Is it worth taking a chance on Tyrus Thomas or Michael Beasley?

The Chicago Bulls have missed out on many of the 'quality' big men left. Marcus Camby landed in Houston, Anthony Tolliver landed in Charlotte (have my doubts the Bulls were really interested in him despite reports), Al Harrington ended up in Washington (no reported Bulls interest, but would have been a nice scorer), and DeJuan Blair signed with the Mavericks. Sometimes to build a winner, it helps to sign a loser.

If you want to tell me that these two guys are horrible attitude, me-first, non-team players who have no place on a championship team, I'd have a hard time putting up much of an argument. That'd be, I'd have hard time putting up the argument if we were offering them a job for more than the minimum in a roster spot that presently isn't expected to play anything but emergency minutes.

You take a shot on one of these guys and what is your downside? That you have to waive them? This is the position that's replacing Brian Scalabrine or Vladamir Radmanovic. You telling me that you don't think Tyrus or Beasley can have as many big moments as one of those guys? You telling me that if we have an injury and we actually need someone to play some minutes that Tyrus or Beasley isn't going to do more on the court?

Now worth noting that after his contract year, Tyrus seemed to just completely give up on basketball and not even bother hiding it. He had a PER of 18 when he signed an extension with Charlotte then put up PERs in the 9s the next two seasons in one of the most shocking "I got paid what do I care" displays in the history of the NBA.

However, he was also in a pretty lousy situation on one of the worst teams in the NBA. A guy like Tyrus needs stability, and the Bulls certainly can offer that. He also got along well with his teammates while he was here, so despite being a knucklehead, I think he'd be welcomed back into the locker room by the guys who played with him.

Tyrus was waived under the amnesty provision, so he has no incentive to make more than the minimum regardless of where he goes which means he's in our price range. That said, I sort of get why it's unlikely that Tyrus works out here.

While taking a chance on a knucklehead is something I think the Bulls would be willing to do, they probably aren't willing to take a chance on the knucklehead they already got rid of. Tyrus also likely has enough negative memories of Chicago to simply stay away.

Which is why I bring you Michael Beasley as our second knucklehead option. Supercoolbeas is almost out of the league at this point, while still under contract with the Suns, however, the Suns are reportedly considering waiving him after he got busted for marijuana possession.

His once promising career started out okay but slid downhill quickly. After averaging 20.1 points (47% from the field) and 7.9 rebounds per 36 minutes with a PER of 17.2 in his rookie season, we've seen Beasley's numbers decline every season in the league.

His per 36s are down to 17.6/6.5 on 40.5% shooting with a PER of 10.8 just a notch above the 9ish PER Tyrus has spit out the last two seasons. There's a good shot that Beasley's a season away from trolling Europe for a couple seasons before being out of basketball all together. That said, he reminds me of an Andray Blatche type.

Through him onto a team like Chicago where the Bulls actually need a guy to just chuck up shots and score in volume even if the efficiency isn't great, and he might excel. I don't know that much about Beasley's personal life but after multiple drug busts its quite possible that he's simply too doped up to count on, and the Bulls will need to evaluate whether he's simply let himself go too much physically to be much of a reclamation project or whether his situation has played a factor too.

There's a stack of reasons why the Bulls should pass on both these guys and let them go the other way. I'd hate to have to count on either of them. However, the final roster spot? You're not counting on that guy.

The Heat took a shot on Greg Oden who's knee will likely disintegrate into dust by January, but if it works out it's a great move. The Bulls should take a similar shot on a guy who can help them a ton if it works out even if it's highly unlikely it will.

Tyrus and Beasley are the two guys that fit that category. Sign one of them and hope for the best while expecting the worst. You might get into the playoffs and find one of these guys helps you a crapload more than Nazr Mohammed who's career highlight with the Bulls was getting kicked out of a game for pushing LeBron James. As fun as that was, I'd rather have someone who could score, rebound, or block a shot.

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  • Is Beasley a free agent? I haven't been following him. And I would take a shot on either at this point. Anyone else we bring in is fringe nba anyways, might as well take a shot in the dark. Even pax said we need to take a shot on talent.

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  • I would definitely take a chance on Beasley. But I don't think he is a free agent. Don't recall suns waving him. I think Beasley would straighten up under thibs. Plus u got rose Noah leaders of team would help him tremendously with his game. His problem is shot selection and defense kinds like Nate Robinson.

  • In reply to bullzfan:

    Why would it be any different under Rose and Noah, then it was under Wade and Haslem? Beasley cannot concentrate for more than 5 minutes straight, and is not worth the trouble.

  • In reply to RichG:

    Dwayne wade? Are you kidding me? This is a guy who recently said he plays off pure talent never really worked on his shooting intil now which is late in his career!!! And you know why he is doing it now? He has no choice keep himself form being injured all the time.

  • In reply to RichG:

    The Michael Beasley in the Heat years would be a huge boon to Chicago even with all the flaws. The Bulls need volume scoring, and he provided it at that point. The question is whether he can even do that anymore.

  • Updated the article to note that Beas is still under contract but may be waived and isn't waived yet.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    You mentioned you didn't know much about Beasley's personal life off the court other than the drug busts. You can add multiple children with multiple women to his resume. For some, that's not an issue. For Beasley, it helps define his character as one who shows little responsibility. I wouldn't touch him with a 10 foot pole.

  • In reply to RichG:

    Remember Dennis Rodman? Was there ever a bigger character in the NBA? But he helped the Bulls win 72 games in one season.

    Rodman played tough with the Bulls to be part of a champion. Maybe Beasley would do the same thing.

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    In reply to rustyw:

    True sign beasley and let him smoke a blunt before every game tape some donuts and some white castles on the backboard and let go him. Watch how he hit them

  • How about Barbosa?

  • In reply to nolebron:

    Scratch that.

  • Beasley has been given every opportunity and he is what he is. He's not going to become the player everyone thought he'd be. His best hope is to become a serviceable scorer off the bench. I'd take a pass on him.

  • In reply to Roman F:

    At the vet minimum for the 13th man you aren't hoping he becomes what people thought he would. You're hoping he can play a small role in an emergency situation and provide more than Malcolm Thomas.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    I'd take a pass on him in this role as well. I want a proven professional who stays alert, can answer the bell at any time and do what the team asks of him. Not a guy who's professionalism is in question.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    The thing is, Malcolm Thomas does deserve a shot. Beasley has had multiple shots. I would like to see Thomas resigned by the Bulls.

  • once again the bulls FO shows it can't deliver. The line they were giving was that Nazr was going to be a third string center and they would get a younger option to backup Noah but they failed. You mean they couldn't of done a small "trade" with the Bucks for a decent player like Ayon for a late 2nd rounder or something of that nature. Now the Bulls are hoping Jamison (who is no backup center and doesn't play defense) will sign with them but the Clippers are in the lead. If the Bulls are going to be eyeing 6'8" forwards, they will be better off retaining Malcolm Thomas, he plays DEFENSE and rebounds. Yes he is short at 6'8" but better than the names I'm hearing the Bulls connected to. Thomas knows the system and he is hungry to contribute, why settle for a washed up 35 yr old AGAIN.

  • In reply to Defense-Rebound13:

    Why are we even considering Tyrus and Beasley 'big men'? Tyrus is 6'9 and Beasley (listed at 6'10) plays like a SG. With all our options drying up, Malcolm Thomas will most likely be our best option.

    Unfortunately, he was set to make $950k or something like that, And a vet-min player only makes $890k.

  • In reply to YouBlewwIt:

    We can bring him back at the vet min, he has no other offers.

  • In reply to YouBlewwIt:

    I would rather see Malcolm Thomas over Beasley or Tyrus Thomas. He's aggressive and hungry as compare to the fat and lazy options posed in this article.

  • In reply to Defense-Rebound13:

    Who said Nazr would be a 3rd string center? I don't recall the Bulls ever claiming that.

  • Instead of guys like this, how about an article about remaining TRUE C's, that could help us----especially Cole Aldrich. Is he a free agent, pros and cons.

  • In reply to rakmessiah:

    I would take Cole Aldrich if we could get him, my belief is that he still finds work at above the minimum, but I could be wrong.

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    In reply to DougThonus:

    Yeah I'm still holding out hope the bulls will sign Cole Aldrich because he's young at only 24 so hopefully he could stay healthy

  • If one of these two remind us of Blatche, it's Tyrus rather than Beasley.

    I have always been intrigued by Beasley because of his talent, but to my knowledge, Blatche's problem has never been off the court but more on the court (6'11 playing like a SG). Beasley is 6'10, plays like a SG, AND constantly gets busted for weed.

    Tyrus is the similar Blatche player. No off court issues, just on court (didn't want to defend in the post). Unfortunately, he's only 6'9 and the best we could get from Tyrus, Taj already does for us.

    The bulls try to avoid knuckleheads and prospects, but if they're going to give a chance to someone, it needs to be an offensive player and/or a Center....Cole Aldrich?

  • I like it Doug. I think Beasley would be a savvy add if he gets waived. I think it would be a move that helps both parties. Bulls simply need to add agressive scorers and at a vet min deal hard to get much more talent than Beasley. Sure he could end up in the dog house and never playing but we got nothing out of Vlad Rad so it would not be a big loss. Plus I could be wrong but at 6'10" I think he would be our second tallest player and decent shot blocker. Who knows maybe Thibs works his magic and he would have a dream season like Nate did whom also had long history of knuckleheadedness.

  • Unless all the pot smoking caused him to grow, I don't know where everyone got the idea that Beasely is 6'10", since he came into the league listed as 6'8" making him a tweener at that time. Not that it matters since height or lack of it is the least of his problems.

    While, I have always been mildly intrigued by beasely's offensive talent, he just doesn't seem to be worth the hassles. Not a big fan of pro athletes who would rather smoke pot than play ball. As for Tyrus, as I said when he was a Bull, he is simply too stupid to ever be a good basketball player. He acts like a pot head whether he smokes or not.

    I'd much rather have Jamison than either of these 2 clowns. Heck, I'd rather have Aaron Gray or his miniature cousin cole Aldrich.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    or we should have gone after Thomas Robinson and/or Robin Lopez, both of whom Portland got for a pupu platter of second round picks and rights to players who will never appear in the NBA.

    Both of those would have been extemely astute pickups for this Bulls team, but cost us additional tax money. IF we had gotten both of them(using the Korver trade exception and Hamiltons expiring contract), then I would have given the Bulls credit for going all in.

  • What about a return of James Johnson? He was never troublesome, and would provide more than Thomas. Aldrich would be fine if he would sign for minimum.

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    These guys sound like the equal to Raiders signing of Jamarcus Russel .........its all about me and F--k the team. Stay the hell away from these 2 and the bad chemistry they would bring to a well adjusted team.

  • I say go for Thomas just Incase Noah and Gibson go down we have a player who can grab boards and get blocks and still have room to develop a shot and post game and plus he doesnt have off court trouble

  • In reply to Jake21:

    I feel what Thomas did in the summer league shows he should be worth something to the Bulls. I can only guess they did not keep him because they are thinking of signing someone else down the road for more than the minimum. I guess we will see.

  • My guess is that they leave the roster/salary slot open unless they can find a skilled veteran minimum big man, otherwise they'll wait and see how the injury bug shakes out or see who gets bought out in February.

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    I agree with the writer - hey y not? we arent expecting much anyway. I have to admit - I was one of those who though tyrus was a can;t miss., He was great at LSU. One can never tell especially in the fact that PAX even considered beasley over rose.

  • In reply to Richard Gasiorowski:


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    Anybody check with Jack Haley, James Edwards or John Salley?

  • I have a hard time believing Beasley would take an end of the bench role. And everyone keeps saying how not much would be expected from him but then talk about his scoring ability. He would be playing behind Deng, Butler, Dunlevey, Boozer, and Gibson, so he won't get the playing time to have a scoring impact. Even though I don't think the Bulls will sign him, I think Tyrus Thomas could succeed in the role. He wouldn't play much at all but if he did get in the game, he could play a role as a shot blocker. Either way, I'd rather take a shot with Malcolm Thomas or even Aldrich as others have said.

  • All this talk of trying to sign Beasley or Tyrus when all the Bulls FO is going to do is bring back Malcolm Thomas is very entertaining.

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    Not thrilled at the potential interest in either of these guys. Tyrus Thomas had his chance with the Bulls, and he blew it. And i'm certain his lack of off season discipline would really rub Thibs the wrong way.

    Beasley is an interesting option, but he's never really shown the discipline to his game that Tom Thibodeau covets. He just doesn't seem like a great fit with this team. He had one good season with Minnesota and then got complacent and lazy. In order to fill that last roster spot, I'd prefer they go with a backup C or any guy on a 10 day contract that wants to earn his keep. Rather than give it to someone whose entitlement issues tend to handicap his overall talent.

    On a side note, while I think its good to give credit where it's due, i find a lot of Bulls fans think Tom Thibodeau is some kind of magical guru that can heal any player of his ills or correct their issues completely. This is just not true, and unfair to Thibs.

  • Let's be honest - the Bulls will not consider these guys. Now, I think they should for the reasons outlined above. I do think there is risk in how a guy like Beasley influences younger guys like Snell, Teague and Butler. As long as the locker room can positively influence a negative player to offset any issues, I say bring either of these guys in! Heck, bring 'em both in!

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