Bulls Beat #290 - Roster depth

Bulls Beat #290 - Roster depth

I examine the Bulls roster depth and how various injury scenarios would impact the team.

Bulls Beat #290 - Roster depth

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    I usually go by the 10 year rule when it comes to evaluating NBA players. A player who is receiving ample amount of playing time goes through 2 years of growing pains. From years 3 - 7, they are in peek physical condition, and produces their best stats individually. From years 7 - 10 they become leaders, or contenders. After year 10 they need help from younger players, and play the mental game, especially during playoff time. Their the physical skills diminish leaving them vulnerable to defeat.
    The Heat fit in this category with James, Wade and Bosh. They will not finish w/ the num 1 seed next year. My guess is Bulls or Indy will.
    The 10 year rule also goes for Deng, Hinrich, and Boozer. Their minutes has to be reduced during the regular season if the Bulls are to improve as a team.
    Like you I'm hoping the Bulls will develop their youngsters Snell, and Teague along w/ Butler as they make a championship run next season. It may cost them some wins but I'm all for young quick legs & a healthy lineup come playoff time.
    You can never tell what the Bulls will get out of Snell, but Thibs has to execute patience with the rook, and continue to insert him into the lineup. The good thing about the NBA is there's about 18 of the 30 NBA teams that Snell could log significant mins against just because those 18 teams are that bad, or that young. If Thibs allows Teague and Snell to showcase their talents against these teams in November, December, and January they will make a major impact & add to team depth come April, May & June.

  • In reply to Michael Cunningham:

    your 10 year rule was a better fit back in the day when guys played 4 years of college ball because they entered the league at 21-22. Now they generally enter the league at 18-19-20. Deng is supposedly only still only 28 going into his 10th season. That is the middle of a 5-6 year prime, although Deng seems to have peaked several years ago, which would jibe with my theory that he is much older than believed.

    Personally, I think that he is a serviceable player but done as a championship level player(if he ever was one)

  • As I listened to the podcast , I just think we are taking for granted these 55-60 wins.

    For weeks I've been saying that Taj had a DOWN year last year, didn't improve but instead took a step BACK(coincidently when we gave him the Big Contract Extension and let Asik walk). I have to assume these 2 factors contributed to the Down factor..,and also.., quite possibly, he had reached his ceiling the year before.

    Now we are ALL RIGHT and willing to play him BIG Minitues IF Noah gets hurt..,or even start him in stead of Boozer. Quite a leap of Faith!!

    HE'LL HAVE TO PROVE IT TO ME. I hope he does!!!!


  • Solid breakdown of the Bulls roster. Only a couple of points to quibble about. Of course they both involve my least favorite human being, The BozoHole.

    You stated that The Hole is a more dynamic offensive player than Deng who you feel is quite pedestrian. While I agree with Deng being quite pedestrian, it is hard to argue that The Hole is the more dynamic offensive player when Deng has outscored The Hole all 3 seasons that they have been teammates. Combine that fact with the huge discrepancy in their defensive games as well as the effort each puts out each and every play and it becomes very difficult to argue for keeping The Hole over Deng. I am all in for getting rid of both ASAP.

    The second issue is your contention that Drew Gooden is a poor to homeless mans version of The BozoHole. Having seen them both play as Bulls, I would say that when healthy Gooden is the superior player, as evidenced by his torching of the Hole during one of the Bulls games against the Bucks either last season or the season before. The biggest problem with Gooden is that he is massively injury prone. Since he can now be had for the veterans minimum(since he was amnestied) he would become a great value for the next 2 seasons. The Bulls could have amnestitized the Hole and replaced him with Gooden for this season and been no worse off. In fact they should have been better, since they could have had more financial flexibility due to getting out from under the tax this season and next.

    While I have been a Jamison proponent for most of the offseason, it would be a prudent move for the Bulls to snag them both at minimum deals as Jamison is a perimeter oriented scorer while Gooden is a bigger body who can play inside and can function as a backup center, as he often did during his time with the Bulls under Del Bimbo thus holding back Noah's development.

    These seem like moves that the old championship Bulls would have made, stocking up on solid veterans who may not be full time starters in the league anymore, but know how to play the game and will contribute whenever called upon as well as having the ability to get the team thru injuries.

    I'd feel a lot better about the Bulls overall roster depth if the signed both of these guys. In fact I would go so far as to deliver a new duffle bag to Bozo's house in person.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    Boozer is clearly a worse overall player than Deng but he's also clearly a superior offensive player. He scores many more points per minute, he just doesn't log the kind of minutes Deng does.

  • In reply to Roman F:

    I knew that someone would come up with the ppm or offensive efficiency argument. However, I wasn't necessarily arguing that Deng is a better offensive player, just that the Hole is not a much more "dynamic" offensive player as Doug argued.

    How dynamic can the guy be when he has only averaged 15-16 ppg over his 3 seasons as a Bull, and he has been outscored by a "pedestrian" offensive player(Deng) in all 3 seasons. That was the gist of my disagreement with Doug's take.

  • I like the idea of stocking big men. We are solid everywhere else

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