ass. Tyrus' biggest selling point was his freakish athleticism, and that is only going to fade as he ages.........................That being said, I would take Beasley on a minimum deal, but ONLY if he'd sign for 3 years, with the Bulls having a team option for the 2nd year. There's no reason for the Bulls to fix him and then lose him next summer, and if Beas is serious about wanting to be disciplined and competing for a ring, he has to give something. I would make him fully guaranteed for this season, and also make it so that if the Bulls pick up his option for next year, the 3rd year is also automatically guaranteed. That gives Beasley a little incentive, and it makes sure that if Thibs can get to him, the Bulls would have his Full Bird Rights in the summer of 2016.

  • Wow, your comparing 2 guys(neither of whom I like very much) who have attitude, motivation and pot problems to a guy who is a cold blooded killer/gang banger. Great perspective.

    You don't have to be a murderer to be a complete bust as a professional athlete, I think that even in today's no standards society, the average intelligent fan can set the bar a little higher than that.

    As for growing up and getting their act together both Thomas and Beasely have had more than ample opportunity to do so, and are clearly in the 100/1 camp of never doing so.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    hy·per·bo·le (h -pûr b -l ). n. A figure of speech in which exaggeration is used for emphasis or effect, as in I could sleep for a year or This book weighs a ton.

  • ESPN LA had a good piece yesterday about this topic, obviously from a Laker POV.

    I agree with their analysis, in that I see a much better need/fit with the Lakers than I do with the Bulls.

    I would bring him to camp on a non guaranteed contract, I certainly prefer him to Malcolm Thomas or even Tyrus Thomas for that matter. However, at the end of the day I really don't see the Bulls or Thibs as interested in bringing in a guy with his baggage at this particular time for this particular team.

    Now, if we were talking about the next coming of Dennis Rodman then it is a whole different ballgame.

    There certainly isn't much talent left at any price, never mind for the minimum, so invite both Gooden and Beasely to camp, if either is interested in what the Bulls have to offer them, and see what happens. Virtually nothing to lose on that bet.

  • To me it really depends on how bad Beasley's addiction is and how deep in denial he is. Is he Odom or is he Noah. My guess is Odom but definitely worth the call and if it gets past that then put him on a treatment program etc.

  • I saw Beasley play when he was with Miami, and you could really see the potential. The Bulls would be better off taking a chance on a train wreck like him than a less talented player. That said, I seriously doubt the front office will even entertain the thought. After all this is the guy who couldn't stop texting when he met with Paxson at Gibson's prior to drafting Derrick.

  • Beasley would be a fun experiment...just hard to see him turning it around unfortunately for him and all of his baby mamas...

  • The Miami Heat will sign Michael Beasley because..... He's Pat Riley and every other GM isn't.

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