Bulls Beat #291 - Doldrums

I discuss the hot news of the week, Fab Melo waived [gasp] as well as general roster considerations for this season.

Bulls Beat #291 - Doldrums

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  • I'm looking and hoping for 3 things from the Bulls this season. They stay relatively healthy, the teams defense is in the top 2 or 3 in the league and Rose and Butler have spectacular seasons. And i still believe their offensive problems will continue unfortunately. That's why i hope their team defense will be one of the leagues best.

  • I hope the Bulls invite Gooden and Thomas to camp to go along with Pittman. I agree with Doug about Gooden and I think Thomas has earned the opportunity to get the invite. Bring the three of them in and let them battle it out for the final spot.

  • Fab Melo cleared waivers. No team was willing to pick up his $1.3 million rookie scale guaranteed salary. He's looking at minimum wage now and possibly non-guaranteed at that.


  • Meh, Keith Bogans can play defense and shoot the three and he was pretty efficient during his season with the Bulls (55.9% TS% in the regular season and a whooping 57.9% in the playoffs) and yet, I wonder how many fans would be happy if we replaced Deng with Bogans next year.

    I like Jimmy and his offense is very efficient but it remains to be seen whether he can be as efficient as he was last year while having a bigger role offensively (like Deng has for instance).

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