Bulls interested in Jamison, Jamison wants to play

The Chicago Bulls have been now been officially linked to Antawn Jamison, not surprising since he's one of three or four players left that I'd say are worth taking over Malcolm Thomas.

The signing of Jamison could also signal the end of Erik Murphy and have the Bulls pursue another player to accept the sixth big man role with Jamison filling in as the stretch four at a much higher caliber than Murphy would be expected to.

However, one interesting thing to note about Jamison is that he's looking to play not just make a roster:

"I think last year, getting the opportunity to play for the Lakers and their organization, I really jumped into it," Jamison said. "Didn't really view my options, but this year I really want to make sure I'm going to the right situation, where I have a good rapport with the coaching staff and also with management I'm able to communicate and get an understanding of what they want from me.

"Because it looks good on paper doesn't mean it's the perfect fit, so I really want to make sure the next team I go to, whether it's a one- or two-year deal, that it's a really good fit and we have a understanding with each other as well. That's why you really have to take your time and key into what's best not just for me but for my family as well."

The article notes that "Jamison was outspoken about problems he had in Los Angeles, namely the lack of playing time he saw under coach Mike D'Antoni.", so presumably, he'll want a good chunk of minutes in Chicago. Now Jamison came into a league as somewhat of a hybrid three/four, but with all the years on his body he's morphed into the Robert Horry role where he's purely a stretch four.

He's a stretch four because he's too slow to play a three, but he's not exactly a defensive ace at the four position either.

He's not exactly what the Bulls need, but he'd be a sizable upgrade over Erik Murphy. Too bad for Murphy if that happens, because he didn't show me enough to say "we need to develop this guy and give him a chance". If the Bulls upgrade Murphy for about one million extra they could waive him and bring in Malcolm Thomas or someone else to play the role of sixth big since Jamison covers your shooting needs.

The Bulls may also simply opt to keep Murphy in that scenario, but it's unlikely he ever sees the court without significant injuries as his role on the team would be taken up by someone the Bulls likely feel fills it much better.

It'd be a nice strong move for Chicago, and it's got potential for Jamison as well. It simply depends whether Jamison feels he'll play enough here. I know he wants to be on the floor, but he wants to also be on a winning team. Jamison's probably not good enough to play major minutes on a winning team anymore.

The move also would signal Taj playing all of the back up center minutes. With Jamison playing 15 minutes a night at back up PF, room needs to be made elsewhere for the players better than Nazr, so that sticks them more at center. Nothing wrong with that. I think you'd just want to make sure you keep Boozer and Jamison off the floor at the same time for defensive purposes.

All in all, I'd like the signing, but I'm not sure the Bulls are what Jamison wants. The thing is, I don't know anyone else is either. He may simply not be ready to accept the fact he's not going to get what he wants.


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  • I'm sure this is just a rumor as it always mostly is when it comes to the Bulls signing free agents.

  • With exception to the Mike Dunleavy signing. . If there's "speculation involved, a deal just never gets done. This is someone else drumming up interest. The Bulls themselves probably are skittish concerning their movement and chose to do business in a clandestine manner. When have they proved true to rumors? They are probably LESS likely now since Jamison has been linked to their radar.

  • I just don't know if the minutes will be there, he averaged 20+ minutes a night for the Lakers last season. I like the shooting and he would be a good addition to combat the small ball that the Heat like to play. For the minimum, I don't think there's any better player left so I say the Bulls should go for it since thibodeau won't play rookies. This is a guy that shot 46% fg and 37% on 3s (hellooo mr deng, those are the stats you should have) Too bad his defense sucks but what else is left.

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    Sucks because the Bulls could have very easily picked up Deshaun Thomas or Lorenzo Brown. Both would have had a better chance at helping the team long term. Thomas is a shooter and a scorer, more physical than Snell, and probably more polished. Lorenzo Brown is a big point guard would would have allowed Rose to play more off the ball in certain situations. Oh well...

  • In reply to iNeedtoHoop:

    GarPax would say that is why they brought on Kirk because he and Derrick can play together some. I might agree if Kirk could actually knock down shots. His ever declining FG% suggests otherwise.

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    Jamison? PLease spare us. Bring back malcolm he had a monstor summer league and deserves a shot

  • If they go with Jamison what does that say about Taj and that mamouth deal we gave him last year. AND,

    It still doesn't solve the problem if.when Noah gets hurt. This is really starting to feel too high risk for my tastes. JUST THINK WHAT THIBS WOULD HAVE TO DO IF NOAH WAS OUT FOR A 7-10 GAME STRETCH. How about we trade Murphy for a back-up center with Potential??????

  • In reply to rakmessiah:

    He will likely be out for some stretch and last year he played Nazr *sigh*. I don't get the Nazr love just as I never got the Keith Bogans love. They are truely terrible and highly overrated defenders do to their complete lack of athleticism.

  • In reply to rakmessiah:

    You mean like Robin Lopez for a pupu platter of second round picks like Portland did and we could have using the Korver trade exception or Brick Hamilton's contract.

  • Jamison doesn't bring much to the table at this point. I don't think signing him would really have any impact on our team. I would pass.

  • As his name was tied to Jamison in regards to viability on the Bulls roster, I'd like to think Erik Murphy with his obvious shooting ability has a chance to play in the NBA eventually. There's something about his attitude, where if he can shoot and score, often guys who will fight for themselves with refs and don't take any shit find a way to survive in the NBA.

    At 6'10 I don't dismiss him someday as a passable post defender if he's smart and does what an athletically challenged big needs to do, back off the man your defending big time, seal the baseline and or his strong hand, and obviously don't bite on pump fakes and dummy plays. Just maybe he'd be better off polishing his game in Europe for a year or two.

    If the Bulls do pick up Jamison, which I doubt as somebody else said Gar/Pax usually never fulfill rumors, and this "rumor" is probably just some fan appeasement slash player leverage bullshit. Still, there's no doubt even at 38 based on his recent numbers he'd be a nice pick-up on a low salary.

  • Jamison would fill the Nate Rob role as the natural born scorer off the bench. This guy is a better pure scorer than anybody on the Bulls other than Rose. I wanted the Bulls to go after him last season, once it became clear that he could be had for the minimum.

    I hope that we get him, he would slightly make up for Indy's trade for Scola. You win championships with veteran role players who know how to play the game not rookies.

    Can't see why the Bulls wouldn't want him, if he wants to be a Bull.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    In fact, I am somewhat surprised that he isn't going to Miami.

  • Please no more PFs. Even if you want to scratch and claw to argue he'll play SF, we just signed 6'9 Dunleavy to play that position, and a SG. Dunleavy-SF. Jamison 2nd unit won't work.

    The Bulls have two needs they need to address instead of acquiring the same players we keep signing for some reason:

    1) Another backup Center. We won't get much for the vet min but we can get another body just for emergencies. I don't think our front office or coach likes young guys (Aldrich, Sims, etc). They prefer very limited but 'proven' vets.

    2) A second scorer. Again, the vet-min won't get us much, but we can still get somebody in the realm of a Roddy B, Goudelock, Barbosa, etc. who in emergencies (god forbid Rose is unavailable) to come in and can put up shots.

  • In reply to YouBlewwIt:

    Uh, Jamison is as good of a "second scorer" as you are going to get for the minimum.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    A 2nd scorer for the minimum does sound good, unless he's just going to ride the pine. But why get him if he's not going to play? I am not sure what the Bulls will do on this one.

  • Not sure I even want Jamison. He's just not that good of a shooter. He's averaged about 34% from 3 the last several seasons. 36% last year, which is about the best he's done in the last decade. Plays no D. Here's part of what ESPN's Hollinger says about him:

    And he has to be a top-notch offensive player because his defense is just pathetic. Jamison doesn't foul, but that's because he's barely trying; few bigs are as unplugged from the game when on the weak side as he is. Jamison rated below the league average on Synergy and permitted an 18.0 PER to opposing power forwards, according to 82games.com, while having one of the worst rebound rates at his position.

    But his real carnage comes in team defense; with his indifference pairing with Kyrie Irving's inexperience, the Cavs were about the worst pick-and-roll defense in captivity. Cleveland gave up 10.0 more points per 100 possessions with Jamison on the court last season, a trend that's been ongoing for several years.

    Doesn't sound like a Thibs guy to me! Keep moving, GarPax, nothing to see here!!!

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    Nothing but a bunch of whiners and malcontents.

  • I don't like this move. I LOVE this move. This would be an absolute coup for the Bulls frontcourt. If this is on the table (I'm assuming at or around the vet min since Doug wasn't specific) pull the trigger right now.

    About Murphy, the guy's got a great shooting stroke but the Bulls can't afford to have any illusions about him. His defense is so bad, so foul prone that he actually hurts the team even at the very end of the bench. Unless the Bulls see something in him defensively he didn't show in summer league the kid's not going to make it.

  • Learning from the Rip Hamilton experience, even if on paper Jamison looks good, I don't think he'll be able to break into Thibs' rotation easily.

    At this stage of his career, Jamison is basically a chucker and nothing else. I don't see how Thibs can find a role for him in his rotation. Murphy is not going to get much playing time either, but he's young, he'll hustle, he'll do what he's asked to do, and he'll hit some 3s.

  • Ya never know,most did not expect as much as the Bulls got from Nate and Belli last season, and more than they got from Nazr.

    But probably this signing does little if it does happen.

  • I think Bulls are just waiting another 1-2 years for Boozer to be off the roster and Mirotic on the roster... By expecting anything proactive we are fooling only ourselves.

    And Jamison isn't good enough to make a significant difference anyway.

  • In reply to Edward:

    I think you are correct on both points. Jamison may win the Bulls a few games, but not enough to make a big difference. With his lack of D, he might cost them a few games instead. It's a throw of the dice. Of course, in the playoffs, if Thibs could throw him in for a few O plays at the end of games, that might win a couple of important games right there. Hard to say. Either way, the Bulls should have enough to make a bit of noise this year.

    If it looks like the Bulls have a shot at contending this year, both Deng and Boozer probably stay to the end of the season. If not, look for one to be gone at the trade deadline.

    If the Bulls drafted well this year, and if they do so again next year, waiting for Mirotic and the Charlotte pick just might be the best strategy. Still, it would be nice to trade Boozer and stuff for Aldridge.

  • In reply to rustyw:

    Aldridge has made it clear he will not resign with Portland. So Portland can either trade Aldridge before the season begins or at the February trading deadline - the only times he will have any trade value. If they do neither, they will lose Aldridge for nothing summer of 2015 because no team will give anything for a 1-year rental on an unrestricted free agent.

    Still I don't know what Bulls could add to Boozer to sweeten the deal enough for Portland to pull the trigger. Bulls likely don't want to PAY anything to unload Boozer, just like they wouldn't PAY anything to trade Deng for a good asset. Portland is likely looking for a 1st round pick and more (like Butler), Bulls would likely offer a 2nd or two. So it likely won't get done.

  • In reply to Edward:

    I think it was aggrey sam that reported that Portland wanted both Noah and Jimmy Butler. We already have two high salaried power forwards and to get a third with no center makes little sense. i think the Bulls are waiting for the deadline when the demands will go down as Portland will start to get a bit more desperate. The plan should be to keep a Noah-Aldridge frontcourt with Rose. Now if the Bulls had Asik, they would be sitting pretty in trade talks.

  • In reply to Defense-Rebound13:

    Agreed. No team is going to pay all that much for Aldridge. Portland is fooling only themselves. They'll lose him for nothing soon enough.
    YES, two quality centers is a strong position to trade from.....

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