Bulls Beat #293 - Are you psyched?

Bulls Beat #293 - Are you psyched?

I am amped up for the regular season, start of media day, and discuss the Bulls chances this year, how Derrick Roes might win the MVP award

Bulls Beat #293 - Are you psyched?

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  • Doug, I think you place way too much emphasis on the MVP. As a Heat fan, I couldn't care less if Lebron wins the MVP. The only thing that counts is winning the championship.

  • In reply to RichG:

    It's not important to me who wins the MVP, it's just an interesting thing to discuss.

  • Great podcast. You raise a good point about LeBron clutching up against Chicago and sucking in the Finals. It's interesting how Luol Deng struggles to contain LeBron, but Boris Diaw totally gets in his head and can basically embarrass him. (In fairness to Luol, he does make LeBron work and does an above average job overall.)

    Personally, I think it has to do with how LeBron is guarded. Dallas did was SA did last year, which was to basically clog the lane and leave LeBron (and Wade) unguarded on the perimeter. SA did this even more than Dallas.

    I think it's the blueprint. You see guys like Rajon Rondo self destruct when nobody guards them. (see both Finals against the Lakers, when Kobe played off Rondo and just hung out at the top of the lane.) It's almost like they have no idea what to do because they don't want to jack up an 18 foot jumper because that's what the other team wants!

    I agree that the Bulls should consider Butler on LeBron at times - perhaps switch it up randomly throughout he game to keep them guessing. Deng may do a great job on Wade because he has so much size and can stay on the floor against the annoying, but usually successful pump fake. And, he can leave him unguarded beyond 18 feet and give him about 5 feet so that he's tempted to jack up shots and then get frustrated.

    There is every reason to believe that the Bulls can shut down Miami if they play the right defense. The offense will be slightly better with Butler and Dunleavy and the other players should be better outside of Boozer. (Yes, even Rose may have a better shot. Deng may be healthier. Noah is getting better offense each year. Booz should be about the same)

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