Bulls Beat #289 - Athleticism

Bulls Beat #289 - Athleticism

I discuss the Bulls last roster spot, athletic lineups of the bulls, and Why Boozer may be here longer than you think.

Bulls Beat #289 - Athleticism

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    Heard your blog, I totally agree w/ you about Deng. The only way he became an all star was because he logged so many mins. and thus was able to pad his stats. I've watched this guy for 9 yrs and nothing special jumps out in his play. If Tony Snell proves to be a good defender, and he is able to catch on to Thibodeau's defensive schemes I see him as a impact player for the Bulls, but he has to get his fare share of mins. You can't expect an above average college shooter to shoot well from the 3 pt line if he's rarely able to shoot in the NBA.
    Even if the Bulls make it all the way to Grant Park next June, you still get rid of Deng, Boozer, and Hinrich. Pistons Greg Monroe is a RFA, and Nets Andray Blatche UFA. Both are able to fill the void.
    This team is starting to remind me of the Jordan led Bulls from the late 80's. It wasn't until the they added youth to keep up w/ Jordan when the Bulls made a run for the championship, and I see the same happening around Rose.

  • In reply to Michael Cunningham:

    Yeah I also agree with letting Deng go, I always have every since Butler was drafted and started to show some positive play. Other Bulls fans overvalue Deng and want to keep him over Butler which is just basketball talent value stupidity. However I don't agree with Teague being an impact player. If he can ever develope a jump shot then he's worth being a backup point guard but until then he's not a good player imo. Bulls definitely need to get more athletic and hopefully Snell can develope into one of those type of players. If the Bulls can get a trade for Aldridge or Love then Boozer can be history as well. Bottom line tho...this Bulls team needs a makeover if not this yr. definitely starting next yr. cause Rose as I have stated in the past shouldn't be the only go to guy on this Bulls team when needed.

  • In reply to Michael Cunningham:

    It does seem like Deng made 2 all star teams just because he was leading the league in minutes played per game, which to me is not really an all star "skill"

  • I agree with you thoughts on Deng and Butler for sure. I am hopeful on Teague proving that he can step in for Hinrich in a year. Then Snell has to show us some signs like Butler did(and Teague to a lesser extent) that he can progress like Bulter did in his second season.

    Your thoughts on the BozoHole seem almost reasonable in the abstract, until you wake up and realize that it is still the offseason and you have forgotten how horrible it is to watch him day in and day out during the season, and even moreso in the playoffs.

    If the Bulls let Deng walk but keep the Hole for his final season, they will be over the cap going into next summer(but under the tax), so they will have only the full MLE available, basically the money needed to bring over Mirotic.

    If the amnestitize the Hole then they will be somewhere in the neighborhood of $10-$13
    million under the cap, meaning that they should be able to get a significant(but not max level) free agent and then use the MLE or something like it to still add Mirotic. We should be able to get a better player than the Hole for $10 million, or how about 2 good role players for $5 million each.

    Anyway, I am sure that after the 2014 playoffs, nobody will think that keeping the Hole will make any sense.

  • I think the Bulls have done a good job with upgrading the athleticism on the wings/guard with players like Butler, Snell and Teague. Players that can run with Rose and finish on the break. With Deng, he obviously won't take less then 12m a year(Iguodala money), maybe I go for a 3 year extension but not a 4 year deal when he will look pretty aweful during the second half of that contract. He just doesn't have the sharp shooting or offensive skills to balance out his mediocre athleticism. Kind of like the Ben Gordon situation, maybe it is best to let him go instead of overpaying him. I really like what I see out of
    Snell, this guy is going to be a great defender and excellent passer besides his good 3ball shooting and dribble drive abilities. Thibodeau has to give him some spot minutes. He just has good basketball IQ not to somewhat develop in year one. Jimmy Butler and Tony Snell on the wings with a prime Rose and Noah.......YES PLEASE.

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    I'm on the fence when it comes to Deng. I think it really depends on what the Bulls do this year. If the Bulls beat Miami in the playoffs, a big part of of that series win will be due to Luol Deng since he is asked to do so much. I hope they decrease his mins, but he'll still be a big part of the team. His shooting has largely gotten worse because of the unavailability of Derrick Rose. What if Deng's shooting goes back up to 46% this season? He'll never give you 20 points per game, but he is still a solid all around player.

    If they beat Miami, don't you think you have to keep Deng around? Then the odd man out becomes Boozer. If I had to choose between Deng and Boozer, I'd pick Deng every time. I'm not saying he's worth the contract that he'll get because he's not. Another thing to think about is the resigning of Butler. Like you said, Butler is looking like the better player. If signing Deng prevents you from resigning Butler, you don't do it. Butler is more versatile (ability to play SG and SF), more athletic, a better 3 point shooter, a better defender, and equal to Deng in every other aspect of the game. The only things Deng has over Butler are size, length, and a better midrange game.

    Deng gets praised as a great defender (too much, I think), yet he never seems able to even limit LeBron James as LeBron averages over 30 points per game against Deng in his career. Butler, in the playoffs, did a better job on LeBron than Deng ever has, and that was the first time he was ever asked to guard him. There's no doubt in my mind that Jimmy Butler will come in next year even better on both sides of the court.

    I'm interested to see how this year plays out because I think the Bulls success this season will judge whether or not Deng gets resigned.

  • Great podcast.

    1. Good point about Boozer staying 1 more year, potentially. It really depends on Deng and the players available in FA. And, Mirotic coming over. So basically, even the Bulls don't know what they'll be doing at this point with Boozer!

    2. Regarding Deng, I'd lean towards keeping him around if he can be signed for $10 mil or less. It will be interesting to see what kind of salary that he commands. If he's healthy for a change (thumb) and can shoot better, I think he'll get over $10 mil elsewhere. I'd love for Snell to be good enough to get an opportunity to play with Butler moving forward. Better shooting, younger, VERY cheap in the ST. Snell may get more time than Butler did in his rookie year because he can shoot so well and shooting is a definite need. If Snell shows signs of being a legit swing man in the NBA, you have to strongly consider letting Deng go unless the contract is too good to pass up.

    3. Teague - not sold on him as a UK grad that watched all his college games and game last year as a rookie in the NBA. It's exciting to think what he could be since the Bulls will need him much more after this season. But, who knows. Bulls have drafted and developed well, so we'll see. Doug may be right about him being a poor man's Rondo. I hate Rondo because he cannot shoot. Again, I went to UK and live in Boston so I know the game well!

  • In reply to Granby:

    Rondo and Teague's game, that is...

  • In reply to Granby:

    again, everybody keeps saying that Snell is a good shooter, and a 3 point shooter. However, he only shot 42% from the field in college, about what Deng shot the past 2 seasons in the NBA.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    Snell is a good shooter. He shot 39% from the college 3 pt line on 350 shots in his last two years of school. He shot 83% and 84% from the line in those years. Plus, have you seen him shoot? Very pure. He shot well from distrance in the summer league.

    Now, the question becomes why did he only shoot 45.2% from within the 3 pt line during his 3rd and final season. He shot 56% from inside the line his sophomore year. I'm not sure, but all I know is that there is no reason why he can't be a knock-down shooter in the NBA given his past success and his excellent form. Ray Allen was not known for his shooting at UCONN - he was a good shooter, but mostly he was a great athlete with an all-around game.

  • In reply to Granby:

    To be fair, college 3s are very different from the NBA. Calbert Cheaney shot .438 from 3 in college and had a NBA average of .298. Some people just don't have the range to hit NBA 3s. I'm hoping Snell has the range - if he actually tries, he should be no worse than Bogans and being as good as Doug Christie isn't crazy.

  • A word about athleticism... I'm not sure how Doug is defining it. I define it by the eye test, but probably the best is by the combine. Teague is definitely a good athlete and it showed with his 40+ inch vertical. About the best reason to hope he turns out.

    Not buying that Noah is a great athlete. Probably average. He is not fast and does not jump out of the gym.

    Snell is long and tall, but he did not have above average athletic stats in the combine. I think around 34-35 inch vertical.

    Butler is probably above Ave and Rose is, of course, off the charts, even after the ACL probably.

    Taj is maybe slightly above ave. Again, he's just so long that it appears that he can really get up, but he does not play above the rim for the most part.

    Taj and Noah are all about positioning - not athletic ability.

  • In reply to Granby:

    I think you tremendously undervalued Jimmy's athletic ability. You don't see how this kid gets up to grab boards and finish around the rim?? The kid has top notch athletic ability even for a 2G. At the 3 he's only topped by LBJ.

    Furthermore I think you're missing the point. I think Doug was referring to running the court, finishing around the rim, being able to successfully defend your man at the other end, and also being able to switch on the pick and roll without creating a horrible mismatch and this team has compiled players that can do these things well. I like the way the Bulls are building this team. I can't wait to see the lineup of Rose, Jimmy, Deng/Dunleavy/Snell/Whoever, Mirotic, Noah

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